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  1. Idol Contestants File Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuit
  2. Gay bars dump Russian vodka to protest anti-gay laws...
  3. Jim Carrey Does It Again
  4. This Is Detroit And We Will Come Squat In Your House
  5. Hey Cowards, Let's Have a Conversation
  6. American Reported Killed Fighting for Al-Qaida Affiliate in Syria
  7. Filner (D) wants San Diego city council to pay for his sexual harassment defense!
  8. Chicago Politician: "Police Are Killing Some Of These Kids"
  9. Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights
  10. Media asks if Bus Driver should have helped white victim (11) of black teen beating
  11. CAIR Director: Practicing Muslims Are Above The Law of the Land
  12. Seattle: "The Words 'Citizen' And 'Brown Bagging' Can Be Offensive
  13. Poor Don Lemon gets trashed by liberals about his remarks
  14. Other Agencies Clamor for Data N.S.A. Compiles
  15. "You shouldn't have to bury your child" (unless he has a gun?)
  16. Michelle Obama's Newest Initiative: Using Hip-Hop to Fight Obesity
  17. Oakland council supports hammer ban at protests
  18. Bloomberg's Latest Proposal to End Obesity: Make Elevators Slow So People Take the St
  19. Gov't to Police Diversity in Neighborhoods...
  20. "Step on Jesus" Prof back at Florida University
  21. Oprah gets Swiss apology for racist encounter
  22. Flint native Michael Moore tells film festival crowd Detroit bankruptcy is 'personal'
  23. NAEP 'Indefinitely Postpones' Tests of U.S. History and Civics...
  24. Vegan activists throw red paint on Iowa State Fair's butter cow
  25. Mo. State Fair bans rodeo clown who mocked Obama
  26. Tennessee judge orders baby's name be changed from 'Messiah'
  27. Porn guy who taught Women's Studies has bipolar manic rant on Twitter
  28. That’s a clown question, bro: Rodeo clowns asked to take ‘sensitivity training’
  29. This Guy Is Claiming to Be Michelle Obama’s Son
  30. Nova, we're screwn!
  31. ‘Children of God Will Die’: MSNBC Host Says Only ‘Phony Christians’ Oppose ObamaCare
