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  1. Accused Fort Hood Gunman May Be Paralyzed, Lawyer Says
  2. William Jefferson Sentenced
  3. Balloon boy parents plead guilty
  4. Liberals cry ‘unfair’ after Fox orders unbalanced YouTube purge
  5. Obama Bows Towards Japanese Emperor
  6. Fort Bragg lifts all media restrictions for Palin visit
  7. Senate Democrats assured of 60 votes to debate health bill
  8. Radiation leak at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.
  9. BREAKING; ACORN San Diego Document Dump Scandal
  10. Investigators: Kentucky Census Worker Killed Himself
  11. Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
  12. Tiger Woods taken to hospital in 'serious' condition after car accident
  13. White House Science Czar involved in Climategate
  14. Scores killed or hurt in Russia train crash
  15. Iran OKs construction of 10 more uranium enrichment plants
  16. Multiple Officers Reportedly Shot Near Air Force Base in Washington
  17. Obama’s Failed Stimulus in Pictures: Jobs Gap Grows to 7.6 Million
  18. Woman Taken to Hospital From Tiger Woods' Home
  19. The moment cannibal polar bear eats baby cub
  20. Dems reach deal to drop public option
  21. Tiger Woods to take indefinite leave from professional golf
  22. Reid will not get 60 votes!
  23. Public Option and Medicare Buy In Offically Dead!
  24. Evangelist Oral Roberts dies in Calif. at age 91
  25. Tiger Woods Voted AP's Top Athlete of the Decade
  26. Single-payer health care plan dies in Senate
  27. Las Vegas Gambles on $8.5 Billion CityCenter
  28. Video: Copenhagen Cheers as Chavez Condemns Capitalism
  29. Iranian forces take over Iraq oil well
  30. 2 Pierce county deputies shot, seriously injured in ambush
  31. American Airlines Flight Crashes at Jamaica Airport
  32. Griffith Polled Days Before Party Switch
  33. Report: ACORN hasn't violated fed regulations
  34. $800 Billion Boondoggle Passes
  35. Iran warns that it will deal 'fiercely' with protesters
  36. Man Attempts to Set Off Explosives on Plane
  37. Best Christmas Present Ever: Sen. DeMint Objects to the Appointment of the Conferees
  38. Scientists restore eye sight by stem cell treatment
  39. Kucinich says Generals who spoke publicly on Afghan strategy should lose jobs
  40. Here we go again, in Detroit
  41. Obama vows that his administration "will not rest" until it tracks down terrorists...
  42. Deputy wounded in shootout dies at Seattle hospital
  43. Police Investigate Suspicious Vehicle in New York's Times Square
  44. Civilians killed in suicide attack at US base in Afghanistan
  45. Rush Limbaugh hospitalized in serious condition
  46. Shoppers, partner killed in massacre in Espoo, Finland
  47. Pakistan suicide bomber kills 75 at volleyball game
  48. Man Tries To Kill Controversial Cartoonist
  49. Police: Gunman Opens Fire In St. Louis Office, Shoots 3
  50. 6.5 quake in Northern CA!
