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  1. Most reliable cars
  2. STORMY Monday
  3. My wife made me SOOOOO proud Friday night.
  4. Good News! Allah Arrested In South Windsor.
  5. Horrifying Windigo coincidence in beheading
  6. Chat Speak: The Quiz.
  7. LongHaired Boy
  8. Does Horror Amuse Or Scare You? The answer's in your genes.
  9. "You HaveTo Be Out Of Your Mind To Do This !"
  10. Ahhhh, mom.
  11. A giant Inflatable Dog Turd Art Causes Museum Chaos in Switzerland
  12. Illusion-
  13. Much harder than you think!
  14. Half Century Tuesday
  15. 'Itchy feet' gnome returns home
  16. Joke
  17. Prehistoric giant animals killed by man, not climate: study
  18. DIY Dog Neutering A No No.
  19. Woman Kicked Out of Mall Over Revealing Dress.
  20. Two Middle East mothers chatting over a plate of tabouli and a pint of goat's milk.
  21. Crazed Mom Rams Bicyclist, Steals Two Cars, and Then it Gets Weird.
  22. 'Porn inspector' fails to inspect porn (Colorado)
  23. Happy Birthday Troll!
  24. "The Next Demonic Verses As One of Mohammedís Wives"
  25. Baby Names
  26. "Was Muhammad Bewitched By A Fallen Demon ?"
  27. Calling all handymen & women: need advice
  28. My son is so awesome
  29. Wednesday Wanderings.
  30. "Them Nordic Sperm Guys Are Real Hot Stud Muffins !"
  31. A Woman Parking Has A Problem With Her Head .
  32. Devoted Dog Guards Master's Body For 6 Weeks.
  33. SmartorStoopid?
  34. "Greenland Shark Eats Polar Bear at The North Pole"
  35. Satan Enjoys Bikini Olympics, Good Cigar.
  36. Bird poo facial
  37. World's tallest woman dies in Indiana at age 53
  38. Three small revelations
  39. Hollywood takes on the Left
  40. Bob Saget Meltdown On The Set of Roast Promo Taping,Funnie stuff .
  41. "Here's Another MeltDown This One With A Racist Mooning !"
  42. Pet Owners: Have you ever tried a timed feeder?
  43. Two Northern California Bigfoot Trackers Say They've Got a Body
  44. "Put on Your Long Wool Snuggies Baby Its Going To Snow Tonight In Colorado !"
  45. Married priest ordained at Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
  46. Happy Birthday Space Gravy!
  47. Olympic Thursday!
  48. Brits Drop Size Zero Fashion Ban.
  49. Relationship Non-Negotiables
  50. Ice-skating chimps
  51. Most expensive car
  52. Time for a new car
  53. Woman impaled on statue of Hindu goddess
  54. Fortunate Friday
  55. "2081 - Everyone Will Finally Be Equal"
