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  1. Dems Need to Speak Out Against Anti-Semitism at Occupy Protests
  2. Occupy Leaders Apparently Involved in Bridge Bomb Plot, Suspects Named
  3. Stinging gas sends May Day protesters fleeing
  4. Meet the New Farm, Same as the Old Farm? Occupy Seizes Berkeley’s “Gill Tract”
  5. Signs, Signs Every Where There Are Signs. But We Don't Know What They Mean.
  6. Adopt an #Occutard
  7. Hannity Destroys Occupy Organizer
  8. Occupy Cleveland is proud to be associated with attempted bomber
  9. Occupy Protesters Offer Alternatives To Capitalism
  10. Yet another darling of the Occutards shows his true colors....
  11. Occupy this, you whining libtard maggots.
  12. Former ’60s Activist Bill Ayers Among May Day Protesters
  13. Oops: Chicago Occupiers Try to Protest Rush Limbaugh‘s ’Office’…but Get City Wrong
  14. Police terrorize protesters ahead of #NATO summit
  15. NATO summit protestors plan to rally during DNC in Charlotte, N.C.
  16. Show Your Faces You Cowards
  17. Obama Campaign Organizes Occupy-Style Protests Against Romney
  18. Occupiers Claim They Are Suffering From PTSD…
  19. BEN & JERRY'S Pushes Occupy Defacement Of Currency
  20. Occupy TV
  21. "Occupy Unmasked" debuted to a standing ovation at annual RightOnline conf in Vegas
  22. Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking
  23. Twitter told to give up Occupy protester's tweets
  24. Occupy National Gathering
  25. The occupy food story
  26. DNA Said to Link Occupy Wall St. Protest and 2004 Killing
  27. OWS website b.s.
  28. "Occupy the Farm" -- Why do the police allow these people to do these things?
  29. Occupiers invade Tea Party event in April (videos)
  30. OWS "summer camp" -- it'd be hilarious if they weren't committing child abuse*
  31. Ask and ye shall receive
  32. 1 Ohio bridge bomb plot suspect pleads guilty
  33. OWS Protestors Vandalize Obama Campaign Office
  34. OWS activist harasses homeless street preacher
  35. Occupier Carries Sign Into Bank . . .
  36. Protesters Occupy Obama Campaign Headquarters, Issue Demands
  37. OWS vs. Tea Party - by the numbers
  38. OccupyStupidity - Protester Wants Perfect Society, Like In Somalia Or Afghanistan
  39. Occupy RNC ends in tears
  40. Romneyville, Occupy Tampa squatters face eviction in weeks following convention
  41. Occupy Charlotte...er DNC cranks up........
  42. Protesters Promise Big Crowds in Charlotte
  43. 'Occupy' To Hit 40 'Corporate Targets'
  44. OWS Tax plan backed by--uh--WALL STREET
  45. Naked Protesters Storm Boehner’s Office
  46. Naked Protesters Disrupt Final Vote To Uphold San Francisco Nudity Ban
  47. Davos 2013: Femen stage topless protest
  48. Topless women protest against Berlusconi as he votes in election
  49. The 1st Annual Unfuck the World Day
  50. Feminists Launch ‘Topless Jihad Day’ to Protest Islamic Opression
  51. "Occupy Wall Street" Anthropologist "in exile"--can't get a job in US.
