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  1. Missouri Elephant Kills Zookeeper
  2. Absolute Worst Pictures of Men and Cats
  3. Dogs Feel Emotions Like People
  4. Jerky Treat Mystery, 600 Pets Dead
  5. Bella the Brave!!!
  6. Unlikely best buddies--hero pit bull and kitty
  7. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Dipping Puppies In Gasoline,....
  8. Ok this is going to sound weird
  9. Gotta love this..."Expedition Mutt Everest 2013"
  10. I hate it when that happens
  11. A feel good story for Christmas...
  12. Delia earned her keep today!
  13. Another feel good story for Christmas...
  14. How many "takes" did it take???
  15. RIP Charley
  16. Geronimoooooooo......
  17. First new babies
  18. Nanny 2005-2014
  19. Most Popular Dog Names--We have a Bella like everyone else
  20. Brown cats...
  21. Report: New Mexico dog tests positive for cocaine, pot
  23. Your cat thinks you're a much larger cat with good taste in food
  24. Problem pups: They're guilty & they know it
  25. Do your dogs poop in a north-south direction?
  26. This is my pup Delia
  27. The end of times--cat and dog snuggling!! Cute
  28. 2014 Puppy Bowl!!!
  29. Sky's the limit at Westminster dog show
  30. RIP Miranda 1996-2014
  31. Origins of the dog---new info
  32. Atrain and the dreaded cone of silence!
  33. another for Rock
  34. Wylie the mongrel goes from mean streets of Kandahar to Crufts
  35. A Heartwarming Tale--Debbie the Black Lab
  36. Caught on Camera: Dog Robs Dollar General
  37. Magic for dogs.
  38. Heroic greyhound Clobber
  39. 13 Small Dogs With Big Hearts
  40. Researchers find ‘love hormone’ is released in domesticated animals as well as humans
  41. Awwwwwwwww!
  42. Goat born with EIGHT legs has both male and female sex organs
  43. Dog Protects Missing 3-Year-Old Boy...
  44. Tree-climbing goats of Morocco
  45. Lala
  46. Shameless sappyness!
  47. cooper loves ice cream
  48. New additions to the family
  49. A Dog Story
  50. On this Memorial Day, let's remember...
  51. RIP Pandemonium
  52. Abandoned animals
  53. My doggie
  54. Evil little turds.
  55. My little fly hunter...
  56. Rescue Kids in Philly Save Dogs &Cats, Something Positive to Read
  57. "kid" sitter?
  58. This Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful
  59. Cutting-edge Cat Facial Recognition Technology--no kidding!
  60. What's wrong with this picture?
  61. 84 Year Old Woman Chases off Coyotes to Save Neighbor's Dog--Way to go Dolly
  62. Butterfly the geep
  63. Pregnant goat gives birth on animal control truck in Riverside County
  64. Hey SLW?
  65. Cats Overrun Island in Niagara River After Being Abandoned
  66. Give it up for Darlene!!!
  67. Schnitzel
  68. Surprising 3 most aggressive dog breeds
  69. Dog elected mayor in Minnesota
  70. Watch elephant draw picture
  71. Holy Socks! Dog Eats 43 Socks, Lives to Eat Again
  72. Schnitzel
  73. Life's Just a Beach For the Pooches
  74. Cockfighting, dogfighting & animal abuse shut down in AZ.
  75. Cody
  76. Loyal dog is still waiting at hospital where owner died two years ago
  77. Dog takes bullet for family, saves child after road rage attack
  78. Pope Francis says dogs can go to heaven
  79. Chrismas dogs
  80. You've read the book...
  81. We adopted two new babies
  82. Hilarious.
  83. I admit it, I laughed outloud
  84. Skydiving cats cause uproar
  85. The sofa
  86. Petco pulls Chinese treats
  87. Bus riding dawg...
  88. Cody
  89. RIP Ederne`
  90. Friends Forever
  91. To Kill a Mockingbird
  92. Miss P, a 15-inch beagle, wins top prize at Westminster Dog Show
  93. Wisconsin man from viral dog photo gets new puppy
  94. SnowHound...in PJs
  95. WeatherDawg
  96. Dead cat (watch to the end)
  97. Atrain is still with us
  98. R.I.P. Schultz
  99. Canine Flu Kills 6 Dogs, Sickens at Least 1K in Midwest
  100. Animal pictures of the week: 17th April 2015
  101. Adorable bond between a little girl born without feet and her puppy without a paw
  102. SeaWorld cited
  103. Why Do Cats Go Completely Bonkers After Pooping?
  104. Australia tells Johnny Depp: It's time your dogs 'buggered off'
  105. Too cute time!!!
  106. Meet the dog who wears gold Apple watches worth more than £26,000
  107. Sandoval signs beagle bill; puts lab animals up for adoption
  108. Stamford Man Calls 911 After 4-Hour Standoff With ‘Aggressive’ Cat
  109. Dog offers men fashion advice
  110. RIP - Atrain
  111. Docs, vets battle online medicine regs
  112. Summer Camp for people with hooves
  113. 8 million mummified animals, mostly dogs, in catacombs at Egypt site
  114. ThunderShirt!
  115. Man fights cougar to save dog.
  116. CDC: Don't kiss your pet chicken
  117. Cat wakes up from neutering, realises its testicles are gone, screams
  118. one brave mom
  119. Lady takes neighbors dog into the desert, shoots & kills...makes world news.
  120. Muslim Idiot Throws Bricks at German Shepherds
  121. When Police Dogs Attack
  122. Biofluorescent turtle found
  123. Innovative Pet Food Commercial
  124. Have To Say Goodbye To Bailey
  125. Cats ARE neurotic -also trying to work out how to kill you
  126. Dogs
  127. It's winter soon?
  128. Cat Commercial
  129. Parakeets anybody?
  130. The Poetry of James Stewart
  131. Boris the dog
  132. Dogs' hearts beat in sync with their owners says latest study...
  133. Judge Excoriates Puppy Killer: 'I'd Love to Put You in a Dumpster'
  134. Man Decided To Live As A Goat Because Life As A Human Got Too Stressful
  135. Last Surviving 9-11 Search-Dog Passes
  136. Just in Case You Think Your Dog Might Be a Democrat
  137. Chicago zoo's baby camel 'Alexander Camelton' a social media star
  138. Golden retriever comfort dogs bring relief and love to family of Orlando victims
  139. Dinner
  140. Dogs understand our language, study shows
  141. Dutiful Dog Refuses To Give Up Hospital Vigil
  142. Dogs
  143. 'World's prettiest dog' becomes social media sensation because of her gorgeous hair
  144. Greyhound Gia wins National Dog Show in Philadelphia
  145. Opinions? Pit-bulls? Your Neighbor Has 2.
  146. Meet Tess
  147. Puppy Bowl 2017
  148. Kitty alarm clock
  149. Free dog food for rescues
  150. For a limited time only
  151. Hey SR - FWC documents panther kittens north of Caloosahatchee River
  152. If You Want Someone
  153. Golden Retriever Jumps into Ocean to Save Drowning Deer at Long Island Beach
  154. How We Really Tamed the Dog
  155. Our poor Bella
  156. Toby And The Torn ACL
  157. Iraqi animal lovers go online to help save Baghdad’s strays
  158. Stolen dog missing for three years found 1,700 miles away
  159. RIP Abby 2005-2017
  160. Pets "sharing"
  161. United suspends pet cargo flights
  162. Southern California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair
  163. Your tax dollars at work ....
  164. Where is PETA when you need them?
  165. Silent Fireworks Created To Help Animals, Veterans With PTSD
  166. Not really a pet