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  1. Obama care is working
  2. Bush is like Hitler
  3. GOP Candidate Ron Paul: "We’re Under Great Threat Because We Occupy So Many Countries
  4. Surprise,Surprise:Solyndra Investors: We Wanted The Loan So We Could Cash Out'
  5. The EPA’s Most-Wanted List
  6. Suit: Man Fired from Jesse Jackson Organization for Being Gay
  7. Republicans are now the “How great is it to be stupid?” party.
  8. Shane Bauer: Iranian Guards Cited Guantánamo, CIA Prisons to Justify Mistreatment
  9. Don't Report Jihad Death Totals..
  10. Liberalism Always Goes Too Far
  11. This is hilarious......
  12. Just Wow...
  13. Bill Clinton wants more credit
  14. Perry's got some 'Splaining to do
  15. "View" Co-Host Approves Of Whoopi Using The N-Word, Not Walters
  16. California legislature gives Jerry Brown illegal bill to consider race in admissions
  17. We are the 99 percent.
  18. Moore: The Rich Are Out Of Control, Kleptomaniacs And Sociopaths
  19. 'My Name is Palestine'
  20. Newsman Covers Protests for Paper … and for Media Activist Group
  21. Your daily dose of Biden
  22. Pew Paid US Vets $20 For Push Poll On Wars
  23. Chris Matthews on Drugs?
  24. Massachusetts Principal Takes Aim at Fall Holidays, Says They're Insensitive
  25. The Hikers from Iran showing their stupidity once again...
  26. OWS has more public support than the Tea Party
  27. Failed Democrat Pol Sues Critics Over Election Loss
  28. Goldline Execs Charged With Fraud
  29. Check Your Trunk: GM and Others Canning Spare Tires…to Meet Gov’t Fuel Economy Target
  30. Wow. Stupidest Post I've Read In A Long, Long Time
  31. Massachusetts Law Professor Calls Care Packages for U.S. Troops 'Shameful'
  32. Stupid Lieberal Trick in the making?
  33. Looking for Mr. Right, Inc.: Woman Wants to Marry a Corporation
  34. Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia
  35. Who cares about duplicate signatures in Wisconsin Recall?
  36. Constitutional rights, reasonable limitations vs infringement?
  37. "No Such Thing As Santa!"
  38. Boy, 9, Suspended from School for Sexual Harassment After Calling Teacher 'Cute'
  39. Crucified Santa??
  40. The US Army is today in flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions in Afghanistan.
  41. Happy days, for clueless people
  42. Fareed Zakaria suggests changing the Constitution on NPR
  43. Are you kidding me?
  44. Atheist Messages Displace California Park Nativity Scenes
  45. Reid: "Millionaire Job Creators Are Like Unicorns" ... They "Don't Exist"
  46. Tainted EPA Report on Fracking Blasted by Gas Co.
  47. Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler Allowed On Wis. Recall Petitions
  48. White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn't U.S. Enemy
  49. UNICEF: Santa Hates Poor People
  50. Obama’s Great Green Fleet
  51. Changes coming to JROTC policies on head coverings
  52. Mythbusting: Most US terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims
  53. Iran Would be Justified in Closing Strategic Waterway in Response to Sanctions
  54. MSNBC Has No Political Objective!
  55. Marine faces 15 years behind bars for unknowingly violating gun law
  56. Final Curtain: Obama Signs Indefinite Detention of Citizens Into Law As Final Act of
  57. January Surprise: Is Obama preparing a trillion-dollar, mass refinancing of mortgages
  58. Labor unions primary recipients of Obamacare waivers
  59. The Imaginarium of Barack Obama
  60. Book: White House Hosted 'Wonderland'-Themed Extravagant Hollywood Halloween Bash
  61. Obama's Way, or the Highway!
  62. "The Conservative Mind": From the world of Academe...
