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  1. LEMMINGS are under threat - not from mythical mass suicides, but from climate change.
  2. FBI: Oswego, N.Y Airline passenger restrained with duct tape
  3. Hens are dropping dead on a free-range farm because hot-air balloons
  4. Turkey Day Thursday!
  5. Obama's "Hell Dress". Pic.
  6. Today Is National Men Make Dinner Day!
  7. Mallard Fillmore The Morning After
  8. Live Streaming Puppy Cam! Awwwww!
  9. Scotch sucks
  10. Crazy Relatives?
  11. Vegas
  12. South Park's take on the election
  13. Friday Political Postmortem Thread
  14. What Is The Best Dry Skin Lotion?
  15. One Vicar, One Potato, One Set Of Imaginary Curtains = Surgery.
  16. Pretty wild game
  17. Friday night Juke Box
  18. Hello Newbies! How Did You Find CU?
  19. Honda 'bicycle legs' ease stress of walking,bicycle seat connected to a pair of shoes
  20. Amputation of Healthy Limbs Should be Allowed, Expert Says .
  21. Sweden Gives Away Free Prosthetic Penises
  22. Hannity copyright infringement?
  23. Saturday Musings
  24. Book Thread!
  25. Birthday Bash!
  26. Garden mirrors: great design feature or upmarket gnome?
  27. Someone help !!!
  28. Help Identifying a Cat
  29. My saturday morning
  30. Saturday Night Jukebox
  31. Literally a freaking wing and a prayer...
  32. Legend of the Seeker
  33. Snake Nearly Swallows Whole Kangaroo
  34. Things that are passe
  35. Saturday night, and it is pouring!
  36. Stupid People, Part 1
  37. More Sunday Spies
  38. True Blood - all episodes this weekend.
  39. Greek and Armenian monks brawl at traditional site of Jesus' crucifixion
  40. Mass w00t thread
  41. N.J. Lawmaker Urinates On Concertgoers
  42. Monday.
  43. Any hunters having any luck this year?
  44. Bad News For Shannon: New forms Of R-Word Set To Invade Florida.
  45. Fake penis under attack for staying ‘limp’
  46. Happy Birthday TexasFred!
  47. What's for dinner tonight?
  48. Hey Sarasota! You NEED one of these.
  49. Grammar Nazi w00t
  50. w00t
  51. Veterans Day
  52. What? No Day Thread?
  53. 'The Rearming Of America ,Ammunition Sales Through the Roof"
  54. Man's body found in paper bale at Idaho plant; who he was is a mystery
  55. Hamster on a Piano?
  56. Her hot chest is no secret.
  57. Baz Luhrmann set to release fourth movie 'Australia'
  58. Wednesday, it is Hump Day!
  59. what a wonderful 2 year old I have
  60. Once Skynet comes online we're screwed.
  61. Unnecessary Censorship "Election '08 Edition"
  62. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Rickroll to end all Rickrolls.
