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  1. Media Obsess Over Akin to Distract From Economy
  2. They need help making phone calls.
  3. Liberal Website That Attacked Romney’s Cayman ‘Schemes’ Actually Headquartered There
  4. Chairman of the Associated Press . . . Lewinskies Obama . . . Or Something Like That
  5. Obama Has Millions of Fake Twitter Followers
  6. Madeline Albright blames Bush in perpetuity
  7. Former Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama
  8. Jumah at The 2012 DNC
  9. 'American Taliban' Lindh seeks group prayer in Indiana prison
  10. Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP 'spared' by tropical storm
  11. Wrong, Maddow/It Was Dems, Not GOP, Willing to Shut Down Govt Over Planned Parenthood
  12. You Simply Cannot Make This Stuff Up
  13. Berkeley shows it's "tolerance"
  14. The end of tenure? New policy in St. Louis is terrifying professors.
  15. US Army Is Racist
  16. Impeach Romney!!!
  17. Chronicle of Higher Ed trashes Ayn Rand
  18. ....'negrohood' mailer was just a 'typo'
  19. Alec Baldwin: ‘If Obama Was White, He’d Be Up By 17 Points’
  20. Punk'd: DNC Convention Visitors Scoop? Up MRC Goof 'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts
  21. Chuck Schumer Ridiculously Asserts Mainstream Media Placed Halo Over Paul Ryan
  22. Michelle Obama: "Success Doesn't Count Unless you Earn It"
  23. DWS attacks Examiner for ‘deliberately’ misquoting her, but here’s the audio
  24. OMFG! Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) says in 1898 the Dutch enslaved Blacks.
  25. Penn State President's sick paper on child molestation
  26. Florida DNC Boss: Christians want Jews Slaughtered
  27. Democrats: Let's Ban Profits!
  28. Even Jon Stewart Finds ‘Tolerance’ At the DNC Doesn’t Extend to Conservatives
  29. Bill Maher's Racist Tweet
  30. Gawker: 'Pedophilia Is a Sexual Orientation'
  31. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are WACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Chris Matthews: Romney’s Decision To Run For President Shows ‘Arrogance’, ‘Disdain’
  33. CNN: Al Qaeda's Black Flag Not Al Qaeda Flag But 'Affirmation Of Faith'
  34. Propaganda Update: TV Networks Will Be Asked to Boost ObamaCare In Plots of Their Top
  35. Most recipients of government bennies go to south
  36. Ed Rendell: 'Even People Who Lost Their Jobs Are Better Off' Under Obama
  37. Canadian political update! (you think the US has problems...)
  38. Liberals claiming 12-year-old wrote this letter to Romney
  39. The Dumbest Most Hypocritical Tweet Of All Time
  40. Woman Hopes President Obama Will Help Save Her Home
  41. President's Address to the UN
  42. France set to ban words 'mother' and 'father' on official documents
  43. Howard Stern Nails It....lol
  44. Iran says "terrorist sect" attacked its diplomat in New York
  45. Video: Obama supporter says murdered US ambassador to Libya ‘had it coming’
  46. Iran Propaganda Outlet Bases News Story on Onion Article
  47. BWAHAHAHAHA tom morello, serj tankian, and mcilrath we are the 99%
  48. Today's Ignorant Obama Supporter
  49. Put 2008 Aside; Only Re-electing Obama in 2012 Will Prove America Isn't Racist
  50. MSNBC Caught Doctoring Clip From Romney/Ryan Rally
  51. Romney's garbage man stars in new attack ad....
  52. Schadenfreudelicious! Chris Matthews’ loses leg tingle in glorious post-debate meltdo
  53. Michael Moore to Obama - 'This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate
  54. Al Gore Blames High Altitude On Obama's Poor Debate Performance
  55. Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama’s Blackness Trumps His Failed Record
