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  1. I know I'm late Fri Juke! But its time to be a racist!!
  2. Friday night snack
  3. I'm a guy and I'll never badmouth my wife
  4. "The Girls on Fox News" by Austin Cunningham
  5. True Inner Peace..
  6. my first NAS strongman comp. took 2nd place.
  7. Butchering is hard work
  8. What American Accent Do You Have?
  9. marv clears 2K!!!!
  10. Word for the day
  11. Meals on wheels?
  12. Happy B-Day to da Ape!!!!
  13. 8 Things Star Wars Episode VII Can Learn From Episodes I-III
  14. Fri nite juke - Alvin Lee and the like
  15. Take me out to the ball game...
  16. Mosquitoes the size of a quarter may plague Florida
  17. Happy B-Day to Odysseus!!!
  18. Brain teaser: Balloon on a bus!
  19. Obamaville....
  20. JB clears 7K!!!
  21. Friday Nite Juke- free for all! What ever.
  22. Titanic 2: To the Surface 3D
  23. Sex-deprived woman attacks boyfriend over Xbox addiction
  24. That chick has man arms.
  25. Quality and Value Engineering
  26. Compliance: Most Disturbing Movie Ever?
  27. Oh Bowie!
  28. What goes on the the Gom
  29. C'mon its time to fill in your final 4 brackets!
  30. Our PORCUS SUPRMODERATUS has pasted 36K!!!
  31. Hot or Not: Greatest Russia's Got Talent Evah!......
  32. Detroit Conspiracy Theories of my coworkers
  33. Friday Nite Jukebox!
  34. Wuts fer supper?
  35. Happy birthday, Hawkgirl!
  36. I hope txradioguy is enjoying his birthday!
  37. Saturday night at Wyland Galleries!
  38. Just got back from Palm Sunday services
  39. noonwitch casts past 10K!!!
  40. Chinese Father Hires Hitman To 'Kill' Son
  41. My make fun of Obama page...
  42. Brain teaser - Shooting incident!
  43. hey Rock! You ever have to do this?!
  44. SyFy movie 2 headed shark
  45. Friday nite Juke - Road trip!
  46. A little stress???
  47. I'll Let The Video Do The Talking
  48. The piano has been drinking ...
  49. A Belated Happy Easter Thread
  50. Bacon!! To the extreme!
  51. 7 letter word
  52. Trippy man!!!
  53. Interesting Pictures From Peter Jackson's Hobbit Video.
  54. Words That Are Their Own Opposites
  55. Plus-Size Dresses Sold in ‘Manatee Gray’
  56. Dear God!!! Mutant spider!!!
  57. OMG...Dinner at Flemings tonight!!!
  58. Another brain twister
  59. Cartoon Network Alert!!!
  60. Another brain teaser...
  61. And another boring puzzle...
  62. ...yet more puzzling...
  63. Let's try another puzzle...
  64. The longest word
  65. Headscratcher ...
  66. Not Mathematical This Time ...
  67. No arithmetic required
  68. Juke Box anyting goes!
  69. The internet in one picture
  70. Defiance starts tonight...
  71. Are You Smarter Than A 60 Year Old?
  72. Big Bang Theory
  73. Japanese beer made from elephant dung sells out in minutes
  74. RIP Storm Thorgerson: 10 Of His Best Album Covers
  75. Friday nite Juke
  76. Congrats to our top poster, SR, on 39k posts
  77. Caption it.
  78. Real easy brain teaser
  79. Science quiz..
  80. Have we all seen the sorority email from HELL? (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
  81. Got hit by a bus yesterday
  82. Friday night Juke
  83. Got hit by a train tonite
  84. 9 Years
  85. Police: Walmart Worker Turned Tricks In Store
  86. The Possum
  87. Peek a boo tattoo!
  88. The New Dr. Who!
  89. ‘Star Trek’ Boldly Goes to Unlikely Real-Life Locations
  90. A little Hollywood on 0bama ...
  91. JUSTICE LEAGUE Spoiler
  92. 5 year old Juke, Ha I mean it!
