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  1. Rose Parade 2015
  2. I see dead people! Warning unsettling!!!
  3. Experience and time are (the) greatest teachers
  4. The Rock crosses 43K!!!!
  5. Movies I saw over the holidays
  6. Retread drives over 6K!!!
  7. Naked Lady Gets Stuck Breaking Into Her Ex's House
  8. Happy 70th Anniversary
  10. Ant-Man
  11. I hear it's getting a bit nasty up north of here
  12. Officers Flying Home from NYPD Funeral Stop Mid-Air Suicide Attempt
  13. Rod Taylor Dies at 84
  14. what could Possibly go Wrong?
  15. Dir Pyro
  16. Hey SR, Got A Toaster For You.
  17. Saturday's Breakfast!!!
  18. Muslim wife came home early
  19. Enjoy six different country songs at one time
  20. Our Mr. ralph wiggum hits 17K!!!!
  21. Our Vader Leader Hits 44k!!
  22. CAIRS Instagram Account Hacked!!!
  23. Oscar nominations 2015: Hollywood is strangely absent
  24. You won't believe this...
  25. Box Office: 'American Sniper' Shatters Records With $90.2 Million Weekend
  26. Human cannonball launched to his death when safety net collapsed
  27. Teen Poses As Doctor At OB/GYN Office For Month!
  28. I'M HOME!!!
  29. 12 Things You Didn’t Know About In-N-Out
  30. The 19 Ingredients in McDonald’s Beloved French Fries Are Finally Revealed…
  31. People paint with brainwaves
  32. movies
  33. Happy birthday, Perilloux!
  34. 5 Things You Will Never Regret Saying
  35. Unfinished songs (for a reason)
  36. Uptown Funk
  37. My dear wife crosses the 41K total!!!
  38. New Imperial Transport.
  39. Melon Lube is lurking again
  40. Ex Power Ranger takes sword to roomate, arrested for murder.
  41. RobJohnson punches thru 18K!!!!
  42. ralph wiggum breaks 17K!!!
  43. Hmmph!
  44. ABC just passes 3K!!!!
  45. Make my day!
  46. A Tribute to Texans
  47. NSFW! Kim Kardashian Goes Full Nude Again!
  48. 'Riding Shotgun With OJ' And Other Hilarious 'Brian Williams Memories'
  49. Norma Brewer Obituary
  50. Happy B-Day MountainMan!!!!
  51. New Zealand: Residents stunned by 'phallic sculpture
  52. Elspeth clears 11K!!!!
  53. The Search for More Money
  54. Spiderman Webslings Into The Marvel Universe
  55. Woman Fired Before She Starts New Job
  56. Could happen maybe, NBC news anchor perdiction
  57. RIP Joe
  58. For all the valentine lovers out there
  59. Sapporo Snow Festival turns to the dark side
  60. The Philosophy of Stephen Bentley
  61. Back on Stage
  62. We lost a dear & treasured member of CU.
  63. The Fall of Great Britian is almost complete........
  64. over the fence
  65. Naked Woman Arrested For Roadway Antics
  66. Happy new year Rock!
  67. Duraflame Shortage/Price Gouging
  68. Get bloody! Sharknado 3 seeks extras for Orlando filming
  69. Tiny house project....
  70. How long should you live?
  71. Who was Clint Eastwood's date at the Oscars?
  72. Happy B-Day to FlaGator!!!
  73. obligatory bragging post
  74. Harf
  75. The Italian Americans-PBS
  76. Someone is to blame!
  77. Stone Babies
  78. New Age of Ultron Trailer
  79. ‘Shark Tank’ star Robert Herjavec and wife Diane are divorcing after 15 years
