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  1. Me in Florida in 1963
  2. West Point students injured as annual PILLOW FIGHT turns nasty
  3. This woman says she found a ball of cat hair inside......
  4. Top 10 most popular Labor Day destinations 2015
  5. A hotel that looks like a couple having sex has been erected
  6. Alpharetta woman leaves 'thank you' note after speeding ticket
  7. RIP Judy Carne
  8. The vagaries of life
  9. Florida: Cops Say Woman Wore "Won’t Be Caught" T-Shirt During Shoplifting Spree
  10. 14th Anniv. 9/11
  11. any people on here into time pieces? watches, clocks ect
  12. Flying ice slams into Modesto home, damages roof Chunk leaves gaping hole in roof
  13. How To Be Ignorant... In Latin!
  14. Lanie punchs thru 6K!!!
  15. Last year there was Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters....
  16. OMG! RobJohnson hits 20K!!!
  17. Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Artifacts Are Now For Sale
  18. Dog Stands Guard For A Week Until Trapped Friend Is Found
  19. New Season of Dr. Who starts tonight.
  20. For sale
  21. Retread passes 8K!!!
  22. Florida school bus driver fired following crash into pond
  23. Sanford man accused of impersonating officer outside school
  24. Man steals lottery ticket dispenser, is arrested trying to cash in at same store
  25. Deputy kills man pointing stapler during standoff in Florida
  26. Trans woman upset over TSA scanners flagging body 'anomaly'
  27. Florida man pulls gun on landscapers over grass clippings
  28. High power bill led to generator use, early-morning escape from carbon monoxide
  29. Florida police arrest woman at home filled with thousands of bladed weapons
  30. My Hometown Featured In Progresso Commercial
  31. National One-Hit Wonder Day, September 25th
  32. Happy Birthday To My Precious Princess Sofia
  33. SR's new fire pit
  34. Florida teen uses tire iron, body slams would-be robber into submission: police
  35. Man Is Facing Felony Rap For Spoon Theft
  36. Man with waaaay more than one sausage in pants busted in Fort Pierce
  37. Winter Park man bitten by pet Gaboon viper
  38. As soon as he comments, SR hits 46,000 evil posts!
  39. Happy B-Day to Patriot45!!!
  40. Man Accused Of Stabbing City Worker After His Water Was Shut Off
  41. Jevons Brown Sent Cat Poop To Companies That Didn't Hire Him
  42. Seven members and a hundred and thirty guests?
  43. Accused Video Voyeur Offers Worst Explanation Ever For Taking iPhone Upskirt Photos
  44. Man "too high" on marijuana calls Austintown police for help
  45. Car crashes into Orlando home
  46. Police: Florida teen smashes coffee pot on mom’s head after she’s caught with a boy -
  47. Teen repels shark with punch after bite
  48. Chuck E. Cheese to add beer & wine to win over parents
  49. Man, 53, Calls 911 To Complain That His Girlfriend Will Not Have Sex With Him
  50. Prison Debate Team victorious over Harvard champs
  51. Need some help finding a light fixture...
  52. N'awlins in mourning
  53. Marvel Cinematic Universe Lineup
  54. Giant panda cubs born at Toronto Zoo
  55. Customs agents: Traveler hid cocaine in oil, vinegar bottles
  56. Koko and her kittens
  57. Florida Man With Warrant Accidentally Calls Police On Himself
  58. Who's a pretty boy then? Man cuts off his ears to look like a parrot
  59. Italy to dig for ancient Roman treasure sought by Nazis
  60. The 10 Cannots
  61. Dori passes 3K!!!
  62. Call Me Sarge
  63. Happy B-Day my dear!!!
  64. Down to one Dog
  65. Early Trick or Treaters!!!
  66. Officer tricks suspect into surrendering by barking like a K-9
  67. Final Jeopardy, 10/23/15
  68. 10,000 stolen weapons, 150 chainsaws found at home in South Carolina
  69. Lighter + plastic wrap on mattress = fire and evacuation
  70. Daylight Savings Time
  71. here ya go...