  63. Obama picks immigration reform advocate to lead domestic policy
  64. Rosie O'Donnell vs. the hammerhead
  65. “lack of civility”
  66. Zeroing Out Aid
  67. TV -Stephen Colbert announces run in South Carolina presidential primary
  68. Malta denies claims by former US Congresswoman
  69. Facebook Posting about reverse racism almost gets student expelled
  70. UN Wants World Tax To ‘Help The Poor’
  71. Justice Ginsburg causes storm dissing the Constitution while abroad
  72. Pop Star Who Flipped Off Camera During Super Bowl Show Has Radical History
  73. Obamacare Abortions: Will Catholics Vote For Him A Second Time?
  74. Obama export adviser exports jobs
  75. Glitter bombing
  76. Israel’s real target: Obama
  77. Kathleen Falk: “I’m prepared to hold the State hostage.”
  78. Richard Nixon Impeached?
  79. Chrissy "Spitball" Matthews aroused again!
  80. Not all stupid tricks are by liberals.......
  81. UN trying to take over the Internet
  82. How to Halt the Butchery in Syria
  83. Ben & Jerry's Apologizes For Jeremy Lin Ice Cream
  84. Feel the love
  85. Louis Farrakhan warns of racial hatred that could lead to attempts to kill President
  86. Daily Kos In Bed With WBC
  87. Breaking: Sandra Fluke Exposed As Fraud, Activist, Possible White House Operative
  88. Liberal Radio Host Mocks Storm Victims: ‘Their God…Keeps Smashing Them Into Little Gr
  89. Jesus was a homosexual
  90. Daily Kos believes "Rights" are given by Government
  91. Gloria Allred...SMH
  92. Allen Grayson Causes Accident, Two Sent To Hospital.
  93. Amer Flag with Obama's image sparks outrage
  94. UN rights council delves into US voter I.D. laws
  95. Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say
  96. Stupid DIMs Too Stupid to Know They're Stupid?
  97. Robert De Niro: 'Do You Really Think Our Country Is Ready for a White First Lady?'
  98. Trayvon Martin: Debunking thread
  99. Woman Gets Mad For Being Charged For Cup Of Water
  100. Only 12% of America knows Obama cut their taxes
  101. Job creation? Public-sector or private sector ?
  102. Bush admits to violating US Constitution
  103. Obama's assault on Freedom of the Press abroad
  104. The Ministry Of Truth Aka The Democratic Party
  105. Putting Our Faith in the UN Cesspool
  106. Trayvon Martin DEBUNK part II: Multiple suspensions, criminal behavior
  107. Are You Frigging Kidding Me!!!
  108. Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free
  109. Randi Rhodes Compares Clarence Thomas to Scalia's Family Dog
  110. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Owned.
  111. 5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals
  112. FFS! Gay Pride Comes to Afghanistan Base
  113. UW sanctioned 20 doctors for writing sick notes for protesters
  114. Don Cheadle slams NBC for misleading edit of Zimmerman 911 tape
  115. Marion Barry: 'We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in'
  116. Labor Secretary Puts Up Posters of Herself Marching with MSNBC's Al Sharpton
  117. Sharpton, Jackson to visit Tulsa this weekend
  118. Fox News Mole!!!
  119. Liberal Wordsmithology
  120. Liberal blog slams GOP aide for being Hooter's waitress in college
  121. 15-day jail sentence over Lockport sign
  122. Labor union sues Indiana, calls working alongside nonunion employees ‘slavery’
  123. No charges over 'reverse Trayvon Martin' shooting
  124. Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens
  125. Robbers Took My Weed!
  126. If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them?
  127. Catch me if yes we can
  128. Obama campaign Launches "The LIfe of Julia" website
  129. Black Studies Professors demand Firing of conservative writer on Education ASAP
  130. 'Hate group' watchdog won't track Occupy movement...
