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  1. Book thread!
  2. What is your spouse's TV addiction that you HATE and vice versa?
  3. Yee Haw! Ordered a cowboy rifle!!
  4. Experts said the Spirit Could be the Ghost of a Roman Soldier Killed on the Spot
  5. Friday Jukebox
  6. Citation Alleges Public Intoxication During A Snow Storm by Man on a White Horse
  7. BSG tonight!
  8. HR 45 Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
  9. Leave aside the cost of redesigning guns with mocrostamping technology
  10. Saturday Thread: Big Breakfast.
  11. My Year of Living Politically: Testing the Waters
  12. Old School: Smoker Taxes, New School: Porker Taxes.
  13. Super Bowl Party Plans?
  14. Jukebox Saturday Night: Rockin' Me Baby...
  15. Superbowl Sunday
  16. Proud Daddy pics
  17. Mom Helps Son To Play Grand Theft Auto. Realism 10+
  18. Cake Wrecks: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.
  19. And Now For A Change Some Real Americans !
  20. Bay Area flight attendant gets ass rash, sues
  21. The Deer are eating, RIGHT NOW!!!
  22. Only if it we're this easy
  23. 24!!!!!
  24. 30 lashes for smoking on Saudi Arabian Airlines Aircraft
  25. Arctic Tuesday!
  26. Big Chinned Women Cheat More.
  27. Economy To Blame For Spelling Nazis.
  28. Today in History: Feb. 3
  29. More Finger Wagging From The Nanny Staters.
  30. Feb 3 Jukebox: The Day The Music Died...
  31. Sailfish feeding!
  32. Lolz catz
  33. Warmish Wednesday
  34. F'in SNOW! Jesh, the worst this year...
  35. Woman Buys 38 KKK Bust. (Of course there's a pic.)
  36. Masked Man Robs Convenience Stores With Klingon Sword
  37. Doggie Dentals
  38. Caption This.
  39. From the diary of a Vermonter . . . .
  40. Thursday Thread - "And I thought last Thursday was cold!"
  41. "Halifax Mother Of The Year is into dominance and submission. "
  42. Virginia Senate passes restaurant carry, rejects private gun sales ban
  43. Consumer Reports Picks the Best Cup o' Brew
  44. What's Your Sign? It Better Be The Right One In Austria.
  45. Hook-Up Guy Scarred For Life By One Night Stand.
  46. Anybody heard of that new country song?
  47. Women Would Give Up Sex For Awesome Valentine's Day
  48. View The International Space Station
  49. Let's Help The Smokers!
  50. What's Your Medieval Profession? (Quiz.)
  51. Friday thread: Movies we can watch over and over and over.....
  52. Dirty hotel horror stories
  53. Mini-Me: The robot doll that looks and sounds just like you
  54. Jukebox Thread. Rick Wakeman, Yes, and the Tradition of Great Rock Keyboardists...
  55. Saturday Scribbles....
  56. Do you Shower at night or in the morning?
  57. Snowmelt Sunday
  58. The Bacon Flowchart...
  59. My new favorite Food Store!!!
  60. Zombie pride day!!
  61. PetSmart Treats Injured Deer.
  62. Is Recession Preparing a New Breed of Survivalist?
  63. Sri Lankan watches 24 for 72 hours straight to set world record
  64. Proud Gramps pics!
  65. Floridian nabbed for public ménage a trois . . . .
  66. 30 Day Email Detox Diet.
  67. What's Your Friendship Style?
  68. Dang they missed a whole lot more....
  69. 24
  70. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show On Tomorrow!