  52. Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street
  53. Vigils set in 100 cities in Travyon Martin case
  54. Three arrested in Wal-Mart protests that extend to 15 cities
  55. Remembering OWS...ah the memories...
  56. Model 'punches' Femen protesters who storm catwalk during Paris fashion week
  57. Pro-Health Care Vandals Target NH GOP
  58. Occupy Protests At Walmart, Customers Laugh At Them…
  59. Black Lieday 2013.
  60. Take This To Heart Occuidiots
  61. Cultural revolution in Ukraine
  62. For sale at Wal Mart...
  63. Employees strike (for $15/hr); close down their small business employer
  64. Bill De Blasio Appoints Occupy Wall Street Activist As City Council Speaker
  65. Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world
  66. Oh, FFS!
  67. Moms Demand Action Protest Draws 12 People
  68. Occupy Econ 101
  69. I’m making $21 an hour at McDonald’s. Why aren’t you?
  70. Capitol Alert: California backs constitutional amendment limiting campaign money
  71. Detroiters Put Bodies on the Line to Stop Privatization of Their Water
  72. An evening, sometime in the near future…
  73. Climate change march!
  74. Don't Quit Your Day Job
  75. Occupy Wall Street Founders Suing Each Other.
  76. Happy Birthday Occupy! Rolling Jubilee abolishes $3.85m in loan debt
  77. Occupy Madison, Inc. – Ending homelessness & why we should hate the Koch brothers
  78. #Ferguson Protesters Close Down Santa’s Village In Mall
  79. Occupy Wall Street ‘idiot’ says Peter Pan is on the ‘side of the oppressor’
  80. NYPD Cop Killer Used App to Track Police Movements Since Early December
  81. ‘Black Brunch’ Restaurant Protesters Disrupt ‘White Spaces’ in NYC, Oakland
  82. Snopes confirms open letter blasting Holder is from retired FBI agent
  83. Protesters Stage ‘Die-In’ To Protest Obama Library At U of Chicago
  84. George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action
  85. Rich White #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Claim Harassment When Local Media Tracks Them
  86. Occupy Wall Street's "Strike Debt!" (SD!)
  87. Black Lives Matter Protesters Bully & Harass White Children at Restaurants
  88. Income Inequality vs. Wealth Inequality
  89. FERGUSON JUDGE RECEIVES DEATH THREATS After Holder’s Ferguson Report Released
  90. Some Blacks Feel Entitled to Disrupt Your Leisure Time
  91. College students spit and throw beer bottles at veterans
  92. New Yorkers With Baltimore Ties Warn Similar Unrest Could Occur in NYC
  93. Over 100 Arrested as New Yorkers Protest the Death of Freddie Gray
  94. Like Founding Fathers, We Are Willing to Kill for Black Nation
  95. Geraldo Rivera Gets Into Another Heated Confrontation
  96. Sharpton, with no regard for due process
  97. Live Updates–Baltimore Curfew, Night 4: Freddie Gray’s Arresting Officers Indicted
  98. Anonymous Baltimore Cop Reveals Huge ‘New Information’
  99. #TrainTakeover
  100. Black Lives Matter protesters start #CutTheCheck
  101. Topless Women Shut Down Traffic in San Francisco for Black Women/Trans Lives Matter
  102. Sprout Seeds Not Stores!
  103. Cleveland “Black Lives Matter” Protest Crowd Fire Shots
  104. Law Professor: Freddie Gray Autopsy Is ‘Very, Very Helpful To The Defense’
  105. Baltimore police told to "stand down" during riots.
  106. The Toronto Twitter trial of Gregory Alan Elliot
  107. Heather MacDonald: #BlackLivesMatter Movement “A Very Tragic Diversion”
  108. STUNNING=> Obama Gives Turkey Green Light to Bomb Former US Soldiers Fighting ISIS
  109. Cincinnati Craigslist Post Calls for Blacks to Shoot Cops, Burn Police Stations
  110. Black Transgender Lives Matter
  111. Occupy Member Charged In a Death Of Her Child, Conceived In Occupy Tent, Found Dead
  112. Occupoopers are Back. Nuttier Then Ever
  113. Federal Judge Who Outlawed Racial Profiling is Victim of Black Mob Violence
  114. Mall Of America
  115. Hey Rock, how about changing the name of this forum to the SJW forum?
  116. Cornell’s Black Students United: The word "plantation" is racist
  117. SJWs Occupy Lounge at Harvard Law
  118. Black Lives Matter Protesters Interrupt Mag Mile Demonstration In Support Of Apple
  119. Jesuit university students work for pro-abortion group as part of ‘catcalling’ course
  120. Harvard ‘racial justice’ protesters protest award ceremony about … racial injustice
  121. Mizzou race activists blast university for hiring more diversity administrators
