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  1. DNA test not necessary
  2. Hunter kills 500 pound wild hog
  3. The post whore juke box!
  4. Model sues Playboy after golf ball was hit off her turf.
  6. Woman Stabs Husband for "Worshipping Nascar," Crashes Car Into Church
  7. Deer Video.......Inside Oklahoma City
  8. Manchester man accused of concealing poultry products in pants
  9. Hey SLW, saw this thought of you
  10. This Is The 100% Truth
  11. Well..... Spit!!
  12. Walmart Weirdo Sought In Toe Sucking Scheme
  13. More Duck Dynasty stuff...
  14. Create jobs, save a cow
  15. Cute overload...
  16. Bailey clears 6K!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Elspeth clears 8K!!!!
  18. Happy Birthday, TxRadioGuy
  19. OMG...it's AAADD!!!!!!!!!
  20. I am awesome
  21. Top 50 women
  22. Life hacks
  23. Judge Joe Brown Jailed in Tennessee
  24. Goats and live shots don't mix
  25. 'Was Certainly Not Enormous', Sex Assault Trial Hears
  26. Swedes catch 40cm 'rat from hell' in their kitchen
  27. One of ol' Ma Nature's ballets
  28. suspect then allegedly admits: 'I pooped my pants'
  29. Teenager unveils three testicles on Reddit
  30. Baby Sitter
  31. Arizona restorer takes on a ’36 stainless-steel Ford - See more at: http://www.oldcar
  32. Warm not in flow yet
  33. Gangs of Super Buff Women are Mugging Tourists in Hong Kong
  34. 71 year old woman arrested for nekkid stalking
  35. Listen up you youngsters in here ...
  36. Beretta Jetfire .25 caliber pistol saves woman from 12 ft gator in Louisianna
  37. Chick-fil-A Stole KFC's Chicken Crown
  38. A380 v 737
  39. C . Thomas Howell (blast from the past) & other 80s icons.
  40. women actually enjoy faking orgasms Or they're telling researchers that
  41. Man accused of pumping more than fuel at gas station
  42. Happy April Fool's Day
  43. A fracking good story
  44. Your plan v. gubmint regulations
  45. It's Spring in Texas
  46. Rataliation
  47. Escort, 19, kills man after he tries to run without paying for sex, deputies say
  48. A Facebook Page Dedicated Entirely to Hamster Butts
  49. Motorist, 21, Wearing A "Drunk As Shit" T-Shirt Is Arrested For Drunk Driving
  50. Police hunting 'mystery pooper' defecating on park slides
  51. College instructor spent months teaching students the wrong class
  52. Man Walks Nearly 3000 Miles Through China.
  53. Woman who drove drunk with hamster on her lap in Beaverton finishes diversion
  54. Goose crashes through windshield of vehicle
  55. You Just Can't Fix Stupid!
  56. Rock clears 41K!!!!
  57. Driver creates his own drive-thru at Niagara Falls coffee shop
  58. Driver injured when car hits turkey on I-99
  59. Cranky Old Man
  60. Flipping Cars
  61. Surgeon accused of slapping sedated patients’ behinds
  62. What happened to MH370????
  63. Funny, Creepy, And Disturbing Family Portraits
  64. Rolling Stone Magazine Needs A History Lesson
  65. Little Friendly Advice On Meat
  66. James Brian Hellwig, dead at 54.....
  67. Man loses wife to heart attack, wins lottery And he still has one wish left
  68. CNN Findes Jesus And A Lot of Dirty Jobs Done
  69. Time is like a river.....
  70. Concert Tickets
  71. Barnsley Superdad Wayne chases down would-be burglar
  72. Best Jewish delis across the USA
  73. vandal wrecks 84 public toilets in Tokyo park. Authorities have squat to go on
  74. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes Aim at CNN
  75. Amish buggy sought in Pennsylvania hit-and-run
  76. Officials: Florida Woman Just Attacked by One Bear, Not Five
  77. Goats for hire.
  78. Paper covers rock, rock dulls scissors, scissors stab roommate
  79. Top 10 Best TV Characters
  80. "Don't go out tonight" ...
