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  1. 7 Simple Questions You Won't Believe Science Just Answered
  2. Ultimate Dog Tease
  3. Attack Of The 50ft Woman star and ex-Playboy model found mummified
  4. £400 ($660) worth of shoes a woman never wears...
  5. Tuesday's Hungover
  6. Extreme couponing
  7. Crossdressing teenager steals goat and kills it while high on bath salts
  8. Gator has run-in with the law, bites patrol car
  9. Lennon a commie?
  10. Wednesday, International Star Wars Day
  11. Ringling Circus heirs in court over funeral fight, amid claims of Jewish Mafia links
  12. Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky
  13. Amendment Wednesday!
  14. Music you can't stand.
  15. Watch Michelle Obama Shake Her Ass to Beyoncé
  16. Woman Hides Knives and Drugs In Her Vagina and Fat Rolls
  17. Man Assaulted, Given ‘RAPEST’ Tattoo, Shocked in Genitals
  18. New singer/artists you have started to listen to recently...
  19. Random Thought Thursday
  20. How does an engineer....
  21. Travelling for work ...
  22. Cat From Hell Show
  23. Colombian Student Asphyxiates To Death In Performance
  24. Corset Piercings: Barking Mad Sez Doc
  25. What Kind of Bra Are You?
  26. Race Horse Jumps Into Crowd of Screaming People
  27. Fantasy Friday
  28. Kentucky Derby!!
  29. No Cinco de Mayo Celebrations
  30. Things that date you.
  31. "Great Time For a Vacation on MARTHA'S VINEYARD..."
  32. Bedtime poem
  33. You Know You're From South Jersey When...
  34. Saturday Plans!
  35. The pup just wants to have fun
  36. Now I've seen everything.
  37. Uncyclopedia
  38. Mother's Day
  39. Dinner???
  40. Non-rockers wearing Rock n roll t-shirts.
  41. McDonald's revamps stores to look more upscale
  42. At Old Dog House, loving them to the very end
  43. Reality Monday
  44. Blind date goes wrong
  45. CU sues over 'defective' toilet paper that flooded Boulder campus stalls
  46. Playing Movie Catch-Up
  47. Inked for Mom
  48. For SR...
  49. Happy B-Day to Policon!!!
  50. Kind of Tuesday
  51. Judge Tells Child Molester He’s ‘Gayer Than a Sweet-Smelling Jockstrap’
  52. Astravaganza?! When parents regret their kids' names
  53. Man breaks into house to use toilet, flees with pants down, falls down stairs, dies..
  54. 25 Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9
  55. Hanoi Hilton
  56. Rock oinks past 23K!!!
  57. 'I'm just thinking about people I'm gonna fire'
  58. "Photos Of First Full Face Transplant in US"
  59. Will CT Allow Men in Bathrooms with Our Mothers, Daughters… Grandmothers?
  60. Crazed Naked Guy Terrorizes New York City Subway Passengers
  61. Better Titles Wednesday!
  62. The iPad2 hologram Settings
  63. 6 ways to ruin your wedding
  64. Now that's cool Juke. :)
  65. AWWWW . . . SR hving fun . . .
  66. Damn, it's great to be a man....
  67. Am I Wearing Pants?
  68. Tasteless Thursday
  69. Emergency Leave
  70. Really Bad Maternity Photos
  71. Woman Drivers
  72. Pyackog asked for it
  73. Fido Friday
  74. Webbing
  75. Escaped bull poses as shop mannequin before going on rampage
  76. Police: Man steals donation jar, gets hit by bus
  77. this is a shout out to any steel slingers.
