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  1. Muslim World More Anti-American Than Ever
  2. Black Teen Female gang assaults woman outside Philadelphia City Hall
  3. Major Escalation as Terrorists Cross Egypt-Israel Border
  4. Nappy's Right, Domestic Terorism Is On The Rise But The Color is Black Not White
  5. Israel Bombards Gaza in Retaliation for Egyptian Border Attacks
  6. Gaza Heats Up..
  7. MORE GAZA :Israeli air strikes hit Gaza after gunmen attack...
  8. Egypt Recalls Ambassador From Israel
  9. (Israel),6 Years Ago: 'No Threat of Rockets from the Disengagement'
  10. An Israeli-Arab Crisis Approaching.....
  11. Canadian Dragged into Woods and Beaten by Muslims
  12. No words are needed....
  13. Islam Is Not Part of Our Civilization
  14. Islam: The Annihilation of Civilizations
  15. A Key Sept. 11 legacy: Much More Domestic Surveillance
  16. Israel Mass Disorder' Expected in September
  17. Israeli White Spy Bird Down Leads to Delicate Rescue Operation
  18. Israel Sends Two Warships To Egyptian Border
  19. Gaza Terror Groups Acquire Weapons from Libya
  20. Hezbollah Opens Base in Cuba,South America Terror Center..
  21. New Black Panthers are back
  22. BE AFRAID: US issues worldwide travel alert ahead of 9/11 anniversary...
  23. The Most Dangerous Muslims in America May be Black Converts to Islam
  24. Texas State Troopers on the Rio Grande.
  25. Israel to Hold an Emergency Drill Simulating Enemy Strike on Dimona Nuke Reactor...
  26. Sept. 17, 2011: Day 1 of Anarchists' Attempt to Ignite America
  27. Iran Goal EMPs on US Coastal Cities in Reach
  28. IDF: All-Out Middle East War If Arab Spring Turn into the "Radical Islamic Winter".
  29. Thanks Obama : Qaeda Acquires Libyan Surface To Air Missiles: EU
  30. 10 Facts That Prove Napolitano’s Full of Wind and Crap...
  31. The Indonesian Islamic Defenders Front Threatens Violence .
  32. Pentagon raises security level at all military installations on eve of 9/11...
  33. War is Inevitable
  34. Officials confirm 'credible but unconfirmed' 9/11 threat
  35. US Military Plane Forced Down By North Korean Electronic Attack...
  36. Nappy Denies Entry To Canadians With Mental Illness
  37. Authorities Concerned About Possible Dirty Bomb,Times Square Strike
  38. 9/11: What Was Saudis' Role?
  39. President Obama Offers the Military a 'Risky Scheme'
  40. The US is Not and Never Will be at War With Islam: Barack Obama
  41. Many Afghans Shrug at 'This Event Foreigners Call 9/11'
  42. Let’s Roll Over
  43. Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege
  44. 100 protesters burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during 9/11 Event