  122. Everything Chris Rock said about race at the Oscars
  123. OK University student group expresses concerns about mandatory diversity training
  124. The homosexual agenda comes to Spanish class!
  125. Black Lives Matter Organizer Posts Guide To Riotwear…In Arabic
  126. University expels grad student for personal Facebook post against gay ‘marriage’
  127. Evangelical university caves to 20 student activists’ demand: microaggression reporti
  128. The College That Wants to Ban ‘History’
  129. I'm glad to be 68
  130. SJWs are all over the world
  131. Non-racial incident propels never-ending discussion on race at U Wisconsin-Whitewater
  132. Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come
  133. Students: ‘Orient Express’ Party Racist, ‘Toxic,’ Perpetuates Tourist Privilege
  134. College students demand safe spaces from border patrol agents
  135. LGBT SJWs threatening the lives of Texas family over cake
  136. St. Valentines Day Massacred
  137. Rhode Island moves to criminalize free range parenting
  138. Taxpayers Fund Job Bank for Dem, Clinton Groups
  139. Campus Snowflakes Demand Safe Spaces From Border Patrol
  140. No more St. Patricks Day
  141. Cornell students: Babies are racist
  142. All Marines to Get 'Unconscious Bias' Training as Women Join Infantry
  143. UC-Berkeley’s cave-in to student activist mob shows that violence works
  144. When Universities Become Day Care Centers
  145. Lamenting the Right Wing in Europe
  146. Video: Mizzou’s Melissa Click grabbed ANOTHER journalist’s camera at racial protest
  147. White Student Body Candidate Makes Black Opponent Feel ‘Uncomfortable’
  148. Pro-Socialism Activists at U. Michigan Destroy Flyers of Conservative Student Group
  149. HUD Mandates ‘Affordable Housing’ in Affluent Baltimore Suburbs
  150. Pepsi, Visa, and Chevron are Exempt From HHS Mandate,
  151. How can we mourn for Brussels?
  152. The Hypocrisy Behind the Student Renaming Craze
  153. New Socialist Magazine Jacobin: 'Burn the Constitution'
  154. Union boss using drones to keep an eye on foes
  155. Worshipers feared for their lives during Easter Mass at St. Pat’s
  156. If you were wondering why all the tranny stuff and why now....
  157. George Carlin: PC is fascism dressed up as manners
  158. USC senator escapes impeachment, but loses stipend for being conservative
  159. Black female SJW assaults white male student for wearing dreadlocks
  160. Inequitable Distribution of Sidewalks Is Obstacle to American Dream
  161. Universities ban students from using gender-specific words such
  162. Middle Eastern student, 20, admits she slashed herself across the face after
  163. Arlington School Board: Adult Illegal Aliens Can Attend Public High Schools
  164. Trump Chalkings Appear At University of Kansas; Delicate Snowflakes Complain
  165. Chalk and Markers Terrify College Students
  166. ‘Cupcake Nation Alert!’ Harvard Students Find Pro-lifers And American Flags Offensive
  167. Stanford snowflakes meltdown over April Fools’ joke
  168. Police Prepare to Enforce Sharia on Twitter
  169. Academic Farce of the Week: How to Ruin Thin Mints
  170. Air France stewardesses reject order to wear headscarves when flying into Iran
  171. Man arrested for Facebook posts about Syrian refugees in Scotland
  172. Swiss school LAMBASTED for backing Muslim teens who REFUSE TO SHAKE HANDS
  173. Sexual McCarthyism
  174. Universities offer ‘privilege walk’ exercises so students feel bad about themselves
  175. Obama admin threatens to withhold billions from North Carolina over bathroom privacy
  176. German minister 'told police to remove the word "rape" from reports about mass migran
  177. Whiteness History Month
  178. The Myths of Black Lives Matter
  179. Chaos As SJW Students CRASH “Students For Trump” Meeting
  180. The Trace
  181. PSU Mob storms ‘Students for Trump’ meeting, then it gets ugly
  182. Restricting abortion is a form of torture: UN bureaucrat
  183. AG Begins Its Persecution of Climate Change Skeptics
  184. Sorority ditches Kentucky Derby party over "racial connotations"
  185. Singer Bryan Adams cancels Mississippi show to protest same-sex law
  186. It’s For the Kids=> Chicago Teachers Union Marches With Communists (VIDEO)
  187. N. Carolina
  188. A SJW Cartoon
  189. Trump Trolling at the University
  190. Redacted Pages from 9-11 Report Show Saudi Official Met with Hijackers in Los Angele