  78. Charlie Sheen Mocks Decision to Hire Ashton Kutcher
  79. Berlin fights boar wars, as wild swine swagger through city streets
  80. Dumb Games
  81. Saturday: Naked Gardening Day!
  82. I'm drinking...
  83. Anyone saw that episode of the Lopez show last night?
  84. Fri nite juke! Haha!
  85. This is cool and HOT
  86. The court ruled in her favor and now she can masturbate at work
  87. Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Best Ballads of All Time
  88. Do you shop online?
  89. " Abilene,Texas : Neighbor’s Nude Statue Of David Enrages Locals "
  90. Random Facts of little importance
  91. Fox News Panic: Lindsay’s Boobs Might Be Sagging!
  92. Researchers in Ohio are studying the power of pee
  93. Thwarting Obama on Rapture Day
  94. Caturday jukebox:metal edition
  95. Cu-uk-g2g
  96. wtf 500-Pound Pig Escapes Through Minivan Window
  97. JB passes the 9k mark
  98. A belated 1k woot for Adam Wood
  99. Finish The Lyric
  100. Shuttle going up!!
  101. Congrats Lt Col
  102. Monday Thread
  103. Kittler?
  104. Off The Net
  105. PoliCon clears 25K!!!!
  106. Death Ride 3000
  107. Facebook-Loving Couple Names Baby "Like"
  108. How Old Is Too Old For Bikinis?
  109. Who Are You Calling Grandma? (Boomer Idiocy)
  110. Springy Tuesday
  111. What Stone Cut Are You? (Quiz.)
  112. Indonesian Maids Decomposing Body Taints Tap Water
  113. Tough guys & gals Juke. . . .
  114. Prayers for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
  115. Offensive Wednesday!
  116. Autopsy finds 3,500-year-old Egyptian princess had clogged arteries
  117. The most hated baby names in America
  118. FlaGator clears 21K!!!
  119. It was the Russians that crashed at Roswell
  120. djones clears 7K!!!
  121. South Park Wastes No Time
  122. CDC Finally Recognizes Zombie Menace!
  123. Aquarium bosses stunned after finding shark lived undetected in tank for years
  124. Adult Baby May Have To 'Grow Up' (Threatens Suicide)
  125. Grease star Kenickie fighting for life after painkiller overdose
  126. End of the world Thursday
  127. I don't know...
  128. Faithful Friday
  129. Another great dog story
  130. Man walks again after 4 years of paralysis
  131. Woman's Leg Severed By Flying Pressure Cooker
  132. Glistening Bathroom Encounter (Not Cleaning-Related)
  133. Nine Puzzles of Space and Time
  134. Macho Man Randy Savage Raptured!!
  135. Happy Birthday Molon Labe!
  136. $2M Michigan lottery winner defends use of food stamps
  137. Louisville woman pulls sword at Pizza Hut
  138. Rapture Juke
  139. Guitar songs for AApe to learn
  140. Apocalypse Wow! What to Wear on Judgment Day
  141. Finally Friday: Tribulation Edition!
  142. Big cash discovery leads to a lesson in honesty for new Bountiful homeowners
  143. Woman Threatens Dairy Queen Employees with a Grenade
  144. Parents asked to stop doing school run in their pyjamas
  145. July 2011 - Interesting Numbers
  146. Top 10 End-of-the-World Prophecies
  147. I'm gonna give you a proposition you can't refuse...
  148. Sunday Thread: Things I Don't Miss
  149. Am I phobic? Or sensible?
  150. Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked
  151. Wasted Monday.
  152. Why SR moved back to Florida.
  153. Thirty-six Years
  154. T-rex leech found living inside a Peruvian girl's nose
  155. Useless Tuesday
  156. 'You Light Up My Life' Songwriter Kills Self Amid Rape Charges
  157. Bob Dylan is 70 years old today
  158. Fast Food Mini Sizes Could Help In The National Battle Of The Bulge
  159. Questions about Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico
  160. Talented Wednesday!
  161. Maria Shriver Leaked Husband's Love Child to Newspaper, Has Hired Private Eye
  162. Nazis tried to build army of talking dogs to help win World War Two
  163. Twitter Helps Woman Get Her Stolen Bike Back
  164. Man nearly pops after getting air hose lodged i
  165. just used a Hand Dynamometer
  166. Are you a jerk that needs to be towed?
  167. What's Your Celebration Drink?
  168. Game of Thrones
  169. You might be a metalhead if
  170. Hamp's new Hampshire Garden
  171. Man says pants, car missing after 'liaison' with big-thighed woman in Fort Pierce
  172. Kid Leather Gloves
  173. Take it back Thursday
  174. Worst Hunting Dog EVER!
  175. Photobugs, Let's See Your Best Shots.
  176. new ThunderCats!!
