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  1. Earthworms rain down from skies over Norway, puzzling scientists
  2. Kenya: Cow 'starts eating sheep'
  3. Forest fires heading for Chernobyl nuclear plant – Ukraine Interior Ministry
  4. Something's fishy here.....
  5. Man is raped at gunpoint by THREE women so they could collect his semen
  6. Researchers solve mystery of how the brain decides if a person is male or female
  7. Woman thinks she is Obama
  8. University in Wales Bans the Bible for ‘Not Being Multicultural Enough’
  9. Former Soviet spy: We created Liberation Theology
  10. Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH
  11. Afghan police jailed over Farkhunda mob killing (1 year).
  12. Cursed Woman Dies After Falling Down Stairs and Out Fifth Story Window
  13. 70-year-old woman shoots robot, is arrested after 22-hour standoff
  14. Florida Mom Agrees To Have Son Circumcised To Avoid Jail Time
  15. Meet The ‘Transabled': Able-Bodied People Who Identity As Disabled
  16. Apocalyptic scenes as lions
  17. Alien UFO Fires Energy Beam Over U.S. Capitol, Lands At Secret ET Base Beneath White
  18. Academic Journal: Watching Cat Videos on the Net Might be Good for You
  20. When unions and microaggressions collide...
  21. Change the name of Cracker Barrel to Caucasian Barrel
  22. I freaking agree with John Oliver!
  23. Is D'nesh D'Souza being held for no reason?
  24. Asteroid worth £3 TRILLION
  25. Black Feminists Stay Away from White Feminists
  26. RFID chip/Brian Williams/Obamacare
  27. " Obama Pushes the Gay Agenda on Black People "
  28. The Onion accidentally breaks a real news story
  29. Get the smelling salts! MSNBC putting Toure on chopping block, hiring Brian Williams
  30. Weather radar detects swarm of bugs over Texas
  31. Well....This should be fun. Or the end of the world.
  32. Satanic Temple Unveils Goat-Headed Statue In Detroit
  33. County cracks down on wafting BBQ smoke
  34. ‘Mysterious’ sea creature with furry tail washes ashore in Russia’s Far East
  35. 20 ‘baby’ craters appear near giant hole-turned-lake in Siberia
  36. How Marriage Equality Could Lead to Legal Rights for Chimps
  37. Lawsuit Accuses New York Times Of Racial Purge
  38. The timebomb under Yellowstone: Experts warn of 90,000 immediate deaths
  39. Apollo 14 Astronaut Claims Extraterrestrials Witnessed the First U.S. Nuclear Detonat
  40. Democrats embrace accused child molestor; gladly take his donation
  41. Stars Wars spaceship on Mars
  42. No crazy Florida stories today?
  43. The struggle to be taken seriously in the age of subtle sexism
  44. Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say
  45. Rainbow-colored chips in support of equal rights
  47. Christian group changes its end of the world deadline
  48. Decaying city of Pripyat
  49. Scientists Discover That Sleep Is Racist
  50. Witch Priestess Takes Warlock to Court for Harassment
  51. College Offers Contact Info to Report Offensive Halloween Costumes
  52. Special Snowflakes And Some Teachers Invite Satanists To Attend Bremerton Football Ga
  53. German Company Sells Fake “Hymens” To Muslim Brides
  54. Not the Onion
  55. 10% of College Graduates think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court
