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  1. U.S. Press Freedom Dropped To 47th …
  2. Obama To Cut Nukes By 80%
  3. Girls at Zimbabwe school 'attacked by goblins'
  4. Feasibility of Alternative Currency in Case of Govt Meltdown
  5. If Obama gets 4 more years
  6. We're gonna need one big ass baseball bat.
  7. Portland Couple Awarded $2.9M in Wrongful Birth Case
  8. From the "hell has frozen over" file: Socialist website trashes Obamacare
  9. Nokia patents vibrating tattoos
  10. Hippies head for Noah’s Ark: Queue here for rescue aboard alien spaceship
  11. Carbon dioxide just saved Earth
  12. “The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the New World Order?
  13. Best Obituary. Ever!
  14. Levon Helm in 'Final Stages' of Battle With Cancer
  15. One in seven thinks end of world is coming: poll
  16. Finally, a Shark With a Laser
  17. pills filled with powdered human baby flesh discovered by customs
  18. Obama Seeks Sovereignty Surrender Via LOST Treaty
  19. Obama’s Seizure of the Heartland
  20. Keep paying your bills
  21. Thou shall have no other gods before Obama
  22. ‘Tarantulas’ invade Assam town, ‘kill’ two
  23. For End of the World, Go To France!
  24. Swarms of cyborg insect drones are the future of military surveillance
  25. Retarded "Zombie"
  26. Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie
  27. Iran Says Will Build a Nuclear Submarine—But Can It?
  28. Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin
  29. Sound familiar?
  30. 27 Archangels, UFOs of LUIS, Armand and Angel, the Photos
  31. Air Packaging
  32. End Times
  33. Mayan calendar to expire in under 100 days
  34. Woman Learns Her Late Husband Was Also Her Father
  35. Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle
  36. The President and the Cabinet 2065:
  37. Global Bacon Shortage ‘Unavoidable’
  38. Couldn't figure out where to put this bizarre comment
  39. WND: Obama gay; marriage arranged by Jeremiah Wright
  40. Cops: Man Says Bigfoot Behind Winnebago Attack
  41. Lawsuit Calls Casey Anthony An Illuminati
  42. Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion
  43. Meltdown
  44. Stockpiling
  45. Is the human race getting dumber......maybe......
  46. Harvard approves student group devoted to kinky sex on campus
  47. Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears
  48. Vatican: World not ending, despite Maya prediction
  49. Freed criminals avoid deportation, strike again
  50. Doomsday debunked
  52. hidden asteroid in a stealth-path will hit the earth of December 21
  53. Nostradamus Revealed
  54. Seven Reasons The World Will End In 2012 – Proven Scientifically
  55. When the world ends, will you be covered in grey goo?
  56. Dec. 21, 2012: Fearful 'end of world' callers flood NASA
  57. Almost 1,000 doomsday cult members arrested in China
  58. Official EOTW Countdown Clock ...
  59. Alex Jones' film about leaving the cities and gaining survival skills
  60. David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth
  61. Anon kiddies are upset...
  62. Asteroid to Buzz by Earth Closer Than Satellites
  63. REAL - Zombie attack alert!!!!
  64. Deap Earth Bunkers
  65. 'Final pope' authors predicted Benedict would resign
  66. Repressive oligarchy to place 10,000 civilian drones from 15,000 feet?
  67. UFOs puzzle Ocala residents Officials say it's unlikely to be Navy, Air Force aircraf
  68. Nasa's advice on asteroid hitting Earth: pray
  69. The Next Real Estate Bubble: Farmland
  70. Archeologists Uncover Deadly ‘Gate to Hell’ in Turkey
  71. Meat labels will include where animal was born and slaughtered,
  72. nuclear strike as early as next WEDNESDAY.
  73. Jim Rogers: The One Lie That Will Bring Down America
  74. Lawmaker drops bombshell: North Korea may have nuclear missiles
  75. Bird Flu Causing Suffocation Shows Severe Spectrum of New Virus
  76. Scientist Predicts 60% Market Collapse
  77. Wanna see the college grads we'll be dealing with in a few years?
  78. Hey Noonie! Did we call this or did we call this?
  79. Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?