  71. End of days alert!
  72. Obama has gone too f*ckin' far, this time.
  73. Tuesday Thoughts---of the Day
  74. James Brown comes out of retirement aka the grave.
  75. Indian Women Mobilize Underpants Protest.
  76. BBC Geography Quiz.
  77. It flew fast like a jet, made a whirling sound and left an odd glow.
  78. CU Dog Show.
  79. It looks like I am not the only one....
  80. Got a Nanny State letter yesterday.
  81. Are drunk Facebook photos killing your job prospects?
  82. Flying Priest Missing, Feared Heavenly Ascended
  83. India to launch cow urine as soft drink (no, we're not taking the p***)
  84. Winterish Wednesday
  85. CU Best in SHow Poll (redux)
  86. Today In History.
  87. What dog breed are you?
  88. Fear my patent-bar taking abilities!
  89. how to fold a t shirt in 2 seconds-explained
  90. Migraine Headaches
  91. I know a song that will get on your nerves!
  92. Former D.C. Mayor,Barry Says Kidney Issues Kept Him From Filing Taxes
  93. Thursday Thoughts
  94. Man Searched For Carrying Sticks.
  95. She never had good taste in men!
  96. Guess my age
  97. Friday at last
  98. Nail Lady Clipped In Crash!
  99. What Is Your Valentine's Day Personality? (Quiz.)
  100. Naked,Terra-Cotta Male Jogger on Katy Trail .
  101. Mystery monks abandon dentist practice
  102. Friday the 13th jukebox
  103. Transsexual Mafia boss who wears lipstick and calls himself Kitty arrested by Italian
  104. BSG Is On!!!!!
  105. Saturday at the Beach
  106. PSA - Is He A Keeper? (Quiz.)
  107. PSA- Would You Have Been A Good Husband In The 1930s?
  108. The People Vs. George Lucas...
  109. Health, Saliva: Secret Ingredient in the Best Kisses
  110. POP Video Quiz
  111. From Cat House to Catwalk Ashley Dupre does Fashion Week!
  112. Studious Sunday
  113. Adventures in hiking
  114. Where did you take your Honey for Valentine's Day?
  115. Baby elie in trouble
  116. James Bond-style jetpack powered by high-pressure water invented
  117. Monday.
  118. 24!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Troublesome Tuesday
  120. All Hail Pepper, Champion of CU.
  121. Boy "Dad" Discovers Awful Truth About Girlfriend. Updated!
  122. 'You'd Hit It' Female Boxer Banned For Breast Implants.
  123. China tycoon’s mistress contest ends in tragedy
  124. Finally A Newsie Does It Right!
  125. "Go Girl" Gives Women Urinary Equality.
  126. For SLW
  127. Glass guitar
  128. Waistline Wednesday.
  129. Pet Poodle Nabs Nose.
  130. You Know Who Else Had Bad Table Manners? Hitler!
  131. Man's penis injured in grinder accident
  132. Presenting Jane Austen's Pride And... Predator? Wait, What?!?
  133. 101 Absolutely Breathtaking Infrared Photographs
  134. Goodbye Saab, Hummers, Saturns
  135. A new world record!!
  136. Thursday Thunder
  137. 'Jungle Love' Angle In Chimp Rage Attack.
  138. The 11th Annual Toast To Harry Caray
  139. The Sunset Test.
  140. New Guitar Hero game misspells "Lynyrd Skynyrd"
  141. So how many of you play Second Life?
  142. Giant rat caught
  143. The green-eyed monster that lives in your brain
  144. Cool invention with a retarded ecoweenie name
  145. Friday thread
  146. The Survivors Club Quiz
  147. Budget Beer Sales Soar.
  148. Four Firearms Every Family Should Own.
  149. Magical hair-weave of power stops bullet
  150. Guess what this is.
  151. Rotfl!
  152. Squidbillies
  153. Jukebox Baby: Let's do favorites..and dedications...
  154. Postal Shooting Match. (Updated 3/10)
  155. Saturday Cinema...
  156. Battlestar Galactica Movie
  157. Bubba the Hero
  158. Sunday.
  159. Academy Awards
  160. Patent That Downward Dog! Yoga Position Wars.
  161. Monday.
  162. The Scrabble Website Word Of The Day Recently
  163. Wondering About Wine? Wonder No More
  164. What Office Supply Are You?
  165. Bulbous Bouffant
  166. 24!!!!!!!