  81. Happened In My Home Town.
  82. BACON Easter egg
  83. The 30 Dumbest Things Drunk Women Have Ever Done
  84. Can you spot a gold digger?
  85. Mosley the Greyhound
  86. Best One Question Stumps Atheist.
  87. Man recovering after freak lawn-mowing accident in Baytown
  88. Camel lives on farm with no male camels gives birth, farmer says who you lookin at
  89. Happy Easter
  90. It's EarthDay!!!
  91. Teen Girl Hid Loaded Gun Where?
  92. Police: Man 'armed' with potato in robbery attempt
  93. April 2004
  94. Acres of unrestored high-desert Mopars head to auction
  95. Traveshamockery and BEG
  96. MCSO: Phoenix man used Craigslist to find horse in bestiality conspiracy
  97. How about a Juke for our new / old friends!
  98. Willow Ptarmigan Calendar
  99. Pet Duck Attack Leads To Neighbor's $275,000 Injury Lawsuit
  100. 14 Signs You’re A Total Hot Mess
  101. In honor of Save the Frogs Day on April 26
  102. RobJohnson clears 15K!!!!
  103. Abbott & Costello explain socialism, unions, jobs
  104. Lost a dear friend...
  105. Police Report
  106. Chicken boxing?
  107. Willow Ptarmigan In Upstate New York
  108. Animated movies
  109. Cable renew nightmare...
  110. World's first beekeeping DONKEY gets his own custom suit in Brazil
  111. Any book suggestions?
  112. Taco Bell reveals 'secret' ingredients in its mystery beef that's only 88 percent cow
  113. Funeral planters?
  114. In that old CU tradition, Woot to SR for 42k
  115. Any Guy Looking For A Date?
  116. deep-fried Cheezies
  117. Sleeping Michigan man survives drop into garbage truck
  118. Watch LAMPPOST fall on cyclist who escapes freak accident
  119. Film Of The 1919 World Series Found
  120. Guess Where I'm At
  121. '73 MG B
  122. 24
  123. 2014 Game of Thrones
  124. Artist who tied rooster to penis in Paris guilty of sexual exhibitionism
  125. saw this today
  126. Group effort
  127. Couple Arrested For Sex Acts On Church Lawn
  128. Woman finds latex glove inside a pop tart
  129. Gets BS last week, HS diploma Friday.
  130. Man uses pitchfork to rob Waffle House, then bales
  131. Broomfield HOA Facing Controversy Over Plan To Kill Rabbits
  132. Shark Mistakes Inflatable Boat For Chew Toy
  133. BREAST FOOT FORWARD: Woman films her chest while jogging
  134. Evil Rabbits
  135. X-15 rocket plane pilot Bill Dana dies at 83
  136. My avatar/username, "GOP Congress" is a bit of a monkey on my shoulder
  137. A costly life lesson
  138. Whoo Hoo CU finally updated the colors
  139. Happy Mother's Day
  140. Science student wins coveted Miss Wales title
  141. Texas man arrested for suspected premarital sex with 16-year-old wife
  142. Pregnant drivers may have more car crashes
  143. Sriracha Maker Says Factory Will Remain In California
  144. Godzilla-Asia trailer (I'M GEEKING OUT!!!!)
  145. Idle thoughts
  146. He Got 99 Problems And Apparently The Bitch IS One
  147. We must fight censorship!
  148. noonwitch clears 12K!!!!