  45. Mozart's Requiem For 9/11 Victims
  46. Muslim Forums Are Celebrating 9/11 ! "HAPPY Sept 11th Everyone !!! "
  47. Cairo Mob Attacked CNN: 'They Were Animals
  48. Bush Cheered at Ground Zero… Silence For Obama (Video)
  49. Two Men Falsely Claim to Be ‘Air Marshals’ on DC-bound Flight
  50. Veto Palestinian State Hood, Lose The Saudis
  51. Will Obama Say: An Attack on Israel is An Attack on the U.S.? ...Ed Koch
  52. Ahmadinejad says he'll release US hikers -- for $1 million..Ransom.
  53. Former President Carter backs Palestinian UN bid
  54. Saudi Arabia: The Teflon kingdom
  55. Sweden: Imam Calls to Kill Christian Converts on Radio Sweden
  56. Texas Border Patrol finds rocket launcher, grenade launcher, explosives near Rio Gran
  57. Truth : FBI teaches agents that 'mainstream’ Muslims are violent and radical
  58. Is Paris Burning Again,..Yet
  59. "If Ten Million Egyptians are Martyred for the Destruction of Israel,I Am All For It"
  60. Don't Tell Me Christians in Egypt Should Have Equal Rights
  61. Delegation of Sudanese Islamists Visits Gaza, Vows to Wage Jihad against the Jews
  62. Pakistani Taliban Vow to Attack Weddings and Funerals of their Enemies
  63. Why we should worry about Turkey's PM, Erdogan...
  64. Ridding the World of the Jewish Menace
  65. Al-Shabab radio gives first prize AK-47 to Somali children
  66. ROPMA..Amsterdam court damaged by missile
  67. Pakistan ISI urged attacks on U.S. targets
  68. Libya War 'Nightmare' Come True?
  69. U.S. demands action on Pakistani terrorist network
  70. U.S. Military Hands Millions of Dollars of Equipment Over to Iraqis
  71. Haqqani Network Leader Captured in Paktika
  72. U.S. confirms attacks by Pakistani military units
  73. Majority of IEDs are traced to Pakistan
  74. Report: Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike
  75. Obama: we apologize
  76. Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai
  77. Loaded Guns On Planes “Not A TSA Issue”
  78. French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo attacked in Paris
  79. So great a price.....
  80. 70 Taliban Fighters Killed
  81. Glad my mail doesn't come through Pakistan....
  82. Nato air attack on Pakistani troops was self-defence, says senior western official
  83. Iran to hit Turkey if nuclear program targeted by Israel, U.S., general says
  84. Sunday War Porn
  85. Unclear whether Iran shot down drone, a U.S. official says
  86. Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'
  87. Happy 7th Anniv...
  88. The New Drone
  89. Feds Raid Tulsa Used Car Dealership In Terrorism Investigation
  90. Tehran and Obama’s Reelection
  91. 0bama Admin Has Leaked More Secrets Than Any Admin
  92. Welcome to the Seventh Century...........
  93. For 2012, TSA expands to train stations, ferry docks, subways
  94. Reuters: Obama Considers Releasing Top Taliban Detainee To Taliban For Peace.
  95. Looking For A New Forum To Join?
  96. The F-35...Carrier Quals!
  97. 31 December: Iraqi National Holiday Marking US Withdrawal
  98. Iran Missile Drill Results Exaggerated ...
  99. Irananian Nuclear Scientist Killed
  100. Lawyers Smuggle al Qaeda Magazine Into Gitmo
  101. Iran Agrees to Return Stealth Drone to Obama
  102. How Not To Fire An RPG.
  103. Can PC journalists report truthfully about Muslims?
  104. US Drone Kills Top Militant in NW Pakistan
  105. Anonymous Oust Kabul CIA Station Chief
  106. Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field
  107. Hamas/Iran Split
  108. FBI Launches Unprecedented Attack On NYPD Over Muslim Surveillance Tactics
  109. Southern Exposure: Iran, Terror Groups Setting Up Shop in South America
  110. Bin Laden Viewed Death as Relief From Ill Health, Fighting Wives
  111. U.S. soldier in Afghan massacre had brain injury
  112. New case of Aghan killing Marine
  113. Turmoil threatens Obama's Afghan endgame
  114. School that employed American shot in Yemen denies he proselytized Christianity Read
  115. America to be a paper tiger on missile defense?
  116. 0bama Admin Leaks Report to Prevent Strike on Iran
  117. Live Demo of Predator Capability as a Means of Border Security?
  118. FBI has ended critical intelligence sharing
  119. Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe
  120. Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes
  121. Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe
  122. US not reporting all Afghan troop attacks on American soldiers
  123. Bin Laden Dead, but the Mission Remains
  124. Ex-CIA chief: Pelosi did not object to waterboarding
  125. Attorney in hijab defends call for other women at 9/11 hearing to wear...
  126. Mukasey: Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed
  127. CIA thwarts new al-Qaida underwear bomb plot
  128. ‘On My Behalf’ Really?