  177. Is Country Music making a BIG comeback?
  178. Fuelish Friday
  179. Facebook Founder Eats Chicken Liver, Soup (Fans Shocked)
  180. Decapitated Head Of St. Vitalis, Patron Saint Of Genital Disease,To Be Auctioned
  181. Memorial Day Plans
  182. Whatcha listening to? Whatcha Reading?
  183. Do You Have a Type A Personality? (Quiz.)
  184. Conceptual Artist Cherry Tree Makes Perfume From Her Urine
  185. Early fathers day gift from little chief and my wife.
  186. Space Wolves are wimminz!
  187. Vet Juke
  188. Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You
  189. Linda#s cracks 9K!!!
  190. Sunday Thread: Memorial Movies
  191. Happy B-Day RobJohnson!!!
  192. 360 degree view from the Enola Gay
  193. a blog i started to doc my workouts
  194. Happy B-Day Rock!
  195. Girl has more than 30 ants in her ears
  196. Puppy grows up in 40 seconds
  197. Prayer Request
  198. Man shot at grounded airplane
  199. Why I have not been lurking
  200. Touchy touchy.....
  201. Hide and Seek
  202. Goodbye, Food Pyramid: USDA to Announce a New 'Food Icon'
  203. Watered Down Tuesday
  204. Snooki Injures Two Italian Police.
  205. Book Thread!
  206. Pics! I hope.....
  207. Elephant Helps With Tornado Cleanup
  208. Mucky Wednesday!
  209. Happy B-Day to NJCARDFAN!!!!
  210. Happy B-Day Lurky!!!
  211. Lots O' Land, to buy or not to buy?
  212. Papilionaceous
  213. 1980's Juke
  214. Broccoli TV
  215. Man who buried himself alive dies by mistake
  216. Candymakers test appeal of ‘healthier’ sweets
  217. Thursday's (useless) tips
  218. Octomom's Doctor Has License Revoked For 'Mega-Birth'
  219. Spinal Tap fans rally to make 11/11/11 ‘Nigel Tufnel Day’
  220. Red pandas settle into new home
  221. Iowa bar owners ticketed over illegal mouse racing
  222. UF Educated..... Go Gatas!!!!!!!!
  223. It's time....
  224. Fiscal Friday
  225. Woman is injured in Hamilton graveyard by falling tombstone during sexcapade
  226. Friday Jukebox: Happy Songs
  227. Taking a Break
  228. Bella
  229. Congrats to Carol on 1K!!!
  230. Loud friggin' Bugs
  231. Sunday Thread: Names for Pets
  232. Hawkgirl Clears 1K!!!!
  233. Another pet thread: Monday.
  234. Great white sharks attracted by AC/DC hits
  235. KING RAT Shock photo of giant rodent blamed for child attacks
  236. Underwear Survey Finds Men Pack Three Pair For Vacation
  237. Wuts Fer Supper?
  238. Tuesday's Flights of Fancy
  239. Idiots in Michigan
  240. What a real woman is to her man
  241. SR's 33k woot thread
  242. Man fined for paying fee in pennies
  243. Quest to embarrass son turns father into internet sensation
  244. Are you hard to live with??
  245. Buy American Wednesday!
  246. Great Song~Plus Girls for the guys!
  247. Toy Bus Given Parking Ticket
  248. Humble Pie
  249. Munchie-Less Pot? It May Be Closer Than You Think!
  250. Ouch, ouch, ouch: Vegas performer has 3,200 piercings in SINGLE sitting