  72. Blond Locked In Car..
  73. Car washer is killed after his colleague inserts a high pressure air hose into his
  74. Let's have some fun with Wesleyan University Halloween Costume Police!
  75. Only Amy Schumer would joke about anal while accepting an award
  76. starfish along Pacific coast are dying
  77. Americans Invent Some Pretty Creepy Stuff
  78. Chunky peanut butter?
  79. A man’s unborn twin fathered his child
  80. Damn
  81. So how many ghosts & ghouls tonight?
  82. Straight Outta San Diego.....The G Burns Jug Band
  83. Video of "nuclear fire" that was not far from my home....
  84. New Star Trek Series Premieres January 2017
  85. Greatest American Hero
  86. Cleaning up the town
  87. Apocalypse hits 6K!!!!
  88. Woman bursts into flames on park bench
  89. SiriusXM Bill...
  90. Our son Kirk playing song with his buddy Jim.
  91. Pro-hot dog group says it's not a sandwich
  92. Drunk wife uses toilet lid to beat her husband Read more: Drunk wife uses toilet lid
  93. Undertakers use topless models to sell coffins
  94. Spectre
  95. Modern Educayshun
  96. Whitney Houston Screaming Goat Edition
  97. Depopulation of the NOLA music scene - RIP
  98. Woman calls 911 wanting cigarettes, chicken wings
  99. Smuggler practiced before swallowing 115 cocaine pellets
  100. Former Osceola officer arrested for cattle rustling, drug possession
  101. Teacher shows 7-year-old students nude reality TV show Naked and Afraid
  102. How many Americans travel to Europe?
  103. Zombie passes out in house
  104. This Is Why I Love South Park
  105. NCIS: New Orleans...WTF?!
  106. Prison Ahead For Woman In Vagina Gun Case
  107. OMG!!! Emergency Evac needed!!!
  108. Things only people in florida know about
  109. Captain America: Civil War trailer #1 is out
  110. Wright And Obama
  111. Police Bust Weekly Mahjong Game Played By Elderly Women
  112. An early Happy Thanksgivings
  113. Remembered Dreams...
  114. HELP
  116. Try And Solve.
  117. Personal goals
  118. Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned Compilation
  119. My Favorite Christian Musician Lacey Sturm
  120. Priest stoned to death by MONKEYS
  121. Switzerland's horse sex crisis:
  122. Trucker covers vehicle in PORK
  123. Girl Worried About Cop's Safety Offers Her Toy Bear For Protection
  124. Fun and Games
  125. Get a hanky ready - here's dust in your eye
  126. Happy Chanukah to all on CU!!
  127. Man claiming he was 'turning into the Hulk' arrested
  128. Novato Couple Recount Terrifying Squirrel Attack
  129. Hit & Miss
  130. FLA
  131. Naked Man, 19, Carjacked Federal Express Truck, But Could Not Figure Out How To driv
  132. Woman bit TJ Maxx employee after stealing underwear: cops
  133. Christmas Lights
  134. We wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas.
  135. Dan D
  136. Florida woman attacks cop and is wrestled to the ground
  137. I ant one to do the weeding
  138. SPIDER-MAN vs DARTH MAUL With Stan Lee Guesting
  139. SUV plows through Orlando home
  140. Wisdom
  141. Independence Day: Resurgence
  142. Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Sentenced In Religious Divorce Plot