  129. Interpol issues Red Notice for Iraq Vice-President
  130. Al-Qaeda Infiltrator was Working for Brits not CIA, Cover Blown for Election Year
  131. Whose side is Pakistan on?
  132. 9/11 accused want Obama, Bush testimony at Guantánamo
  133. Al-Qaeda 2inC Abu Yahya al-Libi killed in US drone strike
  134. Man sentenced to 11 years for online 'South Park' threat
  135. U.S. expanding military aid, intelligence in Africa
  136. REPORT: FBI Investigated Over 100 Suspected Islamic Extremists In US Military
  137. DHS Labels Liberty-Lovers as Potential Terrorists
  138. U.S. Government; Terrorists Aren’t “Aggressive Offensive Foe Seeking Domination”
  140. Fort Hood report shows FBI ignored warning signs on Hasan, lawmaker says
  141. Bulgaria bomber is a former Gitmo prisoner and left-wing icon/hero
  142. Obama's Secret Message to Russia
  143. Video; 4,000 pound JDAM drop levels two Taliban compounds used to make IEDs.
  144. SS Admin Plans to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets
  145. Obama and the Other Side of Imperialism
  146. Judge: Fort Hood suspect can be forcibly shaved
  147. Brotherhood taking total control of Egypt
  148. Spain: Muslim War on Meter Maids
  149. Taliban reportedly use fake Facebook pages of pretty girls to get soldiers' secrrets
  150. American Muslims denouncing attacks on the embassies?
  151. This Is War music video
  152. The fingerprints of two presidents...
  153. Ex-Navy SEAL from Henderson, NV was killed in Libya
  154. State Department issues warnings in Sudan, Tunisia
  155. Intel Sources Say Libya Attack Tied to AQ and Former Gitmo Detainee Sufyan Ben Qumu
  156. Paulson: Why Did The White House Take So Long To Admit Libya Attack Was Terrorism?
  157. Attack on Camp Bastion: The Destruction of VMA-211
  158. Pakistani minister personally offers reward for anti-Islam filmmaker's death
  159. Islamists smash Sufi saint's tomb in northern Mali
  160. Muslim-led nations seek global ban on insults of Muhammad
  161. Eastwooding Mohammad
  162. The Behghazi Lie - A Timeline of Events
  163. Fred Thompson on Benghazi.......
  164. Fort Hood shooting victims sue government, accused shooter
  165. Those wacky Hamas guys!!!
  166. Pres. Bush was RIGHT about Iraq's nuclear ambitions....
  167. US sending 20 more brand new F-16s to Egypt ...
  168. Afghan suicide bomber wounds 3 NATO troops, 11 civilians in attack
  169. Police: Woman hit 2 TSA agents at OIA during security checkpoint
  170. Obama: U.S. Has Fallen 'Short of the Ideal' in Afghanistan
  171. Benghazi: unanswered questions...
  172. Torture By Sesame Street At Guantanamo Bay: Al Jazeera
  173. Iranian journalists arrested in raids on newspapers
  174. KIA and the pig races
  175. Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda threat
  176. Sure looks pretty ugly, but can it fly....
  177. Iran Smuggling Weapons To Allies, Panetta Says
  178. Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
  179. LA Sheriff's Dept funneling hundreds of bulletproof vests to Cambodia
  180. Is Israel the New Czechoslavakia?
  181. Good news on the jobs front for the Obama administration
  182. The Obama Administration's War On Terror Shows It's Folly
  183. Al-Jazeera TV- Repubs desparately want to avoid "confrontations"
  184. North Korea's missile capabilities
  185. The Boston bombers are brothes, foreign, and Islamic fanatics?
  186. I love irony, especially poetry.....
  187. Fake Facebook profiles for bombing suspect get the ax
  188. House GOP concludes Hillary Clinton blew Benghazi response
  189. Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times
  190. Rap music is the reason for the Boston bombing .. WTF?
  191. Official: Russia heard Boston suspects' mother 'discussing jihad'
