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  1. Mental Illness Spreads
  2. UN Environment Chief Forced to Resign for Racking up Too Many Air Miles
  3. Thanksgiving a ‘celebration’ of ‘genocide,’ say campus groups
  4. Curse of Cultural Marxism
  5. Virginia School Bans Christmas Carols Mentioning ‘Jesus’
  6. Columbia University Seminar to Promote ‘Inclusive Grading’
  7. Colin Kaepernick supporters plan to rock the #ProBowlVote
  8. The MaxiPad's bloody plans for banks
  9. Principal bans red, green and everything Christmas before Liberty Counsel steps in
  10. sjws have taken over Magic the gathering
  11. Ben Shapiro ROASTS liberal
  12. Germany Launches ‘How to Identify Nazi Parents’ Guide For Schools
  13. Angry parents lash out at DOE official over diversification plan
  14. UNC TAs plot to 'withhold grading' 'until certain demands are met' over Silent Sam s
  15. British Forces Mired in Identity Politics, Army Winning ‘Race for Diversity’
  16. Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy
  17. Democrats to Google CEO: YouTube Must Promote ‘Creators of Color’ for ‘Diversity’
  18. Harvard hires to 'address needs of the LGBTQ+ community'
  19. UCLA Professor: Too Many White Male Firefighters Out There
  20. Cops arrest man, 47, and woman, 54, over drone chaos after cyclist was spotted...
  21. Did you hear the one about the white prof who told a black student to behave?
  22. Heather MacDonald challenges college "diversity"; says it helps China
  23. High-scoring Asian students rejected at Harvard based on "likability"
  24. Grievance Feminism & the corruption of Human Rights
  25. Mizzou admin: Men who ask out smaller women could violate Title IX
  26. Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library presents: Drag Queen Story Hour
  27. Calif. organizers cancel Women's March for being too white
  28. The Utlimate SJW Rewind 2018
  29. Policing in New York City
  30. New Year’s resolutions white cis men need to make for 2019
  31. NY police say 'Muslim Community Patrol' car not sanctioned by them
  32. British Army Launches Recruitment Drive For ‘Millenials’, ‘Snowflakes’
  33. Sorority charged with ‘hazing’ for requiring members to study 25 hours per week
  34. University offers class that explores ‘non-human perspectives’ of LGBT
  35. CNN's Ana Navarro Files Nails on Live TV as Guest Discusses Murders by Illegal Aliens
  36. NFL Launches Social Justice Initiative, Stressing Education
  37. Augsburg University: a case study in ‘get more diverse, get more authoritarian’
  38. Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory Refuses to Condemn Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism
