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  1. One of Cecil's cubs has been killed
  2. MoveOn Aims To Defund Dems Who Oppose Iran Deal By Withholding $10M In Contributions
  3. Gunfire erupts in Ferguson on anniversary of Michael Brown's killing
  4. DOJ Takes Custody Of Hillary's Server
  5. Jimmy Carter has cancer
  6. Explosion rocks China's Tianjin; 13 killed
  7. Indonesian plane goes missing with 54 people on board
  8. Tourists among 18 killed in apparent attack on Bangkok shrine
  9. Oath Keepers Want to Arm Ferguson Protesters
  10. S. Korea Fires Scores of Shells Into N. Korea
  11. Congressional Democrats Targeting The Group Behind The Planned Parenthood Videos!
  12. 2 members of U.S. military stop Islamist attacker on train in Belgium
  13. At least 7 dead after vintage military jet crashes at UK air show
  14. Huge explosions at 'US army base' in Japan as warehouse burns and emergency services
  15. LSP: Trooper shot in head after responding to traffic incident, suspect in custody
  16. Breaking: Full 8th Planned Parenthood Video Now Released: PP Sells ‘A Lot’ Of Aborted
  17. 10-year-old survived night in remote Utah woods by curling up in warm rocks
  18. TV crew shot and killed on air
  19. Another LEO killed by a coward
  20. Possible Highway Sniper In Michigan
  21. Wes Craven Dead
  22. Police Officer Shot in Fox Lake, Ill.
  23. State Department employee who helped Hillary to plead the 5th
  24. Agents raid Goodwill
  25. Las Vegas Cop Ambushed At Traffic Light
  26. Kentucky Clerk Appeals Order Putting Her In Jail Over Refusal To Issue Same-Sex Marri
  28. Obama wants U.S. to prepare for 10,000 Syrian refugees
  29. Man Arrested In Alleged Plot To Bomb 9/11 Memorial
  30. Sept 11, 2001 Terrorists Hijack 4 Airlinesrs Destroy World Trade Center, Hit Pentagon
  31. Over 60 dead after crane collapses on world’s holiest mosque in Mecca
  32. Rick Perry is dropping out
  33. Judicial Watch: Breaking Hillary Clinton Email News to be announced Monday 9/14
  34. TOMORROW! Tuesday, September 15, 9pm Eastern Time
  35. Police seek 'person of interest' after history professor killed in Mississippi
  36. 8.3 Earthquake off of coast of Chile
  37. House Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood For A Year (Obama threatens veto)
  38. Satan kills over 700 while playing crush the pilgrim
  39. Delaware police shoot man in wheelchair; his relatives ask why
  40. Boehner Will Resign from Congress
  41. Pope decries environmental damage, then visits ground zero
  42. New rocket fired from Syria hits Israel-held Golan
  43. France Conducts First Air Strikes Against Islamic State
  44. Forensic analysis: Planned Parenthood videos ‘show no evidence of manipulation’
  45. Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says
  46. Russians Strike Targets in Syria, but Not ISIS Areas
  47. Congress approves stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown
  48. Feel that no one cares? Well............
  49. Iranian troops prepare to aid Russia with Syrian ground assault, officials say
  50. 10 dead in shooting at Oregon college
  51. Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage
  52. The Oregon Gunman: Admired Black Gay Killer Who Shot Journalists On Live T.V.
  53. Bill Clinton White House suppressed evidence of Iran’s terrorism
  54. Syrian official says 'wide-scale offensive' launched
  55. Hero who stopped jihad mass murder on French train stabbed repeatedly in California
  56. GOP's McCarthy dropping out of race for House speaker
  57. Russian Missiles Hit Iran