  192. Syria: Attack on military facility was a 'declaration of war' by Israel
  193. A must read summary of the House hearings...
  194. Pentagon tells US Senate Wars will Continue for Decades
  195. British Soldier killed in suspected terrorist attack
  196. French Soldier stabbed in Paris
  197. ‘You will never be safe’
  198. Accused Fort Hood shooter asks to fire lawyers, represent self
  199. Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach'
  200. Australian Special Forces soldier killed in Afghanistan
  201. 'Zero Option' In Afghanistan Is Becoming Much More Likely
  202. Groin Searches are “Abhorrent to Muslims” - Gitmo
  203. Was Israel’s Latest ‘Air’ Attack on Syria from a Submarine?
  204. Obama Admin Quietly Releases Taliban Inmates From Gitmo To Open Peace Talks
  205. Intel community worried Obama administration disclosed too much
  206. Unmasking the embassy threat
  207. Obama signs NDAA 2013 for the indefinite detention of Americans
  208. Hasan wants to comit suicide...
  209. Mark Steyn: Know Thine Enemy (Hasan)
  210. Christianity being destroyed in Egypt...
  211. Islamic Extremists Slit Throats of 44 Villagers, Gouge Out Eyes of Surviving Victims
  212. Stunning Defeat: UK Votes Down Military Action Against Syria
  213. Soldiers of Allah, Not America
  214. McCain Says Congress Blocking Strike on Syria ‘Would Be Catastrophic’
  215. The Arabs will pay for mr. Obama's war
  216. Ft. Hood Shooter Forcibly Shaved in Prison
  217. Pentagon knew in 2012 that it would take 75,000 GROUND TROOPS
  218. Iran Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ to Infiltrate U.S. Through Southern Border
  219. Petraeus calls on Congress to back White House on Syria
  220. Rep. Amash Slams McCain for ´Allahu Akbar´ Comments
  221. Krauthammer: ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing'
  222. And these BASTARDS are the ones the US is supporting?
  223. Kenya mall attack: About 30 hostages still inside, sources say
  224. Suicide Attack at Christian Church in Pakistan Kills Dozens
  225. 30 years of terror sponsored by Iran
  226. Top generals: Obama is 'purging the military'
  227. Sy Hersh on Osama bin Laden raid: “Not one word of it is true”
  228. On the cusp of a historic sell-out of Israel
  229. Chinese troops will have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Tuesday
  230. The Kelly File: Benghazi
  231. How the CIA can send a Killer Drone after someone using their Mobile Phone
  233. Benghazi: consulate staff pleaded for help during attack
  234. Obama Planning to Close ICBM Squadron
  235. John Bolton: Iran deal an ‘abject surrender’ for America
  236. Poll: Israelis don't believe Iran will stop nuclear program
  237. Blackwater founder Erik Prince on why private militaries are the future
  238. Rouhani: Iran to start building 2nd nuclear plant in Bushehr
  239. Israeli officials: Obama’s lack of ‘political stomach’ for addressing nuclear program
  240. Al Jazeera Broadcasts First Pictures of Syrian Nuns Kidnapped By Al-Nusra Front…
  241. Patriot Act author: Obama’s intel czar should be prosecuted
  242. Iran foreign minister alludes to deceiving Obama admin. during nuclear negotiations
  243. Al-Qaeda’s ISIS Now Controls Huge Swath of Iraq’s Anbar Province
  244. TSA Seizes Sock Monkey’s Toy Gun
  245. White House: Iranian Ballistic Missile Test Not a Deal Killer
  246. Anti-Israel Activists at U. Michigan Serve Dorm Eviction Notices
  247. Obama Regime Fighting Congressional Oversight Over Arms Exports
  248. Liberal Dems' bill would end death penalty for treason, using WMD
  249. Iranian MPs propose bill to enrich uranium up to 60 percent
  250. FAA Names 6 Sites For Testing Drones