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  1. GAME ON: Election called for Sept 7 2013.
  2. Car mows down pedestrians in Venice Beach. 1 dead. 11 injured.
  3. 12 MLB players suspended for PEDs, FOX Sports reports
  4. BREAKING! Benghazi Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett, Commander in Chief...
  5. W has stent
  6. Shake up at Fox News.
  7. State Department pulls diplomats from Lahore, Pakistan, amid terror threat
  8. Oprah, Bill Clinton to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom
  9. Amber Alert girl FOUND; DiMaggio (kidnapper) killed by law enforcement
  10. Great-grandmother the 16th woman to accuse Filner of sexual harassment
  11. Islamist mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war
  12. Fort Hood Judge Bans Evidence of Shooter's 'Jihadi' Motives
  13. Three teens accused of murder of baseball player Chris Lane identified
  14. 35 Years
  15. Press Conference Re: Bob Filner NOW
  16. Hassan guilty on all charges
  17. Just annouced: Bob Filner will resign effective 8/30
  18. US moves for possible Syria strike
  19. Syria will let inspectors go to site of suspected chemical weapons attack, official s
  20. Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies at 82
  21. August 2013 Ratings: MSNBC Down Double Digits
  22. Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Gets Death Penalty
  23. UK, U.N. and U.S. get jitters over intervention in Syria
  24. Ariel Castro takes the coward's way out
  25. David Cameron rules out any future military action in Syria
  26. 1 dead, 3 injured in stabbing at Spring High School
  27. Marine Corps drops Taliban urination desecration case; commandant saves face
  28. Syria accepts Russia's proposal to put chemical weapons under international control
  29. Timeline of Events September 11,2001
  30. Mayor Gray vetoes ‘living wage’ bill aimed at Wal-Mart, setting up decisive council v
  31. Google Jet Fleet Loses a Pentagon Fuel Perk
  32. California Legislature approves raising minimum wage to $10
  33. White House backs off ObamaCare deal for unions
  34. 1 confirmed injured after shots fired inside D.C. naval facility
  35. Boy, 3, among 13 injured in Chicago park shooting
  36. BREAKING: Columbus OH Police HQ Evacuated After Explosion
  37. Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan mall massacre detail
  38. Tom Clancy dead at 66
  39. Breaking: shots fired on capitol hill
  40. wendy for governor
  41. Man sets himself on fire on the National Mall
  42. White House Ordering Hundreds of Privately Run, Privately Funded Parks to Close
  43. U.S. forces take part in 2 Africa raids targeting alleged terrorists
  44. Million Veteran March On The D.C. Memorials October 13th
  45. Obama calls Boehner as stalemate continues over shutdown, default
  46. Libyan prime minister kidnapped by gunmen, official says
  47. Senate approves military death benefits bill
  48. Astronaut Scott Carpenter dies in Denver, aged 88
  50. Budget Deal Reached, Republicans Get Nothing
  51. Florida U.S. Rep. Bill Young dies at 82
  52. Houston icon Bum Phillips dies
  53. Shooter opens fire at Nevada middle school
  54. Only Two US Army Brigades Now Combat Ready, Chief Says
  55. Public schools in Danvers, Massachusetts, closed due to homicide investigation, offic
  56. Gunman Shoots Up Tennessee National Guard Armory
  57. Census Bureau: Gov't Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers
  58. Anonymous Hackers Take Down NSA Website...
  59. same as it ever was
  60. Shooter opens fire at Los Angeles International Airport
  61. Jimmah calls Obama "Incompetent"
  62. New Jersey mall gunman found dead hours after shooting
  64. Death toll likely exceeds 1,000 after typhoon slams Philippines
  65. Obamacare; 3 programmers do what the gubmint couldn't do in 3 years...
  66. Only 27k sign up through healthcare.gov
  67. CNN exclusive: Obama to offer one-year extensions to those who lost their coverage un
  68. Upton bill passes easily....
  69. Slow night in Obama's Chitcago....
  70. Tornadoes touch down in Illinois; Bears game interrupted
  71. George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend
  72. Obamas Job Disapproval Reaches a Career High
  73. Brittany Murphy And Husband May Have Been Murdered
  74. Virginia State Sen. Creigh Deeds critical, son dead after stabbing attack
  75. Reid, Democrats trigger ‘nuclear’ option; eliminate most filibusters on nominees
  76. Kerry Deal Recognizes Iran’s “Right” To Enriched Uranium
  77. Angola Bans Islam, Destroys Mosques
  78. Obama Pulls US Embassy To Vatican, Downgrades Relationship
  80. Metro-North passenger train derails in NYC, leaving some cars in water
  81. 'Extremely Dangerous' Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico
  82. Martin Bashir Gone From MSNBC
  83. Former South African president Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95.
  84. Calif. health exchange shares consumers' data without permission
  85. Protesters toppling the Lenin statue.
  86. this just in!
