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  1. Pants On Ground Prompts Bullet In Butt
  2. Married women over 40 have best sex
  3. Happy B-Day to Bailey!
  4. Clueless Tuesday
  5. Just got my flu shot!
  6. RIP:Legendary TV producer Stephen J. Cannell has died
  7. Guest Sues Hyatt Over Pervy Cross-Dresser
  8. Ashburn men invited to BEE on national radio show.
  9. IRT: Dangerous Roads (Oh Holy Hell!)
  10. Halloween Anticipation Wednesday!
  11. Museum of Broken Relationships exhibits lesbian's axe and artificial leg
  12. Music Thread - Middle-of-the-Week Playlist
  13. An interview with Zeke and Kerry on the pooorch. (New video)
  14. Hi
  15. Tiger Woods 'Cigar Guy' becomes internet phenomenon
  16. Neurotic people can each cost society $22,000 a year
  17. You can't help but to smile....
  18. Happy Birthday Deeanna!
  19. Guilty Pleasure Movies
  20. Thursday - So Soon?
  21. Funniest Thing Ever!
  22. What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You? (Quiz.
  23. 5 Scientific Reasons Powerful People Will Always Suck
  24. I have a big woody.....is it that hard?
  25. Freaky Friday
  26. Man Stabbed For Blood Suck Refusal
  27. Jukebox: Watching the Wheels.....
  28. Once A Month Style Cooking?
  29. 'Happiness advocate' dies in apparent suicide
  30. Unhappy Hipsters, It's Lonely in the Modern World
  31. Modern Hollywood’s Love Affair With Satanism
  32. How was your Saturday?
  33. For DJones: a Youtube festival
  34. Sunday Thread: Spider Invasion
  35. Bought Deeanna a Horse. (Actually Bought Two)
  36. Secretariat
  37. Gassy Monday....
  38. Are You Addicted to the Internet?
  39. Tuesday
  40. Book Thread - What is CU reading?
  41. The 1980s
  42. Here's Something Steampunk-Inspired That Actually Works
  43. Tennessee woman sues for elephant visitation rights at sanctuary
  44. 6 Things That Are Secretly Turning You Into A Bad Person
  45. Bloody Mary label! 1st try
  46. Best Halloween Wednesday!
  47. Phuket Vegetarian Festival is gorier than ever
  48. Hero Bear Commemorated In Scotland.
  49. Do You Promote Peace? (Quiz.)
  50. Question--License plate
  51. Three Thousand Posts - Wei Wu Wei
  52. Finally Friday
  53. A twist on equality laws Pittsfield initiative focuses on right to doff shirts
  54. Halloween Pranks
  55. McRib Sandwich Returns To McDonald's Nationwide On Nov. 2
  56. Background noise 'makes food taste bland'
  57. Rock at 16 k ?
  58. New American sex study finds proof women are ‘faking it’
  59. Woman stabs classmate in anger-management class
  60. Stars Going Without
  61. Cars Most Likely To Get A Ticket
  62. Sunny Saturday!
  63. Saturday Inspirational Jukebox
  64. Saturday on Sarasota Bay.
  65. Blackout In A Can.
  66. Dependable local chains and restaurants rank high on diners' list
  67. Sunday Thread: Monster Mash
  68. Top 5: Actors Who’ve Become Hams
  69. Sunday Music Special
  70. For women here: Men with long hair
  71. Tim Conway
  72. Monday Accents
  73. Men, do you like woman with short dyke looking hair?
  74. Women: Facial hair on men
  75. Pray For You (must listen)
  76. Men: Do you like your women with facial hair?
  77. Barefoot professor in Virginia preaches shoelessness
  78. He raped me by magic: woman tells court
  79. Ford Escape SUV. Good Buy or POS?
  80. No offence meant by 'zombie walk' - organisers
  81. Rainy Tuesday
  82. Monday Madness: Woman Pulls Gun On Bus After An Argument
  83. I Divorce thee, I Divorce Thee......
  84. 'Happy Days' dad Tom Bosley dead at 83
  85. Reality show will be set in Florida nudist resort
  86. Five Factor Emotional Intelligence Test (Middle School Edition)
  87. New Handbook Helps Newly Undead Zombies Adjust
  88. Hegel for Weible
  89. Wounded Wednesday!
  90. Presidential Paranormal
  91. High Court rules for sex-change super appeal (M to F and back again)
  92. my little guy is gonna flip!