  56. O"Reilly and Jon Stewart (Just in case you were interested)
  57. PETA Attacks Pokemon For Promoting Animal Abuse
  58. If Obama Loses, Leftists Promise To Behave Themselves And Take It Like Adults...
  59. Universal Studios Orlando Turns Halloween Horror Nights Show Into Obama Campaign
  60. Bus Driver Tells 12 Year-Old He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Yard Sign
  61. DailyKos bitch says Rick Santorum made his kids "kiss dead fetuses"
  62. Bill Maher: "the planet is too crowded – and we need to promote death.”
  63. CNN’s Don Lemon Says He Felt ‘A Bit Sorry’ For Jerry Sandusky
  64. In-state Tuition for Illegals - Yes...Iraq War Vet - No
  65. Obama “Didn’t Point Fingers, Didn’t Place Blame” During First Term…
  66. Moobat just told me liberals don't make fun of people's looks
  67. Epic facepalm moment
  68. Big Lefty Stars to Make 9/11 Truther Film
  69. Has anyone else noticed that the "keep Christ in Christmas" folks....
  70. Joe Biden Rally, Whats Wrong With This Picture
  71. Fuck you, Ted Turner. Fuck you with a chainsaw.
  72. Voting for Obama is like losing your virginity?
  73. Spot the difference between the Christian social conservatives and the Islamic fundie
  74. The Future Of Nonhuman Rights
  75. Racist cries racism because NBA team too white.
  76. Chrs Rock: Obama is really white!
  77. Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come
  78. November surprise: EPA planning major post-election anti-coal regulation
  79. Michelle Obama to Floridians: 'Don't let anybody push you out of line'
  80. Just incredible...Chris 'tingle' Matthews
  81. How Conservative Media Lost to the MSM and Failed the Rank and File
  82. I Told You "Moderates" Can't Win!
  83. Detroit Elects 8 time felon to MI House
  84. Bloomberg Bars Food Donations To NY Homeless Shelters
  86. Meatless Mondays in LA........
  87. Dr. Cornel West: Obama is a Republican in Black Face
  88. The 0bamasiah and his presser
  89. School bans Movember moustache for not being 'inclusive'
  90. Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism
  91. Showing respect at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  92. US Government shuts down Drake's Bay Oyster Farm on bogus info....
