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  1. Update on Oreo, a Stray Puppy.
  2. Happy Birthday marinejcksn
  3. The Beauty of Mathematics
  4. Woman who fell into fountain faces theft charges, has criminal record
  5. Gutsy Woodpecker Vs. Snake
  6. Megimoo Hits 29,000
  7. Norwegian Boy Fends Off Wolf Pack with Heavy Metal
  8. Faux-Pas Friday
  9. Hard Times: by Dusty Rhodes.
  10. Man Sues Escort Service Over Sex Act
  11. Oprah's OWN Network Plummets in Ratings Two Weeks After Launch
  12. Big breakfast may make you fat after all, study finds
  13. TV shows you've never seen
  14. "Happy Husband's Day, everyone!"
  15. Well Hell, I'll start the Juke!
  16. What Does Your Least Favorite Color Say About You?
  17. hamps in loco parentis canis
  18. The Rise of a Gourmet Ice Entrepreneur
  19. Sleepy Saturday
  20. Congrats on 1k posts Namvet
  21. Sunday Thread: Messy or Neat?
  22. Constitutionally Speaking Banks 10 Grand!
  23. National Pie Day
  24. Meaningful Photos
  25. What Music You into at the Moment?
  26. What's fer dinner tonight????
  27. Whatchamacallit Monday.
  28. Most/least expensive auto insurance rates
  29. Walk El Camino Del Rey
  30. Congrats to Molon Labe on 3K!!!
  31. Just a PSA for the Guys
  32. Following GPS directions, car crashes into church
  33. Warsaw drift?
  34. The Steelers Jukebox...Fer PoliCon
  35. Dang It's Already Tuesday
  36. Paul Picerni, Actor in ‘Untouchables,’ Dies at 88
  37. Chicago car salesman fired for wearing Packers tie
  38. This cynical five-a-day myth: Nutrition expert claims we've all been duped
  39. Man leaves wife at home to go on holiday with dolls
  40. GO PACK!!!! Packer Jukebox
  41. Cool Way to Mount a Horse.
  42. The United States of Shame
  43. Congrats Zathras on 3K!
  44. Hey all you old timers....
  45. Best Games Wednesday!
  46. Oregon Trail Lives! Work Productivity Dies!
  47. Throw Away Thursday
  48. Study: Male Viewers Find Sexy News Anchors Distracting
  49. My Faith in Humanity got Restored by this Guy!
  50. Stay Away: Site Ranks America's Dirtiest Hotels
  51. Most Popular Dogs In America
  52. Interesting History: Where did Piss Poor come from?
  53. Have fun around town on the cheap
  54. What Kind of French Fries Are You? (Quiz.)
  55. Lady Gaga's new perfume scent
  56. Cops:Florida Man Arrested For Smuggling Cockroaches
  57. Mummy fried - woman sets fire to house while trying to reanimate long-dead sister
  58. The United States of Beer
  59. Forgetful Friday
  60. Its about damm time.
  61. Sound Board Advice Needed
  62. DC Universe Online
  63. That Sound you hear....
  64. No Juke? Dog Juke!
  65. The Only Sci-Fi Movie You Need to Watch for the Rest of Your Life
  66. What's Up Saturday!
  67. Rest in Peace, Crockspot.
  68. What's for dinner????
  69. Miami Sandbar Pranks
  70. Soon to be a classic!
  71. Sunday Thread: Beverages
  72. Souvenir condoms rolled out for UK royal wedding
  73. Here's a Monkey Swarm
  74. "Best Fights Scenes From the Movies..Part 1."
  75. The New Catwoman
  76. What planets would look like around Earth.
  77. BadCat punched thru 19K!
  78. "Nitty Grittie Dirty Girls "
  79. .......zombies..........
