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  1. German airport CEO wants passengers profiled -paper
  2. "Bag With Percussion Primers Explodes on Miami International Luggage Cart."
  3. "San Francisco Woman Banned By TSA Because Of the Contour of Her Butt"
  4. Barack Obama and Eric Holder may release a Terror Mastermind
  5. Vulture in Saudi Custody Suspected as Mossad Agent
  6. The Meaning Of 'Allah Akbar!'
  7. Clifford D. May Explains Jihad to the Incoming Congress
  8. " Another Mystery Missile; Off Texas Coast....Video"
  9. Sarkozy: Mideast Christians victims of 'cleansing'
  10. " UK security threat level raised from substantial to severe at airports"
  11. Egypt's Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass, serving as "human shields"
  12. Muslim Student's True Opinion
  13. "Now It Starts:Tucson Tea Party Leader Receives Death Threats This Week."
  14. PakiIslamiCleric orders illegitimate babe stoned
  15. Why Muslims have so little clout
  16. "The Struggle for Islam in Australia."
  17. Ground Zero Imam: 'We have More of a Right to Moses'
  18. Filming muzzies gets you death threats
  19. I Confess: Danish MP denied the right to prove his case
  20. Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert
  21. Egyptian protests intensify, as clashes spread across the Middle East
  22. Opposition in Egypt Gears Up for Major Friday Protest
  23. Arab world unrest has Jordan's king under pressure
  24. Crowds Clash With Police in 'Angry Friday' Protests as Egypt Cuts Internet,Cells
  25. "..........tweet........"
  26. "Black Widow Suicide Bombers Happy New Year Tweet Blows Her Up by Mistake "
  27. Is SEIU Working With Hamas And FARC?
  28. Iranian Leaders: Unrest In Arab Countries Inspired By Iran, Heralds Coming Of Mahdi
  29. Background of what is happening in ME
  30. BBC: Egyptian Tanks Surround US, UK Embassies
  31. ‘We’re Living on a Volcano,’ Experts Warn
  32. ‘This Shows How Divorced From Reality the Secretary of Homeland Security Really Is’
  33. Protesters in Suez storm main police station
  34. Egyptian Activists' Action Plan: Translated
  35. If Brotherhood Takes Over, IDF Will Face Formidable Enemy
  36. Donaldson, Rather and ABC thank Al Jazeera
  37. Remembering the Iran-Al-Qaeda Link
  38. Immigration officer sacked for putting wife he didn't like on terror watch list
  39. WikiLeaks: FBI Hunts the 9/11 Gang that Got Away
  40. Synagogue Torched in Tunisia: Jewish leader
  41. 'Al-Qaida on brink of using nuclear bomb'
  42. Christians murdered in Egypt
  43. VMI hosts East Meets West Conference
  44. Video: Hannity Calls Imam Guest 'One Sick, Miserable, Evil SOB'
  45. Officials: Super Bowl 'a desirable target' for terrorists
  46. What do we do about the Muslim Problem?
  47. No Sympathy for beaten US journalists in Egypt
  48. Emergency Alerts to be Tested: "Translation: Can We Control/Shut Down The Net? "
  49. "Would Obama's Liberals Welcome an Islamic flood coming to U.S.?"
  50. Afghanistan: Red Cross worker to be hanged for converting to Christianity
  51. A Lot of Nonsense on Egypt
  52. Misconception or Betrayal? The U.S., Egypt, and Iran
  53. Terror Threat 'Most Heightened' Since 9/11, Napolitano Says
  54. Iran says no room for Israel in Middle East
  55. Clapper's Crass Bro'hood Bungle
  56. America: Wake Up To See What Awaits You
  57. The Reality of the Muslim Brotherhood
  58. Obama's Islamic tilt in Egypt
  59. A Radical Muslim Dream : A New Islamic Ciaphat in Egypt !
  60. Egypt: The New Iran lead by radical Islam Muslim Brotherhood ...
  61. " After An Isalmic Revolt In Egypt..Radical Isalms Is On A Roll ?"