  63. Severed foot washes up on Canada's Pacific coast
  64. Must Have Gift For The Golfer - UroClub.
  65. Martyr To Enviro-Whackism Lauded.
  66. Plastic Surgery Addict Not Doing It Right. Scary Pic.
  67. What Animal Are You? (Stupid Quiz)
  68. What Board Game Are You? (Yeah, yeah)
  69. Not A Happy Cat
  70. End of days alert!
  71. TV Thursday!
  72. Drummer for Jimi Hendrix Experience Found Dead
  73. Man Assaults Girlfriend For Serving Macaroni
  74. Thousands pursue wacky world records
  75. Nominations for President of CU
  76. Chilli Con Carnage For Squirrels
  77. Naked Drunken Chick........Just Look At The Pic, Okay?
  78. Seattle sluts sue subsequent slandering student sex story
  79. I got a new toy last week
  80. Happy Birthday MoshMasterD!
  81. I'm on vacation...
  82. Friday Filanthropy
  83. Mississippi man invents vibrating toilet seat
  84. Name that movie villain. Quiz
  85. 11-year-old hits mom in the head with a saw; offers her $5 not to call police
  86. East ghost, west ghost: spooky Queen Christina walks in Sweden
  87. Baby Robot Loses Fight Against Giant Robot.
  88. Space in Britain's graveyards is increasingly at a premium,Double em up !
  89. Are you bold? (quiz)
  90. The Shuttle is going up tonight!
  91. Who Did You Vote For? (Quiz.)
  92. What song
  93. Friday Night Jukebox
  94. Favorite breed of dog?
  95. "Juror Flirts With Murder Defendant From Jury Box !"
  96. Saturday Songs....
  97. ChiComms Outlaw Lip-Synching.
  98. Last Pictures Taken.
  99. Spam Turns Serious and Hormel Turns Out More
  100. Jukebox Saturday Night
  101. It Has Begun: The Madness Season.
  102. Henry VIII's love for Anne Boleyn revealed
  103. Bubba Claus Is Comin' To Town.....
  104. What are reputation points?
  105. Sunday and not so sunny.
  106. Cougar mauls 16-year-old girl
  107. "We felt that - sex in a crowded room - now we've got your attention.
  108. wall vandalised by disgruntled taxpayer
  109. Barely Fuctional Monday.
  110. Artist wants to switch lost eyeball for webcam
  111. Hero Mom Rats Out Criminal Kids.
  112. lol dogs - Post your own!
  113. My mom is cooler than any of you lameoids.
  114. Hard to feel sorry for someone this stupid...
  115. All time best album cover
  116. What the...?
  117. But in Wild Country, it's the Bears That Have the Right to Bear Arms.
  118. Kids.
  119. Tuesday! Better than Monday...
  120. Miracle Dog Survives Hit and Run. And Ride. Pic.
  121. What Does Your House Say About You? Quiz.
  122. Man arrested for hitting girlfriend with sandwich
  123. Glenn Beck - The Christmas Sweater
  124. "Douchebag" Sues Author
  125. Cat Person or Dog Person
  126. Most Relaxing Video Games?
  127. Surgeons had to remove several pounds of flesh, including his penis and a testicle
  128. Refrigerator shopping...
  129. Vampire Killing Kit
  130. We have a new BMW!!!
  131. Safety course
  132. Can we see who left us reputation?
  133. .....................
  134. Primate rediscovered
  135. Just had a checkup
  136. I could feel them cutting me open. I can't describe how it felt.
  137. Windy Wednesday.
  138. I'm a dad again!!!!
  139. "BackGround Music while Reading and Dithering ("didderen," ) About !"
  140. Costco shopper finds black widow spider in grapes
  141. Pasta jar penis man chased by police
  142. This one's for the ladies!
  143. Another Quiz!
  144. Undercover Cops use Taser on pallbearing dead mans son !
  145. People don't entirely suck...
  146. Lost tool bag forces changes to planned spacewalks
  147. Herding trials (dogs) w/ pics
  148. I want you all to suffer.
  149. Applications being accepted
  150. Happy Thursday
  151. If you had to pick ONE favorite song, what would it be?
  152. Porkers Win Victory In Canada.
  153. The mayor-elect's new clothes
  154. "Doctor Removing A Brain Tumor Finds A Live Worm In Womans Brain !"
