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  1. Paper Probe Finds Lead in Reuseable Bags
  2. "All It Takes Is One 'PC' Freak :Catch Me If You Can I'm The Gingerbread 'Person'!"
  3. Whats Fer Supper
  4. What Decade Are You? (Quiz.)
  5. Things Your Dog Has Eaten.
  6. Saturday thread. Redux.
  7. "Dogs Slurp,Cats Vacuum !"
  8. The best newspaper correction ever (Hey, wait a second. Are they making fun of us??)
  9. For Ginger- The Saturday morning "Clown debachery" thread
  10. Boeing engineer has car 43 years and 718,000 miles -- and it still runs!
  11. Pot O' Gold: Family's Old Vase Fetches $83 Million
  12. Happy B-Day AmPat!!!
  13. And Happy B-Day to MoshMasterD
  14. Mother Claims Teacher Slapped Son, Writes 40 Crazed Pages of Demands
  15. I'm now a leftist
  16. Harry Potter enthusiasts look to capture 'snitch' at 4th annual Quidditch World Cup
  17. Sunday Cereal
  18. Goodbye Old Friend
  19. Guide to Firearms Identification
  20. Uh-oh!
  21. How 70% of women say they LIKE doing housework
  22. slick billy to cameo in.....
  23. Skyline Movie
  24. Cat vs. Alligator
  25. a few vids from my comp in Tucson.
  26. 6 reasons bacon is better than true love . . . .
  27. Tuesday's Episode
  28. Do you discuss politics at other forums?
  29. Test your ability to plan ahead....
  30. Thought of the day...
  31. 'Disney Tattoo Guy' trading his passion for new love
  32. Happy Zone
  33. Malodorous Perp Gets 90 Days In Jail
  34. Neil Young warehouse blaze started in hybrid 'LincVolt' car
  35. Venison! Yum!
  36. Toy Pig Removed From UK Farm Playsets to Avoid Religious Controversy
  37. I think this may be a FL DUer...
  38. Bad habits Wednesday!
  39. 'Ritualistic' sex-act death involving huffed fumes cleared Chesco hotel
  40. Arizona desert drivers warned of "zombies ahead"
  41. Gay coffins lift lid on new market
  42. Now Meet The Real Gay Mafia
  43. Scientists Witness the Apparent Birth of a Black Hole
  44. Forget BDS, PDS Seems To Be Far Worse
  45. Things to do in the TSA "checkout stand"....
  46. How To Get Her/Him To Notice You.
  47. Trailer Trash Thursday
  48. New York's Mayor launches crusade against the salty winter warmer
  49. Weeeee! Weeee!
  50. Artichoked: Doctor Sues Restaurant Over Thorny Vegetable
  51. Jazzed? I am..
  52. The Candy Bar Test
  53. Fifties Friday Morning Juke.
  54. G.W. Bush on Leno
  55. Bagpipes Made From a Whole Goat!
  56. "Firefighter Who Shot WIld Turkey Suspended From Police Jobs"
  57. Friday Thread?
  58. sometimes the only thing worse than a woman driver . . . .
  59. You have to wonder what his DU name is . . .
  60. Jukebox: Falling Folk/Rock/Country/Other Icons
  61. Cops: Transgendered fake doctor gave breast exams in bars
  62. Welcome back Wretched Excess!!!
  63. Jukebox: Friday Frank Sinatra and friends
  64. Daughter of a friend had a birthday today.
  65. I so don't have time for this saturday . . . .
  66. Megamind is a "Must See"......
  67. Real Life Superheros - Protecting the streets of Seattle
  68. CITM 1K w00tage!
  69. Sunday Thread: Warm Fuzzies
  70. Congrats m00 on 1K!
  71. Gay man branded Brighton transgendered woman "man-witch"
  72. Must See Monday
  73. E-Tombs, For The Dead Who Were Digitally Connected (For Real)
  74. Yes, That Flattened Head Mugshot is Real
  75. Best Bourbon, Rye, or Whiskey for Hot Toddies?
  76. Deeanna Bagged her First Buck Today!
  77. Looking for culture shock stories
  78. Two accused of stealing cockroach, happy ending for cockroach
  79. Tuesdays
  80. Colorado Set To Open Weed University
  81. German couple in court over 'squeaky bedsprings' sex
  82. Lindsay Lohan dumped from Lovelace movie
  83. Worse than Furries? Damn Right!!!!
  84. Snowmageddon or The Snowpocalypse....Seattle style
  85. True Grit Being Remade.
  86. "Wild Turkeys Terrorize Staten Island Neighborhood..."