  80. Dark, massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31
  81. Hollywood Lib Asks Director If Spider-Man Can Be Gay In Next Film…
  82. Zonkey
  83. Mutilated Cows Found at Missouri Farm, Police Not Ruling Out the Possibility of Alien
  84. New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online
  85. Your TV might be watching you
  86. Idaho prof. to use drones in quest for Bigfoot
  87. This professor is REALLY a murderer
  88. Bus-Sized ‘Fatberg’ Discovered Under the Streets of London – So What Is It?
  89. White guy wins Detroit Mayoral primary
  90. Religious family abandons US, gets lost at sea
  91. We're all Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!!!
  92. Gulf spill lawyer: 'BP treats US as a colony'
  93. Scientology's 'alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad'
  94. Sociologist, Professor Emeritus trashes "diversity" in letter to the editor
  95. Lawsuit claims female sexual harassment officer "pulled a Filner"
  96. Chemist Poses the Idea That ‘We Are Actually All Martians’
  97. Mathew Shepard story was a fake.
  98. Big asteroid buzzes past Earth and will again in 19 years
  99. Oprah refuses to help Obama sell the ACA!
  100. Union Law Professors get ‘Satanic’ $666 Pay Increase
  101. There may be other planets like ours
  102. Dad ‘unfit parent for refusing son McDonald’s’
  103. Look, Up in the Skies…It’s an SUV-Sized Satellite Falling to Earth Today!
  104. Strange Doings on the Sun
  105. EU Plan to Spy on "Intolerant" Citizens
  106. UK bill seeks to criminalize children’s ‘nuisance’
  107. The Link Between Sunspots, Global Cooling And Agenda 21
  108. ABC Preaches the 'Gospel of Polyamory' and the Saving Power of Threesomes
  109. 'Operate on this mother so that we can take her baby’
  110. Obama's FTC launches anti-trust investigation of......piano teachers....in Ohio.
  111. Ok, we don't have a category for this story
  112. Animal Rights Group Sues For Chimpanzee Personhood
  113. Unarmed Man Goes On Shooting Rampage
  114. FBI can spy on you through computer cameras (Washington Post)
  115. Girl Scouts PR guy in band videos that slashed women
  116. ‘Affluenza’: Rich Teen "Victim" of his wealth. Gets light sentence for murder
  117. U. of Oregon Students Charged for attacking professor's car with snowballs
  118. FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY… Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Will Be Ice Free in 5 Years
  119. Black Student ‘Lynches’ Two White Guys, Calls It Art
  120. Pajama Boy: The liberal male vision?
  121. So this is how they're going to sell us the implanted chip
  122. From the "Can't he just pick winning lotto numbers?" file...
  123. Risk of supervolcano eruption big enough to 'affect the world'
  124. Man runs for governor to get his racoon back
  125. Gonorrhea, Syphilis Regain Traction in U.S., CDC Reports
  126. Feds Spend $224,863 of our tax money on penis measuring tool for custom condoms
  127. The Japanese are buying Jim Beam
  128. Tranny guy who used to be a woman keeps female parts, gets pregnant, sues
  129. Nasa says Mars mystery rock that ‘appeared’ from nowhere is ‘like nothing we’ve seen
  130. TIME MAG: Women should have more than one husband
  131. Zombee Invasion
  132. Sharia for Brussels?
  133. Terrorist Convicted of Bombings In Israel Worked As Obamacare Navigator In Illinois
  134. Iran Develops Robot That Prays To Allah
  135. Egyptian Regime And Muslim Brotherhood Accuse Each Other of Being Jews
  136. UK: A Man Cannot Be A “Queen”
  137. Rationing In Venezuela Brings Eerie Markings On People’s Arms
  138. Scientists: Test West Coast for Fukushima radiation
  139. Dream Fulfilled: Kenya Legalizes Polygamy Without Consent Of Wife
  140. Apple Introduces Sharia Compliant Emoticons
  141. Scientists dismiss claims that Yellowstone volcano about to erupt
  142. NJ School Suspends Student For Twirling Pencil In “Gun Motion”;5-hour phys/psych eval
  143. Smart meters
  144. UK Minister Suspects Farts Caused By Eating Baked Beans Responsible For Global Warmin
  145. Homoerotic Stamps Debut in Finland
  146. Pat Robertson: Jesus said an asteroid could destroy Earth next week
  147. Asteroids cause dozens of nuclear-scale blasts in Earth's atmosphere
  148. Lesbian polygamy in Massachusette: and they are having kids.
  149. Human Microchip Implants Will Become “Not Optional”
  150. Marxist publisher sues over property rights
  151. Giant and poisonous jellyfish to invade British beaches this summer
  152. Harvard University Defends Satanic ‘Black Mass’ On Campus
  153. Now you can prove that CO2 levels corelate with global warming...
  154. Predicting the end of the country
  155. A tear in the space / time continuum
  156. UC Santa Barbara student shoots 7 people in drive-by because he was a virgin
  157. Nooooo! Not my chocolate!!!
  158. ‘Beast’ Asteroid That Will Buzz By Earth Big Enough To Wipe Out A City
  159. Feminists are now certifiably insane: women who promote self defense enable rape!
  160. An Unjustified Attack On George Will
  161. Grandmother and grandson in love, to have child together
  162. “Oh, I don’t do cursive”