  32. Judge: Foreigners can sue U.S. pastor over sermons
  33. Seven teachers support male rapist of middle schooler
  34. 'God is dead' artwork allowed to stay on classroom wall
  35. Oy...I Mean Just Oy
  36. Lawmakers OK noncitizens on juries
  37. University’s Popular Mascot Deemed ‘Polarizing’ For Being a White Man
  38. Rep. Clyburn likens American media to Nazi propagandists
  39. Court Says Christian Photogs Guilty of Discrimination for Refusing LGBT Weddings
  40. Bradley Manning Was ‘Tortured,’ Says Ron Paul
  41. Colin Powell: George Zimmerman Acquittal Will Be Seen as a ‘Questionable Judgement’
  42. Did anyone think Miley Cyrus' performance was racist??
  43. MLK has got to be rolling in his grave right now.
  44. Clinton: Continuing Racism Means Harder to Vote than Buy Assault Weapon
  45. The Racial Chris Matthews Meltdown
  46. MLK and St. Skittles
  47. CLown Prince Obama Desrespects OUR Oval Office!
  48. Dodging the God Squad
  49. PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Affect Baby’s Penis Size
  50. Moonbats: Condoms, Clean Syringes, And Jobs After College Are A Constitutional Right
  51. Obama Whines About “Names I’m Called” In America
  52. Carville: People Are Freaking Out About Syria Because Of Bush And Iraq
  53. Anyone heard of "Nature's Rights"?
  54. Ginsburg: Gay Marriage Shows Constitution’s Genius
  55. Biden: "If Romney Is Elected, We Will Go To War With Syria"
  56. Flashback: BBC News Runs 2003 Iraq Photo as Syrian Massacre Photo
  57. Liberals Mock Liberals Supporting War: Parody Video ...
  58. Jay Carney: Americans ‘Appreciate’ Obama’s Indecisiveness on Syria
  59. Facist Fiestien
  60. Left revokes President Obama´s liberal card
  61. High School AP History Book Rewrites
  62. Pro-opposition Syria analyst O'Bagy admits she was never enrolled in Ph.D. program
  63. Democratic Official Allan Brauer Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children
  64. Death of an adjunct
  65. The Ugly Heart of the Common Core Monster
  66. School Field Trip: 12-Year-Old Children Forced to Act Like Slaves and Called N**ger
  67. Barack Obama is political king of the fake Twitter followers
  68. More Glo-bull warming....
  69. School Official: "Trayvon Shooting Proves It's Legal To Hunt Children"
  70. Six-year-old becomes first transgender child in Argentina to change identity
  71. Vegetarian Weatherman
  72. Husband, Wife Share Story Of Coming Out Together
  73. Saudi Sheikh Has This ‘Scientific’ Warning
  74. Just dial 1-800-F**KYO to reach Obamacare’s national hotli
  75. Obamacare Increases Man’s Premiums 300%, Supporters Call It a Success Story
  76. Obama open to name change for Washington Redskins
  77. Zimmerman Persecution Survives Shutdown
  78. Sir Bob Geldof: 'All humans will die before 2030'
  79. BSNBC Screecher: Ted Cruz Hates This Country
  80. 5' 3" 123lb Athletic 11 Year Old Told By School She Is Fat
  81. Anti-Bullying programs backfire
  82. This Is Why The Public School System Is So Dangerous
  83. Pew report: Gay marriage coverage far more focused on support than opposition
  84. 'Racist' LA police dogs only bite Latinos and African-Americans
  85. Robert Oscar Lopez: The Devil Comes Home to Cal State Northridge Read more: http://w
  86. Serious Question about WTC Conspiracies
  87. Darren Aronofsky's Noah: Environmentalist Wacko.
  88. Welfare Is Best In California
  89. Muslim holiday school closings poised to pass in New York
  90. ‘Enrichment’ Lesson
  91. Get expelled - get a scholarship
  92. Marine's career in jeopardy despite role exposing Afghan insider threat
  93. Just 26 percent of new reporters have skills to do the job
  94. Grayson Compares The Tea Party To The KKK
  95. 'The Pornography of Meat'
  96. Russell Brand Call For A Socialist Revolution And A Massive Redistribution Of Wealth
  97. Fox News' Megyn Kelly Grills Slippery 'Architect' of ObamaCare
  98. I Know The Media Are Clinton Sycophants But This Is Ridiculous
  99. Charlie Rose to Cheney: Would You Have Seen Iraq Differently If You Had More Oxygen t
  100. The ‘Healthy, White, Heterosexual, Christian Male Receives Unearned Advantages’
  101. ROFLMAO!: Gays and traditionalists trash Hallmark for "Don we now our fun apparel"
  102. Iran's Revolutionary Guards committed to 'Death to America'
  103. U. of South Florida Staff Member Compares Priest and Toilet on presentation slide
  104. Brown U. student called “White Supremacist” for wanting to hear NYPD Chief speak
  105. Rev. Jesse Jackson says Ronald Reagan wanted to ban blacks from playing football
  106. Belafonte compares Koch Bros. to KKK
  107. Maya Angelou blasts president on education
  108. Gay Sex Pundit Paid $24K To Talk Fisting, Gorilla-Suit Fetishes With Students
  109. "Anti-Bullying" Leader Thinks Abortion Should Be Mandatory For The Next 30 Years
  110. Mother Of Thug Killed By CC Carrier "It's Not Fair"
  111. Ah, The Tolerant Left: 2 Brits Win Costume Contest Dressed Like Burning Twin Towers
  112. Ah, The Mature Leftist Media Strikes Again
  113. War On Christmas Starts Early
  114. High school: Girls should avoid restroom if they’re bothered by transgender boy
  115. Reason 234879 why Michael Moore is the worst person ever
  116. FRAUD: O'care navigators from Nat. Urban League counsel applicants to lie
  117. Hey CUer's I pledge to
  118. Video: Black Gangs Randomly Attacking Jews In NYC
  119. O'care Architect: Genetic "Lottery Winners" Paying An "Artificially Low Price"
  120. MSNBC's Martin Bashir: Unbelievable
  121. Oprah: Racists Have to Die for Racism to End
  122. Arne Duncan: White Suburban Moms Upset Common Core Shows Their Kids Aren’t Brilliant
  123. Move On. Org blames media for Obamacare debacle
  124. “Taking antibiotics terminates more life than an abortion”