  87. 'Ugly Betty' Actor Kills Mother With Samurai Sword
  88. Fake nurse also impersonated teacher
  89. Things you'll never hear a tea partier say
  90. Unusual Thanksgiving Wednesday!
  91. A 79,046 Calorie Meal? Meet TurBacon!
  92. On the worst jello salad ever
  93. School principal defends naked student farm video
  94. Megyn Kelly - The real reason it's called "Fox" news
  95. It's evil spirits time jukebox.
  96. "Man Trashes Motel Room To Free Trapped Midget'"
  97. Thankful Thursday
  98. Today's turkey is a product of science and popular demand
  99. Flagator is lurking!
  100. Anglican Computer Sports Car Thread
  101. New Calvanistic Church opening Soon.
  102. Post-Turkey Relaxation Thread!
  103. Congrats Rock on 17K!
  104. Happy B-Day to marv!
  105. Black Friday Thread
  106. Australian Firm To Sell World's First Armpit Testosterone Lotion In US
  107. Apache hits 2k
  108. " Pearl's Lesbian Rainbow Welcomes Male Guests ."
  109. The 7 Best Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos
  110. More Magpies
  111. Japanese TSA
  112. " Chinese Street Scenes !"
  113. Catch up woot thread, CueSi, mOO, Caught in the Middle 1990
  114. "Next Thing You Know They'll Be Banning Sex in School !"
  115. If you felt like stopping by to only say hi to one person who would it be?
  116. Heidi Fleiss Escapes Nevada House Fire
  117. Jukebox for Kay: T for Texas.....
  118. Sunday Thread: The Sunday Paper
  119. This forum
  120. Favorite Bumper Stickers
  121. Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus -
  122. I'm Butchering Four Deer.
  123. Nephew's First Hunting Trip and Kills
  124. Who Put This On Cafe Press
  125. Poll fer the ladies...
  126. What Pie is the Best Pie? Monday Thread.
  127. Are You Offended by 'Happy Holidays' Instead of 'Merry Christmas'?
  128. Laura Schlessinger Signs Multi-Year Deal With Sirius XM Radio
  129. Man blows wind, is arrested
  130. Making Christmas More Exhausting And Guilt-Ridden: Organic Xmas.
  131. Tuesday
  132. Weird Rock Band Disembowels 'Sarah Palin' on Stage
  133. Fox News Twitter Cults...
  134. Women get more stressed out about Facebook than men, according to survey
  135. Man Arrested For Pleasuring Self During New "Harry Potter" Movie
  136. Flash Mob! :)
  137. Helicopter Static-Electricity Phenomenon
  138. Wash. U. Researcher Plans to Use Bee Venom to Stop Pregnancy, HIV
  139. Never saw it this way!
  140. "Hidden Under Body Flab : Four Pairs of Boots, Three Pairs of Jeans, a Wallet and Gl
  141. Infomercial Wednesday!
  142. House Cleaning
  143. santa list
  144. I'm Back!
  145. Theatrical Thursday
  146. Highest political figure you've ever been in the presence of.
  147. The new XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL underwear for women with a 105in waistline
  148. Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down
  149. Craziest man in America.
  150. "One Michelin Star For Hong Kong Noodle Factory !"
  151. Friday al Forno (Baking Friday)
  152. Do You Have the Slutty Gene?
  153. A Seasonal Smile
  154. Woman calls 999 over snowman theft
  155. Where's the juke!?!
  156. Sex-Offending Teacher Asks to be Castrated
  157. I picked an 'angel' off the Chrismas Giving Tree
  158. Mega shark vs. Crocosaurus!!!
  159. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner
  160. AmPat clears 4K!
  161. Celebrity Twitter silence backfires
  162. Small mistakes?
  163. Your first time...who and where?
  164. Jukebox: Take the Money and Run...
  165. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
  166. Feds Bust Man for Mailing Hundreds of Live Tarantulas via Postal Service...
  167. Worker at Chicken Factory Sucked into Machine, Decapitated.....
  168. Sunday Thread: Dream Ability
  169. Hanukkah Flash Mob in Jerusalem
  170. Climate Bureaucrats Gone Wild!
  171. Man pulled from path of incoming train at Madrid metro station
  172. " Since Lord Focko's Death Some 600 Years Ago."