  131. State’s junk food ban could take bite out of school fundraisers
  132. Wife hits husband with SUV after argument over recalls
  133. Sharpton: GOP Declared 'War on Black People' Time To 'Fire Back'
  134. Obama 'Soldiers ... Fighting On My Behalf'
  135. Biden makes ‘Jeopardy’ appearance, touts GM recovery [VIDEO]
  136. Romney apologizing for bullying in high school. Really?
  137. For The Love Of All That Is Holy
  139. Tell Your Representative
  140. Jeopardy: Chris Matthews Edition
  141. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  142. Farmer's Great Brook Park stand shut by state over alleged permit violation
  143. Noam Chomsky: Sarah Palin Was Right About Obama
  144. Silverman Compares Tea Party to Westboro Baptist Church
  145. Seven women protest Rush for NOW’s big day of protest [VIDEO]
  146. Okay, yall got to hear this!
  147. Foundation fights 'craven' auction of vial purportedly containing Reagan's blood
  148. Elizabeth Warren’s true American lineage
  149. South Carolina AFL-CIO Leader Bashes Nikki Haley Pinata
  150. Obama makes history - up
  151. Meet Soros - Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin
  152. GOProud slams Meghan McCain for calling Breitbart ‘extremist’
  153. Barney Frank Tells Black Degree Recipient He Hopes "No One Will Shoot At You"..
  154. Memorial Day thoughts from soulless, cretinous cowards
  155. Inmates released from Las Vegas jail after workers call in sick
  156. NYC plans to ban sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces
  157. Obama nostalgic for a GOP opponent like McCain
  158. Bill Maher, Seth MacFarlane concede Obama’s inability to change Washington
  159. It's Terribly Unfair Obama's Being Judged on the Failure of the Economy
  160. 3rd-party hopefuls crowd California primary ballot, from a Socialist to Roseanne Barr
