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  1. Ben Affleck Pressured PBS to Edit Out Slave-Owning Grandfather
  2. Think Global Warming Is Bad? Wait Until You Meet ‘Sustainability’
  3. EPA Tells Kids to Avoid Baths and Asks them to Check Toilets for Leaks
  4. #BringBackOurGirls Not Popular Because ‘Black Women’s Lives Don’t Matter’
  5. Williams: If Gyrocopter Pilot Was Black Muslim, He Would Have Been Shot Down
  6. ‘Poop Equality': Students Hold ‘Sh*t-In’ at Public California University
  7. Mila Kunis stole pet chicken
  8. Straight pride fliers removed from YSU campus
  9. Foreskin Facials: Would You Try One?
  10. Australian Islamic School Bans Girls from Running for Fear of ‘Losing Their Virginity
  11. Hillary Clinton: ‘Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs…Have to Be Changed’
  12. Obama mulls ransom policy for families of overseas hostages:
  13. Baltimore Mayor: “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.
  14. Poor teens in Baltimore face worse conditions than those in Nigeria
  15. Michael Moore Goes on Unhinged Anti-Police Rant, Issues Two Big ‘Demands’
  16. Boehner Throws Cops Under the Bus:
  17. School Serves Burned Burritos with Melted Plastic
  18. Mascots Need To Be More Diverse
  19. Woman Claims Baltimore PD Shot An Unarmed Black Man In The Back...One Problem...
  20. NYC reportedly under fed pressure to take down Times Square billboards
  21. Judge: Texas Universities Must Offer Vet Benefits to Non-Residents
  22. According To LeSean McCoy, Coach Chip Kelly "Got Rid Of The Good Black Players"
  23. Media Look to Criminalize ‘Hate Speech’ After Geller’s Mohammed Drawing Event
  24. Chinese Province Bans Christian Rooftop Crosses on Catholic and Protestant Churches,
  25. Don't you hate it when...
  26. Socialist pig: Your loving family disadvantages others
  27. Michelle Obama speaks of emotional toll of being first black first lady
  28. Salon’s clickbait strategy: The phantom fight against Fox News
  29. You Military Guys Will Love This. Jade Helm Paranoia
  31. Obama Complains to UN About America’s ‘Human Rights’ Violations
  32. Chris Rock Thinks It's Strange White Kids Don't Get shot By Cops
  33. Tanya Cohen: Free Speech Just for Me. Off to the Gulag for the rest of you
  34. MSNBC Posts Anti-Cop Tweet
  35. Marquette University Puts Up Mural Of Joanne Chesimard
  36. Miley Cyrus Cries for Dead Pet BlowFish
  37. Man Helps Boy Retrieve Ball. Don't Worry, The Police Are Investigating.
  38. I Ain't Got The Words #358
  39. Moscow issues travel warning over U.S. 'hunt' for Russians
  40. Cardinals Apologize For Mascot Holding Up "Controversial" Sign
  41. When White People Move Into Your Neighborhood, It Is Not Diversity
  42. At Memorial Day Service, Obama Highlights End of ‘Major Ground War’
  43. NYT: Blacks Have Lost Jobs Due To ‘Anti-Government’ Republicans
  44. After Weekend Of Gun Violence In 3 Major Cities(NY, Chicago, Baltimore)...
  45. Bernie Sanders doesn't have to win the Democratic primary to do a lot of good
  46. Are Cops In Chicago Behind Many Of The Shootings?
  48. Air Force for one: Massive military transport plane that usually carries 100 troops
  49. Teachers complain, chaos reigns as St. Paul schools spend millions on ‘white privileg
  50. Law Clerk Mourns Deer Killed In Crash That Killed A State Trooper
  51. Parents Livid Over ‘Democratic’ School’s Shock Field Trip
  52. MSNBC Panel: Using Term “Women” in Abortion Language “Excludes Transgendered Men”
  53. NOT a hate crime....
  54. The Daily Caller censors a comment
  55. Baltimore Professor: White People Should Deposit Their Unearned Wealth In Black Accou
  56. College Prof Thinks GPA's Will Go Up In Texas Due To Right To Carry Laws
  57. Black college student demands hamburger from Vietnamese students:racial melee ensues.
  58. Kids Lemonade Stand Deemed Illegal And Needs A Permit To Operate