  80. A Good Day Working With One of My Horses
  81. The Headache Medicine. Monday.
  82. Best Picture Oscar Nominees Lego-Style
  83. Medical Clown Increases Pregnancy Rates
  84. Classic Haunted Houses From Hollywood
  85. Snowy Crappy Cold Tuesday
  86. Booze Saves Bum From Freezing!
  87. Best Bad Movie Ever.
  88. Snow day....
  89. The Snow Test (For Apache)
  90. Ron Patterson, at 80; father of Renaissance fairs in US
  91. A picture is worth a thousand words!
  92. Second Quarter
  93. Ok.....Where can I get one of these???
  94. Food Fixation Wednesday!
  95. The skin gun
  96. Odysseus Marches Past 5,000
  97. Rockntractor hits the big 20K!!!
  98. The Infidel
  99. How Empathetic Are You? (Quiz.)
  100. Fake Flames - Flamesless Candles
  101. Full McBain Movie Scattered Throughout Episodes of THE SIMPSONS
  102. Tipsy Thursday
  103. SR jr. And The Family Car
  104. Jenna Lee: Hot Or Not
  105. New Geico Commercial
  106. Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty (full film)
  107. Scientists grow blood vessels for human surgery
  108. Valentines Day
  109. Spartacus - Gods of the Arena
  110. Can you pronounce Wisconsin city/town names?
  111. What are you listening to now?
  112. Fueled-Up Friday
  113. Window licking fox becomes YouTube hit
  114. Ben Roethlisberger's Super Bowl Media Day Translated!!!!
  115. Man Feeds Deer in his House
  116. This Is Why You're Fat.
  117. Fresno, California Is America's 'Drunkest City'
  118. This Old Thing? Actually, It’s New
  119. Cold is a relatve thing
  120. Jukebox: Wine, Women an' Song...
  121. Novaheart clears 1K!
  122. Found at Last: A Tape of the First Super Bowl
  123. Just applied for college for the first time!
  124. Dayum!
  125. Boy, 7, Tries to Buy Fighter Jet on eBay
  126. Hot or not? _ Emmy Rossum
  127. This is why you're not fat.
  128. Jukebox: Somewhere Between the Red and Rio Grande
  129. Fortress Sarasota Generator Arrives!
  130. Fiction books you'd suggest.
  131. Not Going To Watch The Superbowl?
  132. Super Sunday Thread: Are You Ready for Some Football!!!
  133. Happy 100th to Ronald Reagan!
  134. Rock guitarist Gary Moore dies
  135. Irish Rock Jukebox
  136. "For All Of You Very Old Critters ."
  137. Policon Toddles Past 23,000!
  138. Poli's w00t the hell is the matter with him thread.
  139. 2011 movie previews
  140. Happy B-Day Mau10man!!
  141. ...............topper..............
  142. Nosferatu the Vampyre - Full Movie
  143. "Here's Good News For you Healthy Types :Shopper Ingested Semen-Tainted Yogurt Sample
  144. Basketball phenom Jordan McCabe schools Globetrotters
  145. Tuesday
  146. Google Sea Adventure Logo
  147. Leningrad Cowboys
  148. A bird in the hand...
  149. Man Killed By Exploding Toilet in La Chorrera (No Shit)
  150. Business Trip to San Antonio
  151. " No More 'Sin Bins",There's an Apps for That !"
  152. Air guitar
  153. Dull nite!
  154. What movie won instead, a quiz!
  155. Gun porn!
  156. I told you it was a dull nite!
  157. Musical Wednesday!
  158. Best Product Pitch Ever: Weasel Balls
  159. The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
  160. Orlando teen playing with gun shoots self in groin
  161. PBS: Nova
  162. " Art Professor Has three titanium posts drilled In His Head holding his "third eye"
  163. Iconoscope No.1: Star Wars Episode IV
  164. " Dozens Plan Boobie Revolt at The Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum ."
  165. Boy, 11, racks up £1,000 bill on mother's debit card playing XBox online
  166. Throw up Thursday
  167. Zapping the Brain with ELECTRICITY for Creativity
  168. Tragic bottom implant girl thought having illegal injection would make her a star
  169. any steel slingers here that have advise for....
