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  1. Presidential news conference
  2. Sheila Jackson-Lee Caught On Video Giving Blasey-Ford Lawyer An Envelope On The DL
  3. US & Canada Agree To New NAFTA Deal
  4. Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell COMPLETELY EXONERATES Judge Kavanaugh in REPORT
  5. Ricin Detected in Mail Sent to Pentagon Facility
  6. Five law enforcement officers shot in Florence, South Carolina, sheriff's office says
  7. Intern Who Works For Sheila Jackson-Lee Arrested In Doxxing Of GOP Senators
  8. McConnell Files Cloture to End Debate on Kavanaugh Nomination – Sets Up Saturday Conf
  9. Chicago Cop found gulty of 2nd degree murder in death of Laquan McDonald.
  10. Nikki Haley Resigns as U.N. Ambassador
  11. The 'Suspicious Packages'
  12. Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnik Referred for Criminal Prosecution Over Bogus Kavan
  13. 8 Dead, Several Others Shot At Pittsburgh Synagogue
  14. Lion Air plane crash: Six bodies found in sea off Jakarta, Indonesia
  15. Newlywed killed in triple shooting at DeKalb Popeyes; husband shot 7 times
  16. Bye, bye Jeff
  18. Jim Acosta Press Pass Stripped
  19. 13 dead including deputy and suspect in shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, California
  20. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg suffers fall, fractures three ribs
  21. Recounts are ordered in Florida's Senate and governor races
  22. RIP Stan Lee
  23. HAL has passed -RIP
  24. Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested
  25. Was Expecting Some News About Haiti
  26. White House Authorizes Lethal Force At The Border
  27. Migrants in Tijuana Regret the Caravan: ‘I’m Done With the United States’
  28. One-third of migrants in caravan are being treated for health issues
  29. 10 men arrested after panga boat lands at West Street Beach in Laguna
  30. Illegal immigrant pulls gun on Border Patrol agent
  31. #41 is gone....
  32. Migrants announce plan to rush border (sat) to embarrass new Mexican president
  33. Prosecutors want 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Michael Cohen
  34. Three dead and 12 injured in shooting at Strasbourg Christmas market
  35. Chuck and Nancy go to the White House
  36. Theresa May Stays
  37. Judge in Flynn case orders Mueller to turn over interview docs after bombshell claim
  38. Judge Apologizes For Suggesting Flynn Is A Traitor, Delays Sentencing
  39. Mattis quits, says his views aren't 'aligned' with Trump's
  40. House Passes Budget Including $5 Billion For Border Wall
  41. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, undergoes lung procedure to remove cancerous growth
  42. Jordan Peterson DOMINATES MARXIST professor!
  43. Donald and Melania Trump make a surprise visit to Iraq ...
  44. Manchester Victoria stabbing: Eyewitness claims attacker shouted 'Allah'
  45. Appeals Judge Backs Trump’s Position—Obamacare Unconstitutional
  46. Brad Sherman (D-CA) Introduces Articles of Impeachment
  47. 7 killed, 7 injured in fiery crash with fuel spill on I-75 near Gainesville
  48. Trump to address the nation tonight
  49. Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya Charged With Obstruction of Justice in US Court
  50. Police respond to active shooting at New Jersey UPS facility
  51. Suspected Terrorist Attack at Nairobi Hotel Complex Leaves at Least 11 Dead
  52. ‘The State of the Union is Off’; Steny Hoyer Tells CNN That Pelosi Has Canceled It