  58. Shots Fired At Northern Arizona University
  59. Ankara bomb blasts kill 86 at peace rally; 186 wounded
  60. Ex-NBA star Lamar Odom hospitalized after being found unconscious at Nevada brothel
  61. U.S. Army Readies for Threats in Europe
  62. underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area
  63. Joe Biden Announces...
  64. U.S. serviceman killed in hostage rescue mission in Iraq
  65. Rep. Jim Jordan NAILS HILLARY CLINTON on BENGHAZI LIES with New Email Evidence!
  66. Obama vetoes $612 billion defense policy bill
  67. 3 killed, 34 hurt when car hits crowd at Oklahoma State parade
  68. Processed meat causes cancer, says WHO
  69. Loose military blimp lands in Pennsylvania
  70. Breaking: Hundreds Of Students Walk Out Over Firing Of Spring Valley School Resource
  71. Probably the largest’ al-Qaeda training camp ever destroyed in Afghanistan
  72. Russian passenger plane crashes in Egypt
  73. former Sen Fred Thomson dead
  74. http://www.weaselzippers.us/238571-breaking-5-stabbed-on-california-university-campus
  75. Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
  76. Russian media mogul found dead in Washington
  77. Investigators "90 percent sure" bomb downed Russian flight in Egypt
  78. The Leftist Gay Mafia goes after Robert Oscar Lopez with bogus report from CSUN
  79. Paris shootings: 18 reported killed
  80. Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility for gunfire, blasts that killed 128 people
  81. German Soccer Match Cancelled After Bomb Threat at Stadium
  82. Gunmen take 170 hostages in Radisson hotel in Mali
  83. Turkish F-16 shoots down Russian fighter jet near Syria border
  84. Chicago Will Burn
  85. Man detained after jumping over White House fence: reports
  86. New videos raise fresh questions in Chicago police shooting
  87. Police hunt shooter near Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs
  88. And the war continues
  89. Suspect spoke of 'baby parts' after Planned Parenthood shooting
  90. Russia Attacked Turkey Humanitarian Aid Organization!
  91. Chicago mayor asks for police superintendent's resignation
  92. Multiple Injuries in California Shooting
  93. U.S. Army Confirms Apache Helicopter Has Crashed Near Fort Campbell
  95. SoCal jihadist wife reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before massacre
  96. ISIS takes responsiblity for the San Bernardino attack
  97. Breaking: FBI Declares San Bernardino Attack A Terrorist Attack…
  98. San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Farook Had $28,500 Deposited To His Account On Nov. 18
  99. Billions of oil barrels vanish in a puff of accounting smoke
  100. 'Credible terror threat' prompts closure of all LA public schools
  101. Catholic School Creates Safe Place For Muslim Students…
  102. City in Michigan implements Sharia law..
  103. BREAKING: Judge Declares Mistrial In Freddie Gray Case
  104. Baltimore Protest 12/2015
  105. No New Trial Date Set For William Porter In Freddie Gray’s Death
  106. Former Spekaer Hastert had a stroke
  107. Kansas VA fires Army veteran for exposing horrific actions at hospital
  108. Vegas Strip on LOCKDOWN - Mass-Injures Reported
  109. Bestiality brothels are 'spreading through Germany' warns campaigner as abusers turn
  110. Baltimore Officer Charged In Freddie Gray Case To Be Retried
  111. Skyscraper Engulfed In Flames!
  112. Rochester Cancels Fireworks After New Year's Eve Attack Plot
  113. Wayne Rogers Dead @ 82
  114. Tel Aviv Pub Shooting
  115. Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran as Mideast protests rage
