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  1. 2020 Dem POTUS Players...
  2. Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee ahead of likely 2020 presidential run
  3. Julián Castro officially announces 2020 presidential bid
  4. Kamala Harris Looks Like She's In
  5. How Pelosi is trying to take POTUS down before 2020
  6. Hillary Talking About 2020 Run
  7. Beware the Media's Prop Up and Free Fall
  8. Cory Booker announces he is running for president
  9. Democrats are leaving Hillary Clinton behind
  10. O'Rourke to headline counter-Trump rally at border
  11. Elizabeth Warren to kick off presidential campaign...
  12. The mysterious case of AOC’s scrubbed 'Green New Deal' details
  13. Amy Klobuchar Enters 2020 Presidential Race
  14. "Stupidicus" at Iowa campaign opener: In the "Buckeye" State
  15. Kirsten Gillibrand on Green New Deal: ‘I Support All the Framework’
  16. Bernie Sanders launches second presidential campaign
  17. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces 2020 presidential bid
  18. Different laws for different people
  19. Hillary Clinton rules out 2020 bid for first time
  20. Michael Bloomberg will not run for president in 2020
  21. Eric Holder, who served in Barack Obama's administration, will not run for president
  22. Pee wee Herman will not be running for president in 2020
  23. Abortion Barbie considering a run at U.S. Senate seat
  24. Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops: Might Still Run in 2020
  25. Trump fires back at DNC after Fox News excluded from hosting 2020 Democratic debates
  26. Democratic Convention To Be Held In Miluawkee
  27. Master Beto flings his tortilla into the 2020 race
  28. Young Beto O'Rourke wrote 'murder fantasy' about running over children, was part of f
  29. Sixteen and counting.....
  30. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact--The end of representative government
  31. Sanders’s Newest Hire Wrote He Hoped the Boston Marathon Bomber Was White
  32. an interesting phenomenon
  33. Beto Just Can’t Stop Leaping On Countertops To Deliver Speeches
  34. Schweizer: China Buying Off Joe Biden Through His Son
  35. Thank you.... Thank you all so very much, to all of the uninformed Democrats...
  36. Mayor Who?
  37. United States Presidential Election, 2020 List of Candidates
  38. Feel the Bern
  39. Bernie on Fox
  40. Pete Butthead Knocks Own Supporters for Being Too White
  41. Bernie Sanders is the new #1 in our 2020 Democrat rankings
  42. Joe Biden announces he is running for president in 2020
  43. How about this for a Trump campaign ad?
  44. Joe Biden Wanted Constitutional Amendment Against Busing
  45. The bright side
  46. Gillibrand’s First Major 2020 Proposal: Give Voters $600 Worth of ‘Democracy Dollar
  47. Larry Elder: “This is about harassing the president up until the election”
  48. New York Times: Pelosi worries Trump won't give up power if he loses re-election...
  49. Biden mistakenly claims Margaret Thatcher, who died in 2013, is worried about Trump
  50. Don't lose your juice when you watch this video
  51. Booker Does Not Deny He Is Going To Raise Taxes,
  52. Buttigieg in SC: America ‘Was Never as Great as Advertised’
  53. Joe Biden strikes again
  54. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announces presidential campaign
