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  1. Brazil death toll rises as rescuers battle floods
  2. Tunisian president flees country amid escalating riots
  3. Tuscon victim theatens Tea Party
  4. 'Baby Doc' Duvalier back in Haiti after long exile
  5. Christie orders Sewerage Commission to explain friends, family in payroll
  6. Sen. Kent Conrad Announces Retirement
  7. Rock Promoter Don Kirshner Dies at Age 76
  8. Massive Earthquake Strikes Pakistan
  9. FBI: Bomb Found on MLK Parade Route Is 'Domestic Terrorism'
  10. Lawyer to list church’s alleged abusers
  11. Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts of Murder
  12. House passes healthcare repeal
  13. Welfare Tab for Children of Illegal Immigrants Estimated at $600M in L.A. County
  14. Six Christians shot, 1 fatally, in Egypt
  15. Federal agency to spearhead new drug-development center
  16. Four Detroit police officers shot inside precinct
  17. Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies at 96
  18. Explosion rocks Moscow's main airport
  19. Court: Emanuel should be removed from mayoral ballot
  20. Walmart shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 deputies hurt
  21. Issa urges firing of Amtrak chief, counsel
  22. Gitmo Detainee Ahmed Ghailani Sentenced to Life in Prison
  23. Twitter blocked in Egypt as protests turn violent
  24. Inspired by Tunisia and Egypt, Yemenis join in anti-government protests
  25. Challenger: 25 years later, a still painful wound
  26. Explosion in Kabul supermarket kills at least 3
  27. Egypt’s Internet Shutdown Can’t Stop Mass Protests
  28. Army set to take charge in Egypt
  29. Videos from the Ongoing Egyption Revolution (Warning: Graphic)
  30. Obama Opts for Middle Ground in Handling Egyptian Protests
  31. Israel rallies to support of Egyptian regime
  32. Obamacare unconstiutional... All of it!
  33. Jordan's king appoints new prime minister
  34. Brotherhood calls for war against Israel.
  35. Egypt protests: Army rules out the use of force
  36. Army Officials Felt Accused WikiLeaker Was Unfit To Serve
  37. Officials: Shooting Inside Alabama Court Building
  38. CNN ordered not to film Egypt protests
  39. Ex-Ambassador Left Luxembourg Embassy in 'State of Dysfunction,' Watchdog Finds
  40. Egypt's Brotherhood to Hold Talks With Government
  41. AOL Buying Huffington Post for $315 Million
  42. Olberman moving to Gore Network
  43. Egypt's Mubarak to step down (Update)
  44. Arizona Gov. to sue Feds
  45. White House regroups after Mubarak stunner
  46. State TV: Arrest Warrant for Pakistan's Musharraf
  47. Algerian police clamp down on pro-democracy protest
  48. Kandahar attack kills at least 21
  49. CBS News' Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted During Egypt Protests
  50. In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council
  51. Foreign Cyberattack on the Canadian government!
  52. Budget Battle: Democrats Who Left State are Located
  53. Arab capitals braced for violence as unrest spreads
  54. Hezbollah Working with Cartels
  55. 6.3 earthquake smashes Christchurch NZ, major damage
  56. Four Americans killed by Pirates
  57. Gaddafi's Next Move: Sabotage Oil and Sow Chaos?
  58. US arrests Saudi student over alleged bomb plot targeting George W. Bush
  59. Egyptian Army Soldiers Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Attack Ancient Christian Monastery
  60. Scent of freedom in North Korea
  61. Farrakhan: Mideast uprisings will come to US
  62. Last living US WWI vet dies in W. Va. at age 110
  63. U.S. Military Repositions Forces in Preparation for Libya Response
  64. Shots Fired at Bus Carrying U.S. Soldiers in Germany
  65. Soldier Held in WikiLeaks Case Faces 22 More Charges, Including Aiding Enemy
  66. Judge orders Wis. Capitol protesters out; Ammo found outside Wis. Capitol
  67. Wis. layoff notices to come Friday
  68. Judge Orders 'Expedited Appeal' of Obamacare for the Good of the Nation
  69. Exclusive: NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite
  70. Government posts biggest monthly deficit ever
  71. Obama Brings Back Military Trials at Guantanamo Bay
  72. Alcee Hastings Faces Sexual Harassment Allegation From Former Aide Winsome Packer
  73. Report says too many whites, men leading military
  74. Two U.S. Marshals, One St. Louis Police Officer Shot In South City
  75. Strong quake hits north Japan, tsunami warning issued
  76. NPR President Schiller Resigns
  77. Gaddafi's scorched earth: Libya's skies turn black
  78. Wisconsin Collective Bargaining has Passed!!!
  79. Capitol Chaos: Legislative Leaders Call Capitol "Unsafe"
