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  1. burglars make off with cash, electronics and pickles
  2. Jury Rejects Trafficking Charge Against Woman Wearing "I Heart crystal meth" Tee
  3. The dark side of meditation and mindfulness: Treatment can trigger mania, depression
  4. Jim Quinn and Rose Tennant are back
  5. German Woman, 65, Gives Birth to Quadruplets
  6. Waco City Council designating May as "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month."
  7. Naked Man Attempts to Steal Baby at Graduation: Police
  8. Just another birthday for Detroit-area woman -- her 116th
  9. Signing off
  10. Sword-wielding bipolar man in elf costume stabs BMW, fights criminal charge
  11. Sausage Dispute Leads to Arrest of Man Named 'Bacon'
  12. Arrests disrupt medical pot convention in Las Vegas
  13. Police itching to find suspect in rash of genital flashers
  14. Why Shirley Bassey is horrified by today's pop stars
  15. Memorial Day look back: Eagle photo touches hearts
  16. Travel complaints...
  17. Watch out Adam!
  18. Happy B-Day RobJohnson!!!!
  19. Hey Rock!
  20. Dori clears 2K!!!!
  21. Happy birthday Rock!
  22. oldcoastie1 clears 1K!!!
  23. Elderly man caught slashing tires over bingo dispute
  24. Our leader light sabers past 45k!! Woot woot!
  25. Spanish Police Seize Hundreds Of Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Pineapples
  26. Game of Thrones!!!
  27. Fence post & groin have close call after hot tub fall.
  28. Will Smith’s Teenage Son Wears Dress to High School Prom
  29. The "Sin City" Mod Roars by 19k
  30. Retread drives over 7K!!
  31. Chimps have mental skills to cook: study
  32. Man's red underwear leads to burglary arrest
  33. Mr. Wiggum past 17K!!!
  34. Four Dumb Teens Make Video Bragging With Stolen Cash, Jewelry, Car, Cops Able To ID
  35. Uhura Suffers Mild Stroke
  36. Happy B-Day Apache!!!!
  37. Florida man dances on patrol car to protect children from vampires
  38. Bacon drivethrough
  39. Police Arrest Man, 46, Spotted Meditating In Nude On Florida Sidewalk
  40. Cops: Man Battered Female Relative Over "The Way She Was Cooking Hard Boiled Eggs"
  41. New Back Story For Han Solo
  42. Dir Pyro explodes past 1K!!!
  43. Alaska moose, protective of her calves, injures campers
  44. Chinese Man Divorces And Sues Wife Over Ugly Children. And Wins.
  45. Stolen Bulldozer Results in Attempted Murder Charges
  46. Here you go, Rock
  47. White trash at its finest!!!
  48. Thai man rubs fire ant nest on his genitals, pain ensues
  49. R.I.P. Darth Tyranus
  50. R.I.P. Virgil Runnels
  51. Pizza Hut's New Movie Box
  52. #3 Ornette Coleman
  54. George H. W. Bush turns 91 today...
  55. Happy birthday, linda22003!
  56. 20 McDonalds Menu Items That Failed Horribly
  57. Raccoon rides on top of gator
  58. Arizona Cops Hunting For Man Who Urinated Through Mail Slot At Upscale Furniture Stor
  59. Anyone watch the CNN show "The Seventies"?
  60. Mayor says town full, temporarily closed to outsiders
  61. Police Wives Reveal the Craziest Text Messages They've Received From Their Husbands
  62. What's for dinner???
  63. Loxahatchee man tries to blow up foreclosed home with bowling-ball bomb, deputies say
  64. I may disappear for some months......
  65. Cool exhibit at the DIA
  66. Happy B-Day ralph wiggum!!!!
  67. Just had a tooth pulled...
  68. Shooting suspect sought by police arrested wearing 'can't hide' shirt
  69. Drunken Man on 'Mobility Scooter' Flees Cops After Exposing Himself to Girl:
  70. Police: Man says he used sex toy to rob bank
  71. Police: Reported 'lifeless body' was Papa Smurf balloon
  72. Bout time for a Liberal jukebox - whaddya think
  73. What's that noise?
  74. Happy Father's Day!!!
  76. I Got a "Gash on My Face" During Sex Scene
  77. Man accidentally shot at gun safety class
  78. Woman Busted For Ruff Sex Is Back In Jail
  79. Where are the rebels nowadays?
  80. A Chimpanzee Has Rattled Off a Drum Solo
  81. Redneck flower pots
  82. Serial butt-grabber on the loose at Florida university
  83. Lightning strike leads to Cape Coral pot arrest
  84. London Tesco branch pulls Ramadan smokey bacon crisps promotion
  85. They're dropping like flies
  86. Stuporhero Arrested By Florida Cops
  87. Women Flock to Japan Zoo to See ‘Hunky’ Gorilla
  88. Chimpanzees can tell right from wrong:
  89. Moist Beaver Attacked Two Oregon Men as They Were Hiking
  90. Explore the TWA Terminal, a Pristine Time Capsule From 1962
  91. SVPete clears 2K!!!!!
  92. The Best Serrmons Are LIVE
  93. Happy 4th of July!
  94. ‘Blank the Alligators’: Man Dies From Alligator Attack in Texas After Ignoring Warnin