  93. ZomBcon 2010
  94. Battlestar Gallactica Exhibt to open 10/23/10 at EMP
  95. Thursday changes
  96. Florida man arrested for trying to enter Mullet Festival without paying
  97. Oral Sex Linked to Rise in Men's Throat Cancer
  98. The Rare CU Picture Thread
  99. Cheerleader, 11, ousted for refusing to ‘shake booty’
  100. Jobs unveils new Apple MacBook Air - the super-thin computer that weighs just 2.3 lbs
  101. Happy Birthday SLW
  102. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm back :)
  103. Falling Down on Friday
  104. Something I've at times wished
  105. Comic Sans not your type? Lighten up
  106. LiLo Back In Rehab.
  107. Experts differ on whether Halloween costumes embarrass dogs
  108. Dog Says Prayers, Helps Disabled Vet
  109. Would You Rent a Drug-Sniffing Dog?
  110. Jukebox: Dealer's Choice.....
  111. Friday Night Frights.
  112. Saturday - my sentence continues . . . .
  113. Guess Which Collectivist Said It...
  114. I miss...
  115. Bearded Mick Jagger
  116. Taiwanese bride bemoans lack of men and marries herself
  117. Are You Goth?
  118. Are You Emo? (Quiz.)
  119. The first teacher banned for life for being useless
  120. Sunday Thread: Drinking Wine and Eating Cheese
  121. Happy B-Day Paco!
  122. Note to Self. Do Not Break a Horse Without a Saddle.
  123. A new Spy thriller?
  124. Halloween pooches Monday
  125. NYC Vamp Hunter
  126. Who says middle-aged women can't have long hair?
  127. anyone else do strong man stuff.
  128. What Kind of Christian Are You?
  129. This pic is BEGGING for a caption!
  130. Tuesday And Time Goes By
  131. Paul the Octopus of World Cup Fame Dies
  132. Charlie Sheen trashes room at Plaza Hotel in coke-fueled rampage
  133. Strict Mayor to Levy Fines for Miniskirts, Cleavage and Cursing
  134. Man Tattoos Lewd Image on Friend, Charged with Assault
  135. Celebs Who Lean To The Right
  136. A TV import
  137. Wicked Wednesday!
  138. Can I get an Oorah?
  139. Best Costume Idea Ever!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!!11!!
  140. Constitutional Quiz
  141. Pumpkin carvin!
  142. I'm an Arizonian!
  143. when you see it, you will shit bricks....
  144. Nudist RV park may evict disabled writer (FL)
  145. Thursday Thread
  146. Corporate, Blue Collar, Self-Employed?
  147. Friday Frights!
  148. Cats Try On Halloween Costumes.
  149. Man Shot Dead After Refusing His Turn in Russian Roulette
  150. Meet Jack: Super Dog.
  151. Friday Jukebox: States Rights and He/She Done Me Wrong
  152. Scariest Short Tales
  153. SO it's Saturday . . . AGAIN . . .
  154. Michael Jackson's Ghost Haunting Neverland
  155. What's up for dinner tonight??
  156. Halloween Jukebox
  157. "The Warriors Way" movie trailer....