  80. Saudi Police Open Fire On Protesters
  81. Commencement Challenged: Few Applicants Want Obama As Commencement Speaker
  82. 8.9 Quake hits Japan
  83. Oregon advises coastal residents to evacuate...
  84. Victims of the killer megaquake: Over 1,000 feared dead after tsunami sweeps Japan
  85. Japan may have hours to prevent nuclear meltdown
  86. Explosion Occurs at Japanese Nuclear Plant
  87. Suspect Located In WI GOP Death Threats
  88. Sources: Crowley out as State Department spokesman
  89. Japan Abandons Stricken Nuke Plant
  90. Energy secretary defends U.S. nuclear industry
  91. World Unites against Libya/Libya haults assualt
  92. Libya Declares Immediate Ceasefire After UN No-Fly Resolution
  93. Qaddafi Forces Shell City Despite Libyan Government Declaring Cease-Fire
  94. US launches first attack against Qaddafi
  95. U.S. Jet Crash Lands in Libya, but Crew Safe
  96. Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin a Female Vulgarism, NOW Stays Mum
  97. Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize
  98. Breaking: Elizabeth Taylor has died
  99. Breaking: Toyota warns N. American plants “prepare to shut down”
  100. French Jets Shoot Down Libyan Warplane
  101. Who's in charge? Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart
  102. Air Traffic Controller Asleep In The Tower
  103. The President Of Yemen Is About To Resign "Within Days"
  104. Police: 1 Shot at School in Indiana, Shooter in Custody
  105. Six Americans Injured in Deadly Jerusalem Bus Bombing
  106. Geraldine Ferraro Dead at 75
  107. Rebel Commander in Libya Fought Against U.S. in Afghanistan
  108. Islamist Group Is Rising Force in a New Egypt
  109. Cash-poor MTA may put recipients of unemployment benefits to work again cleaning subw
  110. Take Two: Donald Trump Releases Official Birth Certificate
  111. Obama Authorizes Covert Help for Libyan Rebels
  112. Ohio Lawmakers Pass Collective Bargaining Reform Bill
  113. Poll: Obama's approval hits new low
  114. Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams from my Father
  115. Millions of sites hit with mass-injection cyberattack
  116. 4 Dead in Crash of Small Plane at New Mexico Airport
  117. Libyan "rebels" sold chemical weapons to HAMAS and Hizbollah
  118. Netanyahu wants U.N. to repeal Gaza report
  119. KSM to be tried by military commission at Gitmo;
  120. Sen. Lindsey Graham signals support for First Amendment restrictions
  121. Congress Repeals Unpopular Tax Reporting Requirement for Businesses
  122. 13 killed in Brazil school shooting
  123. 7.4 Quake in Japan
  124. Tsunami warning lifted after large Japan quake
  125. Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death
  126. What Budget Crisis? Obama's Head Out Of Town
  127. Congress Averts Shutdown
  128. Police: Explosion Outside California Synagogue Was Intentional
  129. Arab League to ask UN for imposing no-fly zone over Gaza
  130. Presidential dream: long walk in the park
  131. At Least 12 Injured in Explosion in Belarus' Subway System
  132. Japan nuke crisis on par with Chernobyl
  133. Fired workers say Chipotle was soft on immigration
  134. Barry Bonds found guilty of obstruction
  135. Arizona Senate passes 'birther' bill
  136. FAA's Air Traffic Chief Resigns Over Sleeping Controllers
  137. Oklahoma governor returns $54M health care grant
  138. Ohioan Tells 911 Dispatcher He Killed Wife, 3 Kids
  139. Deaths Reported As Afghan Soldier Opens Fire at Afghan Defense Ministry
  140. Market tanks with debt downgrade
  141. Supreme Court Hears Emissions Regulation Case
  142. It may not work...but it's worth a shot....
  143. Oscar Nominated Documentary Filmmaker And Photographer Killed In Libya
  144. Gov’t Handouts Now Exceed Tax Income
  145. Democrats Join Threat to Hold Up Debt Ceiling Vote Without Spending Cuts
  146. Obama Approves Use of Predator Drones in Libya
  147. St. Louis airport may reopen Sunday after tornado
  148. Man recruited fake army in immigration scam, prosecutors say
  149. Taliban break more than 450 out of Afghan prison
  150. EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans
  151. Obama selects Panetta for defense secretary
  152. Telemprompter Inventor "Hub" Schlafly Dies; Device Changed Public Address in America
  153. White House Releases Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate
  154. France and Italy in call to close EU borders in wake of Arab protests
  155. Gates to Leave Pentagon at End of June, Officials Say
  156. Mass. Dems target collective bargaining rights
  157. 14 tourists killed by 'suicide bomber' in explosion at popular Marrakech cafe