  173. What's for dinner???
  174. Where's the line to see Jesus? Awesome song..
  175. 'Small' portions can fool us into eating more
  176. Monday Traditions.
  177. "Secret Jewish Shark Eats Old German Woman On Egyptian Beach !"
  178. "Woman Attacked, Disabled By Toilet Paper Dispenser !"
  179. The Courage of Lassie.
  180. Christmas Gifts...How lame is it...
  181. Pagan Prisoners Given Time Off For The Festival of the Lactating Sheep
  182. Happy B-Day to Kay!
  183. Congrats to NJCardFan on 5K!
  184. Tuesday
  185. School pupils get pet pigs to encourage them to be 'nurturing'
  186. " German MRI Scans Live Birth ."
  187. Wis woman jailed for biting off husband's tongue
  188. "Hookers For Jesus" Aims To Save Souls
  189. KSU instructor arrested for allegedly exposing self in class
  190. Taylor Swift turns 21 Monday....
  191. Christmas Tree Wednesday!
  192. It Was 30 Years Ago Today...
  193. Fat Friends Are Bad For Your Health
  194. Congrats to noonwitch on 5K!!!
  195. " Rocker Tommy Lee Disrupts Poor Killer Whales Sex Life !"
  196. The Four Sided Personality Test
  197. Thermal Thursday
  198. Ikea gives bicycles to its workers
  199. What DID I do last night?
  200. Santa Claus training . . . .
  201. A proper 12k thread for Bubba Dawg
  202. drive careful this Christmas holiday
  203. Is This the Worst Start to a Wedding Ever?
  204. The Awesome Animal-Shaped Coffins of Ghana's Paa Joe
  205. " Demise of The Prehistoric Midgets: Snack-Sized Little People Eaten by Giant Storks.
  206. Abe Lincoln VS Chuck Norris Epic Rap Battles of History
  207. Biography Channel: Pink Floyd
  208. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy 2010 (with Jack Black and Jason Segel)
  209. Have a green Christmas: rent a tree
  210. Makin' a List Friday
  211. "Ghana Witch Doctors Religious Rights Tramjpled By U.S. Customs ."
  212. i want to go here. Looks like fun
  213. Get Your Votes In For The Annual DUmmy Awards!
  214. The Speed Camera Lottery - The Fun Theory
  215. Your Best Deal on Ebay
  216. Jukebox: Wish You Were Here...
  217. Hamp clears 3K!
  218. In Latest Compromise with GOP, Obama Agrees He is a Muslim
  219. How drunk do you have to be to do this to your pants?
  220. Fake Watchful Eyes Discourage Naughty Behavior
  221. Abandoned At Walmart
  222. Woman shocked to find squirrel in toilet
  223. I love Britain.
  224. 'Forest ghoul' caught on camera in dead of night by a deer hunter
  225. A great speech
  226. Don't everybody talk at once
  227. SR FORCES through 32k
  228. Sunday Thread: Snowy Weather
  229. Lego Antikythera Mechanism
  230. The age of the Avatar cometh . . . .
  231. Guardrail replacement SR 37 S
  232. Hot Salsa Dog
  233. " German Man Castrates 17 Year Old Teenage Daughter's 57-year-old Boyfriend ."
  234. "‘Legal’ Open Carry Could Get You Arrested—or Killed !"
  235. Monday
  236. My Congressman is retiring. How about yours?
  237. Thoughts Please
  238. Jukebox: Weird but good.
  239. Okay, Now What?
  240. 19 Unusual Gifts Nobody Wants
  241. Baby mice burst out of bag of chips at UK supermarket
  242. The 12 Days Of Obama
  243. 10 Works of Literature That Were Really Hard to Write
  244. "The Cup Size Choir" - BEST FIND OF THE SEASON!!
  245. Sydney Telstra 500 - Slot car V8's: Real? or CGI?
  246. Tuesday
  247. AC Golden asks customers to grow hops and contribute them to its lager
  248. Intervention: The Show, not a Gator rant.
  249. Cops: Motorist tossed dead squirrel through HARDEE'S drive-thru window...
  250. Rich people have no idea what you're thinking