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  1. Presidential news conference
  2. Sheila Jackson-Lee Caught On Video Giving Blasey-Ford Lawyer An Envelope On The DL
  3. US & Canada Agree To New NAFTA Deal
  4. Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell COMPLETELY EXONERATES Judge Kavanaugh in REPORT
  5. Ricin Detected in Mail Sent to Pentagon Facility
  6. Five law enforcement officers shot in Florence, South Carolina, sheriff's office says
  7. Intern Who Works For Sheila Jackson-Lee Arrested In Doxxing Of GOP Senators
  8. McConnell Files Cloture to End Debate on Kavanaugh Nomination – Sets Up Saturday Conf
  9. Chicago Cop found gulty of 2nd degree murder in death of Laquan McDonald.
  10. Nikki Haley Resigns as U.N. Ambassador
  11. The 'Suspicious Packages'
  12. Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnik Referred for Criminal Prosecution Over Bogus Kavan
  13. 8 Dead, Several Others Shot At Pittsburgh Synagogue
  14. Lion Air plane crash: Six bodies found in sea off Jakarta, Indonesia
  15. Newlywed killed in triple shooting at DeKalb Popeyes; husband shot 7 times
  16. Bye, bye Jeff
  18. Jim Acosta Press Pass Stripped
  19. 13 dead including deputy and suspect in shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, California
  20. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg suffers fall, fractures three ribs
  21. Recounts are ordered in Florida's Senate and governor races
  22. RIP Stan Lee
  23. HAL has passed -RIP
  24. Creepy Porn Lawyer Arrested
  25. Was Expecting Some News About Haiti
  26. White House Authorizes Lethal Force At The Border
  27. Migrants in Tijuana Regret the Caravan: ‘I’m Done With the United States’
  28. One-third of migrants in caravan are being treated for health issues
  29. 10 men arrested after panga boat lands at West Street Beach in Laguna
  30. Illegal immigrant pulls gun on Border Patrol agent
  31. #41 is gone....
  32. Migrants announce plan to rush border (sat) to embarrass new Mexican president
  33. Prosecutors want 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Michael Cohen
  34. Three dead and 12 injured in shooting at Strasbourg Christmas market
  35. Chuck and Nancy go to the White House
  36. Theresa May Stays
  37. Judge in Flynn case orders Mueller to turn over interview docs after bombshell claim
  38. Judge Apologizes For Suggesting Flynn Is A Traitor, Delays Sentencing
  39. Mattis quits, says his views aren't 'aligned' with Trump's
  40. House Passes Budget Including $5 Billion For Border Wall
  41. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, undergoes lung procedure to remove cancerous growth
  42. Jordan Peterson DOMINATES MARXIST professor!
  43. Donald and Melania Trump make a surprise visit to Iraq ...
  44. Manchester Victoria stabbing: Eyewitness claims attacker shouted 'Allah'
  45. Appeals Judge Backs Trump’s Position—Obamacare Unconstitutional
  46. Brad Sherman (D-CA) Introduces Articles of Impeachment
  47. 7 killed, 7 injured in fiery crash with fuel spill on I-75 near Gainesville
  48. Trump to address the nation tonight
  49. Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya Charged With Obstruction of Justice in US Court
  50. Police respond to active shooting at New Jersey UPS facility
  51. Suspected Terrorist Attack at Nairobi Hotel Complex Leaves at Least 11 Dead
  52. ‘The State of the Union is Off’; Steny Hoyer Tells CNN That Pelosi Has Canceled It
  53. Roger Stone indicted on charges brought by special counsel
  55. 5 dead after shooting spree in Louisiana
  56. Five(?) officers shot in Houston
  57. U.S. Postal Service cancels delivery in parts of Midwest Wednesday
  58. Exclusive: Trump Jr.'s mysterious calls weren't with his father
  59. Left-Wing Activist Shot By Police Had Posted ‘Time To Start Killing Pigs’ Online
  60. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Refuses to Resign
  61. Jussie Smollett seen still holding Subway sandwich after alleged attack
  62. Shooter Dead In Mass Shooting Event In Aurora, Il
  63. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to leave the Justice Department
