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  1. Student gov 'recommends' college fly BLM flag, endorse movement
  2. Yale Student Survey Reveals Conservative Views ‘Unwelcome’ on Campus
  3. Sierra plans ban on braids, 'offensive' costumes in contest
  4. For all the SJWs on Halloween....
  5. Janice Fiamengo Faces Trial At Social Justice Tribunal
  6. MILO Wears "Fabulous" Burka, Judges Halloween Costumes At UC Irvine
  7. Pro-Trump Pitt students assaulted AGAIN, receive death threats
  8. Triggered Texas U. Issues Halloween Costume Guide for Greeks
  9. My own article
  10. Canoes Are Symbols of Colonialism and Genocide
  11. Suffolk University Mandating Microagression Training for All Faculty
  12. Muslims Outraged After Alibaba Changes Name Of Travel Website To “Flying Pig”
  13. Liberal Oregon Professor Suspended For Wearing Blackface On Halloween
  14. #FeministHalloween' costumes defy 'internalized misogyny'
  15. NYC health official: 'We must name racism as a cause of poor health'
  16. Men Need Not Apply
  17. Students threatened with arrest for handing out Constitutions
  18. BU student vilified, threatened for supporting Trump
  19. UCSB CRs turn tables on liberal senator, win Shapiro funding
  20. Marx attacks! Socialists nestle in at Northeastern
  21. Loyola U. Chicago Course Seeks to Link Donald Trump to Slavery
  22. Triggered: Violent Anti-Trump Riots Break out in West Coast Cities, Campuses
  23. Review: too many old, white women teaching fashion studies
  24. Cornell students hold ‘Cry In’ over Trump victory
  25. Columbia and Barnard host at least five safe spaces following Trump’s election
  26. UMD 'Sex Week' guide lauds innovative butt plugs, birth control
  27. Yale professor makes midterm optional for students distraught over Trump win
  28. Illegal Immigrant Threatens "People Need To Die"
  29. ‘Die Whites Die’: Anti-Trump Rioters Vandalize NOLA Monuments
  30. Cal Poly Republicans accused of 'Nazi sysmpathy'
  31. Black Lies Matter ‘Anti-Bullying’ Advocate Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter
  32. George Mason U Admissions Officer calls Trump voters ‘Pieces of Worthless Trash’
  33. SMU revokes, then restores, honor for daughter of slain officer
  34. Trump Provides Food For Police Having To Deal With Protests At His Hotel In Chicago
  35. Professors ask Sullivan to stop quoting Jefferson
  36. ‘Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing’ Plunges Stockholm into Chaos
  37. Black Professor Calls For A Black People Strike To Defeat ‘Trumpism’
  38. Anti-Trump Protesters Blocking Highway SHOCKED When One of Them Gets Hit by Car
  39. 40 Year-Old Houston Woman Charged for Punching Horse During Anti-Trump Protest