  59. Successful Anti-Rape Training Program Criticized For Not Blaming Men
  60. U. Missouri May Ban Women From Frats on Weekends to Fight Rape
  61. University of Oklahoma Gives Gay Students Separate Study Lounge
  62. Al Sharpton Blames Parents for Calling Out Race-Changing NAACP Official
  63. CNN Anchor Calls Dallas Gunman "Courageous And Brave"
  64. The Smoking Gun: Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University Over AntiWhite Discrimination
  65. How Rachel Dolezal’s lies hurt black people
  66. Balcony Collapses, Kills 5 Irish Students
  67. Rachel Dolezal poses in provocative glamour girl shots
  68. You knew it was coming.....Rachel Dolezal In Talks For Reality Show
  69. 71% Of MSNBC Viewers Believe Rachael Dolezal Is Black
  70. Rolling Stone: Charleston Shooter Proof GOP Has Weaponized It's Base
  71. Dolezal 2012 Video: Get ‘Older White Men’ off Currency
  72. CNN Refers To Trey Gowdy As "Top Instigator"
  73. Dylann Roof, Terrorist
  74. Anthony Weiner Wants To Replace Bob Beckel On Fox News.
  75. Apple pulls Civil War games showing the Confederate flag from its App Store
  76. Walmart's Hypocrisy
  77. This better not be true.
  78. A really dumb facebook meme I keep seeing.
  79. CJ Pearson
  80. Why is Everyone Angry? I'll Tell You Why. by Alan Grayson
  81. Democrat Senator Proclaims That First Amendment Does Not Apply to Individuals
  82. Ariana Grande Hates America And Americans
  83. Writer Says Female Bathroom Signs Are Offensive Because Women Aren't Wearing Pants
  84. Michigan judge detains children for refusing lunch with father
  85. Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations
  86. Homosexual Sues Bible Publisher Because Bible Is Homophobic
  87. Anti-American ‘Afrikans’ issue Shit on Flag Challenge
  88. When I Was White (Another Transracial Story)
  89. Next NFL Logo In The Crosshairs: The New Orleans Saints
  90. University Researchers: We Have To Accept People Who “Identify As Real Vampires”
  91. Davis-Monthan AFB allows rainbow U.S. flag to stay at on-base home
  92. Fake Cherokee?
  93. The GLBTers missed this guy
  94. UCLA Paper Apologizes For Saying Women Menstruate--(3 guesses why)
  95. Ethnic Food is Racist
  96. Connecticut Dems Dump Jefferson, Urge Rest Of US To Follow
  97. All White People Guilty Of Oppression According To Leftist Nutjob Professor
  98. Justice Scalia is ruining my students because he’s too entertaining, law school dean
  99. 10 “Seinfeld” episodes that are racist and sexist in retrospect
  100. "Secret" knocks for students and schools out of control
  101. Why Scott Walker is so dangerous
  102. Cecil Richards defends PP on"This Week" with George S.
  103. SJWs Now Want To Ban Mel Brooks Films
  104. New "Male Privilege Tax" Supported by Feminists
  105. My Beloved Cardinals Jump On The PC Wagon
  106. Rutgers Professor Says U.S. More Brutal Than ISIS
  107. What's More Important To BSNBC?
  108. Indiana University-Bloomington Lets LGBT Students Self-Segregate in Their Own Dorm
  109. Racist? You be da judge!
  110. Remember the UCLA student who wanted free tampons from the gub'mint?
  111. UK Green Party ‘Open’ to Permitting Three-Way Marriages
  112. So I guess gay white male trumps black and Hispanic in the victim sweepstakes now...
  113. TCU student punished for criticizing Islam, Baltimore riots | Fox News
  114. California Councilman appoints two ILLEGAL aliens as city commissioners.
  115. Iran Accuses Josh Earnest of Breaking Nuclear Deal–Really
  116. CNN Asks Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos If He’s A “Violent Extr
  117. MSNBC Tries To Blame Republicans For Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts
  118. Hating Planned Parenthood Is Like Getting Mad At Someone for Buying Strawberries
  119. Liberals worried about white heterosexual men in films
  120. Duke Students: Whites "held the church door open" for Dylan Roof
