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  1. Too cool Tuesday!
  2. Music help please
  3. Another end of days alert!
  4. U.S. Teens Basically Criminals.
  5. Why do people do this?
  6. Another Rich Kid's Party Trashes Another Expensive House.
  7. Woman calls police after hubby, 82, takes Viagra
  8. Obese Women Lack Impulse Control. Captain Obvious En Route To Scene.
  9. Quick laugh, enjoy
  10. Florida man charged in pie assault
  11. New Concerns about the Black Widow
  12. 2K Diamond Ring dropped into Salvation Army Kettle
  13. asdf2231 this ones for you
  14. Awwwwwwww!
  15. Star Wars Vs. Star Trek
  16. MEH To Star Trek - meet the Shadows
  17. Does Anyone Remember This Mini-Series?
  18. Wintry Wednesday.
  19. Man steals ex-girlfriend wig, rides off on bicycle
  20. PSA: Stay Out of The Doghouse This Christmas.
  21. Newspaper Swipes Empire State Building From Clueless Clerks.
  22. Drunk Man Has 9-year Old Son Take Him on Beer Run (Yes, it's Florida)
  23. India Practically Bans Guns, But that Didnít Stop the Muslim Terrorist !
  24. Uni-segway!
  25. Man Tries to Pay Bill With Drawing of Spider
  26. Video: Fun With Achmed The Jihadist
  27. SR Bowling
  28. Prop 8: The Musicalí:Video Mocking Gay Marriage Opponents .
  29. Bait shops out. Useless jewelry in.
  30. Thursday and Thirty
  31. Deer Cam!
  32. Hyper-Stupidity In Action.
  33. Florida Man Assaulted Girlfriend With Cheeseburger
  34. Video: Don't Feed the Bear (Now you know why)
  35. Man Found in Home With Cats, Opossums, Raccoon & Dead Mother
  36. This Guy is the Definition of Cool [PIC] view!
  37. Pilot flys without arms, Inspirational young Lady!
  38. Criminal Ink. Horrifying (Or Laughable) Pic.
  39. What movie was this song in?
  40. Alleged Sex Acts With Teen, Dogs Lands Couple In Jail
  41. am I a bad person if . . .
  42. Teller Uses Tongue To Test Suspicious White Powder
  43. Fill'er Up Friday
  44. ZOMG! Clueless BBC Reporter Discovers "So-Called" Internet Proxies!11!1!!!
  45. Dog Rescues Fellow Dog From Highway. Video.
  46. "I Wonder if they come chambered in 12 guage_ 00 buck ?"
  47. 4-foot-11 and 93 Lb Bride Swept to Sea During Proposal .
  48. Lock down in Plant City
  49. Airport introduces karaoke for a more horrific travel experience
  50. More movie reviews
  51. Fat collie found frozen to sidewalk
  52. Shift: How far can you go?
  53. Gothic: all black, black nails, black eyeliner, black lipstick: But No Class Picture
  54. Bali, Indonesia, the inaugural 2008 Asian Beach Games came to its conclusion.
  55. Slackers! Fri nite Juke!
  56. Bubba's All Natural Saturday Morning Thread.
  57. Christmas Gifts: What're you giving?
  58. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? Quiz.
  59. Aussies Mull Adding Random Sex Categories To Gender I.D.
  60. Weekend Movies???
  61. Symphonic Sunday
  62. A man has been fined £80 for swearing at his own television while drunk.
  63. Drugs are bad, MMMMkkay.
  64. A Lifestyle Distinct: The Muxe (MOO-shays) of Mexico
  65. Simple Joys.
  66. Canada's mystery disembodied feet get a match
  67. What? No Day Thread?
  68. Proto-Typical Winter's Eve.
  69. Breaking News!!!
  70. "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign getting a parking lot
  71. Rainy Tuesday...
  72. My Christmas List just Got One Item Longer...
  73. The neti-pot
  74. Young women are more promiscuous than men, according to a survey .
  75. Being sexy is often perceived to be a key essence of femininity.
  76. Whatcha Reading?
  77. The Day the Earth Stood Still
  78. "Who Needs To Bar Hop When There's Fem-bot's My Love Machine."
