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  1. Suppertime
  2. Man Claims He Received Lifetime, Worldwide Ban From Walmart
  3. Duck Dynasty Christmas Special...
  5. Edge of Tomorrow
  6. Don't Drink and Drive Prank
  7. Drop it like It's Hot--Obama Spoof (video)
  8. Christmas Lights!!!
  9. Oh wow... does this teh suxxor...
  10. What the sign language interpreter actually "said" (Kimmel)
  11. Hey look! Its a juke box!
  12. Send a Christmas card to ConservativeUnderground....
  13. Chicago did not make the list.
  14. Plastered Jaguar Driver Offered Novel Excuse
  15. Male Massage Therapist "Digitally Penetrated" Female Customer Who Bought Sessions
  16. Rockslide crushes Utah home, killing 2
  17. Milan Council Has Something Up Their Butts About Dildo Christmas Tree
  18. Miley Cyrus's strange tongue behaviour inspired by visit to zoo
  19. Rooster testicles seized at NZ border
  20. Artisanal porridge, only $7 a bowl
  21. Best Christmas flashmobs
  22. And Sedalia's Person of the Year Is......
  23. Bill Whittle: California vs Texas :)
  24. Have one of these BEASTS in your house?
  25. An interesting study.....
  26. Merry Christmas....
  27. Christmas jukebox
  28. 2013 Darwin Awards
  29. Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris....
  30. Fruitcake
  31. Weeweechu
  32. Prosecute or Reward?
  33. Merry Christmas from SaintLouieWoman and I
  34. What is on the Christmas Day menu??
  35. SR's Christmas Tree....
  36. Baby's First Christmas
  37. The New Dr. Who!!!
  38. So...what did everyone get for Christmas???
  39. The Stormtrooper Choir would like to wish you a Merry Christmas...
  40. NutBall neighbor...
  41. I never want to hear how great UPS is again
  42. Police: No beer led to ceramic squirrel stabbing
  43. Woman threatened to kill Walmart worker over price of skateboard, police say
  44. Here we go again
  45. Damn FiOS is out!
  46. Famous Presidential Lies
  47. Woman Busted For Attacking Live-In Boyfriend When He Refused To "Cuddle" In Bed
  48. “Be a Belieber in safe sex.”
  50. Chicken leg quarters 49 cents a pound
  51. Amazingly Easy Math Quiz Reveals your Favorite Show
  52. Giant yellow duck explodes
  53. We Are So Screwed As A Society: Stupidity At It's Finest
  54. Soaring deaths of bald eagles in Utah attributed to West Nile virus
  55. Florida Man Accused of Attacking Girlfriend With Banana
  56. The stainless steel appliance hegemony has ended.
  57. Krispy Kreme has new cheesecake doughnuts
  58. Brother arrested in fight over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  59. Downton Abbey Season 4
  60. Happy B-Day to medic92!!!
  61. Has anyone noticed? The Sith Lord hit 41k. Amazing.
  62. Happy Anniversary
  65. Diapers in dump truck trigger radioactive alarms
  66. harley
  67. New Zealand Baker Tells Bride's Sister To 'Eat Sh*t' With Poop Cake
  68. Man crashes into Conn. gas station, steals banana
  69. Pregnant woman attacked roommate over butter
  70. Student home from university ‘cut off his own penis
  71. looks like a dead friday nite for a Juke!