  121. CAIR Touts Study Claiming “White Americans” Bigger Terror Threat Than Muslims
  122. There Is So Much Dumb In This Meme That My Head Nearly Exploded
  123. Kevin Bacon Calls Out Hollywood, Wants More Male Nudity
  124. Jon Stewart's last hissy fit
  125. Lesbian couple burns down own house; accuse neighbor of hate crime for $$$
  126. OK, This tampon thing NOT restricted to UCLA moonbat
  127. A year after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting,
  128. Cecile Richards complains: Waiting for next videos is like ‘water torture’
  129. CA Senate Bill SB 50: Turning my state into a 3rd world hell hole b/c Global Warming
  130. California gives immigrants here illegally unprecedented rights, benefits, protection
  131. Black man Man Invades Home After Owner Refuses To Take Down Confederate Flag
  132. It's Top 12 Looniest Professors Time! (From the Daily Caller)
  133. Kristen Stewart Says No One Will Be Gay Or Straight In A Few Years
  134. Armed Black Panthers March in Texas: ‘Off the Pigs’
  135. Pretty Little Liars: A Is Transgender
  136. Animal Rights Activist Gets Beaten With Duck
  137. Thousands Sign Petition for Jon Stewart to Moderate a Presidential Debate
  138. Pretty Crazy People At the Anti-#DonaldTrump Rally
  139. Rachel Dolezal Is Pregnant!
  140. Why are feminists slut shaming the Planned Parenthood whistleblower?
  141. Liberals furious over Bruce Jenner Halloween costumes
  142. U Of Wisconsin Official Explains Why Stealing From Walmart Shouldn't Be Prosecuted
  143. Why Office Air Conditioning Is Sexist
  144. How to solve San Francisco's homeless pooping problem
  145. Another Secret Email Address: What is Obama’s top population control freak hiding?
  146. Common Core Approved – Black Lives Matter Textbooks For Middle School…
  147. School Deems Wonder Woman Lunchbox Too Violent
  148. The "science" of psychology may, in fact, be moonbattery most of the time....
  149. Watch the very stupid feminist Jessica Valenti debate the surperb Wendy McElroy
  150. Republican Voters Should Be Denied The Right To Vote
  151. Moonbattery of FREAKING moonbattery! U of Tennessee: Stop using "he" and "she"
  152. Feminists Angry at Kermit the Frog
  153. Idiots Want Reagan National Airport Renamed
  154. Doube Standard? In 2012 Gay judge refused to marry striaghts
  155. ‘Feminist Motherhood Has Failed’
  156. Brandon Marshall: "White Players Are Handled Differently" In NFL Discipline
  157. Post Office: No Christmas or Chanukah stamps this year
  158. Gentleman's barbershop fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman's hair
  159. You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian
  160. Just imagine if they had refused to print invitations to a "gay wedding"
  161. Feminist Study: You’re Racist If You Don’t Have Sex Outside Your Race
  162. NY Times Has Zero Mention Of 9/11 On Front Page
  163. Yale Divinity School hosts Black Lies Matter: DeRay McKesson to speak.
  164. When sexual practices have "civil rights"
  165. Moonbat Mom raises Moonbat son, and now can't stand him
  166. “Hu, Hum, Hus,” “Per, Pers, Perself” and “Ze, Zir, Zir.”
  167. Michael Moore's new Movie: "Where To Invade Next?"
  168. there's alot of anger in that girl
  169. 'ShoutYourAbortion' campaign explodes on social media
  170. Obama Blocks 13 Year Old Black Conservative Twitter Follower For Criticizem.
  171. 'Noose' incident stirs emotion on Del. campus
  172. Leftist Idiots Pelt Carly Fiorina With Condoms
  173. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio honors Clockmed with "Ahmed Day"
  174. School District Bans Tag
  175. Mahmoud Abbas Says Palestinians Are No Longer Bound by Oslo Accords
  176. Utah condo group fines homeowners for flying American flag
  177. LA Times Lists Oregon UCC Shooter As White
  178. #BlackLivesMatter Race Hustler DeRay McKesson At Yale Teaching ‘In Defense Of Looting
