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  1. "No You Are Not The Center Of The Universe !"
  2. Snuggling on the Beach
  3. Thursday Transfer
  4. Foods That Should Not Be Wednesday!
  5. Florida police arrest a KFC Double Down Sandwich
  6. Deer Huntin
  7. Interesting things you may or may not have known.
  8. Oral Sex Now Main Cause of Oral Cancer: Who Faces Biggest Risk?
  9. Happy Birthday Flagator!
  10. Fibromyalgia and you
  11. Postal worker suspect in assault on police officer; Spit feces during a breath test
  12. so the ex wife....
  13. SR
  14. London parlor to offer ice cream made from breast milk...
  15. Friday....
  16. Congratulations fettpett!
  17. The oldest swinger in town? Milly, 96, makes £50,000 a year... as an escort
  18. Charlie Sheen's rants against boss prompt cancellation of 'Two and a Half Men' season
  19. Parents In A Pickle Over "Vegetable Abuse" Billboard
  20. Now in Brooklyn, Homegrown Tobacco: Local, Rebellious and Tax Free
  21. Browncoats Unite!!!
  22. cell phone popcorn
  23. Brazil: Woman Finds Gator Behind Couch After Flood
  24. Staring contests are automatic: People lock eyes to establish dominance
  25. Sunday Thread: Art in Your Home
  26. BadCat's Sunday Babe of the Day?
  27. Wish me luck.
  28. Hookers Make 'Friends' On Facebook.
  29. Phoenix teacher arrested in dog sex sting
  30. There goes the Medal count....
  31. 2nd Winning Ticket Bought On Way To Collect $200K
  32. Happy Birthday Hamp
  33. Almost Spring Tuesday
  34. Happy Birthday to the non-old fogie Fettpett
  35. Sheen's publicist 'respectfully' resigns after latest round of media outbursts
  36. Friday: Free Waffle Fries!
  37. VW Bus Full of Cheerleaders Gets New Look
  38. ET-The Invasion
  39. Male vs. Female cars
  40. Poli left his web cam on.
  41. BadCat
  42. Some good old Rock N' Roll for ya'll
  43. Moose Attack !
  44. Internet Habits Wednesday!
  45. Hey! Megimoo!...
  46. President approves of military intervention....
  47. HPD officer takes cooking competition a mite too seriously
  48. Glass of wine a day 'cuts dementia risk'
  49. Tempermental Thursday
  50. Dog rescued from fridge by firefighters
  51. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Charlie Sheen Winning
  52. Space Beer Headed for Zero Gravity Bar
  53. There is a certain sheen on SR's helmet...
  54. The Enduring Call of the Wild, at Any Age
  55. Fraternal Friday
  56. Pagans to Sheen: Sorry, Charlie, you're no 'warlock'
  57. Raccoons Chasing People From DC Metro Station
  58. Mickey Rooney elder abuse: Veteran actor tells Congress he felt 'trapped' by stepson
  59. Cow fart cans offer 'authentic smell of countryside'
  60. Now We Need Pacemakers for Our Tummies
  61. Chinese Boob Clamp Creates Epic Cleavage
  62. Hello!, Its me!
  63. Sandy Springs cop's prostitution busts questioned
  64. News Flash: Man Caught Masturbating In Pile of Cow Poop…Again
  65. Downhill Urban Mountain Biking (First Person View) Holy Shit.
  66. Friday Photo Fun - a Time Waster from: The Smoking Gun
  67. Better times!
  68. Back To The Future Part 2
  69. Winter is Coming
  70. Best Movie Line Ever
  71. Would You Be a Cool Parent?
  72. Sunday Thread: Animal Sightings
  73. Happy B-Day Ape!!!
  74. Temporary Practice Page - Please Ignore
  75. My Next Read
  76. Passenger crawls into airliner's cargo hold through the bathroom and steals $238,000