  56. Tropical Storm Fay has formed in the Caribbean
  57. Friday Night (Fer a Change) Jukebox
  58. Finally!!!!
  59. New Site Offers Friendly Criticism Of Your Annoying Flaws.
  60. Saturday Sports
  61. Brits Mull Destroying Families Over Fatness.
  62. Season Shot
  63. Cav Scout home from Korea
  64. Sunday Silence
  65. Buttock-clenching at the bus stop: The nanny state's new bid to get us all fit
  66. Sunday Singing
  67. Hundert Mann und ein Befehl
  68. Midnight Monday
  69. Dexter (the Showtime TV series)
  70. Australia needs ugly chicks...
  71. Psychopath Test
  72. Nature
  73. 9 people
  74. The World's Easiest Quiz!
  75. When I was a little guy
  76. Where do you get your energy?
  77. Tropical Storm Tuesday
  78. Tipping at the bar
  79. Roseanne Barr Gives Political, Career Advice To Angelina Jolie.
  80. Feminists Outraged by Lawsuit.
  81. Dude!
  82. Four Eared Cat Adopted. Pic.
  83. Man says 9-foot tapeworm came from undercooked salmon salad
  84. Shoplifter Receives Crushing News.
  85. Hornet Horror Part II.
  86. There is no joy in Sasquatchville...
  87. Wondering Wednesday.
  88. Dead Guy Stands Up During Three Day Wake. Pic.
  89. Men vs. Dogs
  90. Food Police Dis Phelps' Cereal Deal
  91. The Male Brain, Explained
  92. 15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped
  93. Guess the accent game
  94. Perv With 2.8 Inch Body Part Loses Appeal.
  95. Man Found Guilty of Using Garden Gnome as a Deadly Weapon
  96. Metrosexual Tool Analyzes American Racism Via Olympic Duds.
  97. Worlds fastest gun
  98. One lucky SOB....
  99. Flood Victims Warned Of Alligator Swimming In Streets
  100. Torrential Thursday!
  101. Snap, crackle and pop art...
  102. Whale of an offer: Buy SeaWorld, free animals
  103. Happy Birfday Jendf!
  104. Dogs Copy Morals From People. Potential Dog End Days Alert.
  105. Military Humor
  106. I was wondering ...
  107. Microsoft to use Seinfeld in new ad campaign
  108. Reheated spaghetti bolognese 'prevents cancer'
  109. Irritating word usage
  110. 85 year old granny busts burglar ring
  111. What The World Would Look Like If The Other Side Won The War
  112. British take on public education
  113. "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes from the movie
  114. FAIL: Guy Shoots Himself In The Head 5 Times And Lives.
  115. George Carlin VS environmentalism
  116. Hahahahaha Radio Head Sucks!!!
  117. Record Catch With Barbie Fishing Rod
  118. Just when you think its safe to go in the water!
  119. Zombie harmony.com
  120. Tropical Storm Fay
  121. My Obama Phone Call...
  122. O... M... G!!!!
  123. Friday Refreshments
  124. Grammar Nazis Fined, Banned From Parks.
  125. Criminal Mastermind Defeated By Shoelaces. LOL Pic.
  126. Giant inflatable dog mess brings down power line
  127. Religious Guy Eaten By Croc God.
  128. Dog Rescues Abandoned Newborn.
  129. Yo Quiero Giant Burrito Of Doom.
  130. Guns, Firecrackers, Revenge - Is There Nothing This Clip Can't Do?
  131. You're Chinese, You're Beautiful, You're Nine
  132. The two-penny hooker: Florida man offers undercover deputy two cents for sex
  133. Dangerous Dog Toy
  134. Friday Night Chooglin'
  135. Book Recommendations
  136. The Weekend! Hi Old Friends!
  137. SaturdaySports Food
  138. "Fay's 4th Florida Landfall and it Aint Going Any Time Soon !"
  139. Wisconsin Woman Booked for Ignoring Library Fines
  140. Fake restaurant invented by author wins prestigious award
  141. I'm drinking a martini! Ask me anything!
  142. Saturday Night Jukebox
  143. My Thread !
  144. 25 Most Awesome Horror Kills
  145. Alligators, Snakes Roam Florida Streets After Flooding
  146. Weird Olympics photos (29 pictures)
  147. A Little Simon on Sunday
  148. Culture Saturday
  149. I made some Obama bin Biden bumper stickers
  150. Emigrate! Emigrate!: Doctor Who's American trip
  151. Burn your bras!!!
  152. Led Zep at the Olympics!
  153. The tooth fairy and the offering plate
  154. Muggy Monday
  155. Reports: McCartney to perform in Tel Aviv
  156. Has anyone ever been to Disneyland?
  157. Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  158. How do you know when you're getting old?
