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  1. A Cat Story
  2. goverment motors
  3. Wrongful death suit names Obama
  4. Ninja Obama vs Darth Sarasota
  5. West Virginia Ninja
  6. .............Elevator - EWF
  7. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super O!!!!
  8. Vegan v Carnivore
  9. ED's Furry F&#)%$ Guide To Metal!!!!
  10. Obama's Presidential Library
  11. You might be a redneck if....
  12. ACLU sues over prayer limits at federal prison in Terre Haute
  13. SENIOR Engagement
  14. I was almost literally ROTFLMAO!!
  15. Aptenodytes Fabulous - New Penguin Species.
  16. 4th of July safety PSA....
  17. Breaking News!! Michael jackons Legos
  18. Bra Faith
  19. One of the funniest videos you'll ever watch...
  20. Earliest Bible Clearly A Novel
  21. North Korean Cyber Attack Plays Video From Kim Jong Il
  22. Taking your wife hunting . . . .
  23. ahmadinejad_in_a_blender
  24. Biden Requests To Be Named Special Envoy To Reno
  25. Us Rednecks are smarter than y'all think.
  26. I Believe In The Climate Change Fairy
  27. Political Correctness Defined :)
  28. Luxury Cars
  29. History 101
  30. BANNED Adam and Eve, the gay version
  31. This Post Is Inherently Racist
  32. Cambridge Police Profiling Still A Grim Reality for Harvard Faculty Assholes
  33. Digital Grunt
  34. looks like a training video to me....
  35. Commandments According to Obama
  36. Roosevelt, Moses and Obama
  37. North Korea To Capture Moon
  38. A loving tribute to Ted Kennedy
  39. learn chinese in 5 minutes
  40. I'll bet he is a Democrat
  41. I fought the troll
  42. The Deaf Bookkeeper
  43. Obama Rescued
  44. Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC
  45. Not much head....
  46. Chairs in Heaven
  47. Blonde Policewoman
  48. The Clout Meisters on Chicago Clout
  49. Top 10 Signs You Are Using Obamacare
  50. Job Interview
  51. Construction
  52. Tax Poem
  53. Restrict Gun Rights to Protect Government Officials Says Congresswoman
  54. Photo captures a disturbing trend.
  55. 3 quick laughs
  56. Holy Shit!
  57. Kennedyís Massachusetts Senate Seat to Be Made Hereditary
  58. Kennedy Request to Be Buried at Sea Blocked by EPA
  59. Kennedyís Massachusetts Senate Seat to Be Made Hereditary
  60. British humor.... funny talking animals
  61. A Guy Goes To A Bar For A Martini
  62. Pelosi Slams Sept. 8 'AstroTurf' Gathering in D.C..
  63. Disease shortage affects millions .A new study at the Centres for Disease Expansion
  64. Holy Spirit to leave The Blessed Trinity
  65. Kennedy "ugly head" curse strikes again
  66. There are so many states
  67. Ant & the Grasshopper
  68. The 10 Commandments
  69. How to Enjoy Tonight's Speech on ObamaCare
  70. ~~~~ThE oFfIcIaL fRiDaY sIlLiNeSs ThReAd~~~~
  71. Anger Management
  72. The Patriot Micro Chip
  73. Obama vs. Post Turtle
  74. The Problem with You Conservatives.
  75. Obamacare Cruise Line for Seniors .
  76. Fifty bucks is fifty bucks
  77. Obummer care prescription!
  78. The day Obamacare met the death panels
  79. Jack Webb schools Obumbler!
  80. Political cartoons
  81. The world does not care about the Obamas.
  82. Update: Olympic Committee (IOC) resume counting lost votes
  83. Bill Clinton's Box
  84. New Policy Outlaws Bake Sales in Schools
  85. ACORN Sued,Whorehouse Entrepreneur goes broke !"
  86. Fry Finds 'Funniest Ever' Mating Ritual .
  87. Some D@mn Fine Obama Jokes...
  88. The Duck is Dead!!
  89. The Difference Between Man And Woman Is Explained Below
  90. When girls don't put out!!
  91. Funny Clips,Halo Clips
  92. algore vs Mother Earth and Friends
  93. Just Say No !
  94. Bran flakes
  95. Let's Have a Barack Obama Halloween
  96. Where Does The Extra Man Come From?
  97. The New Smith & Wesson 180 D
  98. When the wife doesn't listen (FUNNY!)
  99. Cash for Clunkers
  100. This Is Why Pets Hate Halloween
  101. Weird Japan Game Shows
  102. Dementia Quiz!
  103. ill tell ya whats funny and annoying at the same time
  104. US State Department on a Roll
  105. A Collection Of Pre-1930 Awkward Family Photos
  106. Snake Trouble Game
  107. "Michelle Obama"- by Tim Wilson
  108. 100 Things Every Man Needs to Know
  109. Mr. Bean demonstrates the problems with nationalized health care
  110. "Obama Administration FCC Challenge to Fox Status."
  111. NPR Reporter Says Right Wing Has Sullied ACORNís Image
  112. Could Be The Biggest Pig
  113. strangestmusic video
  114. The Mule
  115. No Speakah De English
  116. Barry Obama - He has what it takes, to take what you've got!
  117. Rummy
  118. Michelle
  119. Navy Recruiting Ad
  120. Bar Food
  121. Chris Matthews Interviews Nidal Hasan from Hospital Bed
  122. Obamaís Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner
  123. Chinese Justice
  124. Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions...