  125. Anti-Gun Group Wants People To Lecture Friends And Family During Thanksgiving Dinner
  126. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official
  127. Obama woos liberal journalists to change the narrative on Obamacare
  128. You're Gonna Love this One
  129. UCLA grad students protest over "racist microaggression", ie. grammar correction
  130. Immigration Activists Storm Eric Cantor’s Condo
  131. Senator: Sports Stadiums 'at Risk from...Sea-Level Rise Effects of Climate Change' -
  132. Russell Simmons: ObamaCare Already Saved Thousands, Possibly Millions, of Lives
  133. DOE interrogates children without parents or attorney present....over race.
  134. Last Resort Racism Thread
  135. Lesbian Sex Offender Knew She Was Breaking Law, Documents Show
  136. The Voice Omits "Lord" From A Hymn
  137. Karl Marx for President
  138. Vassar: Hate speech incidents a hoax by student on anti-bias committee
  139. The Knockout Game -- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal
  140. ‘Black People Don’t Have the Same Connections as Jewish People’
  141. Let Obama Run For A Third Term, Screw the Constitution
  142. AARP wants moms to send children e cards about Obamacare
  143. Munk Debates: The End Of Men
  144. UCLA Replaces Shakespeare With Gender Studies
  145. The American Communist Party's advice for Barry
  146. Green Cars: California’s Next Entitlement?
  147. Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists attacks praying men defending cathedral