  116. US Special Ops soldier killed in Afghanistan firefight
  117. Police Officer Shot In The Name Of Islam
  118. R.I.P. David Bowie
  119. Istanbul: Deadly suicide blast has Syrian roots, President says
  120. Iran Seizes Two Boats and 10 U.S. Sailors
  121. Military aircraft collide in Hawaii; search on for survivors
  122. Al-Qaida attack on Burkina Faso hotel leaves at least 20 dead
  123. Jason Rezaian is being released, Iranian news agency says
  124. R.I.P. Glenn Frey
  125. Supreme Court to take up Obama immigration actions
  126. Get Ready For Hate From The DUmp
  127. Massive Fire Raging At Exxon Mobil Plant In Beaumont, TX
  128. Sound of gunshots reported at San Diego Navy medical center
  129. BREAKING NEWS: Oregon militia member is shot dead as routine traffic stop escalates
  130. Ohio Senate approves bill defunding Planned Parenthood
  131. David Daleiden turns himself in: KFI's Mark Thompson lies about why
  132. Latest North Korean Satellite 'Tumbling In Orbit,' U.S. Officials Say
  133. Clinton concedes!
  134. U.S. Department of Justice expected to announce civil rights suit against Ferguson
  135. North Korea army chief Ri Yong-gil said to be executed
  136. EU is poised to restrict passport-free travel
  137. Russian PM Medvedev equates relations with West to a 'new Cold War'
  138. BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies during hunting trip in Marfa
  139. Schumer: Don't use my 2007 speech to justify blocking Obama nominee
  140. Apple resisting magistrate order to share iPhone information
  141. Georgia Senate passes religious freedom bill
  142. Breaking: 6 dead in Kalamazoo County shooting spree; gunman still at large
  143. Claire McCaskill diagnosed with breast cancer
  144. Charges against Rick Perry dismissed in abuse of power case
  145. Police say VA nurse downed beers, assisted in surgery.
  146. Deaths reported in Kansas shootings
  147. Woman charged with providing guns to Kansas shooter
  148. Brooklyn judge denies government's request to unlock iPhone in drug case
  149. Aubrey McClendon died in a fiery single-car crash Wednesday
  150. Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens
  151. Hillary will be on Fox with Bernie Monday!!!
  152. Nancy Reagan dead at 94
  153. Massive explosion rips through Seattle neighborhood, 9 firefighters injured
  154. Police: 5 dead, 3 injured in Pennsylvania shooting
  155. Progressive rock legend Emerson dies
  156. Maryland police officer slain in ambush, two suspects arrested
  157. Chicago-bound Amtrak train derails in Kansas, 11 injured
  158. New Wave Of Hate From Dummies In 3... 2... 1...
  159. Obama to name Supreme Court nominee
  160. Fox News Cancels GOP Debate
  161. At least 13 dead after explosions at Brussels airport, Metro station
  162. Several Americans missing after Brussels attacks
  163. Comedian Gary Shandling Has Passed Away
  164. Brussels bombers had direct links to Paris attackers
  165. Christians targeted in Pakistan Easter bombing
  166. California Moves To Pass $15. Min. Wage
  167. Capitol Police Officer Shot; Capitol on Lockdown
  168. FBI says it has cracked terrorist's iPhone without Apple's help
  169. Patty Duke Has Passed Away
  170. Two killed when Amtrak train slams into backhoe
  171. The Panama Papers
  172. country legend Merle Haggard dies
  173. Breaking: Shooting At Lackland Airforce Base, At Least 2 Dead, Apparent Murder-Suicid
  174. Poland Total Ban on Abortions In The Works. No Exceptions!
  175. US deploys B-52 bombers against Islamic State
  176. Ryan stops short of backing impeachment of IRS chief
  177. FCC kept 'Obamaphone' fraud under wraps
  178. After 13 years, CIA honors Green Beret killed on secret Afghanistan mission
  179. Doris Roberts Dead
  180. BEWARE!!!!!!!!! (No joke)
  181. Pop superstar Prince dead at 57
  182. 5 Adults, 2 Children Shot To Death in Ohio
  183. Canadian hostage John Ridsdel killed in the Philippines
  184. Prince's death: Singer had Percocet in system, 'Star Tribune' reports
  185. Crazy Standoff in SoCal right now
  186. Additional Marines arrive at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
  187. Trump to testify in Trump University lawsuit after Nov. 8 vote: reports
  188. Clinton abandoned secure line to use home phone, new email shows
  189. Chinese jets intercept U.S. military plane over South China Sea: Pentagon
  190. Amid shouts of 'shame,' House GOP defeats gay rights measure
  191. Oklahoma Declares Abortion A Felony but Governor vetoes the bill
  192. Secret Service officer shoots armed man outside White House
  193. Officer Nero not guilty
  194. Two dead, including one suspect, in west Houston shooting situation
  195. 2 Dead In Shooting At UCLA
  196. 2 police officers shot after Fremont traffic stop, attacker on the loose.
