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  1. Amateur NC ghost hunter looking for 'ghost train' hit and killed by real train
  2. Get Out of Traffic Tickets
  3. What Feels Like Home to You? (Quiz.)
  4. She Blinded Me With Science Jukebox...
  5. Why do you either love or hate clowns?
  6. Word Association Saturday
  7. Ninth human foot found washed up on West Coast
  8. Prayer request
  9. Venezuelan politician offers breast implants as raffle prize to raise election funds
  10. Saturday Hot or Not.
  11. Album Sales Hit Record Lows. Again.
  12. Look Poli! She's a geek.
  13. 74-Year-Old Turns Heads In National Pageant
  14. And this parking enforcement officer jumps out of the bush.....
  15. Bubba's awake, may as well start a jukebox...
  16. Damned Dogs!
  17. What do you think of this?
  18. Rye Whisky Thread...
  19. Sunday Thread: Football Is Coming. w00t!!!
  20. "Don't send a man to the grocery store!"
  21. Veiner stiffner?
  22. Titillating New Conan Movie Stills
  23. Carlashes
  25. "Those Were the Days" Monday
  26. Moooonkeys Ridin' Dawgs!!!!!!!!!
  27. Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers, Study Finds
  28. Wendy's Cook: I Pulled Knife On Co-Worker For Serving Bad Bacon
  29. 16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts
  30. Which of the Big Five Personality Traits Are You?
  31. Tuesday
  32. Paris Hilton's Explanation: I Thought the Cocaine Was Gum
  33. Road Rage Cards
  34. “Revenge Products.”
  35. Katee Sackhoff Returns to Big Bang Theory
  36. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  37. The big move . . . .
  38. Greens Voters
  39. Student electrocuted his nipples, sues teacher for not warning him it was dangerous
  40. Mattress Wednesday!
  41. What's Your Stereotype? (quiz)
  42. Staind's Aaron Lewis is a Country Boy
  43. 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly).
  44. Call Me a Doctor Burnin' Love Jukebox
  45. Man replaces ex-girlfriend with custom-made sex doll
  46. Man Tasered For Conversational Hyperbole.
  47. Found This Dog A Couple Hours Ago
  48. Crimes Against Liberty - David Limbaugh
  49. Thursday
  50. Cheezburger
  51. Butts Arrested for Murder of Boob
  52. The scariest-looking toy you've ever seen
  53. What Role Do You Play? (Quiz.)
  54. Phobic Friday
  55. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband wants to plastinate wife's body