  79. Whatever Wednesday.
  80. Oprah Porks Out.
  81. Plastic surgery for the dead
  82. Celebrate the Most Tacky, Outrageous Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  83. Treasure from Sam's!!
  84. 2008 is almost over, list the things you are sick of hearing about
  85. End of Days insanity, again!
  86. Finally..........
  87. "Four Bucks Is Dumb", McDonald's Sneers At Starbucks.
  88. REL: Bible Reading Plans
  89. Could you Survive Another Great Depression? Quiz.
  90. You Can call it mucus. Some Will call it phlegm. Others will call it snot.
  91. It's Time...
  92. Into-the-Fray Friday
  93. Advice: Don't lie about your name when it's on your neck
  94. Plaxico Burress On Gun Safety
  95. Friday Night Jukebox: Under Pressure
  96. Thursday Apology!
  97. Thirty precent of the weight of all life in Monterey Bay is made up of jellyfish.
  98. Survey: 46% of women, 30% of men choose Internet over sex
  99. Outfit Personality Test.
  100. Why Hollywood....well, sucks. The Black List.
  101. Saturday at the Movies
  102. Poll: The movie, "Milk" - Guaranteed awards?
  103. Mountain Bike Ski Jump
  104. Salma Hayek: I'm Addicted to Breastfeeding
  105. Does Ashton Kutcher drive anyone else nuts?
  106. Clint's New Movie "Gran Torino."
  107. Cinematic Sunday
  108. Best Real World Martial Arts for Girls?
  109. Christmas Puppers!
  110. Hillbilly...The Real Story
  111. Snow Days
  112. X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer up on Rotten Tomatoes
  113. Store Bans Sale Of Fake Lightsabers To Kids. Could Be Mistaken For Fake Guns.
  114. 6 Endangered Species That Aren't Endangered Enough
  115. Is It Cold Out There Or What?
  116. Are You Done With Christmas Shopping?
  117. Thank you for the reputation
  118. I'm Watching '24' From Season One.
  119. Snowy Tuesday
  120. Saddest Song ever written
  121. Good News For Happy Drunks!
  122. Around The World In Insults.
  123. Cell Phones For The Dead.
  124. Dante's Inferno Coming to PS3, Xbox 360
  125. HUSBANDS - can you relate?
  126. Little Adolf Hitler does not get cake.
  127. Swedish Woman Married To Berlin Wall Falls For Homewrecking Garden Fence...
  128. Meat Cake!
  129. Japanese Zoo Workers Train To Defeat Rampaging Rhino PiŮata
  130. Whirlwind Wednesday.
  131. Egg Beater Crime Skyrockets!
  132. worst special effects of all time
  133. Eat Christmas dinner like a Roman emperor
  134. Just Say "No" To Sex Change. Pic.
  135. Burger King Launches Body Spray for Men (Dogs Also Express Interest).
  136. Do the food assaults never end?
  137. Roads Salted and Garliced . . .
  138. just for fun!
  139. Ladies - a gift idea for your man
  140. Breaking Scientific News Flash: Do Sharks Enjoy Christmas Music?
  141. Urgent Prayers Needed For Wife of CUer.
  142. Christmas Videos. Some Old Some New .
  143. Thrilling Thursday
  144. Underpants Doom Cheater Spouse.
  145. Got a Visitor Today!
  146. Damn
  147. "We Are Very Angry Because The Cats are Being Skinned and Then Cooked Alive."