  39. Desiring ‘authentic’ food supports … white supremacy
  40. Carolina Teachers Refuse to Release Students’ Final Grades
  41. Killing Free Speech (the movie that the Left is trying to ban)
  42. Leftist Activism 101: Get in someone’s face and then play victim for the cameras
  43. Covington and Orwell's "Face Crime"
  44. Texas A&M English prof candidates better have a 'feminist' or 'queer' 'agenda'
  45. Social Justice Bishops condemned Covington Students but not Cuomo
  46. Calif. board of trustees scraps Pledge of Allegiance over 'white nationalism' history
  47. You gotta love 'em
  48. Univ. charges for 'intercultural competence' assessment as students drown in debt
  49. Missouri school ponders white-only racism workshop
  50. San Francisco area restaurant bans 'Make America Great' hats
  51. Purdue pres advocates novel concept: Grads should know the Constitution
  52. New Jersey becomes second state in nation to require that schools teach LGBT history
  53. Catholic college gives out free ‘chest binders’ to female students
  54. Panera Bread’s ‘pay-what-you-want’ socialist program goes totally belly-up
  55. VA bill erases ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from law, defines embryonic humans as property
  56. Yale editor chillingly urges fellow Yalies to act as a 'Stasi' to monitor white males
  57. When we talk about blackface from the 70s and 80s, we should remember these:
  58. Mayor Praises 10-Year-Old Cub Scout for Kneeling During Pledge of Allegiance
  59. Georgetown University Students May Face Student Fee to Pay Slavery Reparations
  60. Notre Dame professors claim pro-life movement has white supremacy agenda.
  61. Dickinson College Student Newspaper: ‘Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?’
  62. SJWs hate Trump for being an alpha white man
  63. You guys knew that the Anti-Lynching bill was all about trannies in dresses, right?
  64. College that removed American flag after Trump’s election is on the brink of collapse
  65. Jussie Smollett is a Complete Idiot
  66. Woman Charged With Attacking Falmouth Man Wearing MAGA Hat Now In ICE Custody
  67. NJ High School Bans Prom Limos Because Some Students Can’t Afford Them
  68. Rutgers trains students to empathize with illegal immigrants
  69. Making jokes at Portland State gets you reported to its bias response team
  70. New Jersey legislators want ‘Huck Finn’ out of state’s schools
  71. Gonzaga event: ‘Is Moana about Rape?
  72. USC student gov proposes making campus ‘sanctuary’ for illegals
  73. Did college remove 'fat shaming' sign after student complaints?
  74. UNG 'safe zone training': 'Avoid saying mailman'
  75. Makes sense to me
  76. UCLA sued for hiding public records on disruption of Trump official’s speech
  77. White, male, heterosexual, Christian privilege is everywhere,
  78. Rutgers professor: Even the concept of time is racist
  79. Patagonia decides to pick and choose only the wokest buyers for its famous vests
  80. NY college pres.: ‘A campus is not the place for free speech’
  81. NJ doles out $250,000 for law students to rep illegals in court
  82. UCLA event compares communist dictator Che Guevara to Jesus
  83. Australian Navy Orders Sailors Not to March in the Dark
  84. More college administrator spinelessness
  85. Protester arrested at U of Missouri-Kansas City
  86. Its snowflaking in Michigan
  87. Christian school students 'shaking' after Pence invited
  88. Now the Gold Rush is evil
  89. Prof asks whether students should learn 'dead white man'
  90. She clutches herself, cries about "brown people", then sends illegals out of state
  91. SAT to use 'adversity score' for students applying to college
  92. More than 75 universities now host blacks-only graduation ceremonies
  93. Another spin on "adversity score"
  94. This is a "teacher" ?
  95. Education at work
  96. The tone for this illegal ad came from the top of DOE
  97. Multiple universities offer ‘cultural diversity scholarships’
  98. U. Maryland to be First in Nation to Offer Degree in Medical Cannabis Science
  99. Antifa attack conservative blogger Andy Ngo amid violence at Portland Proud Boys prot
  100. Americans vastly overestimate the size of the LGBT population
  101. A great video about Antifa and its origins
  102. University investigates feminist grad student for saying men can’t become women
  103. Dem mayor refuses to raise LGBT flag, calls it symbol of ‘political movement’
  104. Meet the New SJW Physics
  105. Oregon to allow student 'mental health days'
  106. Suburban Homeowners Lose
  107. Portland State Punishes Professor Behind Academic Journal Hoax Papers
  108. Laura Ingraham does Complete show on ANTIFA. (A Must Watch)
  109. Jesuits go FULL COMMUNIST in "America" Magazine
  110. IQ's in Great Britian Drop to new low
  111. Law school dean slams Trump military transgender rule in email
  112. Drag Queen Twerks In Front Of Pre-Schoolers
  113. Prof calls to get rid of grades because they are 'capitalism in action'
  114. University of South Dakota Tells White Students to Stop ‘Taking Up Space’
  115. Univ. BANS BURGERS to combat climate change. Where could it happen next?
  116. Title IX and a reason to LOVE Amy Coney Barrett
  117. Your tax dollars at work
  118. University promotes hotline for students to call if they see immigration agents