  87. Peter O'Toole Dead Age 81
  88. Tom Laughlin, Star of ‘Billy Jack,’ Dead at 82
  89. And Joan Fontaine makes three......
  90. #4 - Ray Price - 87
  91. Country Music Legend Ray Price Dead at 87
  92. Military pensions cut; illegal aliens keep tax credit
  93. Justin Bieber Makes Major Announcement About His Future
  94. Obama delays the individual mandate for people whose insurance plans were cancelled
  95. Harry Reid Hospitalized
  96. Obama extends deadline to Christmas Eve (rewrites law AGAIN!)
  97. Official: 4 U.S. military personnel detained by Libya
  98. Second deadly blast hits Russian city of Volgograd ahead of 2014 Sochi Olympics
  99. Former first lady Barbara Bush hospitalized
  100. Barbara Bush in Houston hospital...
  101. James Avery Dead at 65
  102. Hi rise fire in Manhattan
  103. Jet crashes on landing at Aspen, Colorado, airport, killing 1
  104. Supreme Court puts gay marriage on hold in Utah
  105. Ariel Sharon Former Prime Minister of Israel Dead
  106. Justin Bieber arrested on suspicion of DUI, drag racing
  107. CNN News Suddenly More Reliable
  108. Breaking Huge Explosion At Cairo Police Headquarters, Gunfire Reported After Blast
  109. Judge: Remove life support for pregnant woman
  110. Shooting at Columbia, MD Mall
  111. Queen Elizabeth down to last $1.6 million in reserves after royal overspend
  112. Attorney general to extend recognition of same-sex marriage rights to all states
  113. Shirley Temple dies aged 85
  114. Former Chocolate City Mayor Guilty On 20 Of 21 Charges
  115. RIP Sid Caesar
  116. And Ralph Waite Makes 3
  117. Dunn convicted of attempted murder
  118. Ukraine A Mess
  119. Egyptian government unexpectedly resigns
  120. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes SB 1062
  121. South London Goes Under.... (Eww)
  122. Ukraine 'on brink of disaster' amid crisis with Russia
  123. Tensions rise in Crimea amid report of Russian ultimatum
  124. Gas Explosion At Ewing, Twp. Condo
  125. Defender of the Cop Killer Won't by Asst Atty General
  126. Feb. Job Numbers...
  127. Expecting the worst: Families await news of missing Malaysian airliner
  128. 2 dead, dozen missing after blast collapses 2 NYC buildings
  129. Russia Is Preparing to Invade East Ukraine
  130. Fred Phelps Sr. Founder of Westboro Baptist Church Near Death.
  131. News Helicopter Crashes By Seattle's Space Needle, Killing Two
  132. Objects could be Malaysia Airlines debris; weather hampers search
  133. Hell Has A New Resident!
  134. Flight 370 passenger's relative: 'All lives are lost'
  135. The list of people reported missing after Saturday's landslide in rural Washington...
  136. Charlotte mayor arrested on federal corruption charges
  137. State Sen. Leland Yee indicted on arms trafficking, corruption charges
  138. Reid gave granddaughter $17K in campaign funds
  139. ALERT ... Confirmed shooting at Ft. Hood
  140. R.I.P. Mickey Rooney
  141. Another Shooting At Camp Lejeune Military Base
  142. Student Goes On Stabbing Spree At Suburban Pittsburgh High School
  143. Lerner in contempt of Congress
  144. Health Secretary Resigns After Woes of HealthCare.gov
  145. 2 Reported Dead in Shootings at Kansas Jewish Community Center
  146. Ukraine leader says anti-terror operation under way in Donetsk region
  147. 4 dead, almost 300 missing after South Korean ship sinks
  148. Chelsea Clinton announced at a New York forum moments ago that she is pregnant.
  149. Another Malaysia Airlines Flight MH192 Acting Funny
  150. US troops arrive in Poland for exercises across Eastern Europe amid Ukraine crisis
  151. Energy Plant in Oregon Burning Aborted Babies From Canada to Generate Electricity
  152. Afghan security guard shoots dead 3 American doctors at hospital
  153. Russia to launch military drills near Ukraine border
  154. BREAKING: Clippers Owner Sterling Banned From NBA For Life, Fined 2.5 Million
  155. Actor Bob Hoskins Has Died of Pneumonia at Age 71
  156. Former 'Mad' magazine editor Al Feldstein dies at 88
  157. 2 Dead, More Than 100 Injured In Fla. Jail Explosion
  158. Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams held over 1972 Jean McConville killing
