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  1. Kick Off!
  2. The night before a jobless Christmas
  3. Carol of the Fails
  4. Cuba cuts state payroll, private sector jobs double in 2 years
  5. Speaker Boehner of the House will be elected today
  6. Is it possible that the Repubs will control both House and Senate after the Mids?
  7. W.Va. Sen. Jay Rockefeller to retire
  8. About the Myth that Tip O’Neill and Reagan Worked Together
  9. Some of the dumbest Dems ever ...
  10. Karl Rove and rich GOP donors wage war on Tea Party
  11. A Democratic Party that no longer has any standards
  13. Ashley Judd for Kentucky US Senator campaign poster...
  14. N.Y. politicians arrested in mayoral race bribe scheme
  15. Keystone pipeline opponents biggest spenders in Massachusetts Senate race
  16. Voter Fraud: Obama Failed to Qualify For Indiana Ballot? How Many Other States?
  17. Dems Are Getting Mighty Nervous.
  18. Democratic strategist: Democratic Party 'in decline'
  19. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she will not run for re-election in 2014
  20. Former RINO Lincoln Chafee Becomes A Democrat
  21. Supremes invalidate Arizona voter registration law
  22. Hillary's Perfect Campaign Slogan
  23. Obama: SCOTUS 'Made A Mistake' In Voting Rights Act Ruling
  24. Sarah Palin considering 2014 US Senate run
  25. Liz Cheney Will Run For U.S. Senate In Wyoming…
  26. Senate Control in 2014 Increasingly Looks Like a Tossup
  28. Why Trayvon is important to the midterms
  29. Tea Party Gearing up for Battle against Mitch McConnell
  30. Lindsey Graham vs Tea Party
  31. This applies to 2014 even though it was written after the 2012 election
  32. New Book On Obama out in time for 2014 Mid Terms
  33. Camille Paglia on Weiner, Democrats, Benghazi, and Hillary in 2016
  34. German Tea Party: Anti Euro party may enter German Parliament
  35. Oprah, Ben Affleck trying to trash Tea Party Candidate (Lonegan) in New Jersey
  36. The Democrat Broken Record
  37. Maybe the Republicans are getting some balls
  38. Booker. Despite the fact that he's a scumbag and almost as big a failure as Barry...
  39. DNC edges RNC in fundraising
  40. Marianne Williamson is running for Congress
  41. America, the Republicans Warned You About Obamacare
  42. 9/11 Truther Running For Governor Of NJ
  43. Gloves Off: GOP Establishment Goes After Tea Party
  44. How I Plan To Vote Tomorrow
  45. Why Cuccinelli Lost . . . and How We Might Have Won
  46. White House Gives “Green Light” To Red State Democrat Senators To Openly Bash Obamaca
  47. Tales of GOP betrayal of Tea Party Candidates
  48. Is the writing on the wall for Chris Christie?
  49. When you go to the polls in 2014....
  50. Mitch McConnell Campaign Taking Money From Obamacare Website Health Firm
  51. Charlie Rangel: ‘Saying You’re Sorry Doesn’t Help Me Worth a Damn at the Polls’
  52. Wisconsin Special Prosecutor Targets Supporters of Scott Walker
  53. Duck Dynasty-endorsed Republican wins La. House seat
  54. We lost in Albuquerque tonight
  55. Stop calling it "Obamacare".....
  56. Desperate Obama delays insurance premium rate deadline until after mid-terms
  57. Al Franken: Delay the Individual Mandate
  58. Former Secret Service agent Bongino: Holder’s Justice Dept. is a ‘travesty’
  59. 9 things conservatives need to know about ObamaCare (going forward)
  60. IRS Comes Up With New Method To Harass Conservative Groups To Restrict 2014 Influence
  61. Obamacare Missing From DCCC Website
  62. GOP Ahead/Tied in 8 Key Senate Battleground States
  63. Limbaugh: GOP ‘Willing to Lose Some Elections’ to Purge Tea Party from Base
  64. Obama IRS Tightening Noose on Tea Party Groups
  65. Über-RINO Peter King Launches Anti-Ted Cruz PAC
  66. Chamber of Commerce Planning To Spend $50 Million Attacking Conservatives
  67. Weird DNC fundraising email
  68. Did De Blasio get the horse vote?
  70. Liz Cheney to abandon Senate bid
  71. Charlie Crist Now Running As A Democrat
  72. Chris Christie's Presser about "Bridge-gate"
  73. Texas candidate's anti-Obamacare ad
  74. Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor’s Favorability Rating Now 9 Points Above Barack Obama's
  75. Criticizing Her Lies is "Sexist": Got that?
  76. “Americans will forgive a lot in a politician. But a woman who leaves her kids is...
  78. Henry (Rat Face) Waxman Announces Retirement, Blames Tea Party
  79. The Cowardice of Wendy Davis
  80. Abortion Barbie backs 20-week abortion ban
  81. Vulnerable Senate Democrats Ask IRS To Target Conservative Groups Running Campaign Ad
  82. Longest-serving member of the house retiring. (Dingell)
  83. Moonbat Cindy Sheehan to run for Governor of California
  84. Why Republicans Need the Tea Party
  85. Lois Lerner fears for her life if she testifies at Wednesday’s oversight hearing
  86. Woman with cancer hits back at Harry Reid, Democrats for attack
  87. Sarah Palin at CPAC 2014...
  88. Chris Matthews Is Certain This Person Will Be the Next Republican Presidential Nomine
  89. Jolly wins special election
  90. CNN’s: More Democrat Retirements Coming
  91. Nate Silver: 60% chance of GOP taking the Senate
  92. Former Eagle Gary Cobb Running For Congress
  93. Democrats campaigning on Koch brothers, not on issues
  94. Vulnerable Dem Sen. Mary Landrieu Out With New Attack Ad Against . . . Barack Obama…
  95. Carney Admits MSM Biased In Favor of Obama, Says Toughest Interview Obama Faced was..
  96. Black Conservatives Fund PAC debuts in run-up to 2014 midterm elections
  97. Top 10 Reasons to Vote Democrat in 2014
  98. Cotton Features His Drill Sergeant In New Ad
  99. "FIRE GRAHAM".....I wish.
