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  1. Burger King Launches World's Most Expensive Hamburger
  2. Guys, are you a Kung Fu Kicker?
  3. The 10 Most Terrifyingly Inspirational '80s Songs
  4. Crimson room
  5. Miserable day today
  6. Coldplay's new CD isnt half bad..
  7. Fabulous Friday
  8. Petting Zoo Horror Story
  9. Nilla, Please...
  10. What ever happened to our Canadian friend?
  11. 40 Things Every Drunk Should Do Before Death
  12. Japanese Firm Tests Water-Powered Car
  13. Never Bring A Palm Frond To A Bar Stool Fight.
  14. Sixth Foot Was Hoax Foot Claim Nervous Canucks.
  15. Friday Night! What's Up And Do You Have Bail Money?
  16. Things you should NEVER do in a bar.
  17. Your Animal Personality. Quiz.
  18. She Ran Her Mother Over, Checked On Her. said she was still breathing and drove off?
  19. OK all you hot conservababes, I'm back. The line forms here.
  20. Saturday Thread..ON SATURDAY!!!!
  21. Family Upset After Relative Dies When Dentist Drops Tool Down Throat (Florida)
  22. Man Charged In Silicone 'Pumping Party' Sting
  23. I MUST see this!!!!
  24. The changing face of Sgt Pepper
  25. Blue whale-----video
  26. A Solipsistic Sunday Songfest
  27. A Question about Baking Bread
  28. Ugliest dog: 3 legs, 1 eye, no hair, all winner
  29. Cool Pics
  30. Fat people check in
  31. So a biker affiliated with organized crime crashes
  32. A Warning
  33. I'm going to DisneyWorld!
  34. Winehouse Lung Disease The Result Of Crack
  35. Australia wobbles way to top of most obese league
  36. Money Monday? Day Thread
  37. Florida man named God arrested for selling cocaine - near a church
  38. Awwww! Legless Pup Rolls Through Life.
  39. Moodstream: Create Your Own.....Well, It's Hard To Say But It's Way Cool.
  40. Kate Moss has a bod
  41. I want to do naughty things to Rachel Ray
  42. Tuesday
  43. Firefighters Flaming Over Tat Ban.
  44. Darwin Fails.
  45. Paging Jen...
  46. Graffiti Writer falls from a Freeway overpass ...
  47. Internet Loans For Gastric Bypass Operations.
  48. Judge: Naked Cowboy Can Continue Lawsuit Against Blue M&M
  49. Cops: Ohio Peeping Tom hid cell phone camera in his backside...
  50. TEEN TRENDS / Rebels Without Cause
  51. Don't wear a gold chain in St Louis!!!
  52. Noah's Ark Needed for Flood Animals
  53. Jury Duty today
  54. Wednesday Whoosh!
  55. Spanish at Fast Food Restaurants
  56. World's First 'Building In Motion' Set For Dubai
  57. Naked Jogging Suspect Nabbed In Boulder (with pic goodness)
  58. Science in action: from observation to hypothesis
  59. Book Thread!
  60. I feel like Cruella
  61. Spanish parliament to extend rights to apes
  62. Zoicks! It's Thursday!
  63. Karolina Kurkova Called "Fat" By Blind Brazilians.
  64. Brits Battle Sperm Donor Drop.
  65. Deleted posts at DU
  66. Men and Women and Marriage Expectations
  67. 60 year old Central Florida Teacher Accused Of Sex With 17-Year-Old Student
  68. Gator Eats Teen's Arm. Teen Sensibly Blames Wildlife Agency.
  69. My new favorite show
  70. Help Support Our Troops Today
  71. Christian the Lion
  72. Stuck at work
  73. Shoot the apple off your bud's head!
  74. Brits Ban Winning For Pee-Wee Soccer Players.
  75. World's Greatest Card Trick - How it's done
  76. The Worst Wedding Toasts Ever
  77. Penis Prank Flops. Fleeing Funster Foiled By Flaccid Inflatable.
  78. Mini-Me is X-tra large P-O'd over missing Mini-Me "Home Movie"
  79. It wasn’t belittling. Stupid, but not belittling.
  80. Wish me luck!
  81. Motorcyclist Cited For Driving 144 MPH
  82. Friday Night! The Official Night Thread.
  83. Can I count on you all in November?
  84. Library Lady Has Returned!
  85. Saturday's Highway Song
  86. Woman has no regrets for attacking child molester with bat
  87. It's BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon loving campers rejoice!!!
  88. My son's birthday haul
  89. band of brothers pacific
