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  1. Cool Wind app.
  2. Hurricane Jose lurks off the East Coast and newly formed Maria threatens the Caribbea
  3. Maria is next in line...
  4. good alternative weather site.
  5. New US record
  6. Tropical depression 16(now Nate) on it's way to Florida panhandle
  7. Ophelia Hits Category 3; Destructive Winds On Tap for Ireland
  8. Rice University Presents The Goracle
  9. Strange creatures wash ashore in England after Hurricane
  10. Turned the dammed heat on tonight
  11. Look out Fl, here comes Phillipe!
  12. Powerful earthquake in Iraq kills at least 61 in Iran
  13. Smog so bad in New Delhi that airline cancels flights
  14. Earthquake swarm hits Monterey County; biggest felt in SF
  15. Even he alarmist don't believe.
  16. Wind Advisory for St. Louis County, Missouri
  17. Did you know they had SUVs in the 1900's?
  18. Excellent site for the weather junkies
  19. 20 More New Papers Link Solar Forcing To Climate Change – Now 80 Sun-Climate Papers F
  20. Let it snow!
  22. 4.4 magnitude quake rattles San Francisco
  23. Damn that climate change - 1977 version
  24. This ‘Bitter Cold’ Is What Global Warming Looks Like, Explains Al Gore
  25. Melting Polar Ice Causes Oceans To Fall
  26. Strong earthquake prompts tsunami threat message in Caribbean, Mexico
  27. Mutant Transgender Turtles
  28. Snow falls in the Sahara Desert
  29. Meteor exploded over New Haven, MI last night
  30. Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study
  31. Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake Strikes off Alaska Coast; Tsunami Warnings From...
  32. Mt. St. Helens
  33. Why a Warming World Could Turn Cold
  34. False tsunami warning sent to the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean
  35. 7.0 + earthquake hitting central Mexico
  36. The biggest earthquake to hit the UK in 10 years was felt throughout Wales...
  37. To Stop Climate Change, Educate Girls and Give them Birth Control
  38. Denver Drops 72 Degrees In 40 Hours, Lands In All-Time Top Temp Swings
  39. Scientific American Counsels People to ‘Chill Out’ over Global Warming
  40. WSJ: Doomsday Climate Scenarios Are a ‘Joke’
  41. More Climate Scientists Rescued from Polar Ice. This Could Be a Major Trend…
  42. Series of Potential Eruptions Reported at Yellowstone National Park
  43. Will India poison its own citizens?
  44. Welcome Spring
  45. It's going to be another busy, above average hurricane season, meteorologists say
  46. Is Algore in the Midwest this weekend?
  47. "Tabasco Sauce Is in a Battle For Its Very Survival" partially against global warming
  48. Hawaiians on volcano eruption watch as hundreds of earthquakes hit island...
  49. 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana coast
  50. Top ten lies re: AGW
  51. Wheeeee
  52. Volcano lava river runs into Guatemala village, several killed
  53. An oldie but stupide from 2007
  54. Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes part of northern Oklahoma