  77. Have It Your Way? Purist Chefs Won’t Have It
  78. My new baby!
  79. Life in Europe with money Is Good !
  80. My New Little Friend
  81. The oldest song ever written by man
  82. You've Been Watching Too Many Horror Movies
  83. 100 Orgasms A Day
  84. Ketchup....the devils spawn
  85. Archer
  86. Day Thread Free Tuesday
  87. What Kind of Panty Hose Are You?
  88. Name Dropping (Blush) Post
  89. A question for economic geniuses
  90. Things to know...
  91. Desperate Craigslist ad for prom date not too desperate to include specifics
  92. Ash Wednesday Wednesday!
  93. 7-year Itch Cut To 3 As Love Fades Ever Faster
  94. Alice In Chains rocker Mike Starr dead at 44
  95. Man vows to fast on beer during Lent!
  96. Who's Pair Is This; game
  97. American Idol
  98. Time travel Thursday
  99. Cap'n Crunch sails into obscurity :(
  100. How man 'lost his penile spines'
  101. The Charlie Sheen internship: More than 74,000 apply
  102. Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses its sight
  103. zitz
  104. VIDEO: Transvestites Duke it Out at SoCal Taco Shop
  105. What Cooking Show Are You?
  106. Best cover ever? Music thread
  107. Familiar Friday
  108. Ginger and Linda, spotted armed to the teeth and heading for China
  109. Torture: Robbers stuff victims' heads in bags of sliced onions...
  110. ‘McRunner’ trains for marathon by eating only McDonald’s
  111. Sam Elliot's Daughter Stabs Wife Ross.
  112. Jenny-cat
  113. Medical U-turn on ‘apple-shape’ warnings: It isn’t especially dangerous to the heart
  114. Friends? Who The Heck Are They?
  115. How Nerdy Are You?
  116. Megimoo Passes Thirty Grand
  117. Conan the Barbarian
  118. Set your clocks for Daylight Saving Time
  119. Marijuana clogs AZ sewer line
  120. Bargain Red Dots?
  121. Happy Birthday Odysseus
  122. Madisonian Trudges Through 1000
  123. Sunday Thread:
  124. Chicken slaughterhouse proposed near animal shelter raises SPCA's hackles
  125. Big Johnson Pushes 11
  126. for giggles . . . .
  127. What? No Monday Thread?
  128. Horror filmmaker arrested after 'decomposing body of his mother found at home
  129. Touch-a Touch Me, TSA Security - shits and giggles
  130. Monday's Japanese Jukebox Tribute....
  131. Blah Tuesday
  132. Snake Bite Breast Implant, Dies.
  133. James Bond video for international women's day shows 007's feminine side
  134. Confusing Film Wednesday!
  135. Could you live with six pairs of shoes? Mom sparks debate
  136. Roboroaches: Students Prepare to Control Roaches With Remote-Control Brains
  137. Termination Thursday
  138. Books?
  139. Dogs Are Good People
  140. Hey, today is St. Patrick's Day!
  141. Happy B-Day Darlene!!!
  142. Fabulous Finds Friday
  143. Michiganders! (and any others interested)
  144. Obama's political brackets
  145. Pepsi Throwback Becomes Permanent
  146. Fun and Work at My Place.
  147. Emo, its like goth....but for pussies.....
  148. The Jukebox is Moving.....
  149. 60's hotties...stranded on a desert island.
  150. Hanna
  151. Finally Friday Night (Overheated Version)
  152. Relationships
  153. Facial hair survey on CU
  154. Andrew Dice Clay Comments on Charlie Sheen
  155. Saturday Shopping
  156. Long Hair Poll
  157. Wonder Woman
  158. Husband is zonked out on couch ...
  159. lacarnut clears 10K!!!!