  163. Malaysian Muslim MP Hails German World Cup Win By Praising Hitler
  164. Dr. Roy Spencer: Science Knows 'Almost Nothing' About Global Warming
  165. The Immigration Crisis is about Government Sponsored Child Trafficking
  166. Celebrating Cop Killings
  167. High School Student Accused Of Racism…For Wearing White To School
  168. Anderson Cooper: 'TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down'
  169. UN-Backed Conference Calls For Ending Capitalism To Save World From Global Warming
  170. Agenda 21 and Global Warming
  171. Catholic Priest Believes Demon Is Texting Him
  172. Bilderberg Group Hates the Tea Party
  173. Social Psychology Prof questions---wait for it---Liberal Bias in Social Psychology!
  174. Jerry Brown Invites More Illegals to California
  175. Secret Service Agents Say Joe Biden A Big Fan Of Skinny Dipping
  176. Obama Brings Ebola To America After Signing Executive Order to Detain Sick Americans
  177. Nine yr old dies after being stabbed by 12 year old.
  178. US Teens' Bagpipes Confiscated by DHS
  179. School District Bans Birthday Cupcakes Because They AREN’T FAIR
  180. NYC To Jewish Schools: Get Smaller Stars of David
  181. Research Suggests Students Don’t Need Teacher of Same Race to Succeed
  182. Alex Jones asks: Was Robin Williams on Psychotropic Drugs?
  183. Robot Olympics Planned for 2020 Powered by Japan’s ‘Robot Revolution’
  184. Gay Illegal Immigrants Demand Special Treatment From Obama
  185. Is the media trying to get accused Ferguson police officer killed?
  186. "Why Won’t Police Offer Just One Cop For A Sacrifice"
  187. Elspeth agrees with Bill Maher!
  188. Compton School Police 'Authorized' to Use AR-15's This Year
  189. SpecOps Forces Being Deployed in Ferguson, MO
  190. The ultimate war
  191. Race-hustler, anti-Semite Al Sharpton is Obama's Go-To Guy
  192. Fake Race Cases: Is there another agenda we don't know about?
  193. EMP and the future
  194. And the deep pockets......
  195. The Wrong Kind of Christian
  196. Feds Punish Business For Engaging In ‘Citizenship-Discrimination'
  197. OK, this is funny: Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Satanic Ritual, Explains Troubled Writer
  198. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
  199. Swiss parliament member calls Islam what it is.
  200. Teach for America: Math, “The Domain Of Old, White Men,” Put “Social Justice” in Math
  201. Bill Maher defends Christians against Charlie Rose's bigotry
  202. College Students Sign Petition In Support Of ISIS
  203. Mark Steyn: Handcuffing a Barber to check if his license is valid
  204. 'Just Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside'
  205. Al Sharpton Says He’s Helping The White House Pick The Next Attorney General
  206. Mammoth earthquake swarm is the largest in nearly a decade
  207. Bill Maher does it again
  208. Cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to give college commencement speech
  209. East Carolina University to Offer Course on Conservative Politics in America
  210. Public University Hosts Workshop To Teach Students How To Be Drag Queens
  211. City Threatens To Arrest Ministers Who Refuse To Perform Same-Sex Marriages
  212. Florida Kindergarten Teacher Quits Job to Twerk Full-Time, Makes Six Figures
  213. Van Jones: Sarah Palin Had Democrats ‘Shaking In Their Boots’ In 2008
  214. Please, God, NO!
  215. CAIR Chief Ibrahim Hooper Compares Bill Maher To The “Grand Dragon Of The KKK”
  216. Malaysian Islamic Authorities Issue Fatwa Banning Halloween
  217. College students don't know who won the Civil War!
  218. New York appeals court unanimously OKs some incestuous marriages
  219. Montana KKK Group To Embrace “Diversity” By Recruiting Non-Whites
  220. 'Alex from Target, I'll find you and I will kill you'
  221. Parental Permission Required for Students to Read Huck Finn, Farewell to Arms
  222. Sex Conference serves students as young as ELEVEN.
  223. Country singers come out as gay -- Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman
  224. Islamic State Offers To Send Its Fighters To Ferguson If Protestors Convert To Islam
  225. Hyperliberal UC Berkeley Won’t Pay Higher Minimum Wage
  226. Naked Jogging And Ferguson Protest Collide At Last
  227. Social Psychology Paper: We need Conservatives in the Field!
  228. The Cuddle Puddle of Stuyvesant High School/GLSEN in the schools
  229. Bill Maher Calls Liberals Who Fear Insulting Radical Islam “P**sy Nation”…
  230. Group of fourth-grade girls planned to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer
  231. Pelosi to name first Muslim lawmaker to House intelligence committee
  232. Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says
  233. Male Witches Celebrate First Same-Sex Pagan Wedding in U.K.
  234. Salt May Not Affect Heart Risks
  235. Village People cowboy shocked by Jenner change
  236. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Vomitorium
  237. Salon Defends Incest: Parents Having Sex With Their Kids Is “Normal”
  238. Judge Rules Christian Florists Guilty Of Discrimination For Refusing To Sell Flowers
  239. Charged With Rape, Student Says ’50 Shades of Grey’ Was His Inspiration
  240. Now It’s Transgender Head Transplants?
  241. Black Talk Show Legend: “Al Sharpton is nothing more than a black pawn..."
  242. world's first THREE-WAY same-sex marriage
  243. Transgender Democratic Lawmaker & Felon Charged With BOMB THREAT on Hospital
  244. The Connection Between Slavery & Today's Rap Music Exposed
  245. OMG!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!
  246. Abortion Is Not a ‘Women’s’ Issue Because ‘Men Have Abortions’ Too
  247. Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA
  248. Student Banned from Class for Pointing Out That a False Rape Statistic Was False
  249. Turkey: Husband fined for saying 'I don't love you'
  250. Nurse kills 6 patients to decrease her workload