  95. Girl Killed After Being Struck By Jumping Sturgeon In Boat
  96. Man Dies After Attempting to Shoot Fireworks From Top of Head
  97. Practical joke ends with man stuck in chimney
  99. Cops Search Home of Subway Spokesman Jared
  100. Grizzly bear picks up a 50lb rock and tries to smash the glass of his zoo enclosure
  101. Florida man in pirate costume arrested for firing black-powder guns: police
  102. Deputies: Woman drove SUV through her home
  103. Man threatens pastor during Daytona Beach church service
  104. Ft. Myers man, mother arrested after attacking officer
  105. Recent trend of doctor deaths raises concerns
  106. Feminist Parody Site
  107. Another fireworks Darwin death.
  108. Classic Bruce Springsteen--1978, Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
  109. Back in Florida!!!
  110. Widest freeway in the world
  111. Man in New Zealand needs weight-loss surgery so badly, he's going on hunger strike
  112. New Girls Fashion Coming From Japan
  113. Whats fer supper?
  114. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55
  115. Comic-Con 2015 Trailer Releases
  116. Orange Is The New Black
  117. Smart man
  118. Anyone watching...
  119. New signs made to deter defecating tourists
  120. Girl thought she was going to die after eating Doritos Roulette chips
  121. Happy B-Day djones520!!!
  122. SyFy Madness!!!
  123. Drunk Man Gets Run Over By Train, Doesn't Even Get Hurt
  124. A turtle rescue led to a shooting in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
  125. Thieves think big in Dania Beach boat heist
  126. In February 2016....
  127. Happy B-Day to Rebel Yell!!!
  128. Man trolls plane passengers by painting sign on his roof
  129. Gunshot victim dropped off at Florida Wal-Mart
  130. Startled horse smashes up young driver's first car, rider disappears
  131. Naked man arrested while walking dog
  132. Turning lane miscues make for adventurous driving in St. Petersburg
  133. Thieves steal ATM, but it falls out of getaway van
  134. Suspect Collared For Ramen Noodle Robbery
  135. Florida man shoots teen daughter’s boyfriend after boy dares him
  136. Black bear falls asleep on lawn after eating 20 pounds of dog food
  137. You Really Can Order From the McDonald's Secret Menu
  138. UPDATE: Birdhouse 'bomb' at hospital shows tension of times
  139. Deputies: Machete-wielding man threatened teen for disciplining Chihuahua
  140. Bison injures woman posing for selfie at Yellowstone
  141. Officer’s Bathroom Break Leads To Drug Arrest
  142. 23-Pound, 95-Year-Old Lobster Becomes Local NY Celebrity
  143. The top schools for CEO's
  144. Rescuers free man with head stuck in hotel exercise machine
  145. Angry commuter headbutts bus in a rage - it doesn't end well for him
  146. Ambulance crew failed to see man in crashed vehicle, Flint police say
  147. Naked truck thief nabbed near Austin
  148. Widowed When Her Cat Died, Woman Plans to Marry Dog
  149. Owl lives matter.
  150. Pinellas Park man charged with arson — on his own house
  151. Bandage-wearing bank robber nabbed, deputies say
  152. Florida Man Killed In Front Of Family After Road Rage
  153. Banned From Starbucks…For Life
  154. Woman Hits Police Officer After Claiming She Doesn't Have To Follow Any Laws
  155. Torso found during investigation of severed limbs. Police say they're unconnected
  156. Son, 74, accused of battering 100-year-old mother
  157. Fraud Capitol--Where else?
  158. Elspeth passes 12K!!!!
  159. Man attempts to chew off fingerprints while in patrol car Posted: Jul 31, 2015 6:02
  160. Hitchhiking Robot Lasts Just Two Weeks in US Because Humans Are Terrible
  161. Three Girls ‘Catfished’ ISIS For Travel Money
  162. Plane crashes at auto festival in UK
  163. Giant snails invading Florida, eating stucco off homes
  164. Lynn Anderson
  165. Toddler gets a personal injury lawyer themed birthday party
  166. Church pastor tackles robber during sermon, Melbourne police say
  167. Carjacker Tries To Steal Unmarked Cop Car
  168. Sisters can contest dad’s rules for $20M inheritance
  169. Grannyball Lecter: Woman ripper, 68, murdered, chopped up and ate 14 victims
  170. Whats fer supper