  90. Sinful Sunday? Nooooo!
  91. Hummer H3's on sale!!!
  92. Picture from Korea
  93. Busted Weekend
  94. Accessories
  95. What makes them tick?
  96. Monday Monday
  97. Took my CWP course this weekend
  98. Local and national outbreak of grave robbing
  99. WALL-E. Review.
  100. Cloverfield - Suprisingly Good
  101. Proctor and Gamble--An Actual Letter regarding their feminine products.
  102. Dress like a cow, get a free meal
  103. Police: Morgue worker may be behind 'cut-off feet' mystery
  104. My uncle just died
  105. Nev. Brothel: Get Your Fill And Free Fuel
  106. So has anyone else seen...
  107. "With Less than Six Weeks left The Yellow Sea Turns into Green Pea Soup !"
  108. "The Salt Police Are Confiscating Salt Shakers With More than Five Holes in Them."
  109. Man accused of strolling along Interstate 291 in Thong, Fake Breasts and a Wig.
  110. Pancake Tuesday
  111. Ahmadinnerjacket
  112. How To Write A News Story For The Lounge.
  113. Romulus man burned in blast (Future Darwin winner lit match to check gas tank)
  114. Granny Grabs Her..... Bud?
  115. "Crazed Chinese (Insert Currently Acceptable Insult Implying Stupidity, Class Issues)
  116. How Many Angels Can Dance on The Head of a Pin?
  117. Marriage counselor ordered to jail for lewd call to client
  118. "She Wants You to Buy Her $275,000 House for Half a Million and with Her Still In It
  119. City Infernal- book report for Darkscribe
  120. Stars and Stripes Readers Back Supreme Court on Gun Ruling !
  121. "Creature" in my garage
  122. Understanding Your Software
  123. Wandering Wednesday
  124. Help! I'm turning into a woman
  125. Ipod-ish tech question...help!
  126. Boy George Denied Visa. We're Safe For The Summer!
  127. Kerchunk :Police: Kentucky john paid prostitute with $100 fuel card
  128. A Modest Proposal For Preventing The Legally Armed People of America Being A danger .
  129. Texas To Mull 2 Year Wait For Divorce.
  130. Salad Dressing Floods Basements
  131. Teen charged with shoving senior off dock
  132. Leona Helmsley's multibillion-dollar estate may go to dogs
  133. Would you like a tree limb???
  134. Citizenship Test
  135. Pre-4th Thursday!
  136. Nude burglar flees in stolen shorts
  137. Leahy's love of Batman has reached new heights.premiering the flick in Montpelier, Vt
  138. Ladies: Do you like your men clean shaven or stubbly?
  139. 'Gay' McDonald's prompts boycott over its promotion of same-sex marriage
  140. Fear Itself
  141. Friday Fourth of July Thread!
  142. Lapdog Gnaws Off Sleeping Owner's Toe
  143. Color Printer
  144. Why? The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  145. Lawn chair pilot to try again,to be in the air 15 hours to hopefully reach Moscow,...
  146. " Sneaker Clad Human Feet in Canada and now This !"
  147. Hey, SarasotaRepub!
  148. Rosie O'Donnell: Being on 'The View' Like Getting Raped in Prison
  149. Saturday Sights: Old Wine in New Wineskins, Sort of..
  150. "Let My People Go says Tibet,Algae, Locusts sounds like Pharos Curse !"
  151. It's Zombie Killing Time!!
  152. Weird spam email
  153. Never Underestimate Cheap, Stupid, Or Easy. LOL Pic.
  154. w/ extra duck
  155. Lolita Goes Mainstream.
  156. "Cindy Brady" Is All Grown-Up. And Hurling.
  157. TS Bertha now Hurricane!!!
  158. Sunday Sacrifices
  159. Seven Deadly Words of Book Reviewing
  160. Prefer dogs to humans? You're not alone (or unbalanced)
  161. Gas & White Castles!!!
  162. Moody Monday
  163. Garfield on the oil crisis
  164. floating cities
  165. Brits Crack Down On Racist Babies.
  166. David Cameron launches 'moral neutrality' attack on obese, idle and poor
  167. What Does Your Car Stuff Say About You?
  168. Fake Man Gives Birth To Real Girl.
  169. Woman Denies Having Cat She Allegedly Held For Ransom
  170. Report: The End of the Internet Is Near
  171. Hot & Humid Tuesday
  172. LiLo Now Lesbo
  173. Brit Bares Bat In Bra
  174. are we doomed???