  93. Happy Star Wars day everyone
  94. Drag queen Detox shows off incredible make-up skills becoming walking black and white
  95. Nova explodes past 8K!!!!
  96. NJCardFan clears 13K!!!!
  97. ‘Mystery fish’ turns out to be 125-pound opah
  98. Cops: Woman's Testicle Clawing Left Boyfriend "Bleeding From His Genital Area"
  99. Water Treatment systems...
  100. Ray Harryhausen, Visual Effects Legend, Dies
  101. I'm GEEKING out about this movie
  102. Warner Bros. to Develop New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie
  103. Morcheeba
  104. Thinking about watching Zero Dark Thirty
  105. Purity
  106. Friday Night Juke. Lies.
  107. A side jukebox for ROCK!
  108. 18 Shows Cancelled 2012-13
  109. Happy Mother's Day 2013!!!
  110. '24' May Return To Fox As A Limited Series
  111. Riddick - the next adventure
  112. Forget vinyl, engineer produces the world's first laser-cut records made from WOOD
  113. txradioguy hits 6K!!
  114. Ok, this will rock.....
  115. Things From Your Childhood You Survived
  116. Police called after Doctor Who fans 'gatecrash' Stars Wars sci-fi convention
  117. Police Drone Crashes into Police
  118. Happy B-Day LukeEDay!!!
  119. Rock, This One's For You
  120. Swaziland bans witches from flying above 150metres on broomsticks
  121. Man Celebrates Wedding By Getting Arrested For Soliciting Hooker On His Honeymoon
  122. Avengers 2
  123. Bacon restaurant being sued for smelling like...uh...bacon
  124. Old Car Trivia......
  125. I didn't win the lottery
  126. The Doors' founding member Ray Manzarek dies at 74
  127. Stuff You Would Buy With a $590m Lotto Win
  128. Emu Oil
  129. Woman Finds Dog Lost During Tornado While Being Interviewed
  130. Collegian, 21, Is Rescued Off Colorado Mountain After Getting High On Mushrooms, Stri
  131. Local butcher bringing home the bacon with 'marijuana pigs'
  132. Kids Ask Obama the Darndest Questions
  133. Bailey bounces by 5K!!!
  135. Memorial Day Weekend
  136. Topless Woman Arrested In Downtown Pittsburgh
  137. Where is Patriots jukebox?
  138. My dad.
  139. Butt-dialed racial rant prompts firing of Sanford pizza worker
  140. War Movies: They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
  141. The King Strikes Again!
  142. 102 Indy pace cars
  143. The Fatkini
  144. Happy B-Day to RobJohnson!!!!
  145. I bought a new Oreck vacuum from the Amazons
  146. OMG!!! We have a B-Day Pig!!!!
  147. Shoplifter returns to 'adult' store to steal mannequin, sex toys
  148. I have Two large seedless watermelons.
  149. Friday Nite Juke! 70"s songs!
  150. Marsrat
  151. Game of Thrones Season 3
  152. Kangaroo leads Florida deputies on 10-hour chase
  153. Dunkin’ Donuts Adding Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich To National Menu
  154. Amputees brawl at charity soccer game...
  155. Breast milk lollipops
  156. Utah Deer Dies After Mounting Moving Motorcycle
  157. Ford 1, Tornado 0
  158. Test test
  159. National Doughnut Day
  160. Golf
  161. You're gonna need a bigger...
  162. Friday nite Juke - Takin requests!
  163. What was for dinner?
  164. Any body here know the facts behind this?
  165. Hey SR!
  166. My Daughter
  167. ‘Vampire’ mum who drinks people’s blood: I feel stronger and healthier
  168. My God! The Pig passes 37K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  169. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser Trailer