  51. Woman Who Hid Anne Frank, Rescued Her Diary Dies at Age 100
  52. 7.0 quake hits Haiti; could be 'catastrophe,' official says
  53. Google threatens to pull out of China
  54. Haiti Archbishop Killed in Quake as Churches, Cathedral Reduced to Rubble
  55. Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Nabbed in Teen Sex Sting
  56. Unions Tentatively Strike A Deal Regarding Excise Tax
  57. White House Won’t Advocate Posting Health Care Bill 72 Hours Before Vote
  58. Democrats 'Very Close' to Health Care Deal, Hoyer Says
  59. Frank: Bonuses for Freddie, Fannie ‘Too High’--But Nothing Can Be Done About It
  60. Coakley Senate Candidate Husband's Union Endorses Scott Brown
  61. Coakley just conceded the race!!!!!!!
  62. Former Sen. John Edwards admits that he fathered a baby with his mistress, something
  63. Jobless Claims rise 482,000
  64. Supreme Court lifts curbs on corporate political donations
  65. Robert Gibbs: We Don't Know When Gitmo Will Be Closed
  66. 23 al-Qaeda suspects held in Turkey
  67. US Marines End Role in Iraq
  68. White House backs FBI use of records
  69. Venezuela President Chavez orders TV station off the air
  70. Chairman of UN Climate Panel Clings to Post Despite Erroneous Vanishing Glacier Claim
  71. US commander signals peace talks with Taliban
  72. Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Commercial
  73. Home-schoolers win asylum in U.S.
  74. Russia Unveils Top Secret New Fighter
  75. U.S. Attorney Reviews Call for Probe of SEIU Activities with White House, Congress
  76. N.L. Premier Williams set to have heart surgery in U.S.
  77. John Murtha hospitalized in intensive care
  78. Larry Kudlow might take on Schumer
  79. ‘Huge’ explosion reported at Conn. power plant
  80. Murtha Dead
  81. Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Khamenei
  82. New Scanners at Airport Already Being Abused
  83. Beirut Conf. Declares Resistance's Victory, US Policy's Defeat in Middle East
  84. Earthquake rattles Chicago area
  85. More Trouble For Paterson As Prosecutors Launch Investigation
  86. Iran is now a 'nuclear state' says Ahmadinejad as thousands take to the streets
  87. Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum
  88. Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized in New York City
  89. Operation Mushtarak Commences: U.S. Launches Major Offensive in Afghanistan
  90. 3 dead at Alabama school
  91. Evan Bayh Drops Out!
  92. Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson
  93. Las Vegas Mayor Goodman rejects Obama invitation
  94. Small Plane Crashes into Austin, Texas, Office Building
  95. Five arrested over army poison plot
  96. New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer
  97. Honor Killing Dad Doesn't Get The Death Penalty
  98. Alexander Haig passes
  99. Cheney Hospitalized with Chest Pains
  100. Shooting at Luke Air Force Base
  101. 2 students shot, 1 man arrested at Deer Creek Middle School
  102. Tsunami After Deadly Earthquake Hits Chile
  103. Hawaii Officials Sound Sirens to Alert Coastal Residents to Evacuate Ahead of Potenti
  104. Rangel stepping down from tax-writing chairmanship
  105. Geert Wilders party makes massive gains
  106. Shots Fired at Pentagon; Two Police and Gunman Injured
  107. US al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn 'held in Pakistan'
  108. Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
  109. Sean Penn Wants Reporters Jailed for Calling Chavez 'Dictator'
  110. Swedish newspapers reprint Prophet cartoon
  111. Football Hall of Famer & Actor Merlin Olsen Dies at 69
  112. More quakes hit Chile as new president takes over
  113. Harry Reid's Wife Hurt In Auto Accident
  114. Sharp Elbows, Cold Shoulders Mark Biden Trip to Israel
  115. Barack Obama cancels family trip to Australia......via Twitter
  116. 'Mission: Impossible' actor Peter Graves found dead
  117. U.S., U.K. Move Closer to Losing AAA Rating.
  118. House may try to pass Senate health-care bill without voting on it
  119. Judge rules professor’s opinion columns not protected by First Amendment
  120. First Numbers From The CBO
  121. House Democrat official: 'We've got the votes' on health care
  122. Congress clears historic health care bill
  123. ACORN Closing ????
  124. One Million Infantino Baby Slings Recalled
  125. Rep. John Dingell on How Long it Took “To Control the People”
  126. Robert Culp Dies after fall
  127. Korean ship with 100 on board sinks after 'torpedo attack by North Korea'
  128. GA Senate approves ban on race-based abortions
  129. EXCLUSIVE: Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. In CIA 'Intelligence Coup'
  130. Marine's Father Will Not Pay Court-Ordered Funeral Protesters' Fees
  131. Apple Boycotts Glenn Beck — Promotes Che Guevara
  132. Obama to allow off shore Oil Drilling.
  133. This $550 exec seat cost kids millions
  134. Man Jumps To Death Off Empire State Building
  135. Sallie Mae Blames 2,500 Layoffs on Obama's Student Loan Overhaul
  136. Obama’s EPA Gave Energy Star Cert. to Phony Products, GAO Says
  137. Obamacare was mainly aimed at redistributing wealth
  138. EPA Chief: New Pollution Rules for Cars Only Beginning of Greenhouse Gas Regulation
  139. Gunmen kills three in Hollywood eatery
  140. Two employees at U.S. consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan, killed in blast
  141. Panel: Justice stonewalling on Panthers
  142. RNC's Monday, Bloody Monday
  143. Gordon Brown calls 6 May general election
  144. Blanche Lincoln learns the cost of voting for ObamaCare
  145. Court: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality
  146. Tsunami Alert As Major Quake Hits Sumatra
  147. Not the year for Dems to run for office in Nevada. Especially if their name is Reid.
  148. Man Tried To Light Something On An United Airlines Flight
