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  1. There’s now a retreat where you can do yoga with goats
  2. there’s a place in Hawaii where you can hang out with hundreds of cats
  3. Spiderman; Homecoming
  4. Back To The 80's
  5. Renee Zellweger on Gay Rumors Surrounding Kenny Chesney Split
  6. an act of kindness
  7. Anybody Else Fooled... ?
  8. Florida man killed after asking if bulletproof vest works, police say
  9. Origin of sayings ...
  10. noonwitch passes 16K!!!
  11. Response to A Unicorn Tear
  12. I Shall Take You To Bed
  13. Snark for the masses
  14. Elspeth passes 18K!!!
  15. Street where Don King stomped man to death to be named ‘Don King Way’
  16. N.J. woman uses couponing to feed 30,000 people in need
  17. I knew it was Google all the time!
  19. Arnie is gone
  20. SLW...she followed me home, honest!!
  21. Chick Fil A opens in Michigan on 10-13
  22. "Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener"
  23. Happy B-Day Patriot45!!!!!
  24. Anyone watch Westworld on HBO?
  25. The Truth Behind Costco’s $5 Rotisserie Chicken
  26. Help build the list
  28. A trend?
  29. Killing Reagan
  30. Happy B-Day ABC!!!!
  31. Happy birthday to our longtime contributor, DarkHalo
  32. Happy Birthday, SLW!
  33. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  34. A wench with a wrench
  35. Shooting stars!!
  36. Why Are So Many Craft Breweries Selling Their Beer in Cans?
  37. Happy songs JUKE!
  38. What To Do..... What To Do.....???
  39. RobJohnson clears 24K!!!
  40. Banacek clears 3K!!!
  41. He's baaaacck!
  42. I may be driving out to Tucson
  43. Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  44. Saturday Hight
  45. Happy Halloween!
  46. cadillac shark clears 1K!!!
  47. SUV traffic stop discovers live bacon.
  48. Apocalypse hits 7000 posts!
  49. Florida Police Arrest Naked Man With Wires Attached To Genitals
  50. KEOKUK, IA - Great White Sharks Found In Mississippi River
  51. Heh heh heh
  52. Don't forget to Fall Forward tonight.
  53. SR's zoomed by 49k, amazing
  54. Kit Kat Replaces College Student's Stolen Chocolate
  55. Retread drives by 12K!!!
  56. Smoked Gator Wrapped in Bacon
  57. Elspeth blows by 19K!!!
  58. Interesting......
  59. RIP Leon
  60. Everybody's favorite clock
  61. Police: Ex-Con Arrested For Ramen Noodle Attack On His Boyfriend
  62. Police: Man sprayed AXE body spray into mouth during DUI stop
  63. Cops: Hooker Wanted Nachos For Sex Act
  64. Cold comfort: The incredible moment a wild polar bear pets a sled dog in Canada
  65. Trump is on Fox
  66. Santa at Sanford mall replaced for saying Hillary Clinton on naughty list
  67. DR. DENTON ARTHUR COOLEY: 1920-2016
  68. Let it snow, let it snow? That ain't snow!
  69. Thanksgiving Plans
  70. I got the internet at home!
  71. Jukebox?
  72. 3rd-try gets by 1K!!!!