  64. Teen in Lincoln Memorial protest sues Washington Post for $250 million
  65. Supreme Court Limits Civil Asset Forfeiture
  66. Mueller Report Expected Next Week
  67. BREAKING: Hate Hoax Actor Jussie Smollett is UNDER ARREST – In Custody of Chicago PD
  68. Rocket Man slams ... Democrats!
  69. Senate Fails to Pass Born-Alive Bill
  70. No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crash near Addis Ababa
  71. Is Brexit gonna happen?
  72. Dumbest move of the day
  73. Senate votes to block Trump's emergency declaration
  74. Two Gaza Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv, One Intercepted
  75. Jussie Smollet Pleads NOT GUILTY to 16 Felony Counts
  76. Suspicious - two fires at two plants in two days
  77. New Zealand PM announces ban on all assault rifles following Christchurch massacre
  78. Mueller sends report on Trump investigation to AG Barr
  79. Russian troops in Venezuela
  80. Mueller did not find Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia...
  81. Michael Avenatti Arrested For Extortion!
  82. Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollet
  83. Jussie: Who is "redacted"?
  84. Chicago police release files in 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett case,
  85. Cook County Clerk's Office Stunned as Smollett Case File Vanishes From Records System
  86. Another interesting turn in Jusse's case
  87. 5 charged after pregnant California school teacher repeatedly stabbed, carjacked
  88. Pope criticizes building walls to keep migrants out
  89. Trump says DHS Secretary Nielsen leaving
  90. Is Barr the Democrats worst nightmare?
  91. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador withdraws asylum
  92. Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire ...