  56. What is going on with all the new "members"?
  57. Pat? Rock?? Bubba???? Omg!!!
  58. Jukebox: Can't get you out of my Mind/..It out of my head
  59. Mini CU Meetup tomorrow!
  60. thefuntheory.com
  61. Suggestion Saturday . . . .
  62. Who is your favorite and least favorite stand up comedians?
  63. OMG!!!! The Stig has been revealed!!!!
  64. Finish the verse...Beatles edition
  65. Don't bring a lawn trimmer to a broom fight
  66. Strip Monopoly ends in scuffle
  67. World's 'oldest beer' found in shipwreck
  68. We did it, the business is started.
  69. Dang it's slow tonight!
  70. Mississippi River Tugboat Escapes Capsizing-Incredible
  71. Independence Day Quiz
  72. Happy belated "International Bacon Day"
  73. Founding member of ELO killed in freak accident
  74. Death Metal Rooster
  75. What was up today?
  76. Blasphemy!
  77. Much Harder Than I Thought...
  78. Do we have a CU facebook group
  79. I can't believe this was missed. FlaGator breaks 20k posts.
  80. Labor day hot or not?
  81. Tory MP weeps over discovery that his Brazilian wife's £70-a-time suburban prostitute
  82. Atwater city councilman's online alter ego a violent one
  83. White House correspondent reports his own heart attack on Twitter
  84. Tuesday
  85. A Tillman Story
  86. PRICELESS ;) the classics never stop being funny!
  87. The most expensive and awesome way to cook bacon, EVER!!!
  88. Fat men enjoy longer lasting sex scientific research show
  89. Fortune-Telling Wednesday!
  90. University of Baltimore to teach zombie classes
  91. Close Call: Lion Chomps Trainer's Leg at Las Vegas MGM Grand
  92. No 'Screaming Children' Allowed.
  93. What's Your Political Persuasion? (Quiz)
  94. Iraqi prank television show condemned for 'fake bomb' stunts
  95. Thursday
  96. What Does Your Bed Say About You? (Quiz)
  97. I might be buying a house!
  98. Jane Fonda to tell all about plastic surgery makeover
  99. Woman sues cinema for over-long ads
  100. Buyer's Remorse
  101. The Gap-Toothed Trend Leads Some To Get Their Teeth Gapped
  102. The Magic Wand Dog Training Center
  103. Facebook users 'are insecure, narcissistic and have low self-esteem'
  104. Friday Fool
  105. What is the Meaning of Your Life? (Stupid Quiz)
  106. What's for dinner?
  107. Cowboy Class? Firm Promotes Saddle-Inspired Airline Seat
  108. My Martial Arts Instuctor
  109. Mellow Juke!
  110. This is going to be pretty cool. . .
  111. UFO Shaped Like Ford Station Wagon Ran Me Off Road, Woman Says
  112. New band debut.
  113. Sunday Thread: Odd Couples...
  114. Lady Gaga and the death of sex
  115. Happy B-Day Bubba Dawg!!!
  116. Latest from Resident evil?
  117. Great Civil War Tunes...
  118. A Tribute to 9-11 from the Bud Clydesdales
  119. Cat has the word 'cat' helpfully written in fur
  120. National Punctuation Day is coming up, join the celebrations.
  121. Men's pants sizes not accurate, but 'vanity'
  122. Two on One Odds for Kickin' Ass
  123. 5 Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't)
  124. Rebel Yell the puppet master?
  125. Captain Morgan statue kidnapped
  126. Daydreaming Tuesday
  127. Do NOT Ever Hit a Skunk With a Shovel!
  128. I Knew this Would Happen.
  129. "I Want Your Money" Movie Trailer.
  130. Man nearly loses lone arm helping alligator
  131. True Blood Fans: Am I Alone In Thinking That Season 3 Sucked?
  132. Are You A Feminist? (Quiz.)
  133. E-Cigs
  134. Yucky/Yummy Wednesday!
  135. Yoko Ono Sings the Blues
  136. Gun turned up after hands went up and pants fell down
  137. Amish population growing, heading west
  138. Aided by SI issue, Florida man pleasured self in Walmart
  139. Catty Carla Bruni lifts lid on Michelle Obama's 'hellish' job
  140. Thursday and in need of acting lessons thread.
  141. How dog show judges pick the winner from the pack
  142. E! orders extreme plastic surgery bridal competition
  143. Woman allegedly performed model walk, asked for 'Amanda rights' during traffic stop
  144. What to do when body parts fall off
  145. Jersey City woman says boyfriend beat her with a cat, Hoboken cops say
  146. Gotta watch the video.
  147. I know I'm late to the party, but Modern Warfare 2...
  148. The Most Disturbing Movie You've Ever Seen
  149. I am in need of some culture...Presenting "Evil Dead:The Musical"
  150. Update: Bees are gone. "Now I can sit on the puerts"
  151. US Internet users staying connected during sex: study
  152. Would You Live In A' Death House'?
  153. Starblazers
  154. Joaquin Phoenix: It Was All An Act.
  155. Bijou's new kitchen toy
  156. Man builds cat-sized village for homeless cats
  157. The Paint Daub Test
  158. Happy Yom Kippur
  159. Kick-Ass, Clash of the Titans, or Predator
  160. Off to the "horse show"
  161. Strange Old Tool This old tool has been reintroduced in Washington D.C. by the Obama
  162. Sunday Thread: I shot an Arrow into the Air...
  163. Jukebox: Music that you love to hate.
  164. 187 users browsing the forums...