  56. Sweden funds sniper training for Muslim ‘refugees’
  57. Cop Killer sues the cop he killed--post mortem--for 2.3 million
  58. He Wuvs His Tractors
  59. Purdue Univ. investigating staff member's alleged threat to rape pro-life women
  60. Wheelchair-Bound Woman, 74, Ran Heroin Sales For Florida Drug Gang
  61. Germany's Commissioner for Immigration, is a Turkish Muslim
  62. Chutzpa's not even the word!
  63. BLM Activists at Mizzou Say Supporting Constitution is White Supremacist
  64. Barack Obama Is A HOMOSEXUAL! And Michelle Obama Is A MAN!
  65. Breaking: Insider Leaks Koch Bros, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump
  66. UT-Austin seeks to expel male student for alleged off-campus sex assault w/non-studen
  67. Abortionist: Jesus would hold women’s hands to support them during abortion:
  68. China bans images of gay people on TV
  69. (CATHOLIC) CIVIL WAR: A Church in Crisis
  70. Teachers unions back bill allowing adult males to shower with young girls in Mass.
  71. The headline says it all !!!
  72. Law professors: ‘All lives matter’ constitutes ‘white supremacy’ and religious bigotr
  73. VA worker reinstated with back pay after missing time due to being in prison for arme
  74. Red states citizens vs. Blue stste citizens
  75. The Cross itself is now "homophobic"
  76. Kerry team: Fight violent extremism with 'television drama series'
  77. Michigan Schools To Let Students Choose Gender, Name And Bathroom
  78. CIA Hippie Mind Control: Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan
  79. Corporate Bullies Demand LGBT Public Potty Policy
  80. ISIS 'crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday'
  81. Trigger Warning: This is a sick activist thing
  82. Gun Shop Opens Outside DC Despite Protests
  83. Cities begin to challenge a bedrock of justice: They’re paying criminals not to kill
  84. Obamaphone expands to Obama-Internet, with little thought of cost, abuse
  85. Harvard student writes something LOGICAL! (Hold the presses!!)
  86. Obama Admin Tells Landlords They Can’t Refuse To House Criminals
  87. Transgender former banker, 55, has her ears and nose REMOVED
  88. White House Bleats About Death by “Extreme Heat” as Snowstorms Hit in April
  89. Indiana University Students Mistake Priest for KKK Member
  90. Two Afghanistan migrant men force 14-year-old boy to perform sex acts on them at a sw
  91. 'Hitler' Clothing Store Causes Stir in Cairo
  92. Feds Spend $548,459 Studying Male Students’ ‘Microaggressions’ Towards Women
  93. Moving On From Homosexual Marriage to Incest
  94. Liberal Father Timothy Scott tweets "STFU" at traditionalist Cardinal Burke!
  95. Sweden: ISIS Is Openly Recruiting at Employment Centers in Malmo
  96. Campus community hunts for missing vulva
  97. Crew Of Web Series On Transgender Acceptance Upset At Having To Use Gender Neutral Ba
  98. Chinese Police Arrest Statue of Ronald McDonald (Video!)
  99. Media Cheers Rap Video That Calls for Assassination of Donald Trump
  100. Norwegian court: Anders Breivik’s human rights were violated
  101. Revolutionary Communist Party tours colleges with new US socialist constitution
  102. British school asks parents to help four year olds “pick their gender”
  103. Outrage: VA Governor About to Allow Thousands of Convicted Felons to Vote
  104. Amy Inita: Beaten to death in school
  105. Woman Who Looks Like Ted Cruz To Star In Porn Film
  106. Woman Struck by Train While Searching for Mythical Part-Man, Part-Goat Creature
  107. Scripps 'Unofficial Survival Guide' claims 'hatred of white people' is 'legitimate re
  108. Anti-Trump Demonstrator Pepper Sprays Hispanic Children In California
  109. Not Born That Way
  110. Muslim Refugees Get $6k/Month In Welfare, Want You To Pay For Something Else
  111. Serial rapist who attacked FIVE women - and was allowed to continue his campaign of t
  112. Dogs To Get Airport Bathrooms Of Their Own
  113. Coalition: Park Ranger Uniforms ‘Threatening’ Latinos - Have ‘Cultural Implications’
  114. Polyamory on campus or why we need a "We Told You So!" forum....
  115. BBC Program: The Spanish Inquisition was a hoax
  116. Sports Illustrated Dead To Me
  117. After Firing Curt Schilling for Transgender Comments, ESPN Hires LGBT Activist Abby W
  118. IRS Refuses to Notify ID Theft Victims When Identity is Stolen by Illegal Aliens
  119. Environmental Activist Marries 1,000 YEAR OLD TREE
  120. Caitlyn Jenner May ‘Detransition’ Back To Bruce
  121. He’s an Atheist. A Satanist. And He Wants Your Vote (in California)
  122. TSA foul-up leaves 3,000 plane passenger bags dumped in Phoenix parking lot
  123. Woman killed by doctors because she was obsessed with cleaning
  124. Norway Allows ‘One Click’ Sex Changes, Govt Will Decide On Kids’ Gender If Parents Di
  125. Belgium paid Al-Qaeda terrorist nearly €80k in ‘moral damages’ – reports
  126. It’s Sad’: Surveillance Video Shows Dad Allegedly Training Kids to Commit ‘Crime’
  127. HIV-positive man who intentionally infected ‘thousands’ of partners turns himself in
  128. Catholic High School Supporting Transgender Teacher
  129. Indictment: Gang leader ordered hit on baby from jail
  130. -Year-Old Girl Brings Bubble-Blowing Toy to School — and Because of Its Shape, It’s ‘