  40. UMass students hold 'sh*t-in' for gender-neutral bathrooms
  41. College prez warns profs about 'insidious' conservative outlets
  42. Anti-Trump UMich protesters use 'privileged folx' as shield
  43. Profs circulate petition against possible Trump EPA pick
  44. GW progressives march on White House, issue list of demands
  45. Ivy league students petition for “sanctuary universities
  46. Left rage attempts to trump free speech at UW-Madison
  47. Twitter User Replaces Word 'White' With 'Black,' Gets Banned
  48. Pitt students offered extra credit to attend anti-Trump march
  49. Original thoughts (LOL!) from UT "Therapy Wall" re: Trump!
  50. Note to feminists: THIS is a rape culture...
  51. Bucknell Students Demand Financial Aid for Illegal Alien Students
  52. Georgetown prof recruits students to protest 'climate denier'
  53. Freedom of Speech almost GONE in Canada: The Peterson case
  54. City Censors Holidays to Be Politically Correct
  55. To the college men protesting Trump's election: thank those fighting for your rights,
  56. University of New Hampshire Professors Call for Trump Supporters to be Expelled
  57. College bans US flag citing ‘hate-based violence’ post-Trump victory
  58. College Course Teaches Founding Fathers Were ‘Terrorists,’ CEOs Should Be in Prison
  59. TRUMP Calls Family of Slain San Antonio Police Officer
  60. Berkeley Sends Email To Faculty Calling For Coddling of Undocumented Students
  61. College kids are proving Trump’s point
  62. Politically Correct Thanksgiving Pageant
  63. A place to report your Commie professor
  64. Richard Nixon and Harambe the Gorilla show up at Feminist protest. Guess the rest...
  65. Comedienne threatens to leave comedy because of college party with foreign hats
  66. UCLA students compare feminism to white supremacy
  67. North Korea: Please Stop Fat-Shaming Kim Jong-Un
  68. Still topical
  69. Tufts U. student leaders reject free speech measure, call it ‘unsafe’
  70. White Guilt - The Mansplainer Episode 3
  71. UC President Napolitano to campus cops: Don’t enforce federal immigration law
  72. College rejects conservative group for anti-communist views
  73. OSU Attacker Was Taking ‘Microagressions’ Course, Project Due This Week
  74. Kellogg Foundation Provided Nearly $1 Million to Support Black Lives Matter
  75. Oregon School District Bans Santa Claus Decorations, Seeks Religious Tolerance
  76. Catholic colleges pledge legal, financial aid for illegals
  77. No ‘religious icons’ during Christmas, colleges tell students
  78. Cal Poly course examines ‘why white was invented’
  79. Save Us from Social Justice
  80. Purdue prez accused of 'silence' after condemning flyers...twice
  81. UConn President Releases Plan to Protect Illegal Immigrants on Campus
  82. Tulane Advances ‘Gender Pronoun’ Rule, Blames Trump
  83. Hate Hoax: Villanova Student Withdraws Trump Voters Attack Claim
  84. UMD prez 'offends' students by making sanctuary pledge in Spanish
  85. U of I students chastise campus cops for finding stolen phone
  86. France Passes Law To Ban Pro-Life Websites
  87. Columbia U Students Protest Event For Highlighting Jewish Connection To Israel, Sayin
  88. MILO Visits Memories Pizza To ‘Apologize On Behalf Of The Normal Gays’
  89. Students claim OSU terrorist victim of police brutality
  90. D'rat Prof sends invite to student concert to those "fighting post-election blues"
  91. CSUF donor enrages students by suggesting they get jobs
  92. EMU ‘targets’ athletes, veterans for ‘manhood’ workshops
  93. Prof calls police...on a police officer
  94. The Settlers of Brooklyn
  95. Med students: ‘racism’ is a ‘public health crisis’
  96. U. Colorado Profs: ‘Illegal Immigrants Under Siege’
  97. Cal Poly student gov endorses 'safe space' for illegals