  55. Hell on Earth!
  56. Magnitude 6.1 earthquake kills three people, shutters factories in Japan's Osaka
  57. James Hansen assurances 30 years later
  58. Possible microburst and Tornado warning
  59. The whole dang state is on fire!
  60. Fire tornado killed firefighter near Redding, California
  61. Tropical system Gordon
  62. Florence quickly grows to Category 4 hurricane
  63. Weather Channel
  64. Indonesia tsunami and earthquake kill 384, leave hundreds injured
  65. Damn global warming!
  66. Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits northern Haiti
  67. Tropical Storm Michael will likely slam the US as a hurricane this week
  68. Damn that globull BS
  69. Several earthquakes strike off Vancouver Island, with no reports of damage
  70. Interesting...
  71. Now they’re playing dirty!
  72. Volcano caught popping off!!!
  73. White stuff from the sky!!!
  74. Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns
  75. Climate change here in St. Louis!!!!
  76. Tsunami warning in effect in Alaska after quake
  77. Magnitude 4.4 earthquake jolts Tennessee; felt in Atlanta
  78. How likely is an earthquake in the Midwest, South? The Big One could be coming
  79. The Hypocrisy of Greenpeace
  80. Tsunami triggered by volcano kills at least 43 in Indonesia
  81. Massive explosion rocks Mount Etna as volcano ERUPTS after earthquake
  82. Strong earthquake rattles southeastern coast of Philippines
  83. Proof that NASA and NOAA have used made up data validate climate change
  84. Another large Quake
  85. Winter Storm Gia to Spread Snow and Ice From the Plains and Midwest...
  86. Proof of Global Warming!!!!
  87. Havana tornado
  88. Whiteout
  89. Bulletin: Hell freezes over!!
  90. ‘Historic’ storm hurls huge waves and 191-mph winds at Hawaii
  91. State Of Emergency Declared In Tennessee
  92. The Green "New Deal" is old, plagiarized and RED
  93. At least 14 dead after tornadoes touch down in Alabama and Georgia
  94. Punxsutawney Phil
  95. New All-time Record Low Temperature in Illinois
  96. Winds they ar a blow'in!!!!
  97. Inconvenient Facts
  98. Scientists surprised that formerly shrinking glacier is growing again
  99. The big picture: 65 million years of temperature swings
  100. 2 Key Reasons the World Can’t Reverse Climate Emissions
  101. 80 million people at risk as storm marches east after tornadoes hit Texas
  102. CNN drowning everybody again
  103. Tornado in the area
  104. Two killed, at least 29 injured after tornado hits El Reno
  105. Tornado hammers town in Kansas. Dozens of homes 'all gone'
  106. Tropical Disturbance May Become a Tropical Depression...
  108. 97% Consensus... What consensus??
  109. Traffic circles are causing all of these tornadoes
  110. abolish time to make use of endless daylight
  111. Colorado's snowpack is 40 times normal after rare summer solstice dump
  112. Barry now a CAT 1 Hurricane
  113. Color me SHOCKED!!
  114. Scientists almost didn't detect approach of 'city-killer asteroid'
  115. CONNECTICUT1816: The Year Without a Summer
  116. List of excuses for 'The Pause' in global warming
  117. Greenland Ice Melt Shock – The Terrifying Truth!
  118. From WSJ article "If You Want ‘Renewable Energy,’ Get Ready to Dig"
  119. July 2019 – Hottest July Ever?
  120. The hurricane season has been rather quiet so far. Will it last?
  121. Hurricane Dorian
  122. One take on the Amazon Fires
  123. I Hope The Kid Makes It, But...
  124. The worst weather ever?
  125. Arctic ‘Global Warming’ Mission Scuppered By Mysterious Hard White Substance
  126. Damn? Who woulda thunk?
  127. Major Uncertainty in the Future of 95L Developing Over The Bahamas
  128. It’s gonna rain shoes?
  129. Tropical Storm Karen’s center to strike near Puerto Rico following morning earthquake
  130. Late night reading re: Greta
  131. Montana Hunkers Down as Snow Piles Up by the Foot. In September.
  132. Climate Changes Due To Shifts In Solar Orbit, Not Human Activity
  133. Another black eye for climate change
  134. A cure for globull worming
  135. In 1978 Mr. Spock Told Us Another Ice Age Would Be Here By Now.
  136. Is it me or has this summer been hotter than before?
  137. There is no climate emergency
  138. West Antarctic Ice Sheet Growing As Southern Ocean Warms Slightly
  139. But its settled science
  140. Will wonders never cease?
  141. Meteor over St. Louis last night!
  142. An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg
  143. Scarier than fiction: climate worry driving 'cli-fi' boom
  144. U.N. Climate Change Report
  145. The Climate Con
  146. Nature Magazine Declares State of ‘Planetary Emergency’
  147. Climate Alarmists Want to Rebrand “Climate Change
  148. Hope this doesn’t jinx me...
  149. White Island volcano eruption: Tourists injured and missing in New Zealand
  150. I have a question.
  151. AF Branco nails it
  152. Globull worming
  153. White stuff falling from the sky!
  154. A giant red star is acting weird and scientists think it may be about to explode
  155. Puerto Rico rocked by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, with more tremors expected
  156. Philippines warns of 'explosive eruption' after Taal Volcano spews ash near Manila
  157. 7.7 Quake near Lucea, Jamaica