  80. Old words and phrases
  81. Happy Birthday Ape!!
  82. Man Calls 911 To Report Wife Stole His Cocaine
  83. Don't forget tonight...
  84. Happy B-Day to oldcoastie!!!!
  85. These are the type of judges we need today!
  86. An alternative to craigslist: http://classified.ad/
  87. Girl Scout Cookies Drive-Thru Now Open
  88. Talking Barbie is too 'creepy' for some parents
  89. Terry Pratchett
  90. Awesome Pic From Facebook
  91. NJCardFan hits 17K!!!
  92. Stuntman and Actor Eddie Hice Dies
  93. Philosophy from the funnies
  94. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
  95. Light bulb comparisons
  96. In Michigan....
  97. Hubby's Away & I Can Play ...
  98. Twisted Sister Drummer A.J. Pero Dead at 55
  99. Gasoline
  100. Rey Mysterio faces possible manslaughter charge
  101. SNOW AGAIN!!!
  102. Try your hand at this
  103. Cops: Man Stole Xmas Gift He Gave Neighbors
  104. Lab Instruments !
  105. 1000 point buck
  106. Zero Tolerance for Idiots
  107. 'The View' celebrates 4,000 episodes
  108. Courtroom Tasering is Now in Session
  109. Mr. Dick Arrested for Exposing Himself by Tickle Creek
  110. points to ponder
  111. Define Irony...
  112. Pastrami Piled as High as New York, With Prices to Match
  113. Wandsworth Prison escapee Neil Moore faked bail email
  114. Somehow, Vile "Akron Pooper" Still At Large
  115. Perp, 18, Stole Sex Toy After Galpal Declared, "I Want This."
  116. Attempt to bail out friend ends with arrest
  117. New home
  118. McDonalds Announces New McChanges
  119. Mad Max: Fury Road
  120. Drunk man performs CPR on rubber dinghy
  121. Plywood blown from condo conversion fatally strikes woman, 37
  122. Pa. man, 74, killed by falling tombstone
  123. Applebee's shooting witnesses not cooperating, police say
  124. GARY DAHL: 1936 - 2015
  125. 20 Of The World's Best Photos Taken With Cell Phones
  126. Joni Mitchell Hospitalized
  127. Scandal of animals on North Sea oil rigs
  128. Woman kicked deputy in groin, then offered oral sex
  129. Man accidentally shoots self while fleeing Richmond police
  130. If you have a telescope, Uranus is visible
  131. Happy B-Day to Celtic Rose!!
  132. Posting Youtube videos
  133. Friday night Jukebox!!!
  134. Man dies during sex with scarecrow he dressed in lipstick and long-haired wig
  135. Garage attendant destroyed a $600,000 Ferrari after mistaking accelerator for brake
  136. Patriot45 Clears 11K!!!
  137. My grandson
  138. Woman Pooped Inside Box At Kmart
  139. 10 Years
  140. Man attacks old flame with fire extinguisher
  141. Man ran from Orlando crash scene, left ID in abandoned vehicle
  142. No Kardashians!
  143. Woman Charged With Goldfish Mass Murder
  144. Cops: Naked Man High On "Flakka" Ran Through Traffic To Escape Imaginary Killers
  145. Accused Drunk Driver, 55, Was Just Not Having It During Her Booking Photo Session
  146. Raging pensioner uses 15cm hook to rip builder's scrotum in row over concrete
  147. What's ya'lls sign? The Texas Zodiac
  148. Fri. Night Juke 2nd week in a row!!!
  149. Suspect killed following samurai sword attack
  150. Sony Gave Octopus At New Zealand Aquarium Camera; Trains It To Photograph Tourists
  151. Woman can’t get pot out of private parts in PSL
  152. What a trip...
  153. Authorities: Neighbor forced man onto high-rise balcony, microwaved his wallet
  154. Air Canada flight diverts after elderly woman allegedly bites attendant
  155. Game of Thrones Season 5-Who's still watiching?
  156. Sandwich Monday: Breakfast In A Tin
  157. Wooden chair from Titanic's first class deck to go up for auction
  158. Flight returns to Seattle after worker trapped in cargo hold
  159. Florida man warned about stalking nuisance squirrels, police say
  160. Girl gets revenge on her boyfriend by gluing him naked to a chair
  161. Cookie Monster Arrested In Times Square After Allegedly Grabbing Teen's Breasts
  162. Man arraigned at hospital after device detonates in car
  163. Craigslist Ads Sink Moronic Counterfeiter
  164. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2
  165. Man Sets Fire to 3 Cars While Trying to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
  166. Would you share your bed with a pet… even if it's a PIG
  167. Nikko Jenkins’ latest self-mutilation is backward because it was done in a mirror
  168. Police: Woman Blames Coffee-Drinking Parrot For Car Crash
  169. Empty Jukebox
  170. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser
  171. Clowns Brawl With Protesters Under Circus Big Top in San Bernardino
  172. Really important news!!!
  173. ‘Muppet Show’ Reboot
  174. Father and daughter show off world's widest tongues
  175. 120 Pound Woman Eats 216 Ounces Of Steak(And Sides) In Less Than An Hour
  176. 9 years.