  143. Marriage on the rocks after husband accuses his wife of ‘cheating on him'
  144. Disney's 'Star Wars' rakes in $14.1 million in opening day sales
  145. How Can People Say There's No God With Creations Like This?
  146. Merry Christmas, CU!
  147. Liberal Paradise
  148. Laoshi's Christmas
  149. Haunted Britain
  150. USAF Band
  151. A Christmas Hymn for CU
  152. For ABC
  153. A very Merry Christmas to ALL!!!
  154. Marshall Fields' Christmas Memories
  155. Putting things together on Christmas Eve...
  156. Truck wedges itself in Paoli bridge, causing it to collapse
  157. Laoshi's (illustrated) world
  158. Galactic Empire
  159. RIP Lemmy
  160. E.T. screenwriter Melissa Mathison leaves $22m fortune... but original copy of her wi
  161. Death of an oven!
  162. Test - How Evil Are You?
  163. To old for New Years Eve
  164. Happy 2016 everyone!
  165. Cop donates kidney to sergeant so his daughters wouldn't grow up without a dad
  166. A college bans several words
  167. CO2 ain't the problem
  168. Live a thousand years?
  169. Happy!
  170. Not FLA
  171. Greenpeace exposed
  172. Model and her ex-FBI agent father murdered her husband and father
  173. Woman claims $700+ meal ruined by dead person
  174. Fight breaks out at New Jersey anti-violence demonstration
  175. An historic English country hotel
  176. A dirty bank job?
  177. Friday night Juke
  178. Officer asks for driver's license, is given Ruby Tuesday's coupon
  179. Daytona woman discards child; found naked in 'sugar daddy's' apartment
  180. Driver Pursued By Deputies Drives Right To Police Station
  181. Girl was restrained with zip-ties, confined in playhouse
  182. Volusia woman beats grandfather with cellphone over cat ban
  183. Artist v. artist stabbing at Universal Orlando theme park
  184. Mosque on Florida's Space Coast vandalized on New Year's Day
  185. Wife of Tavares mayor arrested for domestic violence
  186. 'Mutant' white squirrels spied in beachside Florida town
  187. Powerball jackpot hits $1.3 billion
  188. You're the sole winner Wednesday Night
  189. Sale of 'Silence of Lambs' house in Fayette County goes torturously slowly
  190. Buddhist monk, 61, attacked and robbed as he bought lottery tickets
  191. Alan Rickman Dead
  192. 101-Year-Old Snow Shoveler
  193. New Juke
  194. This 'masturbation booth' just popped up in NYC
  195. GoFundMe Kills Woman’s Campaign After She Allegedly Blows Savings on Powerball Ticket
  196. Dan D. Doty passes 4K!!!
  197. FlaGator passes 23K!!!
  198. txradioguy passes 9K!!!
  199. Does anyone here have a stained glass hobby?
  200. Retread passes 9K!!!
  201. A flock of geeses
  202. Oscar host Chris Rock facing increased pressure in wake of celebrity boycott
  203. Flock of chickens
  204. When low IQ and criminal intent join forces....
  205. What is it
  206. How's the Blizzard of 2016 going in the Northeast?
  207. Juke.. little late but better than never!
  208. Driver spins out while reporter is live on TV
  209. Hand assembled Vostok collection as of 2016
  210. Nearly $50,000 In Bull Semen Stolen From Turlock Truck
  211. Shaquille O'Neal surprises Florida teens, officer with a game of basketball
  212. I already tolya.....
  213. Happy B-Day to Perilloux!!
  214. Dumbing Down University
  215. Syd Kearney & Southern Living
  216. You’ll never believe who’s playing Michael Jackson in a new movie
  217. A fine is a tax.....
  218. DeLorean: Car Company to Resume Production for 1st Time Since 1982
  219. Saturday Night Jukebox
  220. Capt. America Civil War
  221. SuperBowl 50
  222. We lost our Darlene today
  223. Adam Wood clears 3K!!
  224. Seminole Hard Rock Tampa
  225. St. Cloud homeowners find catfish in mailboxes
  226. NJ cards us over 18,000 times!
  227. Bob Elliott
  228. Joe Alaskey Dead at 62
  229. I am so confused!!
  230. RobJohnson hits 21K!!!
  231. This 'caffeine bracelet' is the next best thing to a coffee IV drip
  232. late night juke!
  233. Life is good
  234. Brain study, read this.
  235. Happy new year
  236. Toilet Museum Exhibit Lets You Go Down a 5-Meter Toilet Slide, Just Like a Real Poop
  237. Indian Lawyer Sues Hindu God for Abusing Goddess Wife
  238. What is your mental age?
  239. Who will hit
  240. Wife faces 6 years in prison for not cleaning or cooking for her husband
  241. 'Attorney General' jailed after rumble at restaurant?
  242. Noonwitch left us spellbound while passing 15,000 posts!
  243. Valentine's Day
  244. Deadpool movie review
  245. Deep Fryer Night
  246. Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire
  247. Severed feet — still inside shoes — keep mysteriously washing up on Pacific Northwest
  248. Our Dedicated Forum co-owner flashes his saber 47,000 times!
  249. Hot and cold
  250. Man Tries To Trade Kidnapped Baby For 15 Big Macs At Arkansas McDonald’s