  158. Real life mysteries
  159. Taran Butler Carves Pumpkin in Under Six Seconds
  160. Funny Vids . . . . ;0)
  161. Oooooh, the Zombie Apocalypse hits the AMC channel....
  162. Sunday Thread: Winter Prep
  163. Happy Halloween!
  164. How many weeners tonight???
  165. Cleansed
  166. Annie & Mac Old Time Music
  167. Monday's late, must be the Zombies...
  168. Went To The Range Today
  169. Couple branded 'infidel pigs' during Maldives wedding ceremony tell of distress
  170. Actor dressed as gunman is shot by town watchman
  171. Salt
  172. Tide Turning Tuesday
  173. Catch of the day....
  174. Finally had some luck yesterday.
  175. Five held as cops bust elephant smuggling ring
  176. Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at psychics
  177. The McGurk Effect
  178. Classic!
  179. Ask me anything: I was an Election Judge.
  180. Post Election Wednesday!
  181. Barack Obama sex doll for sale in China
  182. Sarasota man in diaper took it too far on Halloween
  183. We are Americans
  184. Thesaurus Thursday
  185. Halloween Parade clown fractures Emmy-winning WPIX reporter Arthur Chi'en's face
  186. The Great Unwashed
  187. Election Day a dog's day for new councilwoman
  188. Coconuts removed in India ahead of Obama visit
  189. The picture thread
  190. Monkey issue tackled for Obama India trip
  191. Ripley's Helps Dog Out of Hairy, Homeless Situation (Pics!)
  192. djones 5000k post w00tage
  193. What's Your Social Style? (Quiz.)
  194. Friday Thread
  195. Denver Voters Reject Plan To Track Space Aliens
  196. OK Bans Four Loko Sales
  197. Politically Incorrect Parenting Presents 5 Ways to Keep Children Safe from Predators
  198. Hunt For Man on the Run with Mother's Corpse...
  199. Blind Dog Navigates With Barking!
  200. Mellow Juke
  201. Funny German Cat Hunts Mice In Its Dreams
  202. Hey, Get Your Own Tree House
  203. World, Stunned as Gravity-Defying Goats Scale Italian Dam
  204. Garage Sale a bust!
  205. "'Eight Finger Eddie,King Of The Hippies is Dead."
  206. The Sandwich Test
  207. Extending winter daylight could boost health, help planet
  208. Sunday Thread: Bells and Smells
  209. Save room for a 'cherpumple'
  210. Coolest commercial EVAH!!!!!
  211. I see bad things happening...
  212. Let's Remake Monday!!!!!!!
  213. Brisbane 'Lolitas' change fashion landscape
  214. Liar, liar pants on fire (literally)
  215. Is Precognition Real? Cornell University Lab Releases Powerful New Evidence
  216. If this doesn't make you laugh - nothing will.
  217. mac users
  218. Powerball winner bought ticket at Porno store
  219. Great guitar riff
  220. All Hail SLW!!!
  221. Good to see you again Adam Wood
  222. Psycho Tuesday
  223. Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds
  224. Seeing meat makes people less aggressive: McGill study
  225. Culinary Delights on Stranded Cruise Ship
  226. Treats for soldiers overseas
  227. Career paths?
  228. The Worst Burgers in America
  229. mwahahahaha!!
  230. Foods of the Strange Wednesday!
  231. Meet the 25 Year Old Sperm Hunter (You'd Hit It)
  232. Trend Alert: Glitter in Your Poop
  233. A Few Days Late, But No Matter.
  234. Flight Attendants Fight Back: Hands Off My Crotch!
  235. What Adjective Describes You? (Quiz.)
  236. "Something in my eye" thread....
  237. Thursday Tachydidaxy
  238. Police beaten with “a rigid feminine pleasure device.”
  239. Armistice Day, 2010........
  240. Outback Steakhouse and Veterans Day
  241. A fanciful zombie safe house on the Mississippi River
  242. " My Recent TSA Full Body Search/Feel Up ."
  243. Republican vs Democrat Women
  244. Friday Bedfellows
  245. Time.com Poll
  246. Get a Nut Monday
  247. Update: Loud Sex Woman
  248. Loud Sex Jukebox For Gingersnap
  249. Holiday Movie Frenzy Set To Begin
  250. Kentucky man says his former friends forced him to eat his beard