  119. The Owner Of The Miami Dolphins Is The Latest To Be Cast Away Due To Trump Support
  120. Repeat after me: There is no bias against conservatives in college
  121. SAT Is Dropping Its 'Adversity Score'
  122. Transgender Activists Terrorize Women's Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti
  123. Juicey Smullett
  124. Bernie Sanders Signals He’s Open to a ‘Meat Tax’ to Combat Climate Change
  125. UCLA prof: ‘I don’t see the Second Amendment as absolute,
  126. Girls Banned from Wearing Skirts at School ‘to Protect Their Modesty’
  127. The Great White Hoax
  128. No whites, please. Sci-tech meet wants only ‘underrepresented’
  129. Student leaders fight ‘heteronormativity’ at Notre Dame
  130. 30,000 students, < 10 attend university’s white privilege workshop
  131. E.U. Claims ‘Global Climate Leadership’ as Private Jet Use Soars by 50%
  132. California Shocked - Decriminalizing Retail Theft Resulted More
  133. Doing Africa in style
  134. Mindless moonbat gibberish or social justice warriors ?
  135. Trudeau Slammed for Using Two Planes on Campaign Trail
  136. No foam tomahawks on seats at Braves ballpark after comments by Cards' Helsley
  137. No discrimination here
  138. CNN equality forum: Misgendering Is “violence”
  139. Teacher 'habitually' takes a knee during Pledge of Allegiance.
  140. No indoctriantion attempt here
  141. Victim of using facts
  142. UK univ. decides CLAPPING isn't inclusive enough
  143. Universities Breed Anger, Ignorance, and Ingratitude
  144. Target Donates $100,000 for ‘Trans’ Education
  145. As Criticism Mounts, Greta Thunberg Wants Facebook To Silence Opponents
  146. I'm sure Univ of Cali will agree
  147. U of Minnesota in Uproar Over Improper Usage of Pronouns
  148. Nation’s only all-male historically black college accused of ‘toxic’ masculinity
  149. Hate hoax in the making
  150. University invites students to 'Decolonize your Thanksgiving'
  151. Disney says Dumbo isn't woke !
  152. Teacher Defends Drag Queen at School, Condemns ‘Bigoted’ Parents
  153. NYC to release suspects accused of terrorism threats, manslaughter, child sex crimes
  154. Virginia is for Idiots
  155. Sprite Transgender Ad Proves There Is a War on for Children’s Hearts, Minds and Bodie
  156. Controversy Over $42,000 in Security Costs for Chula Vista Drag Queen Happy Hour
  157. Students at Oberlin College commemorate jihadi terrorists
  158. CNN Determined to Normalize 'Throuple' Queen Katie Hill
  159. UC Berkeley Considers Dropping SAT and ACT
  160. More propaganda from the left
  161. You can't make this stuff up
  162. Portland State University Now Offering ‘Queer Ecologies’ Class
  163. Elite college requires physics students to ‘decolonize’ the academic field
  164. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ‘Queerest’ Holiday Special
  165. The Newest Social Justice Warriors: Wall Street
  166. First Amendment Rights ‘Intensely Hurtful’ to Students
  167. Academic Wants to Ban the Insults “Nerd” and “Geek” as Hate Crimes
  168. Conservatives And Republicans Riot After Impeachment
  169. CLOWNWORLDJK Rowling Cancelled by Woke Outrage Mob For Saying Biological Sex is Real
  170. Penn State can’t say what ‘equity promotion’ means
  171. MSU Student gov Bans Cafeteria Trays
  172. Meghan Markle refuses to move back to the States
  173. More insane thinking from the MSM
  174. New Mexico may extend tax credit to non-citizens
  175. To All The Anti-Gun LGBTQ People of Color....
  176. Yale Kills Popular Art History Course
  177. More Posing from Hollywierd
  178. You get what you vote for
  179. Greta Thunberg Gets TV Series From BBC Studios
  180. Joaquin Phoenix Spotted at Oscars Party with Plastic Water Bottle
  181. Activist Judges Veto Heathrow’s Third Runway
  182. Newly Proposed law in Cali
  183. It's Suddenly Racist to Say 'Wuhan Virus'
  184. More common sense from Cali
  185. College students ?
  186. U.N. Staffer Brings Coronavirus to South Sudan
  187. Prof - urging people to eat healthy during quarantine is ‘fatphobic’
  188. Feminist says coronavirus shows 'it's time to abolish the family'
  189. Homeschooling is racist
  190. Defeating Wuhan -CCR virus is politically incorrect
  191. Putgers Prof Brittney Cooper: ‘F*ck Each and Every Trump Supporter’
  192. NFL Considering Boosting Draft Picks of Teams That Hire Black Coaches
  193. Local Hyperbole...Cannot believe this
  194. Whites Kneel And Beg Blacks For Forgiveness
  195. Riots Leave Cities with Just Rubble, Ashes
  196. Former Police Officer Delivers Incredible Response To Black Lives Matter
  197. Muslims
  198. Minnesota city mulls removing 'chief' from job titles, saying term is offensive
  199. Speaking of needing a mask
  200. Oakland Abolishes School Police Department
  201. Texas Realtors Association To Drop the Term 'Master Bedroom'
  202. I guess Durkan changed her mind
  203. Environment Groups Press States to Resume Reusable Bag Use
  204. UMass Nursing Dean Fired For Saying "Everyone's Life Matters"
  205. Prince Harry Apologizes For 'Systemic Racism'
  206. Sound Familiar
  207. Nothing like a college education to expand your mind
  208. Why the Police Must Be Removed from the Equation
  209. I'm brokenhearted
  210. Academics Dismiss Citizenship as an ‘Artificial Distinction’
  211. Cali at its finest