  100. "It’s only homophobic when other people do it."
  101. Alan Grayson accuses wife of bigamy
  102. Bored youth vote: trouble for the Dems?
  103. Electile Dysfinction: The ad that got a Tea Party candidate fired from his job
  104. Federal judge strikes down Wisconsin voter ID law
  105. Vandal defaces campaign signs with Nazi symbols in Arlington
  106. GOP Learns A Lesson About Debates
  107. Clay Aiken's opponent in dem. primary dies in accident.
  108. Sasse wins GOP Senate primary in Nebraska
  109. 17-year-old student tops sitting W.Va. Lawmaker
  110. Abortion Barbie just won't go away: Hollywood fundraiser
  111. Oh, Marv.....
  112. Mitch McConnell wins primary
  113. Pro-Amnesty Goons Storm Eric Cantor’s Condo
  114. White House Stops Releasing Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Before Midterm Elections
  115. Time for Democrats to panic over economy?
  116. Looks Like We May Get The Senate!
  117. Hopeless Incompetence or Destruction by Devioous Design
  118. Just heard that Eric Cantor lost his Republican primary
  119. Who Had the Worst Week in Washington?
  120. Heads gonna splode!!!
  121. CNN projects incumbent Thad Cochran has beaten tea party challenger Chris McDaniel
  122. University Paying Hillary Clinton $225K for Speech Also Raising Tuition 17%
  123. Ashley Madison Stuck Hillary Clinton's Image on a Billboard
  124. Cochran Team Paid Black Democrats For Their Votes In GOP Senate Runoff Race
  125. Nevada might get its first transgender legislator — and she’s Republican
  126. 'Romney Was Right' Bumper Stickers Fuel Midterm Campaigns
  127. New Hillary Bumper Sticker (which you might like)
  128. McDaniels request for records denied
  129. Anybody from the opposite side you're willing to vote for?
  130. Rand Paul Stands Out in Courting Black Voters
  131. 95 Percent of Professor Donations in California go to Democratic Politicians
  132. Who is Adam Laxalt
  133. 'Conservatarians' in Silicon Valley Drawn to Rand Paul Message
  134. Low Voter turnout in primaries has Dems worried.
  135. Gallup Poll: Midterms Look Grim for Democrats
  136. Potential 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Drew Cary?
  137. TEA Party Leader Endorses Libertarian Robert Sarvis For U.S. Senate
  138. Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1
  139. Evidence Henry Barbour at Center of Race-Baiting in MS
  140. Krauthammer: Obama Gave Justice Ginsburg 'Unseemly Nudge'
  141. BIG PRO CHOICE trying to keep canidate seated in IL.......
  142. Hollywood Pouring Money Into Midterm Elections
  143. Reid: Democrats can win if unions help-Blames Bush
  144. Liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Outraged By Perry Indictment
  145. Martial Law?
  146. At Least One Partisan Dem Sat On Rick Perry Grand Jury
  147. How Obama will bring back The War on Women for 2014 via HHS
  148. Rick Perry Takes Mugshot to Next Level
  149. Crist: I Was On The Democrats’ Side When I Was A Republican
  150. Anti-Abortion Protesters Rally Outside of Sen. Hagan's Office
  151. Obama May Delay Immigration Action Until After Midterms
  152. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Accuses Scott Walker Of Abusing Women
  153. Judge Dismisses Dem Sen. Landrieu Residency Challenge
  154. Democratic IL 17th District U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos is a Liar
  155. I just could not help myself
  156. "I am not Barck Obama"
  157. $6.4 Million From Soros Behind Legal Battles For 3 Conservative 2016 Contenders
  158. Full 7th Circuit Appeals Court refuses to stop Wisconsin Voter I.D. law
  159. Mary Burke Hands Scott Walker The Win In Wisconsin.
  160. 2014 Absentee Voting Forms
  161. GOP’s Ernst pulls ahead in Iowa Senate race
  162. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) Steps in Cow Pie
  163. Michelle Obama Won’t Campaign For Democrats Because She’s Mad Over Letter About Potat
  164. Van Jones: Democrats need to weaponize Ebloa for the 2014 campaign
  165. Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama
  166. Hagan admits skipping Armed Services hearing for campaign fundraiser
  167. Abortion Barbie Attack Ad: Greg Abbott Got Rich When A Tree Fell On Him
  168. 'White boy' Biden calls tea party 'crazy'
  169. Record number of black candidates seeking office
  170. Election Projection
  171. Senate Projection Looking Better.
  172. Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early
  173. Ballot Stuffing Caught On Camera
  174. GOP candidate in Cook County discovers voting machine casts his vote for the Democrat
  175. Colorado Legislature OK's Voter Fraud
  176. Mark Udall Advocates Condone Voter Fraud: "That’s not even like lying or stealing"
  177. Late-breaking scandal could cost GOP expected South Dakota Senate seat
  178. Election Funnies--Midterm Edition