  73. Super Troopers 2: The Time Is Meow
  74. Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend who drank her blood
  75. Getting a Roomba for the Holidays?
  76. Christmas lists suggestions
  77. naked man high on LSD who thinks he is a tiger
  78. Local Republican Caucus
  79. My Merry Christmas jukebox
  80. We have a new Imperial...
  81. Santa Grants Child's Dying Wish
  83. So you'd like to save some money by being an ex-pat?
  84. Route 66 Sings A Song
  85. For Retread
  86. Signs that you have watched too much political TV
  87. That one food
  88. SHTAR WARS - The Kingdom Shtrikes Back
  89. Savage elephant farts directly on friend’s head
  90. 70 staff members ill after Department of Health luncheon
  91. 24: Legacy's Corey Hawkins on How Eric Carter Is Jack Bauer 2.0
  92. Suppertime
  93. My First.... Merry Christmas Wishes... in 2 Decades!
  94. Iran to Issue License Plates for Camels
  95. Merry Christmas to everyone on CU!!!!
  96. The Cricket Has Landed
  97. So what did Santa bring you???
  98. The Rock passes 49K!!!!
  99. Donald Trump rooster statue takes China by storm
  100. It's national bacon day......and baking soda day
  101. Does anybody wonder what Articulate Ape has been doing?
  102. Perhaps last Friday Jukebox of 2016
  103. India cracks down on slaughter of sacred cows
  104. Happy New Year
  105. Elspeth passes 20K!!!
  106. Pranksters change the Hollywood sign to read 'HOLLYWEED' in New Year's Eve stunt
  107. Dog mauls owners after they tried to put sweater on him
  108. Baggage handler locked in cargo area during flight
  109. Cuba's Santeria priests forecast prosperity in New Year's prophesy
  110. Change your oil, birth your baby. Full service
  111. CA v TX
  112. Good Philosophy
  113. Famous giant sequoia tree with tunnel toppled by strong weekend storm
  114. Double fudge brownies with chocolate chips.
  115. No internet or cable for a week!
  116. SVPete clears 4K!!!
  117. I KNEW they were here!
  118. The newest Mexican cartel
  119. The Young Pope (HBO)
  120. Houses of NFL Stars
  121. Human bodies frozen in desert facility waiting for science to wake them up
  122. The Dlr Pyro clears 2K!!!
  123. Indonesia plans to use crocodiles to guard death row drug convicts
  124. Bicycle thieves pranked with bike that gives them electric shock
  125. A little different jukebox?
  126. Kansas man admits robbing Kansas bank to escape wife
  127. Happy B-Day Perilloux!!!
  128. I'm curious how long you've been a member at CU
  129. Mannix is no more
  130. Cheapskate Avoids Zoo Admission by Climbing Into Tiger Cage
  131. The Return of the Reverand Al Sharpton!
  132. FlaGator snaps past 24K!!!!
  133. Apocalypse has an island! Who knew?
  134. Woman pleads guilty to killing husband with antifreeze Jessica
  135. Transgender murderer moved from women’s prison ‘after having sex with female inmates’
  136. "Professor" Irwin Corey dead at age 102
  137. Another Florida story--4 Women Killed--Not Far from Us
  138. Deputies investigating alleged triple murder, suicide in Oklahoma town
  139. The Avengers Infinity War Part 1
  140. Purina promo
  141. Meridian man's pet squirrel goes nuts on burglar
  142. Catoosa Test Facility Completes Expansion In Pawnee County, Oklahoma
  143. 2/17/17 Friday Jukebox
  144. My dear SLW passes 43K!!!
  145. RIP from a wannabe drummer
  146. Used Cd store finds
  147. NJCardFan deals past 19K!!!!
  148. Lawyer Commercials
  149. Happy B-Day to FlaGator!!!
  150. Manly Man Movie Lines
  151. Russian Billionaire Takes 74% Loss on $85 Million Gauguin
  152. Police: Frazer woman killed husband after arguing over burnt casserole
  153. How Stupid Can You Get?
  154. What happened to the Cave? I got an expired domain notification
  155. Deadpool 2
  156. 3rd-try clears 1K!!!