  159. Tropical Tuesday
  160. Trick questions
  161. A Homage to the Dear, Departed Frank
  162. Dear GAWD! How to traumatize your kid for life...
  163. Everyones Favorite Mass Murderer
  164. Happy B-Day Cold Warrior!
  165. Border Patrol
  166. Better Late Than Never Wednesday!
  167. Winged cat: End Times Alert
  168. Author of '100 Things to Do Before You Die' is killed in fall
  169. Actress MacKenzie Phillips arrested at LAX on drug possession charges
  170. Rest In Peace Baby.
  171. Dedicated to Aging Baby Boomer Rockers
  172. A limerick is a five-line poem written with one couplet and one triplet.
  173. Truthful Thursday
  174. Co-Workers and Abortion
  175. A Worker's guide to Pooping on the Job
  176. This is still the funniest thing I've ever seen at Walgreens
  177. Jokes!!
  178. This scared my wife nearly to death.
  179. Jaws Lives!
  180. Conquistador
  181. What Are You Doing Instead Of Watching Obama's Speech?
  182. Emo Pain Hurts More Than Physical Pain Say Bored Scientists.
  183. I am on the cancer register
  184. Sex Addiction and an X-Files Star
  185. Great deals on genuwine Carter watches!
  186. Fix-It Friday
  187. Father-Son Ironman team
  188. Magazine Recalled After Recipe Typo Leads to Poisoned Readers
  189. The Official CU "Would you bang it" Sara Palin thread
  190. Let's Lighten It Up Friday Night!
  191. Saturday Thread, slightly early...
  192. Who is the silliest woman in the world?
  193. Woman Claims Wires Grow From Her Body
  194. Gym Junkies Fail Faster.
  195. Guy Bikes 56 Miles To Work. Each Way.
  196. Canucks Fret Over Picky Tastes Of Donated Food Recipients.
  197. Small hospital by me has 5th Life Flight of the day....
  198. London at Night
  199. Full Circle: Wishing for a Sunny Sunday in the Sunshine State
  200. California Man tries to amputate his own Arm With a Butcher Knife
  201. Gusty Gustav Monday
  202. Woman has 200 orgasms a dayArticle
  203. Key To Marital Success: Stay Thin, Obey
  204. Big Easy Tuesday
  205. Tesco to ditch 'ten items or less' sign after good grammar campaign
  206. Jerry Reed
  207. Little Known Sarah Palin Facts
  208. What Color Are Your Glasses? Quiz.
  209. Your chance to buy a haunted spice rack
  210. Gang Who Killed Grannies to Sell Bodies for a "Weddings of the Dead".
  211. "They're Dying Like Turkeys In A Panic !"
  212. Music
  213. Workaday Wednesday
  214. Elephants show flair for arithmetic
  215. Restroom rage? Man assaults store owner over lack of toilet paper
  216. Cross-Dressing Thief Leaves Fake Breast At Crime Scene. Sort Of.
  217. Top Model!
  218. Annoying habits
  219. My cutie grand niece
  220. Dad's Tobacco crop largely destroyed
  221. Thumping Thursday!
  222. Teen Dopers Decline, Boomer Dopers Increase.
  223. Catman Or Underground Panther - You Decide! Pic.
  224. There are 482 users currently browsing forums
  225. Destructo Doggies: Most Damaging Breeds To Own.
  226. Porkers smarter than non-porkers.
  227. Poor squad car!
  228. Florida meet-up
  229. Public School System
  230. Finally Friday!
  231. Escargo(T), go go
  232. Mind Reader !
  233. Find The Pitbull
  234. A Letter To PETA
  235. I have the flu
  236. What Not To Drink. Horrifying/Hilarious Pic.
  237. Yanks Prefer Pets Over "Partners" In Desert Island Scenario.
  238. Woman who turned silver warns of dangers of internet medicines
  239. When Bobcats...move in.
  240. Got a new toy
  241. Worst Movies Ever?
  242. Canadian Teens Convicted for Microwaving Family's Cat as Christmas 'Gift'
  243. Saturday Sweets
  244. Saturday Night Jukebox
  245. Conservative Underground 2003-2007
  246. "A Bevvy of Berkeley Buffoons Billited Beyond Bordering Boundaries !"
  247. Greetings from Baton Rouge.
  248. Best movie reviews EVAH!!!
  249. Southwest Alabama lawmaker wants to ban cops from seizing guns during emergencies
  250. Naughty Disney toy!