  177. Bank robber who used fake red beard over real one is guilty
  178. Muppets scoop: ABC revival to explore their personal lives in 'more adult' show
  179. Man caught with a minivan strapped to his bike
  180. Game of Thrones...Season 5
  181. Godzilla!
  182. The new place in St. Louis.
  184. Star Wars Rebels season 2 trailer released at Star Wars Celebration....
  185. Calf born with 5 mouths - 2 he can drink with, rest are udderlly useless
  186. Nurses are special.
  187. Clint strikes again
  188. Little Red Wagon
  189. Former Banana Importer Sentenced to 12 Years for Fatal Sex Party
  190. Brunch Rage Suspect Charged
  191. News of the future
  192. California burglar makes tater tots, falls asleep on couch
  193. Uncommon sense
  194. Naked man chased, tased along highway
  195. Alleged Gambell pizza thieves try to sell them to police officers
  196. Bumble Bee charged in death of man cooked to death in tuna oven
  197. feminist award will be presented to a man's hand inserted into a felt pig (Fark)
  198. Boy did I need today
  199. Hawkeye proves he's more than just a mere human amongst superheroes....
  200. 2 arrested in Florida for stealing hundreds in meat products
  201. Ohio man accidentally shot himself in Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants
  202. Move afoot to find leg owner in Fort Pierce?
  203. my legends continue to fade
  204. Dead duck
  205. Man Tips Off Police to Something Suspicious Inside Home He Burglarized
  206. Kat & William's new baby girl
  207. American Pharaoh wins Kentucky Derby
  208. I hate Charter...
  209. The Pig Punches thru 44K!!!!
  210. Naked Couple Busted For Sex In Library Loo
  211. 18-year-old woman accused of intentionally defecating in Florida squad car
  212. Good luck leaving Las Vegas! McCarren airport so packed with private jets of the rich
  213. Woman Wearing "Won't Be Caught" T-Shirt Being Sought In $1500 Theft
  214. 'Suicide Squad': First Photo of Cast in Costume Released
  215. Feel good stories
  216. May The Fourth Be With You
  217. purfekly laggikal
  218. Feds Bust Jamaican Traveler With Half-Kilo Of Cocaine Wedged In His Underwear
  219. Indian 'thief' expels gold necklace after 60 bananas
  220. Jar Jar Binks Included in New Star Wars Movie!
  221. Texas Mayor Takes Bathroom Break
  222. Pizza delivery driver stabbed, robbed; still makes delivery
  223. hostage uses online Pizza Hut order to send ‘911 hostage’ message
  224. Parents Used Pot As "Bargaining Tool"
  225. McDonald's has a new Hamburglar
  226. Jury Convicts Duo For Florida Beach Sex Romp
  227. Putin's new tank designed to 'outclass the West’ breaks down
  228. Chinese man smuggles heroin in his foreskin;
  229. Woman held for driving wrong way while drunk, naked
  230. Police Hunting Waffle House Masturbator
  231. Mom of the year: Desert spider feeds HERSELF to her babies in grim ritual
  232. Melissa Harris Perry:Black Cops Charged In Gray's Death Are "White African Americans"
  233. Am I ever glad I'm retired!!!!!
  234. I wanted "pet supplies"
  235. Florida Man Turns Himself In.......
  236. Patents still pending: The greatest inventions never made, in pictures
  238. Trespassing suspect David Riffle to Judge John Hurley: 'How you doin' a--hole?'
  239. Woman gives birth in Jiangxi internet bar, continues surfing web
  240. Look At What I Was Golfing With In Myrtle Beach
  241. Hey!! Back with a Juke!!
  242. What I love about men!
  243. Woman Pleads To Sex Attack On Sleeping Man
  244. Poor, poor, Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones episode 6)
  245. Happy B-Day to Molon Labe!!!
  246. America's biggest ranch, which is larger than New York City, goes on sale for $725mil
  247. Cool new job!!!
  248. Naked man sits atop Fort Lauderdale drawbridge
  249. Nice guy catches bad Leroy in his underwear
  250. burglars make off with cash, electronics and pickles