  72. Win 8
  73. What Ever Became Of...
  74. Waco police: Man stabs woman for bringing home pizza instead of chicken sandwich
  75. Man Dressed As ‘Toy Story’ Character Arrested In Times Square On Sex Abuse Charges
  76. Man’s cockroach-in-the-ear agony Down Under
  77. Hunger Games!
  78. DUI suspect charged after police make unusual discovery
  79. Father of two charged with having unnatural act with a donkey
  80. sweethearts who fell in love after BOTH swapped genders split up
  81. Florida Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas
  82. Welcome back....
  83. 'Breaking Bad's' Jesse Plemons eyed for lead in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'
  84. Guess's on What This Is
  85. Prayer in schools
  86. 2 reasons to leave a wasp nest in your yard
  88. Received A Cool Unexpected Gift
  89. Riddler, Catwoman, and the Penguin set to appear in BATMAN TV Show!
  90. Fear the Beards!! Season 5 airs tonight at 10pm
  91. Devil Baby Scaring People On The Streets Of New York
  92. Name Two Teams for Superbowl
  93. Old Guy Pick up....
  94. Research: Your Cat Thinks You’re Just Another (Big!) Cat
  95. Man, 77, Busted For Walmart Checkout Rage
  96. Russell (The Professor) Johnson died
  97. And another Gilligan's tie-in
  98. Happy B-Day Michellel!!!
  99. Japan WWII soldier who hid in jungle until 1974 dies
  100. The 11 year old guitar star was on Fox and Friends
  101. Rick Harrison Of 'Pawn Stars' Responds To Letter
  102. TGIF Thread
  103. Growing older
  104. RobJohnson clears 14K!!!!
  105. Pat45
  106. Man Run Over by Train While Posing for Photo
  107. Indiana police chief accidentally shoots self, again
  108. Troopers: Wanted man found hiding in cabinet under Wasilla sink
  109. Truck Hits Horse In North Tulsa; Witness Throws Sledgehammer At Driver
  110. Leave it to Bieber
  111. Learned Helplessness......
  112. Novaheart clears 10K!!!!!!!!
  113. Anyone know why Papa Johns is so expensive?
  114. Cyclist: Driver didn't see me stuck in windshield
  115. Several Hawaiian islands will see waves of up to 50 feet
  116. I guess love couldn't keep them together after all
  117. Pixar Will Make A Star Wars Movie
  118. PORCUS MAXIMUS clears 40K!!!
  119. Science and Tech Quiz
  120. OMG, Dn’t Wlk n Txt!
  121. Elies Gone Mad!!
  122. Brussels mayor's signed undies stolen from bar
  123. Affidavit: Woman used folding 'camping style' saw to dismember man
  124. ‘Blind’ Man Caught in Disability Fraud After Seen Driving a Speed Boat
  125. 30 Dumbest Things Drunk Women Have Ever Done
  126. Cops flush with leads in Fort Pierce toilet lid attack
  127. Doll to be sold in UK promotes anorexia, critics say
  128. oBAMA fun stuff...
  129. Peterborough man robs church to pay for hooker he brought there after hours
  130. 'I'm a model - I don't think there should be "plus-size" in front
  131. Favorite drink???
  132. stair lift
  133. Pairing Girl Scout cookies with booze is a thing now
  134. 43 YEARS locked up in psychiatric hospital for stealing a necklace worth $20
  135. House for sale, complete with rideable scale railroad and trainyard
  136. Favorite TV Show Theme Song?
  137. Nvidia worker killed by train. Accident blamed on bad drivers(fark)
  138. Beautiful Music
  139. Elephant photobombs tourists
  140. Marlboro man goes to where the flavor is
  141. Black Sabbath Win Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance
  142. A note from home
  143. Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm - police
  144. RIP Pete Seeger
  145. Man Crashes Car Into Fried Chicken Restaurant, Strips Naked, Masturbates in Intersect
  146. Large testicles mean greater infidelity
  147. Deputy constable arrested during prostitution sting by own agency
  148. Amateur Filmmakers Cause Scare At Lowell Convenience Store
  149. Local man accused of sexually assaulting a horse
  150. Super Bowl Commercials - 2014
  151. Hey Rock
  152. 10 Worststates for taxes
  153. Full size Cozy Coupe
  154. You called 9-1-1 for what?
  155. Body parts found along St. Clair Township roads
  156. Where Do You Stand On Facial Hair?
  157. Anyone Watch Vikings TV Series?
  158. What is with Novaheart?
  159. Fruit brag...
  160. Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead 'After Overdose'
  161. DumbAss Tanker hits 2K!!!
  162. Superbowl half time show and ads
  163. hai clears 1K!!!