  160. Old People Need Single Malts, Microbrews Sez Booze Expert.
  161. Sunday Thread: Shave and Hair-Cut...
  162. What happened to all the trolls?
  163. Superman
  164. Monday. What should be done?
  165. God Save the Queen!
  166. Father turns in own kids for bullying
  167. Competitive Chess Boxing: Brain Meets Pain in Iceland
  168. I See It's Tuesday Again
  169. Paris Hilton prosecutor arrested for buying cocaine
  170. Fashion worker sues for £1.2m over 'anguish' of depressing commute
  171. Canadian man can’t adopt his reincarnated canine friend
  172. Short engagements: Like Will, Kate, why wait?
  173. 911 prankster claimed V1agra OD (Florida)
  174. 92-year-old woman shoots at neighbor after he denied her a smooch
  175. Hello Kitty Goes Bang! Girly Guns All The Rage.
  176. R.I.P. Knut
  177. 'South Park' guys make 'really different' Broadway
  178. Your nickname and tag line
  179. World War II Sniper--worth watching
  180. Phantom Phone Call Wednesday!
  181. Congrats Ginger On 20,000
  182. Why didn't I hear Greg Giraldo died?
  183. 'Yoda' found in a tree in the Philippines
  184. Ah, The (Not So) Originality Of Hollywood
  185. R.I.P. Liz Taylor
  186. NJCardFan Hits 7000
  187. Holi: Festival of Colors
  188. Full Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer Is Here!
  189. The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen
  190. Terrorized Thursday
  191. Oh MY GOD....
  192. "a proposal for a 10-cent federal tax on every roll of toilet paper you buy."
  193. Paglia on Taylor: "A luscious, opulent, ripe fruit!"
  194. What I do for a living.
  195. I need info on a gun I've acquired.
  196. Mystery of why German soldiers use 10 rolls a day
  197. Tornado!
  198. Far-flung Friday
  199. when i talk to hardcore power lifters.
  200. Beauty Queen Killer Poses in Panties with Gun: ‘I Want to Make Some Money’
  201. Lindsay Lohan Is Changing Her Name, Her Mom Says
  202. Are You Forgettable or Unforgettable?
  203. Cleveland Woman turns 119 - possibly oldest living person on Earth
  204. Why am I only now finding this site?
  205. Zombie Posters
  206. Rock clears 22K today!
  207. Sunday Thread: A Place to Get Away
  208. Wtf.....
  209. Suppertime
  210. Washington DC
  211. My Fair (food) Monday.
  212. Fat Ho Burgers owner defends controversial name
  213. Not the 50 books you must read before you die
  214. Overseas-Contingencies-Kinetic-Aliocious
  215. anyone else have trouble putting on mass?
  216. Sucker Punch!
  217. AmPat Sneaks Past 5000
  218. All fans of Red vs. Blue rejoice.....
  219. Making drinks with liquid nitrogen.
  220. A gentleman should NEVER wear shorts
  221. Global Breast Size Map
  222. JourneyQuest......This is funny stuff
  223. A plaice of his own: Fish fan turns cellar into Britain's biggest home aquarium
  224. Tuesday
  225. Dog saves owner from tsunami
  226. Happiness peaks in our eighties
  227. Pet Peeves
  228. Patrick the Miracle Pit
  229. What colour is Gin?
  230. Sapporo Beer Commercial - Legendary Biru
  231. Social Wednesday!
  232. Study: Fresh food diet cuts exposure to chemical BPA
  233. Rosie O'Donnell To Prop Up Oprah Network
  234. Student isn't the only one mad at Twin Cities term-paper company
  235. Diane Or Rebecca?
  236. can somone explain when is became in style for guys to shave their arms?
  237. Gun PRON!!!
  238. The Deer Hunter
  239. Thoughtless Thursday
  240. Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness: THE MACHETE-SHOOTING SLINGSHOT!!
  241. Teens warned of risks from 'vodka tampon' use
  242. Obese man dies after found fused to chair
  243. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  244. Favorite era of cars?
  245. Pizza Pup
  246. art is where you find it
  247. Couple Dozen Chickens
  248. Things If You Saw It, You Would Shriek In Terror
  249. '50s nostalgia in the '70s
  250. Pole Dancing For Jesus