  148. Stripper Can't Even Heat Up Living Room.
  149. Human-sized heart found at the Paw Paw car wash
  150. THE (*&^$#_@#*$%^ state of Pennsylvania
  151. Weather rocket kills man and blows up his body at cremation
  152. Movie You're Ashamed To Say You Haven't Seen
  153. Pure genious!
  154. Big boys Christmas toy!
  155. Presidential firsts
  156. OK, what are their DU names!!
  157. Burger King Cologne
  158. Hopkins man admits punching pregnant woman for $200; baby died
  159. Is Psychiatry a fake science?The Thud Experiment
  160. Florida man who was hit by a stray bullet in the back of the head is back at work
  161. O NO! The President????
  162. Festive Friday
  163. Scuba, a 14-year-old deaf border collie, for Illinois governor?
  164. Stomach Flu!!!! Aiiiiiiieeeee!!!!!
  165. Baseball question
  166. Underground Panther's Mom?
  167. Darth Fiddler
  168. Morbid Knitting For Psychopaths
  169. Friday Funky Jukebox
  170. Friday Night...Vet Bill.
  171. The Other Banking Crisis, Sperm banks around the globe are in the grips of recession.
  172. Gotta Project Going.
  173. your new NEON thread
  174. Saturday Thread: Classic Album Covers
  175. Happy Birthday Lacarnut
  176. DC area residents: What are you doing Inauguration week?
  177. Kali Town Mulls Outdoor Smoking Ban.
  178. The Christmas Wrapping Paper Test. (Quiz.)
  179. Suffering Sunday
  180. So popular is the 7.62-caliber ammunition for AK-47 assault rifles
  181. What's for Dinner tonight?
  182. CU Cyber Gift Exchange
  183. 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Anyone ever get a free cruise?
  185. Merry Christmas!
  186. 'Sex Chip' On The Way. Salsas, Dips, To Follow.
  187. Weird 2008 - How Much Do You Know? Quiz.
  188. Squirrel Turns Purple In Bid To Disguise Rat Nature. Pic.
  189. Driver banned for having world's most untidy car
  190. Elvis lovers sing Christmas duets with 'The King'
  191. Heads Up For Hate: Hokey Pokey Song Now For Haters.
  192. I would like to wish people of all faiths a very Merry Christmas.
  193. Santa Came Early
  194. Chrysler: When They Were The American Dream!
  195. For you Rebel Yell :)
  196. Happy Christmas Tuesday!
  197. Happy Hanukkah
  198. The obligatory Merry Christmas, see y'all Monday Thread
  199. 'Twas the night before Christmas........ in South Georgia
  200. Twas the night before Kwanza
  201. PETA One-Ups Burger King, Releases Gore-Scented Body Spray
  202. Insane Politican Proposes Ban On Internet Usernames.
  203. Now You Can get Your Vulva Plumped and Sculpted Too
  204. Teeth Whitening - What Works, What doesn't.
  205. Are you doing what you love?
  206. Guitar lovers!
  207. New Sig 226
  208. Workout Wednesday!
  209. What's for Christmas Dinner?
  210. Wife Bites Husband's Festivus Pole. Fierce Pic.
  211. The liberal mind never ceases to amaze me.
  212. Real-life Mowgli kept alive by cats
  213. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Christ would have been on our side
  214. The Latest in Anti-Zombie Technology
  215. NC Store Emptied After Bullet Fired -- By Escalator
  216. A Christmas Morning to Remember (1776)
  217. Silly Stuff, How Fast Are Your Reactions ?
  218. Merry Christmas Folks!
  219. when the wife doesnt listen
  220. Busy Christmas Thursday
  221. US singer Eartha Kitt dies at 81
  222. New Addition to the Family!
  223. Friday Thread - Whadja get? Whadja get??
  224. Eat your toast - or lose your virginity
  225. Can you give me a caption ?
  226. Marines closer to choosing next-generation rifle
  227. Post Your Christmas Pic!
  228. Saturday Thread: Schedules
  229. ROAD TRIP TO TORRONTO!! Who else wants to go see this? :)
  230. CU now comes in Bacon Flavor!!!!
  231. Books!!!
  232. Saturday Jukebox: Sentimental Journey
  233. "The Old 'Bait And Switch' Didn't Work This Time !"
  234. Scrumptious Sunday
  235. Congrats on 1,000 MarineJackson!
  236. Thieves run off with $100,000 in nuts
  237. Cheeseball and crackers, smoked almonds...
  238. Great Gear Award
  239. Politically correct brigade demands one woman on each fire engine
  240. Sports Illustrated Report on Fate of the Michael Vick's pit bulls
  241. The New Crack.......
  242. The Atheist Professor of Philosophy Pauses Before his Class .
  243. "Where Did you Say that Happened?Oh, Florida,I Should Have Guessed !"
  244. McGill University taught her not to be a heterosexual Dennis Prager
  245. European Neanderthals had ginger hair and freckles
  246. A stray cat has saved the life of a man who fell into an open toilet
  247. Yeah...it's Tuesday.
  248. RIP Delaney Bramlett, 1939-2008
  249. Failed party trick lands Swedish man in burn unit
  250. Kennedy Center Honors The Who