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  1. Molon Labe clears 4k
  2. Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise
  3. Suspect Returned Used Enemas To Florida CVS
  4. Random trivia...
  5. Rock clears 31K!!!!
  6. BIGFOOT!!!
  7. Cape Cod holiday-makers told to beware as 16ft great white shark is spotted off coast
  8. Chinese zombie attack? Drunk Chinese man tries to eat woman’s face
  9. Gingersnap--- Hear from her?
  10. ABC shoulda but I get to -- GINA kicks past 1000!!!
  11. FPL Scam
  12. Dudes who like 'My Little Pony' trot to BronyCon
  13. Still Reeling From The Storm
  14. Christ is the lens through which God sees you, so rejoice!
  15. US Law Test
  16. A Happy 4th everyone!
  17. What's on da menu for today???
  18. A Reference to the DUmp in the Comments Section of an Article on the UKDailyMail
  19. Calif. chain introduces burger with 100 percent ground bacon patty
  20. Used To Be Hot But Now, Not
  21. Funny dad-story from Kirk Cameron
  22. Something to make your day (maybe week): Ron Perlman fulfills boy's Make-A-Wish
  23. Good Hollywood TV, Movies?
  24. Watch out for Florida Gators!!!!
  25. Illusionist rushed to hospital after ‘hook from the eye’ trick goes hideously wrong
  26. Anyone a Beach Boys fan?
  27. Naked man bites chunk out of another man's stomach (Guess the state)
  28. Kimberly Guilfoyle: Hot Or Not
  29. galaxy s3
  30. Critics take on the U.S. Opening Ceremony look
  31. What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?
  32. Cannibal killers delay Papua New Guinea poll
  33. Hmmm, I guess I can give that now, thanks to Amazon.com....
  34. Michigan woman kept dead boyfriend's body in her house for 18 months
  35. NJCardFan clears 11K!!!
  36. You know what just seems to get better with age............
  37. Surfing goats surprise beachgoers in Orange County
  38. Wish us luck....
  39. Gwinnett man ate feces after snorting bath salts
  40. Going missing
  41. Deep Purple founder Jon Lord dies after suffering pulmonary embolism aged 71
  42. Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts
  43. Holy Crap.... and stuff
  44. Artist 'held waitress prisoner in his flat to recreate famous scene from Titanic
  45. ‘2012 Kpop super concert in America'
  46. Going on a trip tomorrow!!!
  47. Happy B-Day to Rebel Yell!!!
  48. The Bro Gotta Go
  50. Remember the beloved Mr. Wizard?
  51. Iron Chef star Cat Cora was 'yelling at bystanders' before drink driving arrest
  52. Toothless "Vampire" Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria
  53. Man found dressed in a goat suit in Utah mountains
  54. Travelers warning
  55. Peter Jackson Working On THE HOBBIT Trilogy
  56. Naked driver in Fort Pierce has toy pistol in tush, report says
  57. Eating joints
  58. Highland Games this past weekend. Lots of fun :)
  59. sold the farm
  60. Olympics start tonight!!!
  61. FYI - Headline Zone to disappear this weekend
  62. Chick-Fil-A supporters for the win!!!!!
  63. The Window from which we look
  64. What is it with 50 shades of Gay err Grey
  65. Tennessee Man Assaults Girlfriend After Seeing Mitt Romney on Her Facebook Page
  66. The world's worst self portraits
  67. For SLW
  68. Kansas Couple Arrested For Walmart Sex
  69. For the Rockster!!!
  70. Fun visual test ...
  71. Under Water Bowling
  72. Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68 in LA
  73. Afternoon in Venice
  74. Florida Police Arrest Worst Son In World
  75. Randy Travis arrested for DWI; buck naked in car crash, threatened troopers: report
  76. Congrats to ABC on 1K!!!!
  77. RI police arrest man found naked and covered in Crisco
  78. Sunburned Butt Slap Leads To Beau's Stabbing
  79. Amazing German Engineering
  80. Travel Trailers
  81. BARELY THERE! Megan Rossee bikini photos show ALMOST ALL of her medal-winning form
  82. New Movie: 2016 0bamas America
  83. 1st-person video shows small plane crash from inside cockpit
  84. Grand Slam Nuptials: Denny's to Open Wedding Chapel
  85. SaintLouieWoman hits 38K!!!!
  86. Zathras Clears 5K!!!!
  87. 25 people logged on and I'm in here talking to myself.