  98. 'Holiday,' 'evergreen trees' too religious for TWU
  99. Berkeley to offer course on the ‘politics of needing to go’
  100. OSU offers course on 'African American resistance' to Trump
  101. Rolling Stone Challenges Verdict Over False Gang Rape Story at UVA
  103. Stressed-out students pet puppies, learn secrets of 'adulting'
  104. UW students petition to shut down YAF, punish leaders
  105. Guess who's "fact-checking" FACEBOOK?
  106. UVA Students Sign Petition To Ban Christmas
  107. High School Censors Pro-Life Club, Bans the Word ‘Abortion’
  108. Muslim students demand prayer rooms in every 'major building'
  109. Prof denies that college campuses are 'liberal echo chambers'
  110. Homosexual Harasser of Ivanka Trump now vewy, vewy quiet....
  111. Academics urge Trump to endorse Obama climate change policies
  112. UMD urges 'inclusive language' to avoid offending illegals
  113. The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible
  114. University Professor’s Christmas Wish: ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide
  115. Snowflakes March To Be Shot in Aleppo
  116. GW history majors no longer need US history course
  117. Welcome aboard Trump Flight 1600...
  118. LIST: 17 reported post-election pro-Trump ‘hate’ crimes — debunked
  119. California colleges rated worst for Jewish students
  120. School Offers “Buttons” To Claim Their “Gender Identity
  122. 16 Most Ridiculously PC Moments on College Campuses in 2016
  123. College Students Chastised for Sarcasm
  124. Former Chicago top cop: Black Lives Matter killing blacks
  125. Save Us from Social Justice: Janice Fiamengo goes on trial
  126. UW student paper defends ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course
  127. Feminists Defend Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump on JetBlue Flight
  128. Once again, Trump makes the RIGHT enemies
  129. Boston Magazine: How Liberal Professors Are Ruining College
  130. SJW? or just thugs?
  131. Students, alumni demand marching bands ditch inauguration
  132. SIU student gov’s demand sanctuary for families of illegals
  133. Judge forces Georgia to give illegals in-state tuition
  134. Trump is Hitler, says Wayne State VP
  135. BLM flag on display for two weeks at Northwestern
  136. Raciss poster
  137. Sanctuary Restaurants?
  138. Children return parents' degrees to protest inauguration plans
  139. No need for college! Get your Social Justice Insults at this website!
  140. UMD lecturers: Trump victory caused by 'white supremacy'
  141. Oregon Business Owner To CNN, Liberals And Springsteen: ‘We’ve Had It With You Idiot
  142. Protester At Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing: “We Have To Stop This Mother F*ckin
  143. White supremacist Twitter threats were made by a 14 year old black girl
  144. Obama's dog bites white girl. Canine hate crime?
  145. Dems attack Trump's Ed Sec pick for donating to civil rights group
  146. Brown prof calls red states 'laboratories of anti-democracy'
  147. Leftists hold protest against guy they don't know
  148. MILO UC Davis Event Cancelled After Leftists Pull Hammers Smash Windows
  149. Teachers in Philly pushing for week of lessons on Black Lives Matter
  150. GVSU seminar warns that ‘fashion trends’ are ‘oppressive’
  151. Profs pledge to 'use regular class time' to protest Trump
  152. U of Washington offers social justice workshops for librarians
  153. Pierce students say new all-gender restrooms not good enough
  154. Woodward Skewers Bernstein – Bob Woodward Dismantles Propaganda of CNN and Carl Berns
  155. Progressives Bully More Entertainers Out of Inauguration
  156. "Demand Protest" is paying $2,500 a month for “activists” to stop Trump.