  131. Seattle Officers Stop Several East African Migrants with Suitcases of Cash Leaving US
  132. USDA Awarded $247K to ‘Help Develop a Pecan Snack’
  133. Do you trust Google to always be listening inside your Home?
  134. Alan Colmes: Jesus Was The First Transgender Man
  135. Teenagers in trouble after sex in high school bathroom video posted online
  136. Term “Start a Family” Denounced as “Loathsome”
  137. Students Sign Petition to Allow Man on Women’s Basketball Team
  138. ‘EcoSexual’ Students At Santa Monica College ‘Marry The Ocean’
  139. 'Too sick to work migrant' now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 MORE wives to Eu
  140. Outrage As Church Holds Muslim Funeral for Islamic State Fighter
  141. U.S. government agencies are still using Windows 3.1, floppy disks and 1970s computer
  142. How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism
  143. Teen who narrowly survived famous Minnesota bridge collapse 'has joined ISIS in Syria
  144. Caregiver hit 91-year-old WWII vet on head with oxygen tank, police say
  145. Your Beer Could Be Killing You!
  146. Poll: Most American Men Under 30 Don’t Identify As “Masculine,” 1-In-5 as "Feminine"
  147. Recent TSA Statistics
  148. Mississippi Woman Sues for Right to Own and Eat Placenta
  149. California Lawmakers Poised To Make It Illegal To Question Global Warming
  150. Lobster rescued from Ontario grocery store tank and flown to Nova Scotia
  151. Fear of violence as Fergusen race baiters get UNREDACTED grand jury testimony
  152. Amid war, UN warns Syrians smoking is a grave health risk
  153. Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect
  154. Canada’s Supreme Court Legalizes Some Sex Acts with Animals
  155. Norway takes away children of Christian couple; returns them after int'l pressure
  156. Police: Drunk Driver Wore Chastity Belt
  157. Public School Districts Are Cutting Parents Out Of Their Child’s Gender Transition
  158. Lesbian Witches VS Trannies: The Book! (Buy Now!)
  159. Cross-dressing pensioner admits lifting up skirt to expose his underwear to girls
  160. Gotta Love Millennials!
  161. College Board Course Deletes Much Of Europe’s Past; Replaces It With Leftist History
  162. Buzzfeed Glorifies Lesbian Couple Attempting To ‘Queer’ Their Toddler
  163. Man Faces Child Sexual Assault Charges After Police Find 12 Girls in His Basement
  164. College Professors Investigated for Presenting Opposing Viewpoints
  165. Feminism has jumped the FREAKING shark!
  166. D.C. Man Kills Woman After Removing Prosthetic Leg with Ankle Monitor
  167. Prom Queen at Fame School Is “Nonbinary” Boy
  168. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees to Release First Album of New Songs Since 2001
  169. Oh! My! Lord!
  170. 3000 homosexuals want to remove the "T" from "LGBT"