  179. Shooter's Father Says The Guns Are The Real Killers.
  182. Feminists Fall For #PissForEquality Hoax
  183. Farrakhan’s Fiery Rant on Obama and Jews:
  184. MSNBC Reportedly In Talks to Resurrect Keith Olbermann's Show
  185. Harry Reid Suing Exercise Band Company For Ruining His Sex Life…
  186. Ivy League Professor on Ben Carson: "If Only There Was a Coon of the Year Award"
  187. Obama interested in Kanye for Speaker
  188. Obama Bans Pork from Prisons, CAIR Praises Decision
  189. Edward Snowden chats with BLM protester on Twitter.
  191. NBC Makes TV Series Based On Abortion Barbie
  192. File This Under "I Really, Really Hope This Is Sarcasm"
  193. Until we have an "irony" forum: Anti-Rape Activist Resigns After Raping Somebody
  194. Crazy bitch!!
  195. Rev. Jeremiah Wright: ‘Jesus Was a Palestinian’
  196. California - - - - - again
  197. Interrupting Whiteness
  198. Principal Upholds School Elections Because Winners Not Diverse Enough
  199. Melissa Harris-Perry...Oh Hell, You Know What She Said Is Just Stupid
  200. U. Maryland Holds Workshop Called ‘How to F**k in College’
  201. Department of Energy Proclaims That Jack-o’-Lanterns Cause Global Warming
  202. College Zombiefest Bans Zombie Costumes
  203. Professor Accuses Cops For Stopping Her For 'Walking While Black'...
  204. Campus anti-rape activists gripe about the travails of ‘hooking up’
  205. Halloween Fallout: Yale Students Demand Resignations of Faculty Members over email
  206. Mall Puts Its Santa In A ‘Spaceship’ Without Decorated Tree, So As ‘Not To Offend’
  207. College Professor Calls For "Muscle" To dispose Of Student Reporter
  208. Marc Lamont Hill Posts Picture Of Cuban Solders For Veterans Day
  209. Liberals Mock Christians Over Starbucks Cups
  210. Mizzou Lead Protester Protests White Privilege While Family Worth $20 Million
  213. dim bulbs
  214. bomber son blew himself up because of stress, says Ibrahim Abdeslam's mother
  216. Idiot Wins The Right To Wear Colander On Her Head In DL Photo
  217. Do these Black lives really matter?
  218. Undefeated Youth Football Team Not Going To Disney Because Of Fairness
  219. ABC's Scandal Shows Abortion Set To Silent Night
  220. Author Asks If It’s ‘Naive’ to Wonder If Islamic State Has ‘Celebratory & Joyous’
  221. Ballot proposal seeks to raise Nevada minimum wage to $13
  222. Thanksgiving With Your Republican Uncle
  223. Alan Grayson Will File A Lawsuit If Ted Cruz Is Elected President
  224. “Black Lives Matter not Black Friday”
  225. Black demands in Chicago for a thug criminal
  226. White Americans are the biggest terrorist threat to America
  227. Black Lives Matter protesters target dancing cop's new gig
  228. Union Fires Employees For Trying To Unionize
  229. CAIR Holding Press Conference With Relative Of San Bernardino Terrorist
  230. 10 Dumbest Things Said About San Bernandino Shooting
  231. The Inability of the Left to Call a Spade a Spade
  232. The Left circles the wagons to Blame the Victims in San Bernardino
  233. Rep. Loretta Sanchez(D-Ca): "Multiautomatic Round Weapons Are Easily Available"
  234. CNN Anchor Erin Burnett: "Post Partum Psychosis To Blame For Cali Terror Attack"
  235. NY Times Blames The Gun
  236. President gives speech
  237. Own a home in Seattle? Good luck!
  238. Students stage ‘die-in’ to protest blackface in production co-written by black playwr
  239. Elementary School Bans Kids From Playing “Tag” After Deeming It Too Dangerous For The
  240. Transgender AND Transager: 52 Year-Old Father Lives as a 6 Year-Old Girl
  241. When do the book burnings start?
  242. Melissa Harris-Perry: Star Wars Is Racist Because Darth Vader Was Dressed In Black
  243. "Ins'Allah!": Obama Chanukah Party Attacks Islamophobia, Calls for "Justice"
  244. Stating gender while an infant is bad now.
  245. College suspends student for six months for saying black women are ‘not hot’
  246. Professor blames Colbert’s ratings sag on Republicans ‘who can’t understand satire"
  247. Harvard placemat serves up social justice for Christmas!
  248. Michael Moore Holds “We Are All Muslim” Sign Outside Trump Tower
  249. Minnesota School Holiday Concert Includes Chants Of ‘Allahu Akbar’
  250. What happened to Peak Oil???