  155. What Is Your Inner Blood Type? Quiz.
  156. Plastic Protitutes Pimp Biz For Garden Gnome Maker.
  157. Breathalyzer Device Is Racist, Lawyer Says
  158. From the makers of hamster on a piano
  159. Friday Fond Memories
  160. Denver Unveils Giant War Penis To Angry Taxpayers.
  161. Foods of Fear! Or Media Guilt-Tripping Gone Wild.
  162. What Your Dog Says About You
  163. Female artist jukebox
  164. Take THAT vegetarians!!! Palin Turkey Interview.
  165. Florida Boy Arrested ,12-year-old charged after deliberately "breaking wind" in class
  166. Suspect arrested . The "Butt Bandit." for greasy imprints in Neb. town
  167. Saturday Sharing
  168. And now for something completely different....
  169. The 14 year wait for free Dr. Pepper is over...
  170. Saturday Jukebox
  171. Kung-Fu Panda...not FL.
  172. How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you.
  173. Palm Beach Father Shoots Neighbor's Pit Bull
  174. "IDIOT WATCH :Woman careless driving after crashing while eating bowl of cereal
  175. The William Tell Game.
  176. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
  177. 24: Redemption
  178. Facebook 'Kick a Ginger' campaign prompts attacks on redheads
  179. As Nervous As Five Muslim In A Truck Full Of Polish Ham
  180. Sunday Songs....
  181. Went and saw "Bolt" today...
  182. Funniest Video Ever
  183. Manic Monday
  184. Absolutely Amazing!
  185. Brits Fear Haunted Sofa.
  186. Aussies Using booze Warning Labels To Maximize Drunk Time.
  187. Two-headed kitten has twice the cuteness of regular kittens
  188. CUer Makes National TV Tuesday Morning!
  189. Tuesday
  190. 5th Graders Questioned By Police Over Snickering Incident.
  191. Missing Pekinese Puppy Hulk Found Murdered In Oven .
  192. Jet pack man flies across canyon (Colorado)
  193. Something every gun owner in the U.S.A. should own?
  194. The All Time Greatest Guitar Chord.
  195. Batman To Be Killed Off.
  196. Most overused chord progression
  197. He Scores And The Crowd Goes Wild!
  198. Accused drunk driver ends up running over himself
  199. Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians.
  200. Wrapping Up Wednesday
  201. Dummies Aren't Just At Dumocrat Underground
  202. Iz caturday?
  203. Hell's Kitchen Just Moved Closer To Home.
  204. What Does Your Thanksgiving Day Meal Say About You? (Quiz.)
  205. Alien-like squid with "elbows"
  206. Wednesday jukebox
  207. Anyone watching Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew?
  208. Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo
  209. The Lull Before The T-Day Storm.
  210. So what's your personal irational fear?
  211. Thankful Thursday
  212. This made me laugh
  213. Your Moment Of Cat Zen
  214. Rotting monkey head found by German customs officers
  215. Rick Roll at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  216. Purina Dawg Show on!
  217. What'd Ya Eat!!! What'd Ya Eat!!!
  218. Christmas Music Thread...
  219. Whew! I Need A Break!
  220. Black Friday anybody?
  221. Anti-Obama song!!
  222. Table conversation tonight...
  223. Full Friday
  224. Black Friday Jukebox
  225. Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old
  226. Heu CU Bachelorettes!! The men of your dreams are here!
  227. Secret sex life of red squirrel uncovered by scientist
  228. Saturday Sources
  229. WKRP is back on the air
  230. saturday Night Jukebox
  231. Do you cook when people die?
  232. This is not a religious thread...
  233. Deck the halls Ya'll! Post em if you got em.
  234. It's a Boy!!!!!
  235. Okay...
  236. Ladies: Lets talk boots!!!
  237. Protect Yourself (from colds)
  238. The 12 days are gonna cost ya!
  239. Dalai Lama: Sex Equals Trouble.
  240. Missing Monday
  241. Brit Booze Cheaper Than Water! (Not A Reprint From 1750)
  242. Area man synchronizes 100,000 bulbs to music
  243. BBC Apologizes After Indecent Exposure Incident Airs Live - On Radio.
  244. Lounge Lizards! Your Mission, Should You Chose To Accept It...
  245. Man Held Breath for 18 Minutes Underwater
  246. Time lapse photography!
  247. Zombie Haiku
  248. Smiley Sky Over Australia
  249. Psa
  250. My cat just died