  171. Towa Watering Can Turns Urine Into Plant Fertilizer
  172. Lawsuit Against Kim Davis by Man Wanting to Marry His Computer
  173. Scenes from the Boston "Gay Pride" parade (and why you shouldn't bring the kids)
  174. Iron Man to Be Replaced by Black Woman
  175. Children's character Curious George observes Ramadan
  176. Alex Jones on Dallas (Make sure you have a stiff drink in hand)
  177. Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of
  178. Errors of Russia
  179. Chelsea isn’t Bill Clinton’s Daughter?
  180. Satan Club Wants To Be An After-School Program
  181. Armed men in body armor at Walmart tell police
  182. Transgender Loony Robs Bank so as to Be Taken Home to Jail
  183. TSA Says Mummified Heads Are A-OK for Carry-On
  184. Bolt Cutters Open Olympic Stadium After Officials Lose Keys
  185. More of the Clinton Circle of Death: 6 political enemies die in the last six weeks.
  186. Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting
  187. NY Times Article: God Is Transgender
  188. Terrified family driven out of home by 'poltergeist' after pet dog 'LEVITATES'
  189. Shocker: Professor: affirmative action 'not necessary or desirable'
  190. Ohio Man Arrested After Caught Trying To Have Sex With A Van
  191. MD School Distr.: Don’t Tell Parents If Transgender Males Bunk With Daughters On trip
  192. Hackers Release Leslie Jones’s Nude Photos, Passport, License On Her Personal Website
  193. Pennsylvania Police Charge Man with Having Sex with a Miniature Pony
  194. Hillary induced Tourettes Syndrome
  195. Italian High Court Rules Public Masturbation Not a Crime
  196. Lawyer: After School Satan Club must be allowed to proceed
  197. US Defense Department to Use GMO Chemtrail Birds
  198. The Alt Right, Pepe the Frog, and the Occult
  199. Elon Musk unveils radical 'megashuttle' that will take man to Mars
  200. Prostitution Decriminalized In California For Minors
  201. California Triple-Murder Linked to ‘Furry’ Community
  202. Hospital charges new mom 40 bucks to hold her newborn son
  203. Breaking, though not news....
  204. mysterious aluminium object dating back 250,000 years
  205. Man raped two-year-old girl after raping a cow and his grandmother
  206. Asylum seeker participated in gang-rape - gets 140,000 in damages
  207. Ocean City flesh-eating bacteria death
  208. Man Allegedly Strangled, Dismembered, Eaten with Chopsticks by Grindr Date
  209. Haute Hijabs: Luxury Brands Launch Couture Islamic Garb on Rodeo Drive
  210. Here’s The New Thing: Having Sex With The Earth…
  212. 4Chan, Anonymous, and Kim DotCom Say Have Pics, Video of Bill Clinton Sex with Minors
  213. Is a false flag being planned for this week in Colorado?
  215. Migrant Washes Anus at Public Fountain in Italy #CulturalEnrichment
  216. 11-Year-Old Honor Roll Student Suspended For Bringing Butter Knife To School
  217. President-Elect Trump: Hillary Lost because Power Brokers decided She was Damaged Goo
  218. Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead? – the connection with Pamela Anderson
  219. Planet X will destroy Earth this month
  220. Clinton Foundation ex-CEO Still Missing, After 47 Days
  221. Alex Jones Grave Emergency Message To Donald Trump​
  222. The next American Civil War begins on January 20…
  223. Putin can't hack it!
  224. AMERICA IS DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Who really hacked the U.S. elections?
  226. Putin Hacks Bacteria!
  227. Felon Has Theory Cops Won’t Shoot If He Pulls Gun. He Was Wrong
  228. WaPo Reporter’s Darwin Award Bid Falls Short
  230. Maybelline Introduces First Male Makeup Ambassador
  231. Your dog.
  232. Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns
  233. Mice Zombies....
  234. The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966 (Sept 2016)
  235. Study Argues For ‘Masturbation Breaks’ At Work
  236. EU Parliament Committee Votes To Give Robots Rights (And A Kill Switch)
  237. Never thought I'd see the day when Vlad Putin and I would be doing the same countdown
  238. Alex Jones is right: Atrazine pesticide proven to be a “powerful chemical castrator”
  239. Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs
  240. Baba Masaba, RIP: Nigerian, Age 93, Had at Least 86 Wives
  241. She-Male Who Killed “Husband” During Botched Castration Arrested for Making Threats
  242. Freedom granted to man who beheaded bus passenger in Canada
  243. Freezing Your Genitals Is The New Aphrodisiac.
  244. More College Kids Pledge to Remove Genitals if Trump Builds Wall
  245. Band's enema performance leaves fundraiser crowd, bar owner in disbeli
  246. Black Woman Kills Teen For Laughing At Her Big Fat A$$
  247. World’s First ‘Smart Condom’ Tracks Speed, Calories Burned During Sex
  248. Chicago gangs stealing guns out of freight cars
  249. California Wants To Decriminalize The Intentional Spread of HIV/AIDS
  250. Promotion of new show Creeps people Out