  165. Delight after birth of rare red pandas
  166. I'll take Quotable Quotes for a thousand. Monday thread.
  167. You can shed tears that she’s gone,
  168. Ames bakery harnesses power of caffeine
  169. What are the merits and principles of Lesbianism?
  170. The Jeans Care Secret: Rarely Wash Them
  171. Fall TV Premiere Week
  172. $5000 Reward Offered for Puppy Killer
  173. Mr. Stripey Tomato.
  174. What's Your Autumn Personality? (Quiz.)
  175. Tired Tech Tuesday
  176. Watermelon explodes in woman's face after catapult malfunction
  177. How to Make a Zombie, Haiti-Style
  178. Billboard spelling error creates embarrassment
  179. Leonard Skinner, Namesake of "Lynyrd Skynyrd," Dies
  180. Leonard Skinner Jukebox...
  181. The Joker Blogs....
  182. Pre-Solstice Wednesday!
  183. Avatars...what does yours mean?
  184. Should parents kiss their kids on the lips?
  185. Outrage after Colyton School posts pictures of students throwing dead possum
  186. Meet My Divorce Lawyer.
  187. Kutcher And Moore put on a brave face as text messages from alleged affair surface.
  188. Thursday Snack Thread
  189. The power tool dragster driven by saws
  190. Smart Car Wrecks
  191. In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra
  192. Sh*t My Dad Smuggles In His Anus To Me In Prison
  193. Would You Have Been a Good Wife in the 1930s?
  194. What Movies Look Good For October?
  195. Friday
  196. Study: Victoria's Secret Bags Have Sexy Side Effect
  197. Knife Seller Jay Patel's Passion for a Sharp Edge
  198. How ya'll doin?
  199. Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City'
  200. The Thank Crunchie It's Friday Jukebox
  201. Meghan McCain plays hooky from book tour, gets caught via her own tweet
  202. Tattooed woman 'told to put bag over head by Jobcentre'
  203. Hawaii Five Oh
  204. Gigantic waste of $$ or someones private slush fund
  205. Sharktopus!!
  206. Monkey on a pig!
  207. Sunday Thread: Coffee, Tea or...???
  208. How was your weekend?
  209. Monday Thread: let's get past the great mayo debate.
  210. Son hasn't had a good year
  211. Goodbye, cruel words: English. It's dead to me.
  212. New avvie
  213. Morgan Freeman Free To Marry Step-Granddaughter
  214. What DOES IT MEAN!!!!!
  215. Local Taboos That Trip Up Travelers
  216. Tuesday Thread
  217. Grizzly Bear Warning Sign
  218. Never Bring A Paintbrush To A Taser Fight.
  219. Need an outside opinion....
  220. Happy Birthday Wei Wu Wei!
  221. Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?
  222. Naked Child Found In Truck, Spiced Rum On Floor, Mom Gone
  223. Restaurants of celebrity chefs! Quiz!
  224. Have you ever been to an Opera?
  225. Companies teaching employees open-plan office etiquette
  226. Woman sets husband's penis alight to stop him cheating, court told
  227. Gay on Gay Homophobia Flap. Or Something.
  228. 'Illiterate' clown may be denied seat in Brazil's congress
  229. Married Advice Wednesday!
  230. Back from the dead: One third of 'extinct' animals turn up again
  231. How Democrat Are You?
  232. Wow! That's A $&#!!% Ad! Staples Commercial Voted Worst Ad In America For 2010
  233. Thursday and Trusting in the Science of Scientists
  234. Check out Rockntractor's tattoos
  235. How Republican are You?
  236. Intercourse Judge Hands Loaded Nuts To Women. Women Unamused.
  237. Ladies: Do you like hats on men?
  238. Friday Franchise
  239. Peanut menace? Bullies use food to torment allergic kids
  240. 'Bacon Kevin Bacon' Statue Available on eBay
  241. Steamroller Blues Jukebox: Churnin' Burnin' Funk
  242. Most attractive first ladies?
  243. Best Cleaning Gadget You've Actually Used?
  244. Largo couple in jail after banana battle, authorities say
  245. Big Hat No Cattle Jukebox
  246. Gonna be a great day on Tampa Bay!
  247. Sunday Thread: Do you piddle?
  248. Nice Guitar
  249. Any fans of Pawn Stars?
  250. Monday Thread