  88. Two young heroes save life of babysitter
  89. If This Song Doesn't Describe The Dummies/OWS Movement, Nothing Does(With Lyrics)
  90. SR clears 37k
  91. Happy Birthday SR
  92. Bizzare Florida Incident
  93. Acthung!
  94. The Cast Of THE EXPENDABLES 3?
  95. Happy B-Day to Apocalypse!!!!
  96. For Tom Selleck and "Jesse Stone" fans....an extra DVD
  97. 17ft Burmese python bursting with 87 eggs found in Florida
  98. Congrats bijou on 4K!!!!
  99. Operation Frozen Dumbo
  100. Dolphin waves good bye to rescuers from Mote Marine Sarasota
  101. Woman, 28, dies after falling from parasail in Pompano Beach
  102. ParaNorman... maybe a must see movie
  103. Canada's littlest hero
  104. Went and saw Expendables 2 and....
  105. Ok, there may be hope for Hollywood after all...
  106. 'Anal Tattoo Girl' Tells all....
  107. Is Obama a Ventriloquist Dummy?
  108. Driver swerves to avoid moose, hits bear instead
  109. We have a CostCo now!!!
  110. Nothing like a dip on a warm summer day----in the bedding department
  111. Sandy's can cars
  112. 50's Car Test
  113. Hey Rock.....
  114. Land of the Dinosaurs
  115. "Samurai robber" shot dead by Dairy Queen worker
  116. Ivan the gorilla, once a Tacoma store attraction, dies at Atlanta zoo
  117. Hubie clears 1K!!!
  118. And the killing capital of the world is ...
  119. Snooki Explains Why the Ocean is Salty
  120. The COWBOY Solution to save Gasoline.
  121. You know those family stickers you see on cars?
  122. Florida swingers' orgy goes horribly wrong
  123. Red Lobster Waitress Attacked -St. Louis
  124. Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys
  125. JB lights his keyboard up with 11,000 posts....
  126. Well, I've been told (yelled at actually) that I'm a bigot.....
  127. Ok, this is the best scene in Expendables 2....
  128. Pacific Northwest....anybody else?
  130. First Day of School!
  131. Quote of the day
  132. Who knew? Curiosity photos show Mars teeming with UFOs
  133. Rock oinks past 32K!!!!!
  134. Source Of Loud Boom In Foothills A Mystery
  135. Monkey at the feed mill.
  136. Storm Pics...
  137. The power of words
  138. 5 Reasons Liberals Aren’t As Happy as Conservatives
  139. Dana Perino: Hot Or Not
  140. Pringles
  141. Play with this dragon?
  142. sasquatch stays squashed
  143. Pilot killed in Iowa Air Show Crash
  144. Songwriter Hal David dies at 91
  145. What is on the menu???
  146. Happy Commie day!
  147. There's been an "Eastwooding" in Fremont Ca.....
  148. I start online classes today!
  149. Utah Mother Caught Potty Training Daughters At Restaurant Dining Table
  150. Depressed woman 'fed herself to crocodiles
  151. Bijou Soars by 4k
  152. Check out Google's front page graphics today!
  153. SyFy Movie tonight...
  154. Teen Shoots Off..... With Dangly Parts...... Friend Arrested.... (Warning Guys)
  155. Airport guards catch man smuggling rare primate in his pants
  156. Beware of rabid beaver
  157. Candy Corn Oreos: 'Mutant lovechild of deliciousness'
  158. Happy B-Day Dyne!!!
  159. My Annoying Lib Bro
  161. Gina clears 2K!!!!
  162. Emma Stone: Hot Or...Ah, Screw It, She's Smoking Hot
  163. I am so ashamed (reality tv viewing)
  164. ‘Zombie’ Attack In Pennsylvania: Naked, Bloody Man Accused Of Chewing On Woman’s Head
  165. Eve Online
  166. Any Downton Abbey Fans in here?
  167. Study: Sex Can Make You Smarter
  168. Body likely that of 'Mona Lisa' to be exhumed in Italy
  169. Richard Cimino Jr., Naked And Bloody, Gnaws On Woman's Head
  170. Odysseus rolls over 12K!!!
  171. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  172. WooHoo!