  55. Mark Cuban leaves open possibility of running for president as an independent
  56. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 presidential run
  57. Kirsten Gillibrand Comes Out Full Anti-Gun. NRA Releases Her Letter
  58. Democrat Pete Buttonbrain Compares Christianity To Radical Islam
  59. Resurfaced 2007 clip shows Biden flip on sanctuary city stance
  60. Joe Biden: Heartbeat Abortion Ban Is ‘Wrong and We Have to Stop It’
  61. Butthead: Anti-Abortion Laws Another Example of Republican ‘Extremism’
  62. Chris Wallace Silent as Buttigieg Trashes Fox News, Lies About GOP ‘Taking Away’ Heal
  63. Joe Biden Received Draft Deferments During Vietnam
  64. Replace Polls With Audience-Sizes
  65. A Scrambling Democrat National Committee Has Taken Out A Second Line Of Credit
  66. Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents
  67. Bernie Sanders: A Lot of People Would Be ‘Delighted’ to Pay More in Taxes
  68. Gillibrand Works Gay Bar to Celebrate Pride
  69. Kirsten Gillibrand and the justice system
  70. Is Trump TRYING to get impeached?
  71. 1st democrat debate CNN 6/26 & 6/27
  72. Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms in Red States Ahead of 2020 Election
  73. Joe Biden Wants to Bring High-speed Rail to California — Again
  74. Beto speaketh from the mount
  75. Trump Rally LIVE: President Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally in Orlando, FL
  76. Biden Suggests Starting ‘Physical Revolution’ To Deal With Republicans
  77. Bye, bye Joe.
  78. Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020
  79. Bill Kristol’s Democrat-funded nonprofit is bankrolling pro-Justin Amash ad campaign
  80. Official Communist Debate Thread - June 26, 2019
  81. Official Pandering Fest Debate Part Two - June 27, 2019
  82. So who is toast???
  83. Kamala's angry black woman tirade contained a huge lie
  84. Another flacid message from Butthead
  85. Vermont Tried ‘Medicare for All’ and Failed
  86. Butthead on international relations
  87. Buttigieg on Free College:
  88. Beto’ O’Rourke Campaigns in Mexico
  89. Pete Buttigieg Warns Black Americans of Another Civil War
  90. There will be 'no NATO' if Trump is reelected
  91. Biden warns Democratic rivals he's got 'all this information about other people’s...
  92. USC Dornsife: Democrats believe a white male is most likely to beat Trump
  93. Eric Swalwell expected to end presidential bid after failing to gain traction
  94. Beto O’Rourke Embraces Anti-American Platform,
  95. Blasting Trump, Biden pledges global summit on democracy
  96. Letters in Amy McGrath campaign launch video were postmarked the same day
  97. Zero Point Zero
  98. The biggest threat to 2020 election
  99. Kamala Harris and her White Husband live in Brentwood (84% white; 1.2% black)
  100. 'Send her back!' chant shows Trump's ugly plan to get reelected
  101. AOC being challenged
  102. Joe Biden If You Like Your Health Insurance, You Can Keep Your Health Insurance
  103. Kamala vs OldJoe - Round 2
  104. Plea deal by Kamala Harris AG office for sexual-harassing San Diego mayor too lenient
  105. Beto: ‘Don’t Be a Fuckstick’ Could Be My New Campaign Slogan
  106. South Bend Cops Warn of 'Mass Exodus' as Morale Plummets Over Buttigieg's Mishandling
  107. Beto-Trump Taking America Down ‘the Road to Fascism and Tyranny’
  108. Biden Unveils Criminal Justice Plan
  109. Butthead rants again
  110. Trump Campaign Ad: The Squad
  111. Hey SVPete: Have you seen this in Kamala?
  112. Pete Buttigieg Lectures ‘Comfortable’ White Liberals on Race
  113. Another one bites the dust
  114. Dem Super PAC Launching Deceptive Ad Campaign Designed to Look Like Local News
  115. Voter Disenfranchisement
  116. 'Complete Chaos': Top Democrat Staffer Ousted Amid Complaints DCCC Is Too White