  158. Superman To Renounce U.S. Citizenship
  159. Fallout: The state of Virginia drops the law firm that dropped the House’s DOMA case
  160. U.N. Amb. Susan Rice: Gaddafi ‘Supplies Troops With Viagara To Encourage Mass Rape’
  161. Gadhafi's youngest son and three grandchildren killed during bombing
  162. WH Mystery Press Conference
  163. Osama Bin Laden is DEAD.
  164. Usama Bin Laden Has Been Buried at Sea
  165. President George W. Bush Congratulates Obama on Bin Laden Killing
  166. White House Delays Release of Bin Laden Death Photo
  167. White House Will Not Release Photos
  168. Al Qaeda member surrenders, Saudi Arabia says
  169. SEALs made the call not Obama
  170. First Photos Released!
  171. Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden's Death On Islamist Website
  172. Schwarzenegger's tear the sheet ???
  173. Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Unions by Chaplains
  174. NJ State Police "Outraged" Over Rapper Invite to White House
  175. GOP rep. to Obama: ‘I’m game’ for alligator-filled moat along U.S.-Mexico border
  176. Exclusive: Pornography found in bin Laden hideout: officials
  177. Gaddafi likely wounded and not in Tripoli: Italy
  178. " French politician Strauss-Kahn dragged off flight,accused of sodomizing maid"
  179. The Donald Isn't Running
  180. Sources: Navy SEALs Knew Bin Laden Mission Was One-Shot Deal
  181. Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff
  182. Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government
  183. FBI wants Unabomber's DNA in Tylenol probe
  184. Republican senators press president on War Powers deadline
  185. Supreme Court orders California to release tens of thousands of prison inmates
  186. Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Faces Indictment for Campaign Violations
  187. White House Creates Liberal Damage Control Position
  188. Tucson Gunman Jared Loughner Ruled Unfit to Stand Trial
  189. Judge strikes down Wisconsin collective bargaining Law
  190. Supreme Court backs Arizona immigration law
  191. Weinergate: Congressman Claims ‘Facebook Hacked’ as Lewd Photo Hits Twitter
  192. Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK
  193. Beauty queen Katya Koren stoned to death by Muslims for being in pageant
  194. Report: 'The global war on drugs has failed'
  195. Yuma Shootings: At least 5 killed, policy say
  196. Lack of retirement savings makes entitlements sacrosanct
  197. Assisted suicide advocate Kevorkian dies
  198. Flash--Edwards indicted
  199. actor James Arness Dies at Age 88
  200. First man cured of HIV
  201. Santorum Enters GOP Presidential Contest
  202. Weiner Admits Sending Photos
  203. Nancy Pelosi finally demands Weiner probe
  204. Obama Presses Europe, Pledges Help for Greek Crisis
  205. SWAT team launch dawn raid on family home to collect unpaid student loans
  206. Sources: Gingrich Aides Resign En Masse From Campaign
  207. Cops Investigate Weiner's Alleged Contact with Minor
  208. Pilot killed after helping three passengers to make incredible escape
  209. Hackers Break Into Senate Computers
  210. Wisconsin's High Court Says Controversial Union Law Can Take Effect
  211. Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid
  212. Hackers Shut Down CIA Website
  213. Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign
  214. 2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
  215. Muslim woman escapes jail by remaining behind her burqa
  216. CA State Controller withholds Assembly's paychecks!
  217. Yelena Bonner, 1923-2011
  218. Attention: Breaking News Rules
  219. Jury reaches verdict in sweat lodge case
  220. Police: Mobster James 'Whitey' Bulger Arrested in California
  221. 'Columbo' Star Peter Falk Dead at 83
  222. House Rebukes Obama on Libya, Stops Short of Funding Cutoff
  223. Report: Hugo Chávez in Critical Condition In Cuban Hospital
  224. GUILTY on all counts of trying to sell Obama's senate seat...
  225. Death Toll in Brazen Afghan Hotel Raid Rises to 10
  226. Court Strikes Down Michigan Ban on Race in College Admissions
  227. Maria Shriver Files for Divorce
  228. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
  229. Texas executes Mexican
  230. Betty Ford dead at 93
  231. Mag 7.0 Quake off Japan!
  232. Terror strikes Mumbai again with series of blasts
  233. Mistrial ruled in Roger Clemens case
  234. Two Planes Collide at Boston's Logan Airport
  235. Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO
  236. House passes GOP debt measure; Obama praises compromise plan
  237. Kill the Visa Lottery Bill Passes
  238. Explosion In Oslo Government Building
  239. Police: Singer Amy Winehouse dies at age 27
  240. Militants hang 8-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan
  241. Soros to End Hedge-Fund Career, Return Money to Investors
  242. Rep. David Wu resigning from House after being accused of making sexual advances...
  243. U.S. military serviceman arrested for allegedly planning another attack on Fort Hood
  244. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Hospitalized
  245. Senate Democrats block Boehner debt ceiling plan after House approval
  246. Magnitude-6.4 earthquake hits off Japan
  247. Majority Leader Harry Reid halts Senate debate...
  248. Reid says he has signed onto a debt ceiling deal
  249. Justice Department Sues Alabama Over Controversial Immigration Law
  250. Police are trying to defuse a bomb that has been strapped to a teenage girl in Sydney