  62. Ex-Israeli Official: Mideast Dominoes Point to War
  63. Hamas Chief Declares: U.S. Empire Will Fall
  64. Code Oink. Surely God protects idiots
  65. THE SUPERPOWER AS SPECTATOR...Steyn on the World
  66. U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council
  67. " Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah Threatens Israelis 'Anytime, Anywhere'"
  68. Ahmadinejad Claims Egyptian Riots Work of 12th Imam (Muslim Messiah)
  69. Iranian Blogs Reflect Young People on a High After Protests This Week
  70. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears on state TV (Tripoli, not Venezuela)
  71. Iranian Warships to Pass Through Suez Canal — Israel Calls it a ‘Provocation’
  72. Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows
  73. Cleric orders Gaddafi killed
  74. Sea-Tac Café Is Now Refusing to Serve TSA Agents
  75. Qaddafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing ??
  76. Mosque Surveillance a Must
  77. Afghan Government to Seize (Women's) Shelters
  78. " Back In Time: Restore The Caliphate,Bring Back The Grand Mufti !"
  79. Obama (and Everybody) Should Embrace Islam, Says Muslim Cleric
  80. " Iran to Smuggle Advanced Weaponry into Gaza. "
  81. Watching you in April: External Security Cameras Coming to 'Real Time Crime Center'
  82. Pakistan's only Christian minister assassinated over blasphemy row
  83. Organizers of ‘Shari’a for America’ Rally Anticipate Fatwa on ‘U.S. Interference’ in
  84. Taxpayer pay to build Mosques overseas
  85. Muslim Convert Voices her Opinion
  86. NATO apologizes for killing 9 Afghan boys
  87. Ex-Rep, 'Gopher' Leaves Radio Show After Alleged Pressure Over Islam Comments
  88. New Footage of 9/11 Offers First Aerial VIew of Towers Collapsing
  89. Federal probe Identifies “Cracks” in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  90. Suspicious Murder/Local News for me
  91. Obama Security Adviser Comforts Muslims With Terrorist Ties
  92. More extensive TSA searches in Sea-Tac Airport rattle some travelers
  93. North Korea Nears Completion of EMP Bomb
  94. Full text of letter left by Shahbaz Bhatti's assassins
  95. "Chairman Of the House Homeland Security Committee's Life Threatened "
  96. "American Muslim Groups Fomenting Hysteria Over Hearings into Islamic Radicalization
  97. Muslim doc hits US imams
  98. Palestinians stab Jewish couple, 3 kids -- including baby -- to death...
  99. British sniper kills two Taliban -- with single bullet...
  100. The Real Battle of Bahrain: Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran
  101. Prospect of Gaddafi Victory Over Rebels Raises Concerns About Return to Terror, WMD
  102. " Three Mexican Jews in Tefillin Panic Air Alaska Crew . "
  103. The Lesson in the Death of Yoav Fogel
  104. U.S. Military Deploys Gunfire Detection System
  105. Report: U.S. considering strategic outreach to Hezbollah
  106. Muslim Students Association Pledge of Allegiance: "I will die to establish Islam"
  107. Was It Something We Said?
  108. Islamic Group Places $2.2 Million Bounty on Head of Koran-burning Florida Pastor
  109. DHS To Stage Mock Terror Drill Featuring White “Anti-Immigration” Gunmen
  110. Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
  111. Egypt: Arab 'Democracy' Gives Way To A New Islamist State
  112. " Oh Great,Now Al-Qaeda Has Surface To Air Missiles and Heavy Weapons ."
  113. Rep. Allen West Slams ‘Koran-Wielding‘ CAIR Executive
  114. Iranian Video: Islamic Messiah Is 'near'
  115. 'Islam De France":"Illegal Street Prayers ,An Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers."
  116. Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'
  117. Study shows 'Islamophobia' in U.S. a myth
  118. U.S. Muslims Shouldn’t Talk With FBI Unless They Have a Lawyer Sez Activist
  119. 3 Middle Eastern Men Try To Enter Camp Pendleton...
  120. A very powerful message.
  121. Ten dead in Afghan Koran burning protests
  122. " Muslims in France Ask to Use Empty Catholic Churches ."
  123. "Those Poor Misunderstood Peace Loving Muslims."