  149. The Massachusetts Insurance Blackout
  150. Newt Takes Jabs At Obama.
  151. 57% Think Next Generation Will Be Worse Off
  152. Elena Kagan Emerging As Supreme Court Front-Runner
  153. Polish president and wife among '87 confirmed dead' as plane crashes in Russia
  154. Elizabeth Taylor Engaged .... Again
  155. 6 Shot In Muskogee Mall
  156. Would Goodwin Liu Sink the Left-Leaning 9th Circuit?
  157. FBI Lets Kennedys Keep Ted’s Embarrassing Records Private
  158. Sebelius Says Obama Instructed Cabinet-Level Departments to Promote Public Health
  159. Anti-Semitic Violence Doubled In 2009, Media Mostly Mum
  160. Romney Wins Presidential Straw Poll By A Hair
  161. Australian pilots heroes as both engines fail on Airbus
  162. Arizona Clears Strict Immigration Bill
  163. Full UK Airspace Ground-Stop
  164. Fireball streaks across Wisconsin sky
  165. What President Obama Ordered Social Security Commissioner Astrue Not to Talk About
  166. Obama orders same-sex hospital visits
  167. Chicago: Man kills family - says ‘Allah’ told him to
  168. Obama mocks tea partiers: You should thank me for cutting taxes
  169. SEC accuses Goldman Sachs & Co. of fraud
  170. University of Pennsylvania offering sex-change coverage to students
  171. Gunman Opens Fire At Tenn. Hospital
  172. Critics Slam Decision to Name Navy Ship for John Murtha
  173. Iran begins war games in Gulf
  174. Military Jury Clears SEAL In Abuse Case
  175. Obama Subpoenaed?
  176. Polanski set for extradition after Obama rejects plea from Sarkozy that he be spared
  177. National Security Adviser Jones: Jews Are Greedy Merchants
  178. Protesters Throw Bottles At Police In Arizona
  179. Paul, Mitchell Again Block Congressional Pay Raise
  180. Texas will go after Illegals
  181. Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China
  182. CNN: Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration
  183. Interstate Flooded in Nashville
  184. Car Bomb in times square fails
  185. Man Found With Cyanide In NYC Subway
  186. Another bomb found - this one in Pittsburgh
  187. Pakistani Taliban claims bombs!
  188. Riot breaks out in downtown Santa Cruz
  189. Pinal County Sheriff's deputy shot in desert confrontation
  190. Man held in NYC car bomb attack to appear in court
  191. Legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies at 92
  192. Muslims Riot in Dudley over cancelled mega-mosque project
  193. Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape, beating of 15 year old
  194. Navy SEAL McCabe Found Not Guilty
  195. Frank Frazetta, Fantasy Illustrator, Dies at 82
  196. Thieves Steal Mojave Desert Memorial Cross in Nighttime Heist
  197. Cameron meets Queen at Palace to form first Tory government in 13 years
  198. Arizona Gov. Signs Bill Targeting Ethnic Studies
  199. Kerry, Lieberman Unveil Energy Tax Bill
  200. Police uncover plot to kill Obama and Indonesia’s president
  201. Countdown begins as Jessica finally sails home
  202. Transgender GOP candidate takes aim at Wasserman Schultz
  203. PA primary results
  204. North Korea Threatens War
  205. At least 158 feared dead in India plane crash
  206. Duchess of York Caught 'Selling Access' to Prince Andrew
  207. South Korea suspends trade with N. Korea
  208. Former Detroit Mayor taken into custody at court hearing!!!
  209. Obama to send 1,200 troops to border
  210. N.J. Gov. Chris Christie defends cuts, promotes property tax cap in Rutherford
  211. 'Top Kill' Working.
  212. Sebelius:Rationing Advocate is ‘Absolutely Right Leader At This Time’ to Run Medicare
  213. Gary Coleman on life support in Utah hospital
  214. Suicide assault on Lahore mosques leaves 70 dead, 90 injured
  215. Memorial Day Massacre Of Our Military
  216. Dennis Hopper dies at 74: Veteran actor loses battle with prostate cancer
  217. BP Announces Failure of 'Top Kill' Procedure to Stop Oil Gusher
  218. 10 dead after Israel navy fires on Gaza aid flotilla that refused to turn back
  219. In the dead of night, a Senate surprise
  220. Al and Tipper Gore Split Up
  221. 12 Killed in Rampage in Rural Britain
  222. Another Democrat admits Obama White House offered jobs to
  223. Israel prepares for showdown with two more Gaza aid ships
  224. News Happening Now: IDF takes the Rachel Corrie
  225. Mexico Gives IDs To Illegal Immigrants In U.S.
  226. Swedish dockworkers block Israeli ships in protest over Gaza aid raid
  227. Thomas gets dropped by agency
  228. Gaza blockade: Iran offers escort to next aid convoy
  229. Ex-Spokesmen Lead Charge for White House Reporter Helen Thomas to Be Fired
  230. Helen Thomas announces retirement
  231. Mismanagement of Arlington Cemetery
  232. Australian authorities contact missing American teen sailor
  233. Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals
  234. At least 16 dead in Arkansas flood
  235. Abby Sunderland safe and well
  236. Iranian aid ships head for Gaza
  237. U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
  238. Rep. Cao Suggests BP Exec Commit 'Hari-Kari' Over Spill
  239. With Friends Like These...
  240. BP execs agree to put $20 billion into an escrow account
  241. The fate of Prop 8
  242. White House Bitch Slaps Arizona Citizens In Foreign Country. AZ Gov Not Amused.
  243. Pastor tests IRS by endorsing candidate
  244. Liberals double Labor's vote in Penrith
  245. Supreme Court upholds law against advising terrorists
  246. Kyl: Obama Won't Secure Border Until Lawmakers Move on Immigration Package
  247. McChrystal’s Next Offensive?
  248. Border Patrol Charged Millions for Habitat Damage, Republicans Say Enough 'Extortion'
  249. White House budget chief, to leave administration, source says
  250. US-led armada secretly drilled bombing Iranian targets, missile defense with Israel