  157. Happy B-Day to Articulate_Ape!!!
  158. Wow...SR hits the 50k mark!
  159. Retread gets by 13K!!!
  160. New math, DUI-style?
  161. Cops: Man who carried $1,330 in cash used electric scooter to shoplift
  162. Happy B-Day to oldcoastie1!!!!
  163. Atomic Blonde
  164. Happy B-Day to Odysseus !!!
  165. Her honor - Hostage
  166. Dad who humiliated daughter by recreating her ‘sexy selfies’ now has twice as many
  167. May the oink be with you
  168. Venon!
  169. Customs &a Border Patrol recruit at Go Tejano Day
  170. Legendary Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88
  171. Darth Frosty
  172. Video: Python gives neck massages to people
  173. Since Beauty and the Beast is the #1 film this week....
  174. Florida man ate pancakes in middle of busy street, is facing charges, cops say
  175. Would YOU take this Italian UFO for a spin? Concept drone seats two people...
  176. A chunk of change gone
  177. Banacek clears 5K!!!
  178. Guantánamo has a feral cat problem. Operation Git-Meow to the rescue
  179. Vintage oil field
  180. Real life Mowgli? Girl found living with monkeys in UP forest
  181. Making a real splash! 20,000 lesbians come out to party in Palm Springs
  182. Which came first the Peeps or the Jelly Beans?
  183. Thor: Ragnarok
  184. CrimeCops: Woman, 23, Charged In Sex Attack On Cabbie
  185. Busy Day
  186. Labyrinth 2
  187. Dr. Who 2017
  188. Star Wars Rebels season 4 trailer....
  189. Mum fears freezer-raiding burglar ate her placenta
  190. In South Florida, green iguanas spread into suburban scourge
  191. The under appreciated.....
  192. Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC
  193. Stupid Biographer Tricks
  194. Any questions, Pilgrims?
  195. Older, better times?
  196. Space opera needs to return to TV!
  197. Phone games to join!
  198. Happy 84th Willie!
  200. Rock hits 50K!!!!
  201. Fantasy fan transforms himself into an ELF
  202. RobJohnson posts past 25K!!!!
  203. "You're not going to believe"
  204. SVPete peeks over 5K!!!!
  205. Jersey man busted after he stops car in the middle of Lincoln Tunnel to masturbate
  206. Massive creature washes up on Indonesian island - but what is it?
  207. Big honkin bear steals car
  208. Jukebox in honor of Mother's Day Weekend
  209. Moms
  210. Memphis, Tennessee, Man Fatally Sets Himself on Fire on Facebook Live
  211. Father accused of drunken tirade, letting child get sunburned at Disney
  212. Ralph Wiggum hits 19K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  213. SC man was having sex in van when he was fatally shot
  214. Watch First Trailer for CBS All Access’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
  215. School Suddenly Finds Itself Covered In Dead Fish In Middle Of The Day –
  216. Man Charged with Removing Woman's Testicles.
  217. Happy B-Day to Carol!!!!
  218. Dan D. Doty Clears 5K!!!!
  219. Nacho Cheese Sauce Killed a Man in California
  220. Michigan teen goes viral after singing in thrift store
  221. There are threats all around in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 trailer
  222. Happy 40th birthday Darth Vader
  223. Machete-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Drivers Along California Highway
  224. Happy B-Day RobJohnson!!!!
  225. OMG!!!! Happy B-Day to our Rock!!!!
  226. Nintendo switch
  227. U2 went to Whataburger?
  228. 'What the duck?!
  229. eismann82 clears 1K!!!
  230. So what video/pc games have you been playing?
  231. Carol clears 4K!!!!
  232. Black Panther
  233. cadillac shark drives by 2K!!!
  234. For NJ the card fan
  235. Survey: Seven Percent of American Adults Think Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows
  236. Happy B-Day Mr. Wiggum!!!
  237. Raise your hand...
  238. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!!!
  240. How Cats Used Humans to Conquer the World
  241. Yellowstone grizzlies to lose protections
  242. California bans state travel to Texas
  243. Woman Bites Shop Employee in Attempt to Steal Stripper Pole
  244. Free pickup from public television!
  245. Dr. Who Season Finale!!!
  246. Video that seems to parody sjw's
  247. What's fer supper
  248. Women Attacked Man with Pepper Spray, Stole His Laxatives
  249. Sharks appear in shallow water near Florida beach
  250. Pregnant Woman Arrested For Cupcake Battery