  124. Bloody pig's foot sent to Rep. Peter King
  125. Sharia Law (Poem and Video)
  126. Ody's Rules For Defeating the Grand Jihad
  127. Israel Hits Hamas Squad Allegedly Planning Kidnap
  128. Bush's War vs. Supporting our troops
  129. ‘If Decapitating Police Officers Is Not Terrorism, What Is?’
  130. "Muslim Inbreeding:Muslims Are Mentally, Developmentally Disabled on a Mass Scale."
  131. 'Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Woman
  132. Bomber Hits Indonesian Mosque, Wounds 28
  133. Anti-Government Protests Held Across Syria
  134. Did Obama and Holder Scuttle Terror Finance Prosecutions?
  135. Military uniforms in public ‘risk offending minorities’
  136. When ‘Muslim Outreach’ Handcuffs National Security
  137. Nudie Pic Strikes Blow for Freedom!
  138. The Royal Wedding is a Sitting Target for Terrorists !
  139. The Death of a Jihad Lackey
  140. Obama Gives Islamists a Walk
  141. "This Should Tell Us Who Really Rules in the UK ?"
  142. 21 Year-Old Executed for Converting from Islam to Christianity
  143. Hackles rise as Iran bans dog ownership
  144. Hezbollah terror attack on Israelis abroad ‘is imminent’
  145. " Protester Fired for Burning Koran Near Ground Zero Gets his Job back AND $25,000."
  146. Uncharitable
  147. WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11
  148. Who Is Fighting Libya's Civil War?
  149. Terrorists discover uses for Twitter
  150. U.S. military dismayed by delays in 3 key development projects in Afghanistan
  151. Reactions to News of OBL's Death on Jihadi Websites
  152. U.S. Will Hand Iraqi Old Regime Senior Officials Over To Iraq
  153. Why It Took Ten Years To Get Bin Laden
  154. Bin Laden used his wife as a "human shield" before he was shot
  155. Sea burial of Osama bin Laden breaks sharia law
  156. " President Obama watched live video of the raid on Bin Laden's compound yesterday."
  157. The UN is wanting documents on Bin Laden
  158. " Presidential Class: BUSH TURNS DOWN OBAMA INVITE TO GROUND ZERO..."
  159. " Bin Laden’s Daughter,Father was Captured Alive,Shot Dead by US Special Forces "
  160. The Slippery Story of the bin Laden Kill
  161. Suspicious packages reported across U.S. in wake of Osama bin Laden's death
  162. " Zawahiri, Bin Laden's Second-in-Command, considered even more radical than Bin Lad
  163. Hero dog helped snare Osama
  164. Pakistan: We Alerted US Administration About OBL Compound Back in 2009
  165. First Photo Of Obl Funeral From Aircraft Carrier
  166. BIN LADEN's dead son ?
  167. Debunked: Gitmo hides American flag so terrorist inmates won’t be offended by it
  168. Indonesia Says Bali Terror Mastermind Was in Abbottabad to Meet Bin Laden
  169. Pakistani's burn US Flag
  170. Bin Laden's will says his children must not join al-Qaida
  171. Ex-Agent: Hezbollah Ramping Up Border Operations Near San Diego
  172. Sharpton: Bush Declined Obama’s Ground Zero Invite Since He’s ‘Clearly Embarrassed’
  173. " UK On Doomsday Nuke ALERT "
  174. Intense interest surrounds dog who may have participated in bin Laden raid
  175. Pakistan to Cut U.S. Military Presence
  176. " Radiical Obama Adviser: American freedom, equality are just 'myths'"
  177. " Obama Hesitated - DCI Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden "
  178. US drone attack kills eight militants in Pakistan
  179. " The Dogs Of War "
  180. " Did the United States Navy Pray for Allah "
  181. Syria 'washes pools of blood' from the streets as army arrests all men over 15
  182. Osama Kill Proves Pakistan is Core of World's Terrorism
  183. Muslim American Society Leader Calls Osama Bin Laden a “Visionary”
  184. " Bin Laden Aided by Rogue or Retired Elements of Pakistani Intelligence"
  185. Arizona calls for online donations to build fence along entire Mexicoan border"
  186. "Muslims Driving Christians Out Of The Gulf States !"
  187. "Chuck The Schmuck Calls for ‘Do Not Ride’ List For Amtrak."