  164. Best of the Super Bowl memes
  165. Hottest Woman On TV Bar None
  166. Any serious or not so serious knife collectors or makers here?
  167. I've been Vaping
  168. Severed cow heads along Oregon road not for everyone
  169. George Zimmerman to Become Celeb Boxer
  170. A Quiz For Conservative Classic Literature Readers
  171. I do enjoy Harleys but....
  172. Pappas says he regrets role in incident
  173. Buckshead drug dealer Jack Harvey jailedT
  174. Big Mouth Billy Bass Scares Off Would-be Burglar
  175. Happy B-Day to MountainMan!!!
  176. Tough being a giraffe in Copenhagen
  177. Automatic tree size reducer
  178. Plant City ELKS Wild game fest!
  179. Kind of a pic thread
  180. NJcardfan clears 15k!!!!!!
  181. How did we ever survive?
  182. Ga Chic-fil-A
  183. Shot Fired Over Botched McDonald's Order Woman, 29, busted in latest drive-thru rage
  184. Pakistan Porn Movie Theater Blasts Kill At Least 11
  185. Flowerpot-wearing man robs gas station with chainsaw
  186. ‘Doritos Loaded,’ New Doritos Product, Spotted at 7-Eleven
  187. Zathras clears 6K!!!
  188. Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's body?
  189. I opened the "Good Stuff" just now...
  190. Clean-up In Aisle Four!; by Mike Rowe
  191. Suthunuhs!
  192. Where is Nova?
  193. Naked Woman Goes On Bloody Rampage
  194. Bacon sales sizzle to all-time high. New infomercial for bacon bowl.
  195. Motown Jukebox!
  196. Belated Valentines dinner menu
  197. What are you eating???
  198. Quiz-What State Do You Belong In?
  199. Hehe, just because!
  200. If Obama had a son he would.....................
  201. '24' back on FOX May 5...
  202. Dammit!
  203. Hilarious, Simply Hilarious: Tonight Show Rapper's Delight Starring Brian Williams
  204. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - Official Trailer
  205. Maria von Trapp: last member of family group that inspired Sound of Music dies
  206. RIP Harold Ramis
  207. Godzilla Remake(again)
  208. Couple Discovers $10M In Gold Coins In Rusty Can
  209. Memba them!
  210. Boobs at zero gravity
  211. A good use for drones...Dolphin & Whale watching
  212. Honest University Commercial :D
  213. Voice To Text
  214. Something for seniors to do to keep those "aging" gray cells active!
  215. I'm in big trouble...
  216. Best Ad Ever
  217. HGTV - Renvovation Realities
  218. New Matrix Trilogy on the Horizon!
  219. George Lopez Takes a Siesta
  220. Re-Watching The Game Of Thrones
  221. I give up! Where did I see the "CU Tourney?"
  222. Supper tonight
  223. Hey marv
  224. 2014 Oscars...
  225. Charlie Danels' Run In With LGBT
  226. Nova spotted running from police!
  227. What would be good for dessert?
  228. Just good ol' boys
  229. Caption/Explanation Time
  230. Tampa Man Arrested, Cops Take His Guns & Dogs Away
  231. Lent
  232. Lint
  233. McDonald’s customer denied napkin, sues for $1.5 million
  234. Happy B-Day to Articulate_Ape!!!
  235. Police: Man urinated on people near Florida campus
  236. Woman’s auto-payments hid her death for six years
  237. Why We Should Quit Tossing Fish Heads And Eat 'Em Up Instead. Yum!
  238. Man attacks wife with toaster because she won't have sex with him
  239. Perth twins share boyfriend and have plastic surgery to look identical
  240. Gun in donated clothes kills woman in Chicago
  241. My Little (dismembered) Pony
  242. Man breaks world record for fastest speed-typing with his nose
  243. Smallest US National Park
  244. Hey Rock!
  245. Human Ingenuity
  246. Lookin' to see my friend...
  247. 2 year old gets Speeding Ticket by Police Officer
  248. Happy B-Day Odysseus!
  249. Anyone tried the new version of Strider?
  250. Let me help you pack!