  170. Thai airline hires ladyboys as flight attendants
  171. Fortunate Friday
  172. Maryland man prepares to take on the Death Race
  173. Slow day. Let's start a picture thread.
  174. Jfor Makes 1,000 Posts!
  175. The Martini Test
  176. What Flavor Martini Are You?
  177. Friday Night.......!
  178. Lots of guitar Jukebox...
  179. Simple Saturday.
  180. COMICS: Marvel Is Making Plans to Kill More Characters
  181. Woman Charged with Beheading Piglet
  182. Today's project
  183. A Shannon I like.
  184. A. Pachey passes 3 big ones
  185. Sunday Thread: Better Late Than Never?
  186. Jukebox: Valentines Songs for all the Ladies of CU
  187. Lanie cracks 1K!
  188. Monday: Out of your element.
  189. For those travelling to Atlanta...
  190. house was robbed this weekend.
  191. Dating service for people with herpes
  192. Alice the Dog Needs Help!
  193. Circle the Cat (Game).
  194. I think Xena is doooooooom!!!
  195. My Daughter's Valentines Day Wedding.
  196. What's New For Tuesday
  197. Do-It-Yourself Paternity Tests Now Available In New York
  198. Valentines Hangover...
  199. Prayers for my Grandfather
  200. Just 50! The age a woman becomes 'invisible' to the opposite sex
  201. L.A. County Employee Dead in Cubicle a Day Before Being Noticed
  202. Time to get your doggie's entered. 3rd Annual CU Dog Show.
  203. Best In Show Wednesday!
  204. Started a Cattle Herd
  205. To My Sammy
  206. Scoliosis sucks *Warning* Possible unsettling photo
  207. Cleavage Beef Ends With Woman's Bust (Guess the state)
  208. Trepidation Thursday
  209. Drunken Swede Drives To Police Station To Pick Up Drunk Friend !"
  210. Stress-blocking drug restores hair in bald mice
  211. Important Tax Reminder !!!!
  212. Ginger Thursday
  213. Harry what?
  214. got any images of the fam?
  215. The more I think about something...
  216. Frugal Friday
  217. The passing of another pet...
  218. Tiny dogs major culprits behind record number of bites
  219. Lawyer for man accused of sexually assaulting horse says story has been overhyped
  220. Map of the Day: This Is What Global Alcohol Consumption Looks LIke (sic)
  221. Meet Morgana La Fey
  222. Don't make me do this to you Juke!
  223. MikroKopter
  224. Are You Fiction or Non-fiction? (Quiz.)
  225. How Weird Are You? (Quiz.)
  226. Laser cat bowling
  227. Mission Impossible!
  228. Pew Research News IQ Quiz
  229. SLW....homesick thread...
  230. tax day
  231. HPD: Man Punches Mom, Rips Dentures Out Of Her Mouth
  232. Robot hummingbird passes flight tests (w/ Video)
  233. Weapons you'd like to see in action
  234. Men Suck, Says a Woman
  235. Sunday Thread: Auto (and other) Racing
  236. Lewis and Clark Girandoni air rifle
  237. Life is Good!
  238. What? No Monday Thread?
  239. What Is Your Life Rated? (Quiz.)
  240. "Blackest" name in America
  241. Those wacky Germans are quite the cut ups
  242. Congrats - DJones Crashes 6000 Posts
  243. New Mattress
  244. Tuesday's Hobbies
  245. Child brain scans to pick out future criminals
  246. Maryland GOP official names her pet black cow 'Oprah'...
  247. Airline Apologizes For Pork-Only Menu On Israel Flight...
  248. What Airplane Seat Are You? (Quiz.)
  249. It's over: Rosie O'Donnell splits from girlfriend after a year
  250. Video Game Controlled By Making Out -- Kiss Controller