  93. 35,000 rubber ducks in Santa, reindeer outfits seized at L.A. port
  94. Judge finds NC ‘Choose Life’ plates unconstitutional
  95. New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban
  96. ESPN Commentator Rob Parker On RGIII: "He's Kind Of Black But Not Really"
  97. Transgender player attains college basketball first
  98. Sheila Jackson-Lee Wants Law Abiding Citizens To Turn In Their Guns
  99. Sean Penn Praises Hugo Chavez At Vigil
  100. A moonbat Xmas cartoon...
  101. Piers Morgan wants to............amend the Bible?
  102. Michael Moore: ‘Calm Down, White People, and Put Away Your Guns’
  103. Hoplophobia
  104. The Progressives' bias take on 2012...
  105. Kim Kardashian pregnant with Kanye West's child
  106. Al Jazeera Seeks a U.S. Voice Where Gore Failed
  107. The Language of the Left
  108. Current TV staffers rip Al Gore for sale to Al Jazeera
  109. Boys Suspended For Using Fingers As Guns
  110. Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery
  111. Foreman: My last letter to the president
  112. Daily Kos: The Importance of Gun Control
  113. DiCaprio takes break to focus on the environment
  114. 'American Idol' is racist, lawyer claims
  115. Gun store owner bans 0bama supporters: Not responsible enough to own a gun
  116. MSNBC's Goldie Taylor admits "social welfare" took Black fathers out of homes!
  117. Christie Hefner: Global Warming Responsible For Chicago Shootings
  118. Univision Employee Calls Marco Rubio Token Slave Boy
  119. Brown University’s student health plan will cover sex changes
  120. Is an approaching asteroid an "‘example of, perhaps, global warming?"
  121. Wolves to be 'educated' not to kill sheep
  122. University sponsors campaign teaching students it is ‘unfair’ to be white
  123. Russian Leader Blames Meteor On U.S.
  124. Bill Maher: George Zimmerman's brother interviewed
  125. Prison inmates collect unemployment
  126. Bob Beckel...
  127. President Obama to Rev. Sharpton: 'Best of Times and the Worst of Times
  128. Reporter Stops Returning Carnival Cruise Passenger From Quoting Bible
  130. Cenk Uygur: Tea Party Manufactured By Tobacco Companies, Koch Brothers
  131. NYPOST: 'Soda Jerk' Bloomberg bans 2-liter bottles of pop with pizza delivery...
  132. Facebook Photo of Female Students Dressed in Burqas for Lesson on Islam Prompts State
  133. Farrakhan Urges Black Americans to Collectively Purchase Land…
  134. Calif. female lawmakers condemn Oscar host
  135. Sequestration: 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost
  136. Are goldfish next...?
  137. Cindy Sheehan; In Loving Memory: Hugo Chavez Frias 1954-2013
  138. Singer Carly Rae Jepsen Cancels Boy Scouts’ Jamboree Performance Over Gay Policies
  139. Colorado Dem to Rape Survivor: A Gun Wouldn’t Have Helped You
  140. Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera (Exclusive)
  141. Bloomberg Says Government ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Force People to Exercise
  142. Sen. Feinstein Makes Wild Claim to Push Gun Control at Senate Committee Hearing
  143. Rally Held At Roseville Galleria To Support Gay Couple Kicked Out For Showing Affecti
  144. Hugo Chavez’s Embalmed Body Will Be Put on Permanent Display
  145. ABC’s ‘The View’ Reportedly Firing Show’s Lone Conservative Over ‘Extreme’, ‘Right-Wi
  146. Soda Ban Faces Long Battle Ahead
  147. Maduro claims Chavez swung race for Argentine pope
  148. Wisconsin’s VISTA Program Encourages Volunteers to Overcome White 'Privilege’
  149. Bill Maher complains about taxes in California
  150. Billionaire Bill Gates blasts capitalism
  151. Oregon professor fired for bizarre tirade, allegedly threatening student protesters
  152. Teacher booted from Portland School District after protracted battle with PP
  153. US Department of Education - Quote Of The Day
  154. Video: Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion
  155. Google And Easter
  156. Associated Press Drops 'Illegal Immigrant' From Stylebook
  157. Manatee students prepare to meet Michelle Obama
  158. Obama to take sequester pay cut
  159. California Bill Says Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation
  160. Michelle Obama flubs, calls herself a "busy single mother" Hairy beast alert!!!
  161. Affirmative Action Lifeguards: We will work with you in your swimming abilities"
  162. Mass Shootings A White Male Issue And Not A Mental Health Issue
  163. "concealed carriers failed Aurora shooting victims"
  164. “Gay Infertility” is the New Mandatory Health Insurance Frontier
  165. W.H. to Furlough Assistant Chef for Sequester
  166. Michigan Students Need Signed Permission Slips To See Sen. Rick Santorum Speak
  167. Democrats block Senate Resolution to pay homage to Margaret Thatcher
  168. Axelrod: Obama Thinks Boston Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'
  169. Barney Frank: 'No Tax Cut Would Have Helped Us Deal With This'
  170. Kerry On Benghazi: "We Got A Lot More Important Things To Move On To"
  171. Gang unit takes over investigation into shootings at 4/20 pot rally in Denver
  172. Bloomberg: "Interpretation Of Constitution Needs To Change"
  173. UN Official Says Boston Got What It Deserved
  174. Dartmouth angry at student tweets about minorities; cancels classes
  175. Calif. bill would let non-citizens serve on juries
  176. NPR invents "Modern Prejudice"
  177. Washington State Bans Words Like Penmanship And Policeman And Other Liberal Idiocy
  178. Really dumb gay activists
  179. Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam: Flag of Islam Soon to Fly over White House