  157. Activists Freak Out Over ND Bill Protecting Drivers Who Run Over Dakota Protesters
  158. Marc Lamont Hill: Trump’s Diversity Coalition ‘A Bunch of Mediocre Negroes’
  159. Berkeley course explores ‘cognitive dysfunctions' of Trump
  160. Anti-cop prof to give keynote at ECU MLK Celebration
  161. Syracuse Lists Pink Signs Aimed at Women as Example of ‘Abhorrent’ Bias Incidents
  162. Black Undergraduates Incapable of Learning from White Professors
  163. GUPride hosting post-Inauguration 'self-care' event
  164. UT students to flaunt 'ungrabbable assets' at 'twerkshop'
  165. College Dem exec jumps ship as Party drifts to extreme left
  166. This is it, folks! Prepare yourself!
  167. Ashley Judd turns vulgar
  168. Madonna 'Blowing up the White House Speaking at WomensMarch Madonna Speech
  169. Georgetown flag pole empty on Inauguration Day
  170. Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna
  171. You Know Things Are Messed Up When...
  172. Shia LaBeouf
  173. Police: Arrested activist featured in Project Veritas inauguration video
  174. Boys can now be Girl Guides if they identify as female - and the same applies to lead
  175. BC tries again after students ignore 'bias and isms' panel
  176. Another Hollywood Genius
  177. Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim immigrant
  178. Woman goes bananas at Trump's club
  179. Men Working’ sign deemed sexist, Ohio college tells crew to stop working
  180. Sex is like Pizza
  181. WUSTL offering 'Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius' course
  182. L.A. Mayor Sets Up Justice Fund to Protect Criminal Aliens
  183. Inauguration: 6 Journalists Face Felony Rioting Charge...
  184. Columbia College students demand LGBTQ, POC resource centers
  185. Epic SJW rant: ‘We need to start killing people’
  186. New social justice drink: Starbucks White Snowflake Smoothie
  187. Irritating Display of Black Privilege at UPenn
  188. Social Justice Warriors ?
  189. Sex Week workshop will prep students for one-night stands
  190. UNF Sex Week promotes polyamory as 'alternative to cheating'
  191. Tunnels of Oppression expose ‘privileged’ students to 'dehumanization'
  192. F17 Strike
  193. Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Rushing to Hospital
  194. College Promises To Hire Professors Based On Skin Color
  195. How Violence Undermined the Berkeley Protest
  196. Virginia University Publishes "LGBTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide"
  197. College suspends classes for events on privilege, 'sports culture'
  198. 'Leftist Fight Club' trains UCF students to fight Republicans
  199. massive amounts of garbage from DAPL protest camp
  200. Students demands profs be 'vetted' for 'inclusivity'
  201. CSUF prof allegedly assaults conservative student on campus
  202. AAUP condemns student journalists for accurate reporting
  203. ECO Warrior!!!!
  204. College Writing Center Declares American Grammar ‘Racist,’ ‘Unjust Language Structure
  205. CA budget guts middle-class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals
  206. Iowa senator wants diversity hiring quotas to include ideology
  207. CSU tells students to call cops on immigration authorities
  208. CSULB compiling data on students' sexual orientations
  209. The Academy Awards
  210. 'Antifa' group openly promotes violence, vandalism at Clemson
  211. Profs call healthcare for illegals a 'moral obligation'
  212. Princeton Group Bans Star Wars Costume: Stormtroopers Remind Them of Nazi Brownshirts
  213. Columbia profs blame student suicides on Trump
  214. UMN revamps homecoming court to promote 'gender inclusivity'
  215. College ‘study group’ to address ‘depravity of whiteness’
  216. Cornell protesters demand funding, housing for illegals
  217. Shut this down.
  218. Cardiff Met University Bans Gendered Words Including ‘Sportsmanship’ and ‘Mankind’
  219. UT instructors meet students in bars to avoid campus carry
  220. Whites-only group explores its 'racist superiority' at MIT
  221. White Women Can’t Wear Hoop Earrings, Women Of Color Say
  222. School administrators don’t have much tolerance for student’s ‘straight pride’ poster
  223. Harvard Committee Tasked with Enforcing Penalties on Single-Sex Student Organizations
  224. College hosts ‘nap-ins’ to guide students on ‘journey to diversity’
  225. College Removes Weight Scale From Campus Gym After Students Call it ‘Triggering’
  226. Physics conference urges attendees to wear 'pronoun stickers'
  227. California Elementary School Dumps ‘Father-Daughter Dance’ in Favor of ‘Family Dance’
  228. UNO provides glossary of 'queer and trans community' terms
  229. Pro-lifers demand Kutztown stop stifling their speech
  230. Miami College of Design prepares to be submerged by 2040
  231. Berkeley blows budget on booze, boat cruise, blacks-only bash
  232. Left-Wing Activists Prepare for ‘Resistance’ with Breathing Exercises
  233. UMD hires new admin to 'protect' illegal immigrant students
  234. NJ asks universities to 'serve as safe zones' for illegals
  235. University of Arizona Instructs Students to Say ‘Ouch!’ when Offended
  236. College ‘diversity council’ posts FAKE racist flyers
  237. University Admin: ‘Whiteness’ Goes Against Christianity
  238. Naked people slaughter a sheep at Auschwitz death camp
  239. Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim prof’s claim
  240. NoHo school budget cuts due to high white student percentage
  241. Loyola University Chicago Student Group Lectures White Students on Their ‘Internalize
  242. UC-Irvine students: Wells Fargo branch on campus is 'unacceptable'
  243. Bucknell Professor Cancels Class, Requires Students to Attend ‘Diversity’ Summit
  244. Students Confess Their Sins At ‘Masculinity Confession Booth’
  245. Sweden Makes ‘Men’s Violence Against Women’ Compulsory Subject at University
  246. Muslim Actor Who Accused Disney of Islamophobia Is a Racist Himself
  247. Feminist academics host 'expert' in microaggressions panel
  248. UMD students consider sharing dorms with refugees
  249. Student has grade docked for using 'mankind' in English paper