  191. First gender-neutral restroom opens at Los Angeles school
  192. School Superintendent, Principal Confront Moms Over 'Jesus Lunch'
  193. How Ohio State Turned the Tables on Student Protesters
  194. VIDEO=> $15 Now Activists Storm University, Call for End of Capitalism, Trash White M
  195. NY Times Wages Amnesty Fight in News Pages for Illegals Caught in 'Twilight Undergrou
  196. Thousands of teachers flock to ‘White Privilege Conference’
  197. The Sickening Hypocrisy of Starbucks and Apple
  198. Mizzou students demanded ‘heat and refrigeration’ during November protests
  199. Ohio University College Republicans Mocked Safe Spaces, Snowflakes Want A Police Inve
  200. A White Guy Told College Kids He Was A Chinese Woman, Idiocy Ensued When They Tried T
  201. White Privilege Conference Attendees Complain Conference Is Too White
  202. Interior Secretary Laments: Still No Nat'l Park or Monument Marking 'Struggle for LGB
  203. Wells Far Gone
  204. SJW Tells Ex-Soviet Citizen He Should Be Thrown in a Labor Camp For Being “Racist”
  205. Anti-Israel activists hijack Passover, turn it into Palestinian liberation event
  206. White graduate performs Hindu music, Brown University SJWs get huffy
  207. Chalk messages criticizing terrorists are ‘hate,’ university yanks student event fund
  208. University investigates April Fools’ newspaper because it hurt a grad student’s feeli
  209. British Foreign Office Warns Travelers About Men Not Always Being Welcome in Our Ladi
  210. Grossly obscene’ and ‘offensive’ pro-Trump, Darren Wilson graffiti investigated at Ge
  211. VIDEO: Georgetown clamps down on pro-life activists at Planned Parenthood president’s
  212. Rice U. leaders beg for forgiveness after crime alert SNAFU upsets students
  213. Alabama University Student Wearing Empty Holster Cited For “Threatening The Safety Of
  214. Student: calling a drink 'redskin' after school's former mascot is offensive
  215. Oklahoma student govt.: 'Boomer Sooner' is insulting
  216. Student Cries ‘Trigger Warning’ Over Wall Mural
  217. Why You Probably Shouldn't Say 'Eskimo'
  218. Angry Brit: Correcting Grammar Is Racist, Classist, and Censorious
  219. Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten
  220. Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Y deal with trained nutcase SJW
  221. Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian Steven Crowder
  222. Tactics
  223. The College Rape Culture - 1 in 5 Coeds are victims of Rape?
  224. Left Against Left Files: Tranny angry at LGBT, burns rainbow flag
  225. TG Woman’s Defiance Supposedly Backfired On “Her”
  226. Leftist Snowflakes Call Cops After Woman’s 4 Words Own Them On Trans Toilet
  227. What is Lavender Graduation?
  228. Very important: "Rape culture", the presumption of innocence, and the Constitution
  229. WATCH: Emma Thompson Stages Eco Protest; Sprayed With Manure By Irate Farmer
  230. Music Classes Targeted for Pro-Perversion Brainwashing
  231. Social justice puts the 'cult' in 'culture'
  232. Indoctrinating Your Children
  233. The Paganizing of America
  234. "We'll Win the Bathroom Battle When the Binary Burns."
  235. Claremont race activists targeted ‘Shady People of Color’ for not supporting radical
  236. The Truth About 'Black Lives Matter' || Louder With Crowder
  237. Academic Howler of the Week: How to Ruin Salsa
  238. Are the SJWs actually really about destroying tenure?
  239. University offers counseling after pro-Black Lives Matter whiteboard message defaced
  240. Leftist Internet: Being White, ‘Born in America’ Automatically Makes One a ‘White Su
  241. Behind Some Campus Protests, a Team of Paid Professionals
  242. Forget white privilege: here’s what liberals are SHAMING people for now…
  243. Rocky Horror Department of Education
  244. Black Lies Matter Brings Racism Roadshow to U of Washington
  245. DePaul University Petition Declares That Milo’s Words Can ‘Kill’
  246. Madness Behind the Method: The Writings of the Craziest SJWs in Academia
  247. UChicago students vote to ignore food-justice activists, keep dining services they li
  248. Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials
  249. Louisiana Close To Approving ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill, ADL Blows A Gasket…
  250. Anti-Male Propaganda: Understanding Feminism’s Use of Atrocity Narratives