  173. Hawkgirl soars past 3K!!!
  174. Bailey zooms by 4000
  175. Florida Farmhand Busted For Lewd Donkey Show
  176. Pizza!!!!
  177. Has anyone seen a Romney bumper sticker on a Prius?
  178. Mrs. Hubie won a $1000 grocery gift card today!!!
  179. Pig Rescues Baby Goat
  180. noonwitch casts past 9K!!!
  181. 305 classical performances
  183. The Dallas Solution
  184. Time for Supper
  185. For my friends that like the redheads
  186. Spartacus; A Game Of Blood And Treachery. (Board Game)
  187. Republican’ Deer
  188. Art
  189. Is It Just Me???
  190. Andy Williams, singer of Moon River, dies aged 84 after cancer battle
  191. The Buried Life
  192. RYNO Motors
  193. Had a seizure again today...
  194. Wei Wei is lurking
  195. How to see Uranus in a telescope this weekend
  196. For Matt Damon fans
  197. 26 Amazing Fast Food Items You Will Never Get to Eat…in America
  198. Bacons Revenge!
  199. Michigan Professor Strips Naked In Class, Shouts 'There Is No F--king God'
  200. The REAL meaning of CHEAP
  201. Something I need to share with everyone.
  202. Georgia Man Speeds Down Interstate With Crying Girlfriend On Hood
  203. Happy B-Day to Patriot45!!!!
  204. Lawyer: Bad medicine led Pa. family to strip naked
  205. Breast feeding in public
  206. Dr Who fans check in.
  207. Jukebox? How about ear worms!!!
  208. It's COLD!!!!
  209. Kentucky restaurant closes after roadkill found in kitchen
  210. Human leg found floating in False Creek tied to earlier find of foot
  211. Hillary knows what she likes.
  212. Huge woman on heels
  213. The Ohio State marching band presents…your childhood
  214. Florida Man, 32, Dies Shortly After Winning Pet Store's Roach Eating Contest
  215. New Movie! Seven Psychopaths!
  216. I know women love shoes......
  217. Romney and Obama Debate: Bad lip reading style
  218. RIP Alex Karas, AKA MONGO
  219. The Jack Reacher novels
  220. Dancing girl optical illusion
  221. Man from you know where buys enemas, uses enemas, returns enemas for resale.
  222. Huge eyeball from unknown creature washes ashore on Florida beach
  223. Hi from Macon, GA!!!!!
  224. Girl gets $15,000,000,000,000,000 phone bill
  225. Radio Caller Says Deer Crossing Signs ‘Encouraging Deer to Cross’ ...
  226. Felix Baumgartner 128,000 Foot Freefall (Full jump - 10 minutes)
  227. Marathon update
  228. Worker Dies After Being Cooked In Tuna Plant Oven
  229. Which States Have the Lowest Divorce Rates?
  230. Jelly Belly
  231. Television Shows
  232. Henry Winkler Helping Homeless 'Happy Days' Co-Star Erin Moran
  233. SR, Your Taste In Art Leaves Much To Be Desired!
  234. Happy B-Day to ABC in Georgia!!!!!
  235. Happy B-Day to DarkHalo!!!
  236. Guess who showed up when someone said "binders full of women"
  237. Pumpkin is the New Bacon?
  238. Friday Juke! Whats your name!
  239. txradioguy clears Lucky 13K!!!
  240. Happy birthday, SLW
  241. Who's Hand?
  242. Better stay north of the Red, Rock
  243. Police: Florida Couple Had Sex Atop Restaurant Table While Parents, Kids Watched
  244. I have to go change my shorts :D IRONMAN 3 trailer
  245. The Rockster blows by 33K!!!
  246. Happy B-Day Paco!!!
  247. Young Celebrity Homes
  248. The Future of Energy: Predictions From 1968
  249. Stupid Criminal 101; Tip to Thieves
  250. Friday Juke box!