  125. Latma On Ft Hood Attack (Hilarious YouTube SATIRE - NEW!)
  126. Thanksgiving in Indiana in 2009: A menu of fun facts and figures
  127. Chinese President's Take on Obama
  128. CARTER: Bush is worst US president in my lifetime
  129. Obummer knows best.
  130. Funny Signs!
  131. Couric's Forbidden Dance of Gin.
  132. Daddy's Little Girl
  133. Socrates
  134. A Police Officer Pulls Over a Speeding Car.
  135. To The Guy Who Tried To Mug Me.......
  136. The Science Is Scuttled
  137. I'm a Defective Parrot.
  138. Anthropogenic Continental Drift: An Incoherent Truth
  139. "You Can't Hide You're Climate Lies."
  140. Pig Slop Washes All Over Unlucky Reporter (Video)
  141. Jon Stewart sees something familiar in Obama speech
  142. The calls from Hell!
  143. Obama Stars in Space Invaders-Alien President Sucks Life from Earth's Inhabitants
  144. Tiger Jokes
  145. Tiger Woods
  146. Businessman Has Meltdown in Hotel Lobby
  147. Breaking..........
  148. The old retired Navy Chief ...
  149. Apple Does it Again
  150. Four Friends In The Woods .
  151. A Woman's Poem:
  152. A Few Senior Moments
  153. Audio: Woman Calls 911 to Get Her Burger Made Correctly
  154. 'It's a Climategate Christmas!', brought to you by Minnesotans for Global Warming
  155. Senior Health Care Solution
  156. Obama Gives Himself "a Good Solid B-Plus" Grade for his First Year in Office.
  157. "How'd you die?"........
  158. Howard was feeling guilty......
  159. "Great Song,Obama You're Not My Mama"
  160. Holiday Cheer From The Obama Administration: The 12 Months Of Default
  161. The Cow and the Ice Cream
  162. Tiger went to visit Santa
  163. A Christmas Poem From Kit Bond
  164. The Biker and the Lion (A lesson in politics)
  165. Global Warming is in Deep Manure, "Men Who Stare At Goats Who Fart !"
  166. Jokes
  167. Blonde jokes
  168. Little Girl On A Plane
  169. Birthday Reminder
  170. North Face Sues South Butt
  171. So a guy goes into a bar...
  172. Reid:Public will Greet Health Care Bill With 'Joy and Happiness'
  173. Health bill's Unpopularity'has Peaked', Legislation Will 'Become More Popular'.
  174. 'Twas The Day Before Christmas, In the U.S. Congress'
  175. "Osama Bin Laden and the The Female Genie."
  176. JIBJAB Never a year like '09
  177. A Marine in Paris
  178. How To Tell If You Would Make A Good Taliban Recruit.
  179. We The People
  180. Stealth-care reform
  181. Scam Alert .....
  182. Obama 'Strengthened America' in First Year: White House
  183. You know you're a conservative when...
  184. A Dying Priest
  185. Jesus knows you're here
  186. 6 Most Baffling Nobel Prizes Ever Awarded
  187. Kennedy's Grave
  188. MasterLard!
  189. CIA Releases their version of OBL photo.
  190. Don't Lie To Your Mom...Especially If She Is Indian
  191. Humour From Down Under
  192. The Indian With One Testicle
  193. A Wife's Sacrifice
  194. What's The Problem Officer?
  195. Logic
  196. Becoming Australian
  197. Don't Mess With The Maid
  198. Oppsss Blond Moment
  199. Dear Americans
  200. Mens room
  201. Tough Love vs. Spanking
  202. It's Hell To Get Old
  203. Two Australians
  204. Survivor US Style
  205. Tourist humour
  206. Geronimo Mate
  207. you're a real sport
  208. "I'm a snail."
  209. What the Canadian flag means
  210. Bad Pool
  211. Three Cowboys, a Pig, and a Monkey
  212. Four doctors discuss healthcare
  213. Remember the coke comercial...
  214. Obama speaks to 4th Graders from his heart.
  215. A Very Funny Obama Parody (Israel YES Cable Channel Advertisement)
  216. Tommy Visits The Confessional
  217. The Convict And The Couple
  218. London Lawyer V Glasgow Cop
  219. Two Catholic Parrots
  220. Affirmative Action in Action
  221. Guaranteed Weight Loss
  222. Stages of life . . . .
  223. How Fights Get Started
  224. 12 Girls One Tube: French Answer to Japanese Game Shows
  225. The White House DOES take its toll!
  226. Your United Way at work
  227. Gotta Pee
  228. Your Daddy's Career
  229. Sawyer Obama
  231. Banker caught on TV looking at topless girls instead of charts
  232. Great Orators of the Democrats
  233. The Fisherman
  234. Wrong Address
  235. Uncle Bill
  236. To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last.
  237. Psalm 2010
  238. "Another Hilarious Liberal Downfall Video."
  239. Blind Cowboy
  240. Separated at birth?
  241. Recycling Nancy Pelosiís letter to George Bush
  242. Government Credit Card
  243. Wedding Gown #4
  244. "Auto Tracking Death Star Laser Burns Both Wings From a Hovering Mosquito"
  245. The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
  246. "Help O'Bummer Destroy America, Play ObamaNation !"
  247. Which is your favorite Obama Epic Fail poster? :)
  248. IRS Inspector
  249. "The Heaviest Element Known to Science is Pelosium "
  250. huntin' story