  170. 'You Are My Sunshine' with his wife of 66 years
  171. 2 Chainz Arrested For Drug Possession At Los Angeles Airport
  172. Caller phoned 999 to tell police his prostitute was ugly
  173. Happy Birthday Linda Numbers!!!
  174. Friday night Juke- Oh what to do!
  175. Beer that disappoints.....
  176. Half-Naked Man Rescued From High-Powered Transmission Tower In NoHo
  177. Naked SF BART Station Acrobat Reportedly Facing Deportation
  178. Rescuers Resume Search Efforts for Missing Wash. Woman on Naked 'Spiritual Quest'
  179. Storify: Vancouver bares it all for World Naked Bike Ride
  180. The Fosters
  181. Cop Catches Man, 76, Performing Oral Sex on Woman, 64, In South Carolina Park
  182. Retired South Carolina Man, 74, Arrested For Offering Sex To Pair Of Undercover Cops
  183. Ottis Dewey Whitman Jr
  184. Am I The Only One Who Finds Mariah Carey Incredibly Hot?
  185. Naked woman breaks into Texas home and plants herself in bathtub, authorities say
  186. Well its quiet tonite in here Juke!
  187. Police: Women, Found Having Sex In McDonald’s Bathroom
  188. Police: Man Rips Off Penis During Drug-Fueled Craze
  189. The occasional flea
  190. Man Arrested For Waving Confederate Flag, Yelling Racial Slurs At Toby Keith Concert
  191. America's Got Talent: 6 Year Old Singing Death Metal
  192. Doctors baffled by woman who cries BLOOD
  193. 25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park
  194. Red panda found after escaping from Washington's National zoo - video
  195. LukeEDay clears 2K!!!
  196. Tooting my horn.
  197. The Avengers
  198. Flavored Bacon
  199. A brainteaser!
  200. 19-Year-Old Texas Girl Wins Okie Noodling Tournament With 72lb Catfish
  201. Friday night juke!. I got a buzz!
  202. July 12th....Pacific Rim Trailer
  203. Gubmint
  204. Mick looked ready for more
  205. Linda#s cracks thru 11K!!!
  206. Disney Buys Marvel Entertainment
  207. Thursday the 11th at 9 pm! Don't miss it
  208. Tulsa man hogties burglary suspect
  209. Duras sisters without makeup, Barbara and Gwyenth Walsh
  210. Our Dawgs and the fireworks!
  211. Woman that could orgasm six times a day through her LEFT FOOT cured
  212. What's fer supper?
  213. post whorin with a Sunday nite Juke!
  214. Elspeth hits the big 5K!!!!
  215. Nude swimmer distracts home burglary victim
  216. Russian Dashcam
  217. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Designed a Vaccum Cleaner From His CIA Prison
  218. Epic KTVU Fail: Anchor Reports Pilot Names Including ‘Sum Ting Wong’ and ‘Wi Tu Lo’
  219. Friday nite Juke
  220. Patriot Broils 10 million posts
  221. Egyptians Concerned About Direction Government Is Toppling In
  222. Naomi Campbell’s tiered dress: fashion hit or miss?
  223. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her much-lauded figure in white bikini
  224. Sex offender breaks into jail so he can strip search inmates, and then it gets weird
  225. Think You’re Having a Bad Day? This Picture Might Make You Feel Better
  226. Japan police bust sex home-delivery service
  227. What is your state (in)famous for?
  228. Woman who had sex with cat tried to stab neighbour, claiming he told everyone
  229. SyFy WOOT!!!
  230. Happy B-Day to djones!!!!
  231. Couple accused of leaving baby in car to shop at Illinois sex store
  232. Hey Zath - try a little boogie.......
  233. Happy Birthday Rebel Yell
  234. Live Action Superman/Batman Movie
  235. The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
  236. The Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies: Your Pooch Doesn’t Even Compare To This
  237. Michelle Obama's DNA Test Show Slave Owner as Ancestor
  238. RIP Dennis Farina
  239. Osama Bin Laden As You've Never Seen Him Before
  240. 3 Men Charged After Joyride on Giant Purple Chicken Statue
  241. Miami Couple Arrested After Calling Two Girls Fat While Trying to Steal Their Pizza:
  242. It's for lovers you know.
  243. Man Tries to Rob Gun Store With Baseball Bat
  244. You Know It's a Rough Night When...
  245. I thank CU for the Birthday email!
  246. Ronald Strong Gets Week In Jail For Pooping Pants
  247. I told you Sharknado will be a classic!
  248. Psychics and healers convene for Mystic Faire
  249. Walmart Got One Right
  250. Guess who I am ...