  188. " Bin Ladin's Pakistan Hideout No2 "
  189. bin Laden son: sea burial demeans family
  190. Islam is Misunderstood
  191. OBL's diary reveals plans for another 9/11 style attack
  192. What Happened on AA Flight 1561...Malkin "
  193. " More Combat Dogs In Action "
  194. I Know We Remember.....
  195. FBI investigating camouflaged intruder photographing Ore. dam
  196. An Ill Season
  197. McCain Proposes Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Citizens
  198. Sheriff Joe's 'Operation Desert Sky' Nabs Hundreds of Illegals (video)
  199. Jews brought to Palestine for‘Great Massacre’ by which Allah relieve humanity of evil
  200. Yemeni Poet's Tongue Cut Out
  201. Manhunt Inc.: Firm ‘Tags’ Terrorists for Special Ops
  202. Fox News Poll: Voters Say Stop U.S. Aid to Pakistan
  203. Pakistan is rushing to finish weapons-grade nuclear reactor
  204. " Mullah Mohammad Omar has been killed in Pakistan "
  205. Pakistan's nuclear weapons, safe or not? (Nukes at PAK base under attack by militant
  206. Provincial Official in Algeria Orders Churches to Close
  207. US develop software to analyse metaphors
  208. Court filings assert Iran had link to 9/11 attacks
  209. The bin Laden hunter: ex-CIA man had bin Laden in his sights 10 times
  210. Report: Iranian Atomic Bomb May Be 8 Weeks Away
  211. The Path to 911
  212. Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery
  213. " Spooks Unmask Muslim women Burka Death Squads "
  214. "The TSA 'Security Exercise' The Power Of The Federal On Display For All To See !"
  215. Radical Islam spreading in US prisons: lawmakers
  216. " Mother Arrested For Trying to See Her Child at School "
  217. " Al-Qaida Publishes American Hit List "
  218. US vows to hunt down, kill new Al-Qaeda leader
  219. Hotels Warned of 'Mumbai-Style' Terror Threat
  220. Suspect in Custody After Police Find 'Suspicious' Backpack at ANC
  221. Suicide bombers kill 9 at Kabul police station
  222. Following The Plan: Obama 'Backs Out' Of Afghanistan
  223. 60 al Qaeda Prisoners Escape From Yemeni Jail
  224. NYT Omits Men Plotting to Attack Military Processing Center in Seattle Were Radical
  225. Bill Gates helps Fund Gulen Islamist Movement (taxpayers fund over $41 million)
  226. What the Murder of Iraqi Jews in 1941 Tells us About the Middle East Today
  227. Question for the military folks (e.g. Ody, TRG, etc.)
  228. is Obama now a surrender monkey???
  229. So what is the Muslim Brotherhood?
  230. N Korean children begging, army starving
  231. Former Indonesian Terrorists Swap his AK-47 for Fried Duck
  232. Now the US is going to officially recognize the Muslim Brotherhood
  233. Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism
  234. Bomb Implants Emerge as Airline Terror Threat .
  235. Norway: Labor declares war against radical Islam Islam in Europe
  236. Militants attack governor's office in southern Afghanistan
  237. TSA to Debut 'Israeli-Style' Airport Screening...
  238. Family of Albino/White Muslims Terrorized After Marriage a Christian Man
  239. Afghan President: 31 Americans Killed in Helicopter Crash
  240. Time For Another Hard Look At Our Pakistani “allies”?
  241. MAYOR TO BLACK YOUTH: 'You have damaged your own race'...
  242. Iranian Revolutionary Guard into Damascus : Iran Poised to Attack Israel
  243. Israeli Defense Force Plants Mines Along Syrian Border
  244. Make One False Move : Obama's FBI Is Watching You Conservative Terrorists..
  245. A deadly night in the city of Detroit with a total of 15 people shot, 6 killed
  246. Since When Has Airport Security Become Physical Assault?
  247. Report: Pakistan Granted China Access to U.S.'s Top-Secret Bin Laden Raid Chopper
  248. Mayor of Philadelphia Church Speech
  249. Sounds Like London's Riots in Germany: Cars burn in Berlin for second night in a row
  250. Nappys Latest Terrorists: More White Americans