  167. Where Is The Day Thread?
  168. Social Networking Sites Really Do Rot Your Brain.
  169. China Breeding Glowing Eyed Mutant Cat Children...
  170. Mel Gibson IS... The Colonel
  171. Happy B-Day to FlaGator!!
  172. Lenten Wednesday
  173. 50 hottest babes of SciFi
  174. Serve In The Military And Steal All The M&Ms You Want! Sweet!
  175. Larry The Hat Guy Fights City Hall!
  176. Super cool surveillance tool/inauguration photo--check it out
  177. Unwanted Hug Leads To Arrest.
  178. Jo King and Terry Bull on list of Britain's most unfortunate names
  179. The Top 10 Deaths Caused by Video Games
  180. 36 upcoming US TV pilots
  181. Eastwood Tells People To Lighten Up, Get Off His Lawn.
  182. Paranormal Thursday
  183. The End Of Cursive.
  184. Injured good Samaritan ticketed for jaywalking
  185. Best and worst depreciating cars
  186. Men become impotent because of women's low-cut dresses and bare legs
  187. What Celebrity Chef Are You?
  188. San Diego.
  189. Woo Hoo - Mr. Snaps Rocks!
  190. Friday Foolin' Around
  191. Are Your Children Prepared For The Post-Apocalypse Hellscape?
  192. You like my pasty white legs?
  193. Reusable Toilet Wipes Coming! In Related News - Dysentery Returns.
  194. This Is Why You're Fat: where dreams become heart attacks
  195. Arlo Guthrie Concert
  196. Government Physics
  197. Jukebox: Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music...
  198. Digital Pianos/Keyboards.
  199. Ed McMahon in the intensive care unit
  200. Saturday Sports
  201. This place has not changed a bit.
  202. Websites other than CU
  203. Sunny Sunday
  204. Happy Birthday to me self-wootage thread
  205. End of Days alert
  206. $#$%##! L.A. County Tries for Cuss-Free Week
  207. Woman Loses 182 Pounds In Order To Become Trailer Trash.
  208. Cattoos: Latest End of Days Alert. (Pic.)
  209. Today In History - March 2
  210. Breaking News: Is The Next Generation In The New Star Trek Movie?
  211. Posh's tower of terror
  212. Vintage 1960 toy commercial!
  213. Take the Quiz: For Dummies. For Real?
  214. 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. WTF! The quest for "G"
  216. The Monday Thread.
  217. Tuesday = Mars day
  218. Cat Stuffed In Bong.
  219. LiLo To Convert to Judaism.
  220. Woman Calls 911 After McDonald's Runs Out Of Nuggets
  221. TV drama 24 to go carbon neutral
  222. anyone wanna e-mail a soilder ?
  223. What Are You Reading and Drinking?
  224. Windy Wednesday
  225. Fish with human faces spotted in South Korea (End Times Alert?)
  226. Insane Canadian Pepper-Sprayed At Border.
  227. Ninja Bear!
  228. Real dinosaur!!
  229. Today Is National Grammar Day!
  230. Dogs Munched My Manhood
  231. Creepy Robot Stalkers. Thank You Japan!
  232. Man entertains family with musical nipples.
  233. Thursday Hype and Tripe
  234. Barbie Gets A Tramp Stamp
  235. Unbelievable Truck/Train Accident. (The Guy Is Okay!)
  236. Stranger Hits Dead Man With a Wand
  237. Clothed guest at swingers nudist colony causes a riot
  238. I'm rich!!!!
  239. Friday.... looking back
  240. Toby Has Exceeded The Light Speed Threshold Of Cuteness.
  241. Today In History - Remember The Alamo!
  242. What Am I Cooking? (Quiz.)
  243. Weekend Jukebox: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles....
  244. The Mom
  245. Friday Night - Open Musing.
  246. Saturday Thread: The Four Seasons
  247. Spring Ahead!
  248. There ain't no bugs on me!
  249. Turning to Cube Steak, and Back to Childhood
  250. The Day the Earth Stood Still