  171. If a family member is applying to college, read this!
  172. Dallas jury pool
  173. College Encourages Lively Exchange Of Idea
  174. How's life been treating all you folks?
  175. Man Claims to Be Tarzan, Tries to Enter Monkey Exhibit at California Zoo
  176. Now It's Serious!!!!!
  177. Potato salad thrower popped in nail salon shenanigans
  178. Nursing center patient goes to bathroom, finds snake in underpants
  179. Alligator BITES OFF woman's arm:
  180. The Top 5 Ways Jon Stewart Was Full of Sh*t
  181. Car crams under semi during crash on U.S. 1 in Volusia
  182. Man 'found performing sex act on beach' tells cops:
  183. Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Hits Mother-In-Law
  184. NYC Bureaucrats Terminate Dead Employee For Missing 18 Months Of Work
  185. Mark Steyn: The history of The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  186. The Tarpon Springs Greeks Almost Poisoned Us Tonight
  187. Iowa City Man Took a Selfie With the Cop Who Gave Him a DUI
  188. Drive-by shooting claims teddy bear
  189. Elvis' private nurse to release book
  190. Happy Birthday to SR
  191. Man dies having sex with a scarecrow (Not Florida)
  192. Had a first time occurrence this week
  193. Armour boxer shorts claim to protect your package from Wi-Fi signals
  194. The Sexy UFO Religion Behind Go Topless Day
  195. Drunk, naked man found inside Wis. post office
  196. Woman Poured Hot Grits on Man, Hit Him With Bat
  197. Woman jumps or falls from Bay Bridge as she evades police
  198. Police officers rescue groundhog with head stuck in tin can
  199. Bay County teen who stole Xbox, replica Confederacy bills gets probation
  200. Happy B-Day Apocalypse!!!
  201. Question if I may.
  202. The origin of tire flipping
  203. Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton
  204. Castle for sale at price of council flat
  205. Is this the best wedding dance ever?
  206. Ex-Con on Fuck The Police
  207. Granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman stabbed to death
  208. Voyageurs National Park
  209. God's plan for aging
  210. Interested in Political Simulation?
  212. RIP Yvonne Craig, The Original Batgirl
  213. Interesting casting notes for Season 6 of Game of Thrones
  214. The year was 1955
  215. The "controversial" sorority video
  216. I'm really fortunate!
  217. Success?
  218. Cops Arrest Florida Man, 40, For Sauerkraut Battery On Girlfriend
  219. Woman flashes judge in bond court
  220. The Rockster oinks past 45K!!!!
  221. 90th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!
  222. May I Have This Dance?
  223. Whats fer supper
  224. Regarding getting older.....
  225. Four Florida teens arrested in carjacking, kidnapping of federal agent
  226. Florida Woman Tackles Lice Problem With Hitman, Police Say
  227. Nery Carvajal-Gonzalez arrested in botched penis-injection case
  228. Drunk Man, 32, Arrested After Telling Police His Name Was "Kris Kringle"
  229. Man faces losing hand after taking selfie with a rattlesnake
  230. Capt. America; Civil War
  231. Vostok Amphibia watches. Im new and Im hooked
  232. Surprisingly NOT Florida.
  233. Police Arrest Man, 34, Following Unprovoked Potato Salad Attack On His Mother
  234. Florida mom robs THREE banks in 30 minutes for daughter's graduation party,
  235. Car flips over, crashes into Florida pool
  236. Darth Vader Voiced By Arnold Schwarzenegger
  237. Woman says estranged husband’s twisted sex demands gave her PTSD
  238. Overturned truck covers interstate in heads of cabbage
  239. Last Titanic lunch menu, saved by survivor, going to auction
  240. Teens in Taiwan start social media trend with selfies wear plastic shopping bags
  241. Yeti again!
  242. The language of sales and fear
  243. The Star Spangled Banner
  244. Assault rifle with Bible verse to repel Muslim terrorists unveiled in Apopka
  245. Florida woman offered three officers oral sex
  246. Humiliated robber is trapped in a leg lock and begs for 'Daddy'
  247. Rosie O'Donnell and Tatum O'Neal are in LOVE
  248. Escaped king cobra on the loose in Orlando
  249. Kennebunk man charged over Sasquatch graffiti
  250. E Bra increases size in just seven days