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  1. Why does so much weird news come from Florida?
  2. Man crushed to death by trash compacter while looking for cell phone (Not Florida)
  3. Emulating Sharknado!
  4. Misheard song lyrics you can't unhear!
  5. Hi!
  6. Baboon burglars: How gang of kleptomaniac monkeys
  7. Happy B-Day To Lord...I mean President oBAMA!!!
  8. SPOILER ALERT, The New Doctor
  9. Anyone watch Falling skies?
  10. A push up bra ad!
  11. A & W Celebrates National Root Beer Float Day by Giving Away Floats!
  12. Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus
  13. Ever Seen Some of These Secret Doodles in Your Hotel Room?
  14. Norfolk man accidentally shoots himself after argument over speeding
  15. A 47-Story High-Rise Has a Tall Problem: They Forgot the Elevators
  16. Oh c'mon youse guys are getting boring! Juke best 3 piece rock bands!
  17. Public Esteem for Military Still High
  18. Good News From The Kitchen . . . . .
  19. Someone at CU played a practical joke on SR
  20. I dread the day my daughter's poos get smaller
  21. Swedish men told to beware testicle-munching fish
  22. Chloe Grace Moretz Blasts Jim Carrey's Stand Against 'Kick-Ass 2'
  23. What's for dinner tonight???
  24. Weymouth Man Arrested After Bragging To Undercover Officer About Being ‘Wanted’
  25. Sarasota Repub turns 70 today!!!
  26. Indian Motorcycle making a comeback
  27. Happy B-Day to Troll!!!
  28. Bra sizes of female Detroit cops mistakenly emailed to officers
  29. Guess who got married...
  30. Oprah racism claims 'absolutely untrue' and a 'horror,' says Swiss shop clerk
  31. Drunk Man On Way To Jail...........yes, it's Florida!
  32. A&W Root Beer Float Cake
  33. Syfy officially greenlights 'Sharknado' sequel
  35. Question For Our Military Members Concerning Rank
  36. Breaking Bad
  37. Heidi Fleiss accused of growing marijuana
  38. Couple face jail after performing 'lewd, indecent and obscene' sex acts on flight
  39. Overweight skunk put on a bacon free diet!!
  40. China zoo under fire for disguising dog as 'African lion'
  41. Peeing in a police car
  42. Anybody know what israeli shirt is called?
  43. Theft of 840K coins sends NY meter-man to prison
  44. Smoke in Cabin, Emergency landing for Rock Bands...
  45. Florida Woman Attacks Boyfriend with Knife Because He Farted
  46. Abused donkey gets therapeutic trousers
  47. Teenage twins mistake WW2 grenade for an acorn
  48. Woman Busted For Piercing Victim's Face With Six-Inch Stiletto Heel In Post-Baby Show
  49. Dixie who???
  50. What I did For Summer Vacation, By Rick
  51. Been invited duck huntin' this fall
  52. Naked man collapses, dies in neighborhood rampage
  53. Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day
  54. Lend me your ear...I'll get the coffee
  55. Shark Alert!!!
  56. David Cassidy Arrested
  57. Energy industry eager to attract more skilled trades workers
  58. Taiwanese animators do Detroit Bankruptcy
  59. Scary
  60. Nite crew Juke box!
  61. Woman Riding Her Motorcycle Topless, With No Hands and Screaming at Cars Ends
  62. These 3 Burglars Didn’t Stand a Chance Against Gun-Packing Homeowner
  63. Star Wars Convention , Essen Germany 2013
  64. Birds can tell the speed limit on certain roads
  65. Rock passes 38K!!!!
  66. If you have a spare 5.6 million...
  67. My Dear hits 39K!!!
  68. Leno Set Free
  69. Look What Was Creeping On My Cooler This Morning
  70. The evolution of the Bikini
  71. My Sith Lord Storms Past 40k!!!
  72. This Gold Pill Makes You Poop Glitter
  73. Hairband Jukebox
  74. For the younger set - Meet Killroy.