  161. Moonbat blubbers on CNN
  162. Chris Rock: 'We Ignore the President's Whiteness, But It's There'
  163. Anti-Walker protester scares kids
  164. ‘True Blood’ Creator Says Conservatives Are the Same as Vampires
  165. BCE
  166. Obama Backer Bill Maher: We Need to Get Over This American Exceptionalism Thing
  167. Candy Crowley: 'Usually You ..Give the President a Pass on Leaking Confidential Stuff
  168. NBC's Curry Argues Obama's 'Fine' Gaffe 'Taken Out of Context'
  169. NY's 8th District May Elect A Man Who Thinks Israel Runs Concentration Death Camps
  170. PC Witch Hunt Travels World and Lands In Olympics
  171. BDS...just amazing.
  172. Meet the Radical DOJ Lawyer Suing Florida to Keep Foreigners on Voter Rolls
  173. Mika Brzezinski: 'I'm Hoping' Blaming Bush Will Work
  174. Rep. Conyers: The federal government needs an employment policy to lower unemployment
  175. He's Baaack: CNN's Liberal Crying Man Challenged
  176. Breaking News? CNN Listens to Sandra Fluke Explain Why She's Voting for Obama
  177. Obama: Israeli government "extreme right" and Netanyahu doesn't want "any restraints"
  178. Don Rickles Joke About Obama and Mop Scrubbed From TV Land Tribute Show
  179. Bill Maher: RACISM!!!
  180. A Wisconsin Anarchist Reacts to Walker Recall Win
  181. Maher: GOP 'Party of the Apes'
  182. Is President Obama A Pathological Liar?
  183. CNN Trying To Out Stupid MSNBC
  184. Van Jones Fears Romney Led 'Tea Party Government', Would 'Destroy' Tools Used To Buil
  185. Who's Karl Rove?
  186. Mike Turzai: Voter ID helps GOP win state
  187. They really do deify Obama -- even tax-payer-supported NPR
  188. Liberal Logic 101 (in video form)
  189. There's simply no way to describe this video that does it justice
  190. Deep Thoughts from the Juice Box Mafia
  191. Nancy Pelosi, dingbat alert!
  192. USDA Suggests ‘Food Stamp Parties’ to Boost Enrollment
  193. How well do you understand the health care law? Take the quiz, compare your results
  194. Left celebrate Independence Day by slamming America
  195. Lefty loon tells Allen West he's a 'bought MFer'
  196. Muzzie Ind Dem: Islamic Madrassas Should be 'model' for America's Schools
  197. Defeat of Calif. teacher bill shows union power
  198. Gun brandished during live Jordanian TV debate
  199. Special Edition: Still Slobbering Over Barack Obama
  200. Harvard's new director of queer qrap doesn't like being called "she"
  201. The Constitution Is Just Parchment, Get Over It
  202. Brad Pitt's Mother Getting Death Threats Over Conservative Comments
  203. IA prof. says Jesus -- born 600 years before Mohammed -- was a Muslim
  204. Mitt Romney 'deliberately got booed by the NAACP to appeal to white racists'
  205. A Romney-Rice Ticket Will NEVER NEVER NEVER Get My Vote!!
  206. Get your concrete space helmets here folks
  207. Romney faces new questions over tenure at Bain
  208. Supporters of Tax Increase on Rich Don't Know What Rich Are Currently Paying
  209. 'Avengers' Director Whedon Goes On Anti-Capitalist Rant
  210. Delete My Account
  211. Zimmerman still a "white Hispanic." (Meanwhile, Obama is still just black.)
  212. I weep for the country and lay the blame at the feet of the media
  213. Bill Nye the Obama Guy
  214. Obama marks Ramadan
  215. California Approved Gun Safe!!!
  216. Some stupid, know-nothing, irrelevant lardass says something about the CO shootings
  217. MSNBC Blames Blames Bush For Colorado shooting In A Backhanded Way
  218. Unhinged Man Attacks Peaceful Group Protesting Obamacare HHS Mandate
  219. This College Professor Wants Your Guns because of Aurora
  220. Well, Nova should be happy: "Controversial Gay-Parenting Study Is Severely Flawed..."
  221. NBC Edits Out Olympics’ Tribute to Victims of Terrorism
  222. Just got back from Chick-Fil-A
  223. Pelosi: President Obama's Been to Israel ‘Over and Over Again’
  224. If You Want To See What Abject Stupidity Looks Like...
  225. NYC mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula to encourage breast-feeding
  226. Obama's family tree connection to first African American slave ‎
  227. Dem Rep. Uses Aurora Tragedy to Justify Obamacare
  228. Reverend Al's Laugh Line: My Work Against Voter ID Laws Is 'Non-Partisan'
  229. Why Elizabeth Warren Wants America to Be More Like Communist China
  230. A liberal douchebag showed how brave he was to harrass a Chick-fil-A employee
  231. Barack in Wonderland
  232. MIke Malloy has EPIC Meltdown over Chick-Fil-A
  233. Tolerance And Acceptance Liberal Style
  234. Chick Fil A and how the liberal mind works
  235. Oh, noes! Tea Party shared a joke about Obama being beaten in Heaven! The cads!
  236. Oregon businessman slapped for anti-Obama sign
  237. Rep. Allen West says ad plays on racial stereotypes; NAACP disagrees
  238. Liberals point out that Paul Ryan is a white guy
  239. Soledad O'Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser
  240. Biden On Romney: "He Wants To Put Y'all Back In Chains"
  241. Game Of Thrones Author Trashes ‘Despicable’ GOP ...
  242. Question: who have been the liberal boogeymen over the years?
  243. Obama goes from haloed to holding the sun in his hands
  244. Homeless Scum return to City of Sarasota
  245. LOLTASTIC: Revealed: GOP STRATEGY <tag> racist, koch brothers, george bush. moveon.or
  246. Serious Questions
  247. This Former Marine Was Picked Up By The FBI Over Facebook Posts About 9/11
  248. Dem. Senator: Obama Led SEALs Mission to Kill Bin Laden
  249. No Horses, But Detroit Water Department Employs 'Horseshoer'
  250. White House Sets Ground Rules for Local Interviews