  159. 'I will sell them,' Boko Haram leader says of kidnapped Nigerian girls
  160. Lerner in contempt of Congress
  161. House votes to establish select committee on Benghazi
  162. Fire forces evacuation of San Onofre nuclear plant
  163. They first called it 50K gallons
  164. California Forest Fires Suspiciously Early This Year?
  165. Army declares martial law in Thailand; government wasn't informed, aide says
  166. 2 shot, 8 in custody at Clearwater Beach
  167. Ukrainian military helicopter shot down, 14 dead, acting president says
  168. Shinseki resigns
  169. Josh Ernest to replace Jay Carney ...
  170. American P.O.W. Is Freed in Trade With the Taliban
  171. R.I.P. Anne B. Davis AKA Alice Of The Brady Bunch
  172. 12-year-old Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times; friends arrested
  173. Gunman kills 3 officers, remains at large in Canadian subdivision, police say
  174. Secretary of State John Kerry tells CNN the U.S. has ability to do things...
  175. Casey Kasem has died at age 82.
  176. Spurs in 5
  177. Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn Dead at 54
  178. San Fran Archbishop To Pelosi: No, I Won’t Drop March For Traditional Marriage
  179. Pope Francis says he opposes making recreational drugs legal
  180. Chinese Muslims Murder Police Officers
  181. The U.S. economy declined at a 2.9% annual rate in the first quarter...
  182. Boehner plans to file suit against Obama
  183. 3 Israeli Teens Found Dead
  184. Ukrainian president ends unilateral ceasefire with pro-Russian separatists
  185. Obama Considering Executive Action On Contraception Mandate After Hobby Lobby Ruling
  186. Judge rules Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional
  187. Texas rep says military bases ‘turning into refugee camps'
  188. Murrieta Residents Preparing for Riot Squads, Ready to 'Be Detained'
  189. Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the U.S.
  190. Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gets 10 years for bribery, money laundering
  191. Breaking: Bergdahl Being Released To Active Duty As Early As Today
  192. Vote Backs Women Bishops (CofE)
  193. Afghan market car bomb kills 89 in Paktika province
  194. Okla. Supreme Court upholds Common Core repeal
  195. EXCLUSIVE: Released Alien from Border Crisis Arrested for Alleged Murder, Kidnapping
  196. Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine
  197. IDF starts Gaza ground invasion
  198. Daytona Beach police: Dad walked in on man sexually battering son
  199. Movie, television legend James Garner dies at 86
  200. Gov. Perry To Send 1000 National Guard To The Border
  201. Dem Rep. Rep. Joaquin Castro Accuses Gov. Perry of “Militarizing Our Border” .....
  202. Judge Tosses Ron Johnson's Lawsuit Against Obamacare Subsidies
  203. Masked robbers steal $180G from Atlantic City casino
  204. US Appeals Court throws out IRS rules on Subsidies.
  205. FAA bans U.S.-Israel flights, citing rocket attack
  206. Ukraine: Two military jets shot down
  207. Dozens feared dead in Taiwan plane crash
  208. FAA Halts All U.S. Flights To Israel, WH Says It Had Nothing To Do With It
  209. Israeli Justice Minister’s Response To UN: Get Lost
  210. Human Smuggler Attacks Game Warden
  211. Inmate Dies 2 Hours After Execution Began in Arizona
  212. Air Algerie plane with 116 on board falls off radar
  213. Strike hits shelter in Gaza, U.N. official says
  214. Central America leaders plead for help from Washington amid border crisis
  215. BREAKING!! Pennsylvania hospital on lockdown amid reports of shooting
  216. Obama administration: Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military targets
  217. U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel
  218. Federal judge rules DC ban on gun carry rights unconstitutional
  219. Tentative Deal Reached on VA Reform
  220. U.N. Security Council demands humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza
  221. N. Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House
  222. Roy Cooper: N.C. should stop defending gay marriage amendment
  223. Jihadists bomb Catholic Church in Nigeria:5 Dead!
  224. Israel pounds Gaza; Hamas rejects PLO's proposed cease-fire
  225. U.S., U.N. announce humanitarian cease-fire in Mideast conflict
  226. House Passes $694 Million Border Security Bill
  227. Massive Earthquake Strikes China
  228. Mudslides trap Southern California town, stranding thousands
  229. James Brady, White House press secretary under Reagan, dies
  230. Alabama Abortion Clinic Law Shot Down.
  231. 1 NATO-led soldier killed, 15 wounded in Afghan attack
  232. 40,000 on the Mountain
  233. U.S. fighter jets, drones target ISIS fighters, convoys in Iraq
  234. Kurdish fighters pleas for weapons may be heard.
  235. ISIS Advancing Despite Airstrikes
  236. Political showdown in Iraq as Maliki refuses to go
  237. Robin Williams Dead
  238. Lauren Bacall Dead at 89 ...
  239. Iraq crisis: UK 'will play role' in rescue mission, says PM
  240. Arlene Martel, Spock’s Bride-to-Be on 'Star Trek,' Dies at 78
  241. Ferguson Missouri Protesters Back Again – Night #4 – Tear Gas, Molotov Cocktails, Rio
  242. President Obama to make a statement at 12:15 p.m. ET, White House says.
  243. Michael Brown shooting: Tensions ease as state police take control
  244. Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted on two felony charges
  245. Amish Girls Kidnapping: More Charges Expected for Suspects
  246. Body of Michael Brown to have 3 autopsies
  247. Ferguson Race Riots Continue; Obama at Jazz concert in Martha's Vineyard
  248. OK, here we go: "Private family-requested autopsy" shows 6 shots--in FRONT.
  249. Live from Ferguson
  250. Missouri National Guard headed to Ferguson