  180. MSNBC Forced to Apologize After Egregiously Taking Quotes Out of Context
  181. Gay Anti-Bullying Advocate Sees Upside Of Oral Cancer
  182. Bette Midler blames GOP for perpetuating America’s ‘decimated infrastructure’
  183. Dan Rather: Obama's Opponents 'Want to Cut His Heart Out and Throw Liver to the Dogs
  184. Who's Tweeting About Benghazi?
  185. Colbert: Sanford’s Win ‘Scares Me To My Core’
  186. State ordering girls' locker rooms open to boys
  187. Ed. Shultz on IRS Targeting TEA Party Groups
  188. Julian Bond: "Tea Party Admittedly Racist"
  189. NBC News Hosts: White Supremacy Motivates Obama's Critics on IRS scandals
  190. Boston Bomber Newest Teen Heart Throb
  191. New App Helps Liberals Avoid Buying Products From Conservative Companies…
  192. First Lady laments that many blacks have lost 'hunger' to learn...
  193. Farrakhan To Detroit: Investment Needed In City
  194. Michelle O Expands Obesity Fight -- to Zoos...
  195. If You've EVery Wondered What Radical Millitant Feminism Sounds/Looks Like...
  196. Members of Congress send letter urging Redskins to change name (Survey at link)
  197. Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson to Oversee Environmental Efforts
  198. Stupid Is As Stupid Does: College Idiots Thank IRS For Targeting Conservative Groups
  199. Journalism professor calls for firing squad, missile attacks at NRA
  200. Should gays be forced to leave the church?
  201. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: ‘IRS’ Is the New ‘N****r’
  202. 'Uhhh…Uh…Uhhh….People!
  203. This professor hates teaching your children
  204. France Subsidizes Art Honoring Terrorists
  205. Bill Maher Calls Trig Palin A Retard
  206. Dan Savage’s husband says it’s OK to call gay conservatives ‘f*ggots’ ...
  207. Words Simply Cannot Express...
  208. White People Are Against Abortion Because Of White Supremacy
  209. Thug Rapper Steps All Over The American Flag
  210. Chelsea Clinton Laments: My Great Grandmother Did Not Have Access to Planned Parentho
  211. Bumblebee memorial scheduled for Sunday at Wilsonville Target
  212. Bert and Ernie share cuddly ‘Moment of Joy’ on The New Yorker’s DOMA cover
  213. Bloomberg Cites Failed Terrorist Threat In Attempt To Ban Sparklers
  214. Dancing for dictators
  215. Michelle Obama: "White House Is A Really Nice Prison"
  216. Rick Perry “Attacks” Wendy Davis
  217. Dennis Rodman: Nobel Laureate?
  218. Facebook Won't Remove 'Kill Zimmerman' Page
  219. Michael Moore intervenes to help Palestinian filmmaker attend Academy Awards
  220. Bette Middler: "Had We Lost The Revolutionary War, We'd Have Universal Healthcare"
  221. Woman warned beach-goers "only lesbians can park" before breaking truck's window
  222. ‘Baby Bangs’ Wigs For Bald Babies The New Craze,
  223. TIME: "Preparing for Riots After Zimmerman Verdict Is Racial Fear Mongering"
  224. Celebs react to George Zimmerman verdict
  225. Lynch mob thugs threaten Zimmerman jury; ‘N*ggas coming for that bitch ass jury’
  226. MSNBC Anchor Gets Emotional On-Air: My 11-Year-Old Daughter Texted Me
  227. Zimmerman Prosecutor Excused Potential Black Juror for Being a Fox News Watcher
  228. Hillary Clinton: George Zimmerman verdict brought ‘deep heartache’
  229. MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson: More White Kids Need To Die For America To Understand
  230. Fireworks after baseball game is da racist.
  231. God “is a white racist.”
  232. Rolling Stone Puts Boston Bomber On Cover
  233. Best way to respond to Trayvon Martin verdict? Vote
  234. Sebilius: Opposing Obamacare Is Akin To Opposing The Civil Rights Act
  235. Jesse Jackson: 'Inclination' To Treat Florida As 'Apartheid State'
  236. Obama: 'Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago'
  237. Salon Writer Asks if Eric Holder Is Obama’s ‘Inner N****r’
  238. Bill Maher Calls Dr. Ben Carson ‘Half Brilliant Brain Surgeon, Half Tea Party Dumbass
  239. Melissa Harris-Perry’s ‘Delusional’ Analysis of Bankrupt Detroit May Stun You
  240. The Incredible Logic Of Facebook
  241. Nanny Bloomberg Bans Food Donations To The Poor...
  242. Paul Krugman: Detroit, the New Greece
  243. Obama Blames Five Years of a Bad Economy on "Phony Scandals" and "Distractions
  244. Maryland Court Official Wants to Ban Toy Guns
  245. 'MILLIONS WILL DIE' without a carbon tax to fix global warming
  246. I would vote for Bush/Christie or Christie/Bush in 2016
  247. College Republicans Denied Admittance to Obama Speech
  248. Obamacare national marketing campaign to cost $700 million
  249. U.N. to Celebrate ‘World Toilet Day’
  250. ABC splices another Trayvon-related video