  148. NYC Democrat Says Jews Are To Blame For Racist Knockout Game Attacks…
  149. Another fake "hate crime" case....yawn.
  150. Peter "Infanticide" Singer keynotes conference for animal personhood at Yale.
  151. Judge orders baker to serve gay couples despite his religious beliefs
  152. Obamacare CEO in Colorado wants a RAISE and a BONUS!
  153. Obamacare Christmas Talking Points are OUT!
  154. President Obama says blame the government, not President Obama.
  155. Common Core "Survey" demands political beliefs
  156. Colin Powell calls for Single Payer system
  158. Dem Pollster Shocked to Find No Racism in Tea Partiers, So They Invent Some
  159. Bill Ayers: Obama like ‘imperial leader’
  160. Gays Doing It Again
  161. Nancy Pelosi: "Embrace the suck"
  162. Liberals discuss the end of 'Christian privilege' in the name of religious freedom
  163. Colorado School Shooter: "A Very Opinionated Socialist"
  164. Female students banned from speaking at Islam seminar; forced to separate entrance
  165. The first gay president!
  166. ‘With My N*ggers’: CNBC Apologizes for Unfortunate Choice of Musical Tease
  167. North Dakota to Let Man in Same-Sex Marriage Wed Woman, Too
  168. BSNBC Host: "Every Unincarcerated Adult Should Get A Check From The Government"
  169. Liberal journalists admit that media leans left. Up next: Ice skating in hell.
  170. Hate letter to Christian family with Christmas lights
  171. Lesbian boss ‘fired me for being straight’
  172. What it's like being put on GLAAD's "blacklist"
  173. Seattle Politician(Democrat) Calls Arizona A "Desert, Racist Wasteland"
  174. Hawaii’s education department keeping sex-ed curriculum a secret
  175. San Francisco bans wood fires on Christmas Eve.
  176. Michael Eric Dyson: "Christian Love for Jesus Is Homoerotic"
  177. MSNBC trashes Sarah Palin for having a Christmas tree.
  178. Jesse Jackson Calls Phil Robertson “More Offensive” Than Rosa Parks Driver
  179. Church Replaces Jesus With Trayvon Martin In Nativity Scene
  180. New ObamaCare Video Slammed by Gay Republican Group
  181. MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty Part of Majority White Supremacist
  182. Janet Vrotsos
  183. Chattanooga Police Accused of Racism for calling 32 vile drug dealers "the worst"
  184. Melissa Harris-Perry Panel Mocks Black Romney Grandchild As Token
  185. Keep it classy, NBC....
  186. O.J. Simpson is begging Obama to pardon him so he can die at home
  187. 5 dumbest Melissa Harris-Perry quotes of 2013
  188. PIV is always rape, ok?
  189. Rolling Stone: America Should Replace Capitalism With Socialism
  190. Morrissey compares eating meat to pedophilia, calls it 'rape, violence, murder'
  191. Illegal Immigrants Complain They Get Student Loans Instead of Grants
  192. Moochelle: "Eat before you come"
  193. Michael Eric Dyson: Obama should use executive orders to push through liberal legisla
  194. Is Dennis Rodman a complete fool???
  195. German Class Turns into Obamacare Love-fest
  196. Get ready for global warming hysterics, courtesy of Congressional Democrats
  197. Maybe this is why MLA didn't let the Daily Caller in to report
  198. Global Warming Warning Labels Proposed For California Gas Pumps
  199. She Can Dish It Out But She Can't Take It
  201. "Thug" Is A Racist Term Now
  202. Gun Grabber Political Cartoons
  203. Send out the clowns...
  204. Reuters Upset That Pope Thinks Abortion Is Horrific
  205. "Somebody needs to be accountable"
  206. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says gun-loving pro-lifers not welcome in New York
  207. Abortion Barbie uses hubby #2 to pay for school; divorces him the day after
  208. Venezuela, worried by murder rate, takes aim at TV soap operas
  209. Oscar Nominated Best Song Questioned Because of Its Christian Roots
  210. Hollywood: All Looks, No Substance
  211. Black Student Group at U. Michigan Threatens Physical Action if Demands Aren’t Met
  212. Wendy Davis Doesn't Think Her Paraplegic Opponent Understands Struggle
  213. House Dems To Discuss “Income Inequality” At Posh Hotel-- Cheapest Room Is $695/night
  215. New Book Calling For Socialist Revolution Features Work By Michael Moore & Bill Ayers
  216. Redskins Name Debate Reaches United Nations
  217. Blogger Doesn't Think Being A Stay At Home Mom Is Anything Special
  218. BSNBC, The Network Of Hateful Rhetoric, Strikes Again
  219. Lord Obama's Winter White House...
  220. Transgendered start Change.org petition against lesbian-run group
  221. Mayor de Blasio fumbles Staten Island Chuck
  222. Atlanta Storm Was a Government Conspiracy? Snow Way!
  223. ACLU sues to overturn voter-backed law
  224. Shirley Temple Dies, Leftists Can't Help Themselves
  225. Most common racial slur on Twitter: "White Boy"
  226. Another Anti-Gay Hoax: Radio DJs Admit They Made Up Homophobic RSVP To Kid’s Birthday
  227. I'm getting ill
  228. Bill Maher Is Breaking Up With MSNBC: 'You've Stopped Leaning Forward'
  229. From Jesse Ventura's Facebook Page
  230. NBC lied - who woulda guessed?
  231. According To NBC Being In A Traditional Marriage Is The Alternative Lifestyle
  232. Jane Fonda, 76, reveals she can't stop crying
  233. Harry Reid Says All Obamacare Horror Stories Are Lies
  234. I Wonder What His DU Name Is
  235. Spike Lee Worried That White People Are Ruining His Neighborhood
  236. Apple's Tim Cook Doesn't Want You Buying His Stock if You Are a 'Denier'
  237. Gay and lesbian troops perform in drag on American military base
  238. From the "Eating your own" file (so to speak)
  239. Oops
  240. Ohio School Suspends 10-Year-Old Boy For Pointing Finger Like A Gun
  241. University: It’s racist for white students to have Olympics-themed party, counseling
  242. Professor Declares ‘No Taping Policy’ after his anti-GOP rant goes viral
  243. Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
  244. As a European this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast
  245. Feminists Attack Wikipedia
  246. Vagina tree near Chauncey gets chopped down
  247. "More Modern Way of Living"
  248. California Seeks to Redefine Consensual Sex as Rape on College Campuses
  249. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: GOP "Underperformed" In Florida House Election
  250. Sheila Jackson Ditz