  175. Welcome To The Gyno Spa. End Days Alert.
  176. Hold My beer.
  177. Put your Car keys by your bed
  178. Crowded in here, 360 guests
  179. Whimsical Wednesday
  180. Drunken Brit Trapped In Dubai Sex Scandal.
  181. Dallas County meeting turns racial
  182. Global Warming.......I Mean Cooling.....Continues.
  183. first there was owned, then stfu, then wtf and now....
  184. The Ultimate snack!
  185. Eliot Gal Hooking A TV Deal; A Raunchy Reality Show!
  186. Thursday
  187. Received this in email today
  188. Boomers: Still Whining After All These Years.
  189. Beware the couch of death
  190. Toughest kid in America
  191. Nose Rings Incompatible With Lightening.
  192. Note To Self: Delete Pre-Teen Gay Porn Files Before Having Computer Serviced.
  193. How to confuse an idiot
  194. Kids and Chores
  195. OFCC Member Harassed By Police (Ohioans For Concealed Carry)
  196. Finally Friday
  197. "Ungodly Rituals" Conducted By Serial Rabbit Killer.
  198. Naked Squirrel Captured. Pic Goodness.
  199. Und dis kind of thinking helped us vin two wars!
  200. Woman loses fingertip in Tampa meat market brawl
  201. Inexperienced driver loses chance for experience
  202. Beware Greeks Bearing Penis Curses...
  203. An Airport Advertising for a New Air Traffic Controller in Braille !
  204. Saturday Creations
  205. Do You Remember The Year ?
  206. Motorcyclist Takes Header Off 4th Floor Garage. Alcohol Not A Factor.
  207. Woot thread---SR storms past 25k!!
  208. FlaGator "swims" past 12k
  209. Josh Brolin arrested in Downtown Shreveport
  210. Woman kills Drunken husband with folding couch .
  211. A Sunday Thought Sojourn
  212. The End: the best movie endings ever, from E.T. to Casablanca
  213. Top 10 Dumbest/Smartest Dog Breeds
  214. How did he survive this?
  215. Karaoke
  216. Fighting Terrorist "The American way"
  217. How was it for you, when you were a youngster, and sick?
  218. Cedar Planked Salmon!!!
  219. Pictures of our backyard.....
  220. Fair warning from Schadenfreude
  221. Misty Monday
  222. 300 Pound Sheep Makes Interesting House Pet. Pic.
  223. "I never would have made it this far in graduate school without the aid of marijuana"
  224. This thread is only for less interesting posters. No cool people allowed.
  225. Typical Day in Paradise : Floridian, 18, attacked boyfriend with Toilet Seat !
  226. "Powerful SkyLighting Lasers Blind Dancers! "
  227. Here's one terrorist...
  228. "Suffering Lghtning Related Injuries at Blue Angels show ! "
  229. I felt my baby kick tonight!!!
  230. Periodic Table of Videos: Fun with chemistry
  231. How Did He Do THAT???
  232. Halfway Tuesday
  233. Frantic rescue effort saves doll, not baby
  234. Dubai To World: No Sex On The Beach; Angry Dragon, Jade Mistress Still Okay.
  235. It's a boy!!!
  236. Show us your puppies.....
  237. Drunken Teen Sex Okay, Trophy Pic Of Same - Not So Much.
  238. Woman Dies From Stepping On Bugs.
  239. What's for Dinner?
  240. “Ocala Woman:Sometimes I get upset and I Say Things I Shouldn't Say !”
  241. "The Topic Is Lightning ,"Sevier County Utah woman survives lightning strike !
  242. In Dacula, A Woman Survived a lightning Strike !
  243. Kids on Vacation Discover Woman Jogger Killed by lLghtning !
  244. Need some medical and med insurance advice
  245. OMG!!! GOTTA. HAVE. (Lawn Zombie)
  246. Holy crap! Truck and camper demolishes bank drive-thru
  247. Wincing Wednesday
  248. Eat What You Want And Die Like A Man: The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook
  249. Chock Full O' Nuts Enters Funeral Biz.
  250. Satire