  75. Katie Pavlich: Hot Or Not
  76. What yah been eatin'
  77. This is not a Juke box. I repeat this is not a juke
  78. Odd and sundry facts
  79. Ya get hat ya pay for.
  80. Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla
  81. Everyone needs a magnet sooner or later!
  82. What have people been doing for Labor Day weekend?
  83. Bach in the forest
  84. Anybody else allergic to wasps? Bad words in this post.
  85. Sharknado!!!
  86. 9-Year-Old Boy’s Shocking Reaction to Shark Attack: ‘He Was So Excited’
  87. Building melts car — really
  88. Just in Case Miley Cyrus has not Embarassed Herself Enough
  89. '0bama's Presidential Library' is an outhouse
  90. Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators
  91. Let’s play a game of…
  92. Top mistakes men make.........while shaving.
  93. Real Men Home Decorating
  94. Late night Juke!
  95. Family finds gold valued at $300,000 in Florida
  96. (BHO) I Came, I Saw, I Skedaddled ...
  97. Ever seen Duck Dynasty?
  98. So, I'm at my old college.
  99. Mother Nature at work
  100. ABC clears 2K!!!
  101. As we remember...
  102. Barack Obama's Theme Song
  103. If you're about to throw away an old pair of pantyhose, stop
  104. The New Iphone 5s
  105. Dumped in the park...
  106. 12THMAN
  107. This Animal Has Been Voted the ‘Ugliest’ of Them All
  108. 666 to HEL
  109. Friday the Thirteenth Thread
  110. NFL season
  111. RoboCroc!!!
  112. NJCardFan clears 14K!!!!!
  113. Hey, Wussville and Entitlement Culture: Meet The X-Factor’s Rion Paige
  114. I predicted Miss New York would win... but Miss Georgia was the real thing.
  115. More HARRY POTTER Movies On The Way!...Kinda
  116. There's a Clown Terrorizing a British Town
  117. Extremely Cool Action Figures
  118. Two Heads are Better Then one
  119. Classical beauties both!
  120. djones520 clears 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. India: Man in court over 'suspicious tea-drinking'
  122. walter williams and student indoctrination
  123. The New Teacher
  124. The Voice
  125. If There Was Any Doubt That The MSM Is Part Of A Collective
  126. Stuff you didn't know you didn't know!
  127. California prison inmate recaptured after 36 years
  128. You hear the one about the husband who was really a gay woman and his wife was too?
  129. Just thinkin about songs I ain't heard in a while Juke
  130. 1 in 8 Men Would Choose New iPhone Over Girlfriend
  131. House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR
  132. Forget the guitars
  133. Train Sex???
  134. Looking for a good book suggestion
  135. Breaking Bad Finale
  136. cave so huge it has its own weather system
  137. Happy B-Day to Patriot45!!!
  138. Odysseus clears 15K!!!!
  139. Happy B-Day to Bailey!!!
  140. Homemade oatmeal and cranberry cookies & what's fer supper?
  141. Boy gets answer to ninjas versus SEALS question ...
  142. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are same person.
  144. The house I did not build
  145. The Kelly File
  146. Miley to Matt Lauer People Stop Bangin' at 40... And You're Way Past 40
  147. Last night
  148. New 1948 Tucker Torpedo
  149. Too much elvis......
  150. Eupher, happy birthday!
  151. FL drivers...
  152. Male Threesome Triggers Domestic Assault Charge
  153. Christmas Decorations Are Up.
  154. RobJohnson clears 13K!!!!
  155. Apache goes nuts on Michelle Obama's garden.
  156. Weekend off
  157. Unemployed Pigs
  158. Have you noticed noisy soundtracks?
  159. whackjob hauled off the floor of the house
  160. Elspeth clears 6K!!!!
  161. noonwitch casts past 11K!!!