  118. CNN Democratic Debate in MI
  119. Beto Proposes $500 Billion Dollar Plan to Address ‘Education Inequality’
  120. Pete Buttigieg Quotes Bible to Shame ‘So-Called Christians’ on Minimum Wage
  121. CNN Democratic Debate in MI II
  122. What do you think about 2020??
  123. Beto Ties Trump to El Paso Shooting — ‘He Is a Racist, and He Stokes Racism...
  124. WaPo - Warren & Sanders proposals not plausibile
  125. CNN Host Gets Kamala Harris To Admit She's Taking Away Employer-Provided Health Plans
  126. Another First for the 2020 election
  127. Scaramucci no longer backs Trump's reelection, says change may be needed at top...
  128. Elizabeth Warren will tax gun makers at 30% on firearms, 50% on ammunition
  129. This will work great
  130. Don't you wish THESE were the 2020 ads for POTUS?
  131. The Mooch Explains Why He Thinks Trump Is “Crazy,” “Narcissistic,” and a “Paper Tiger
  132. Nancy Pelosi has a nasty Baltimore secret… and we found it!
  133. Trump campaign's small-dollar donations surge, marking major shift for GOP
  134. Dueling rallies
  135. Harry Reid: 'Of Course' Medicare for All and Decriminalizing Border Crossings Are...
  136. Joe Biden Assailed Teacher’s IQ, Compared Himself to MLK
  137. Joe Walsh to take on Trump in 2020 Republican primary
  138. Joe Arpaio announces a bid
  139. Speed Bag Hits Bernie Sanders in the Face During Boxing Session
  140. 2011: Generic Republican beats Obama 47-39%
  141. Biden must be a CNN reporter
  142. Joe Biden - Constitutional Scholar
  143. The Details Are Irrelevant’ For Decision-Making
  145. Crying baby irritates Bernie Sanders during event
  146. oe Biden: DACA Illegals ‘Become American Before a Lot of Americans’