  93. Easter Sunday blasts across Sri Lanka
  94. Mexican troops disarmed American soldiers on US side of the border
  95. US Navy Ship Quarantined at Sea
  96. Sunnyvale Car Crash: Man accused of driving into 8 pedestrians ID'd ...
  97. Shooting reported near San Diego-area synagogue
  98. seven people shot in Baltimore
  99. Civil War In Venezuela
  100. Two killed, four others shot on UNC Charlotte campus
  101. Doris Day, Legendary Actress, Dies at 97
  102. House Passes H.R. 5, the "Equality Act"
  103. Illegal immigrant charged with killing 12 elderly women in Texas
  104. US intercepts Russian bombers, fighter jets off the coast of Alaska
  105. House Judiciary Chair Nadler Suffers Health Scare at News Conference, Nearly Collapse
  106. Eight children among at least 15 people hurt in Japan stabbing spree
  107. 11 dead after shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center
  108. Scot Peterson Fired By BSO, Criminally Charged Over Actions ...
  109. West Point accident near training site
  110. David Ortiz, former Red Sox slugger, shot in Dominican Republic, reports say
  111. Police given order to deploy riot gear & tear gas in Memphis Following Riot.
  112. Gulf of Oman tankers hit in suspected attack
  113. Michigan Prosecutors dropping all Charges Against 8 people in Flint Water
  114. Active Shooter Killed in Dallas in Exchange of Gunfire With Federal Officers
  115. Iran shoots down US drone
  116. Iran War Drums: President Trump Reportedly Cancels Retaliatory Attack
  117. Surprise testimony in SEAL murder trial
  118. Round-Up
  119. Trump & Kim to meet at DMZ
  120. Mike Pence Ordered Back To Washington For "Emergency"
  121. BREAKING:Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump Policy Keeping Asylum Seekers Locked up
  122. Trump critic Justin Amash quits Republican Party
  123. California earthquake brings scattered damage
  124. The Latest: 6.9 earthquake felt in Southern California
  125. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking
  126. Stunning Press Conference: Pelosi Rejects U.S. Sovereignty
  127. Labor Secretary Acosta is out
  128. I Thought CNN Was On Top Of The News.
  129. Manhattan power outages are crippling subway service and causing traffic problems
  130. Armed man attacking Tacoma’s ICE detention center killed in officer-involved shooting
  131. FBI arrests ex-Puerto Rico officials for disaster aid-funded payoffs
  132. Ousted UK ambassador leaked US intelligence
  133. House Censure Proceedings
  134. Iran says it has captured a British oil tanker
  135. Jeffrey Epstein found ‘blue-faced on jail cell floor after attempted suicide or assau
  136. Multiple Injuries Reported in Shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival
  137. Multiple people have been killed in a shooting in El Paso, Texas...
  138. 'Active shooter' reported in Dayton, Ohio
  139. Multiple cases’ of chickenpox confirmed among migrants at Portland Expo
  140. Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker with connections to rich and powerful, dead
  141. Shooting in North Philly ...
  142. AP: Netanyahu Mulling “Ban” On Omar, Tlaib Entering Israel; Update ...
  143. 7 people shot at Snapchat house party in east Houston
  144. The IG Report On Comey
  145. Breaking: IG Report Rips Comey Over Memo Leaks
  147. Midland Texas shooters on the loose
  148. 34 Dead In California Boat-Fire
  149. Hooray! Zimbabwean Dictator Robert Mugabe Dead at 95
  150. American Airlines sabotage
  151. Rescued... Almost
  152. Border Patrol Agent Shot
  153. Drone strikes knock out half of Saudi oil capacity, 5 million barrels a day
  154. Two Rockets Explode Near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
  155. Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce launch of formal impeachment inquiry...
  156. Trump asked Ukraine president ‘if you can look into’ Biden and his son in phone call
  157. Acting DNI Director testifying NOW
  158. Another man down
  159. Amber Guyger guilty of murder
  160. New York Times: Trump suggested shooting migrants in the legs
  161. Bernie rushed to hospital for emergency surgery
  162. Blizzard pulls Blitzchung from Hearthstone tournament over support for Hong Kong..
  163. Pro-Hong Kong NBA fan booted from Philadelphia 76ers preseason game
  164. Two men connected to Giuliani's Ukraine efforts arrested on campaign finance charges
  165. Left Wing scum at Trump rally
  166. Fire In Crockett (Cali) Refinery
  167. Democrat Rep Elijah Cummings Dead
  168. Pence & Pompeo Broker Cease Fire Between Kurds & Turks
  169. ISIS leader al-Baghdadi believed to have been killed in a US military raid...
  170. California Fire Updates: Emergency Declared as Residents Flee and Power Goes Out
  171. Mormons were attacked near the US-Mexico border.
  172. New Project Veritas video
  173. Google brings the hammer down on Glenn Beck
  174. School shooting reported in Santa Clarita
  175. Trump associate Roger Stone found guilty of lies that protected Trump
  176. 3 injured in shooting at high school football game in Pleasantville, New Jersey
  177. At least 9 people were shot at a football watch party in Fresno
  178. Trump signs Hong Kong support bill
  179. LONDON TERROR London Bridge shooting – Man ‘shot dead’ by police after several...
  180. Impeachment is a GO!!
  181. Justice Ginsburg (!!!) temporarily halts Trump financial records subpoena
  182. Officer down
  183. Inspector General's Report
  184. Another officer down
  185. Thirteen people shot in Chicago residence, police say
  186. Five Stabbed in Hanukkah Celebration
  187. Another church shooting
  188. 100 Marines, Apache Helicopters Deployed to Protect U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
  189. Trump orders killing of Iran Revolutionary Guards commander in Baghdad airport strike
  190. Trump warns Iran if it hits any Americans or American assets...
  191. Nothing suspecious here
  192. Iran attacking US base in Iraq...
  193. Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran, 176 people dead
  194. Houston Astros GM & Manager suspended, then fired for stealing signs
  195. Kobe Bryant killed in California helicopter crash
  196. Gorsuch & Thomas scold activist judges
  197. Senator Susan Collins - ACQUIT
  198. The impeachment vote
  199. Kirk Douglas Dead @ 103
  200. Man accused of driving through Republican voter registration tent arrested
  201. Two NYPD officers were shot by a man who tried to assassinate police...
  202. Drain the Swamp - Full Speed Ahead
  203. Blagojevich prison sentence commuted by Pres. Trump
  204. Rapper Pop Smoke Smoked