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  1. 2020 Dem POTUS Players...
  2. Elizabeth Warren launches exploratory committee ahead of likely 2020 presidential run
  3. Julián Castro officially announces 2020 presidential bid
  4. Kamala Harris Looks Like She's In
  5. How Pelosi is trying to take POTUS down before 2020
  6. Hillary Talking About 2020 Run
  7. Beware the Media's Prop Up and Free Fall
  8. Cory Booker announces he is running for president
  9. Democrats are leaving Hillary Clinton behind
  10. O'Rourke to headline counter-Trump rally at border
  11. Elizabeth Warren to kick off presidential campaign...
  12. The mysterious case of AOC’s scrubbed 'Green New Deal' details
  13. Amy Klobuchar Enters 2020 Presidential Race
  14. "Stupidicus" at Iowa campaign opener: In the "Buckeye" State
  15. Kirsten Gillibrand on Green New Deal: ‘I Support All the Framework’
  16. Bernie Sanders launches second presidential campaign
  17. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces 2020 presidential bid
  18. Different laws for different people
  19. Hillary Clinton rules out 2020 bid for first time
  20. Michael Bloomberg will not run for president in 2020
  21. Eric Holder, who served in Barack Obama's administration, will not run for president
  22. Pee wee Herman will not be running for president in 2020
  23. Abortion Barbie considering a run at U.S. Senate seat
  24. Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops: Might Still Run in 2020
  25. Trump fires back at DNC after Fox News excluded from hosting 2020 Democratic debates
  26. Democratic Convention To Be Held In Miluawkee
  27. Master Beto flings his tortilla into the 2020 race
  28. Young Beto O'Rourke wrote 'murder fantasy' about running over children, was part of f
  29. Sixteen and counting.....
  30. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact--The end of representative government
  31. Sanders’s Newest Hire Wrote He Hoped the Boston Marathon Bomber Was White
  32. an interesting phenomenon
  33. Beto Just Can’t Stop Leaping On Countertops To Deliver Speeches
  34. Schweizer: China Buying Off Joe Biden Through His Son
  35. Thank you.... Thank you all so very much, to all of the uninformed Democrats...
  36. Mayor Who?
  37. United States Presidential Election, 2020 List of Candidates
  38. Feel the Bern
  39. Bernie on Fox
  40. Pete Butthead Knocks Own Supporters for Being Too White