  147. CNN Oct 10th Town Hall; A 7 Hour Townhall on LGBTQ Issues
  148. Wasn't this called eugenics or the "final solution" once? ?
  149. Today's Buttheadism
  150. Today's Beanos widsom
  151. Two articles that should be read together
  152. Both Special Elections Today Won by GOP
  153. Post Fact-Checker Gives Valerie Plame’s Campaign Ad Three Pinocchios
  154. How to watch tonight's Democratic presidential debate
  155. Again: Biden Lies, Claims Obama Administration Didn’t Lock Immigrants In “Cages”
  156. BIDEN AT DEBATE: ‘I Am the Vice President of the United States’
  157. Biden: Those Who Like Their Health Care ‘Can Keep It’
  158. Beano Falsely Claims Border Wall Kills ‘1000s’ of Illegal Aliens
  159. Butt: anyone who backs Trump on immigration ‘supports racism
  160. The perfect candidate
  161. Butto: Dollars Have Been Stolen from Black Americans for Generations
  162. Biden in the hood
  163. Butto: Buttigieg Renewed Support for Abortion Clinic Headed by Klopfer Staff
  164. Beano: We’ll Use Fines to ‘Compel’ Compliance with AR-15 Ban
  165. Beano: If You Own an AR-15, You Can Keep Your AR-15
  166. Joe Walsh: GOP is a 'cult' and Trump a 'would-be dictator'
  167. Social Darwinism?
  168. De Blasio drops out of 2020 presidential race
  169. Butt: Thanksgiving ‘Starting to Feel Like a Minefield’ Under Donald Trump
  170. Beto:If You Can Own an AR-15, Why Not a Bazooka?
  171. Corn Pop lies again
  172. Will Hillary run again in 2020??
  173. Warren: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Is ‘Good’ for American Workers
  174. Biden plays golf too - Tiger beware
  175. Judge Nappy on Biden-Ulraine story
  176. A Lighter side...
  177. Warren Goes All In for Unions:
  178. Beto O’Rourke Gets a Flu Shot!
  179. Kamala Harris Asks If America Is Ready for Her To Be President, The Answer Is Epic
  180. What you can do to help victory in 2020
  181. Joe Biden: Time to Sue Gun Manufacturers
  182. Spartacus threatens republicans
  183. AOC Proposes Giving Welfare to Illegal Aliens
  184. Bernie raises $61 Million I'll Boot Big Money from US Elections
  185. Warren can't even lie well
  186. More Benoisms
  187. Hillary Clinton Taking Steps Toward 3rd Run.
  188. Warren’s Workers Plan Will Provide Back Pay to Illegal Aliens
  189. Warren Says Inmates Are 'Entitled' to Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Surgery
  190. Some 2020 Dems think it should be l to knowingly give someone HIV
  191. This is from June 2019 b
  192. Tom Brokaw called out Biden corruption — in 2008
  193. The next Presidential Debate tonight
  194. Beano: If You Don’t Hand over Your AR-15 We’ll Take It
  195. Bidenomics
  196. Bernienomics
  197. Pelosi: 'The Voters Are Not Going to Decide' Impeachment Issue
  198. Joe Biden Bragged About Political Hit Job on Robert Bork
  199. Faux's Education Plan: Protect Illegals End Parental Choice
  200. Katie Hill's Career Explodes
  201. Why aren’t the leftists running as COMMUNISTS?
  202. According to the Hag
  203. Odork- Gun Manufacturers Will Pay For His Confiscation Plan
  204. Ain't nothing dirty goin' on
  205. 'He's either a liar or he's losing his mind'
  206. Joe Biden claims he went to black college
  207. More "free stuff" from Bernie
  208. Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar Rally Moves to Bigger Arena Due to High Demand
  209. Warren Pledges To Crack Down On School Choice
  210. Say it ain't so Joe
  211. FAUX: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Will Pay for ‘Medicare for All’
  212. Fox News Poll: Biden leads nomination race, tops Trump by 12 points in matchup
  213. More economic brillance from Warren
  214. Joy Behar: Don't tell Americans before you take their guns
  215. Tulsi separates from the pack
  216. This is what Warren thinks will help her campaign
  217. Steyer's Staff Caught Attempting To Bribe Iowa-Politicians
  218. Biden breaks a$$whole meter
  219. Buttigieg Make Veterans Affairs Motto More Gender Inclusive
  220. Biden Rejects the 'Moderate' Label, Calls for 'Fundamental Change'
  221. 5th Democratic Debate
  222. Expect a long senate trial
  223. Democratic debates: Amy Klobuchar’s shaking leaves viewers rattled
  224. Warren Calls for a National Conversation About Reparations
  225. Bloomberg to announce 2020 presidential campaign imminently, source says
  226. Makkie says .......
  227. Elizabeth Warren and charter schools
  228. Finland’s healthcare system flounders, Dems’ ‘Medicare for All’ hardest hit
  229. Bernie Says Tax Hike on Lower, Middle Classes Will Pay For Medicare
  230. House GOP members are 'absolutely disgusted and exhausted' by Trump's behavior...
  231. Biden kicks off ‘No Malarkey’ bus tour in push to regain momentum in Iowa
  232. Creepy Joe Talks About Kids Rubbing His Hairy Legs
  233. Biden - I’ve Spent a Lot of Time with South Korea’s Kim Jong Un
  234. n Spanish, Butt Promises Government Health Care for Illegal Immigrant
  235. Bernie - Population Control Part of His Climate Agenda
  236. NYT Begs SCOTUS: Throw out Case Instead of Ruling
  237. Kamala out!
  238. Bernie Sanders Calls Internet Access a 'Basic Human Right
  239. Joe Biden Blames Staff for Hunter Problems
  240. Very interesting if true
  241. BIDEN: I ‘don’t trust’ people who think before they speak
  242. Photos of Lavish Billionaire-Hosted Buttigieg Fundraiser
  243. Biden Commits To Ending “Racist” Standardized Testing
  244. Biden Is ‘Not A Healthy Guy,’ Former Obama Doctor Says
  245. Last Libtard Debate of 2019
  246. The Butt
  247. The Butt part 2
  248. Brain dead Joe Biden says
  249. Obama talks up Warren behind closed doors to wealthy donors
  250. Butt No Jail Time for Possession of Any Drug