  149. Cool fun strategy game
  150. Man killed testing bulletproof vest
  152. Free graphic novel about the Korean War
  153. The animation age ghetto
  154. Wanted To Share This With Y'all
  155. Suggestion / Request
  156. Would you play this video game?
  157. How to Train Your Dragon character is outted as gay.
  158. My school is weird!
  159. Retread clears 4K!!!
  160. Your thoughts on Japanese animation?
  161. Brown vs EMA A great victory for freedom!
  162. News Woman’s incontinence pads spark second bomb scare
  163. Shameless self-promotion
  164. Table My husband made
  165. drunk man beat up parents, returned to pick fight with first responders
  166. WD-40 ~ Who knew!
  167. Any Dream Interpreters In Here?
  168. Grandkids flying home!
  169. Happy Memorial Day!
  170. Skul from the Cave had a stroke
  171. HOW TRUE
  172. Happy B-Day RobJohnson!!!
  173. Wild Things on Wheels!
  174. Happy B-Day to the Rock!!!
  175. Reid and Peloshite
  176. Hospital Visit
  177. Wendy's girl not real redhead, burgers not real beef
  178. Study: FL seniors are active but drink too much
  179. Family attacked by swarm of bees in Beeville
  180. Moist Beaver causes traffic jam
  181. Pet Thread!!!
  182. On a Lighter Note--Watch Pres O Work out
  183. Fathers day is coming......
  184. Bucket List Time ...
  185. Hawkgirl clears 4K!!!
  186. The peoples poet is dead
  187. Skul
  188. Two die, three injured after woman drops cell phone in toilet!
  189. Make The Call.
  190. Hoarder found dead on Santa Ana porch, 40-plus stray cats recovered
  191. Brain-dead California teen to get school diploma: family
  192. Bend power back after squirrel sparks major outage
  193. Jessica Rabbit fan has breasts enlarged and waist shrunk
  194. Police looking for man who rolled back pants and underwear at Walmart
  195. SaintLouieWoman clears 40K!!!!
  196. Thank You Sgt Elliott
  197. Um, SR...what the deuce is this?
  198. Fathers Day??
  199. Who Is Your Zombie Apocalypse Team?
  200. Happy B-Day to Lindanumbers!!!!
  201. Pre-StarTrek George Takei in 1959 Perry Mason
  202. Happy Father's Day to all you dads
  203. Happy B-Day to southernlady!!
  204. The ultimate hoarder
  205. This really gets my goat!
  206. Happy B-Day ralph wiggum!!!!!
  207. Com'on August!!!!
  208. The old and the new
  209. Buying A Motor Home
  210. Calling Patriot 45 Jukebox
  211. POV
  212. Why selfies with tigers may soon be illegal in New York
  213. Police confiscate weapons from ‘Pastafarian’
  214. HI! How ya doin'? Glad to be here!
  215. What should Lanie choose as an avatar?
  216. Congrats CU
  217. Seattle woman reports drone peeking into apartment window
  218. marv hits 3K!!!!
  219. Interesting Store
  220. Stuntman Terry Richards Dies at 81
  221. Happy B-Day Gina!!!
  222. What The Hell Is It? Bizarre “Organism” Appears After Lightning Strike
  223. Friday night juke for.......Molon Labe!
  224. Best Sermons are Lived
  225. It's a country boy Saturday night.
  226. What have you done this weekend?
  227. Happy birthday, thundley4
  228. Travel Channel Pulls Show After Online Suicide Taunt
  229. Man shoots son as he fleeds on riding lawn mower
  230. Consumer Reports' best and worst food lists may surprise you
  231. Act of kindness toward mom shopping at Walmart goes viral
  232. 7 Menu Items That Would Be Better Than Burger King’s Gay Pride Whopper…
  233. July 4th Plans?
  234. Anyone else watch The Leftovers on HBO?
  235. Not a good result
  236. China - US joint operations in the future
  237. naked man caught on camera throwing ball against business
  238. Lanie clears 4K!!!
  239. What is the Most Exotic Presidential Pet?
  240. Happy July 4th everyone!!!
  241. Happy 4th--Adopt a Retired Military Service Dog
  242. Manhattan Judge Sues Over Traffic Camera Ticket
  243. What's for eatin tonight?
  244. Friday night juke... for the Jersey boys
  245. THE Fourth
  246. Fireworks from the inside
  247. Sumbody needs a job
  248. Transformers: Age Of Extinction - Don't Waste Your Time or Money
  249. Sad news
  250. Some Times Reality Is Better