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  1. Design tips from Vern Yip of HGTV
  2. Decorating on the cheap
  3. How to clean your washing machine
  4. Woman Lives With Chopstick Lodged in Eye for 11 Years
  5. freecycle
  6. Favorite Fragrances
  7. Pms
  8. Plastic surgery--to do or not to do
  9. Is this the ultimate make-up junkie?
  10. Favorite Outfit
  11. Mani or Pedi
  12. Oops, it's a £700,000 prang... Hapless blonde crashes her Bentley into a Merc, Porsch
  13. Nails
  14. Women's health00summer makeup savers
  15. Human hair trade soars on celebrity hairdo envy
  16. Favorite Store
  17. People suck
  18. Women buying 'essential' oils blamed for rise in house fires
  19. Am I being a wet blanket?
  20. Do you wear short sleeves
  21. Household tips and advice needed
  22. Friend Advice
  23. Designer Purses?
  24. Microneedle beauty too good to be true
  25. Your Other Half
  26. Fresh Flowers
  27. Are you Girly??
  28. Bargains. Do you like them?
  29. Pregnancy tests
  30. New hair product uses bull semen
  31. Bird Dropping Facial
  32. Crafts
  33. 5 causes of skin damage!!!
  34. 7 Best Foods for Women
  35. 13 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles
  36. 9-11 outfits
  37. Morning Sickness
  38. The Makeup Thread
  39. Do you watch HGTV?
  40. Sister Wives
  41. Girl Names
  42. Coffee Can Lower Risk of Depression in Women
  43. One Flaw in Women ...
  44. Its A... Ultrasound results
  45. Can aromatherapy oils poison you? How tiny particles 'may damage liver and kidneys'
  46. Wax or Shave
  47. Bed rest
  48. Photoshoot Hair...
  49. “No Toilet, No Bride”
  50. Braids are Back!
  51. Plaids are in this year
  52. It's best to declutter your life a little at a time
  53. A Question From a Guy
  54. Installing a Husband
  55. Do you question your doctor?
  56. Shopping thread
  57. Hair Cuts
  58. Name that purse!!
  59. Oprah is thrown under the bus by the Obamas---what a surprise!!
  60. Caroline Kennedy also thrown under that big Obama bus
  61. Short for the Summer
  62. Are you a lady who lunches?
  63. Summer Fragrances
  64. Post your projects here
  65. Sensitive question
  66. Christian Chick Lit
  67. Shopping thread
  68. Women's Bible Studies Questions
  69. Homemade drain cleaner that works!
  70. New Make-Up
  71. Why me?
  72. Gorgeous Costume Jewellry Site ...
  73. Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  74. Clothes for that woman
  75. Another Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
  76. Health: Mysterious Disease Discovered Locally, Strikes Mainly Young Women
  77. Pantyhose
  78. Dishing on Oscars Dresses
  79. Frugal Queen Elizabeth---Michele O, look and learn
  80. Your memories of Child Rearing ...
  81. Home Goods
  82. Taking Sex Differences Seriously
  83. Ireland's Clare Daly eviscerates Obama
  84. American Men Almost 6x More Likely Than Women to Be Killed by Lightning
  85. The Overlooked Ethics of Reproduction
  86. Can it be a "fetus" after it's born?
  87. How porn is rewiring men's brains
  89. Co-worker's eyelashes thinning out
  90. Parents: “Rainbow” Chemistry Experiment Results in Student Burns
  91. The best non-stick pots?
  92. for the wimmins
  93. Rich liberal women prefer conservative men
  94. Poster Child For Why *NOT* To Major In Women’s Studies
  95. Former Ivy League Prof Exposes Sexual Revolution’s Destruction, Deceit
  96. Video: Baby M and the Question of Surrogacy
  97. Homosexual Activists argue that motherhood status based on giving birth is unequal
  98. Favorite colors for decorating
  99. Custody battle over five-year-old twins with THREE mothers: Fears for children
  100. Quick question on latex allergy
  101. Um, how say you ladies?
  102. A Dodge Truck For the Girlie-men and the Ladies
  103. Hot Italian guys doing houses
  104. Surrogacy’s Strange Bedfellows
  105. Dr. Manny: Pregnant women should pay attention to link between pesticides, autism
  106. Where did all the men go?
  107. Woman advertises herself as "Professional Bridesmaid" on Craig's List
  108. 'Remote control' contraceptive chip available 'by 2018'
  109. What Killed The Romantic Comedy?
  110. Yes, You Can Now Have A Drone Photograph Your Wedding
  111. Anti-porn group warns against watching 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
  112. You Should 'Seriously Think Twice' Before Marrying Someone With Parents Like This
  113. Elite Feminists Ignorant of Legal Underpinnings of Hobby Lobby Decision
  114. Female POV
  115. Genital Mutiation in the US: The Real War Against Women
  116. Chinese Women Take Selfies to Show Off Their Armpit Hair
  117. Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’: Georgetown
  118. British gvmt to fund sperm bank for lesbians and single women
  119. When Pornography Pays for College
  120. Give Cubic Zirconias A Chance To Replace Diamond Wedding Rings
  121. The Fabulous 'Factual Feminist'
  122. Women’s suffrage
  123. Margaret Mead and the quackery that undergirded the Sexual Revolution
  124. ‘Date-Rape Nail Polish’—Mocked But Not So Foolish
  125. Bras are Racist!
  126. How American parenting is killing the American marriage
  127. "So I got my nipples pierced today" (Jezebel.com)
  129. Crane Smashes Through Home After Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong
  130. Mardelle Peck
  131. The Husband Store...
  132. Fifty abuses of Fifty Shades of Grey.
  133. Sex Tips For Crazies: Wading Into The Wild World Of Cosmo
  134. Lessons My Daughter Taught Me
  135. "not sex discrimination, in part because men can lactate under certain circumstances"