  197. Professor killed at UCLA identified as William Klug; Shooter possibly Mainak Sarkar
  198. Blue Angels jet, Thunderbird F-16 crash in separate incidents
  199. Muhammad Ali Dead At The Age Of 74
  200. 3 killed in shooting at Tel Aviv market; 2 arrested
  201. RIP Gordie Howe
  202. Muslim shoots dead 50+ in Florida
  203. Orlando club shooter's father: Son's 'act was a terror act'
  204. Breaking: Islamist Kills Police Officer, Takes Officer’s Family Hostage Near Paris
  205. Court throws out $1.8 million judgment against ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s estate
  206. Alligator attacks toddler at lagoon at Disney hotel
  207. Democrats take over floor to protest Senate inaction on gun control
  208. Wife of Omar Mateen 'no longer here,' not in area, Mateen's father says in Fort Pierc
  209. British politician Jo Cox dies after attack in Birstall, police say
  210. Prosecution’s case against officer Goodson in Freddie Gray trial falls apart.
  211. ‘Star Trek’ Actor Anton Yelchin Dies at 27
  212. House Democrats are staging a rare sit-in to protest guns
  213. Grand Jury Clears ‘McKinney Pool Party’ Cop
  214. Great Briton Votes To Leave EU
  215. Immigration win for Republicans could help Clinton in the end
  216. Flames roar through central California homes; thousands flee, 2 dead
  217. 1.6 million Brits signed a petition for another E.U. referendum
  218. Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Pro Life Legislation
  219. Benghazi report slams administration response to attacks
  220. At least 2 blasts rock Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, multiple injuries reported
  221. Transgenders Will Be Allowed To Serve In The Miltary
  222. Dhaka cafe attack ends with 20 hostages dead, 13 rescued
  223. Baghdad attacks kill 126, including 25 children; ISIS claims responsibility
  224. FBI won't recommend charges
  225. Alton Sterling shooting: Video of deadly encounter with officers sparks outrage
  226. Woman live-streams aftermath of fatal officer-involved shooting
  227. Reports of shots fired at Dallas police shootings protest
  228. Black Power Group Takes Credit For Dallas Police Massacre
  229. Ballwin officer 'fighting for his life' after shooting; suspect charged
  230. Police Shooting Protests in Phoniex
  231. Breaking: Dallas PD Headquarters On Lockdown, SWAT Deployed For ‘Serious Threat’…
  232. Facebbook sued for one billion dollars over terrorist use
  233. Michigan shooting: 2 bailiffs, suspect killed at courthouse, official says
  234. Convicted Felon In Black Lives Matter T-Shirt Fires 17 Shots Into Indianapolis Cop’s
  235. ALERT: ‘Day Of Rage’ Protests Scheduled For Friday In 37 Cities
  236. Trump's VP Pick Announced
  237. Another attack on France.
  238. Amtrak fatality
  239. Fox reporting Coup in Turkey
  240. Another Police Shooting Underway
  241. Highest Ranking Officer Found Not Guilty Of All Charges In Freddie Gray Case
  242. Roger Ailes Out at Fox News
  243. Axe Attack In Germany
  244. Police Officer Shot In Kansas City
  245. Roger Ailes Leaving Fox, $40 Million Pay Off Parachute
  246. ALERT: Company Recalls 400k Pounds of Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs Nationwide
  247. Report: 1 killed in shooting at Munich shopping mall
  248. 1 Dead, 2 Injured After Man With Machete Attacked People In Reutlingen, Germany
  249. Suicide bomb rocks Ansbach, Germany
  250. Fort Myers club shooting: 2 dead, 14 injured outside teen party