  162. Fri Night Juke been a while!
  164. Real time world seismic monitor
  165. Happy Birthday ABC
  166. Halo, Happy Birthday
  167. Nova sashays through 9000 posts!
  168. Happy Anniversary my dear!!!
  169. Happy B-Day to SaintLouieWoman!!!!
  170. Most DANGEROUS Cities
  171. China cracks down on American Idol-style shows
  172. Gravity
  173. Corey Feldman Details Sexual Abuse He & Corey Haim Suffered As Child Stars
  174. Fan Spends Nearly $100G In Past 5 Years On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Bieber
  175. Man's body found hanging after eight years in flat near Paris
  176. Happy B-Day Paco!!!
  177. America’s Mood Map (Quiz)
  178. Sitting at the 'puter playing some songs, join in!
  179. And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes Too... (Guys Be Warned!)
  180. Words
  181. Another deer to butcher
  182. Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71
  183. The never ending house stuff...
  184. 2-Year-Old Makes It Impossible Not to Smile With Her Birthday Message to ‘Papi’
  185. Let's clone Bonnie and turn the education system over to her.
  186. And to end the night.......
  187. Did they give this goat some meth or what?
  188. Retread hits the 3K mark!!!
  189. Bettie Page Reveals All
  190. Star Wars!!!
  191. First trailer for Days of Future Past....
  192. Australian woman loses bid for compensation for sex injury while on work trip
  193. Glenn Beck Set to Appear in a Horror Flick
  194. University Art Student to Lose His ‘Anal Virginity’ in Public
  195. For some Wiccans, Halloween can be a real witch
  196. Halloween night!!!
  197. Every Time I Think I've Seen Everything...
  198. obituaries
  199. The strange origins of 32 superstitions
  200. A Basic Lies Juke
  201. Super Troopers 2
  202. The Walking Dead!!!
  203. De-stresssss with an Indonesian snake massage
  204. Pauly D baby drama: Mother claims he wanted an abortion, says report
  205. Frat pledge loses testicle after hazing ritual gone wrong
  206. How would you like to go pp here!?!
  207. Woman Was So Drunk She Tried Doing This After Being Caught Having Sex in Public
  208. Rock digs a hole and fills it with 39,000 posts!
  209. Tootin my horn
  210. Proud Momma Checking In
  211. Happy B-Day to AmPat!!!
  212. Money for the Philippines
  213. Ann Coulter's mugshot?
  214. IWantThat
  215. Floridian Masqueraded As Lawman To Secure "Police Discount" At Dunkin’ Donuts
  216. W is on Leno tonight.
  217. Lawsuit Paid In Full: Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion
  218. Does Conservative Underground have anything like a Facebook?
  219. Infuse Your Home With the Kentucky Fried Chicken Candle
  220. For Odysseus
  221. Public Masturbation on the Rise in Vancouver
  222. I am thankful for......
  223. Classic rock jukebox
  224. For God... er 0bama so loved the poor ...
  225. The internet mystery that has the world baffled
  226. Captain Power & the soldiers of the future could be remade
  227. Could bacon make you live longer?
  228. The worst accident of this weeks storm
  229. Belated Happy 75th. Marv!!!
  230. Happy Thanksgiving
  231. "Pig Huntin'"
  232. Is it time yet?
  233. Obamacare Talk at Thanksgiving Party
  235. Jail Break....
  236. College kid holding 'Send Bitcoins' sign on ESPN collects.....
  237. Almost home!!!
  238. single or tandem axle?
  239. Stairway To Heaven Cover
  240. Underwater For 3 Days, Man Rescued From Shipwreck
  241. If the Detroit Institute of the Arts has to start auctioning off paintings...
  242. Man stabbed by brother over silverware
  243. James Carville and Mary Matalin Purchase Homes in Sarasota
  244. Walmart to Install Surface-to-Air Missiles on Store Rooftops
  245. Actor who played Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Tv died.
  246. Man Leaps to His Death in Shopping Mall After Girlfriend Insists on More Shopping
  247. USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob
  248. 1901 Ford race winner @ 75 mph
  249. When metal ruled the world (LA sunset strip story)
  250. Suppertime