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  1. New Year's Eve Day Thread!
  2. The Return Of The Housewife?
  3. Ban Them! Overused Words Of 2008.
  4. Naples women go on sex strike over firework injuries
  5. Learning a foreign language
  6. Illusion-
  7. Whats wrong with this picture?
  8. Feds Investigate Airplane Brawl Unstable passenger attacks flight attendant
  9. New Year's Eve Jukebox....
  10. New Thursday - New Year
  11. Cops set Phasers to "Stun." Seriously...
  12. Sarasota man calls 911 during traffic stop
  13. Bernie Hamilton, 'Starsky and Hutch' captain, dies
  14. Horrific New Years death!
  15. Woman Arrested After Hitting Self In the Face With a Frying Pan
  16. I Want to Be
  17. GIMME GIMME GIMME! I want it NOW!!
  18. First Friday thread
  19. Darth Vader’s “Management” Secrets
  20. Friday Jukebox: Road Trip....
  21. How Often Do You Clean Your Fridge Out?
  22. Did You Do Anything Stupid On New Year's Eve?
  23. Homeless man Arson, Murder Charges Filed in Death of Firefighter
  24. Saturday Getaways...
  25. Kitty Plays Dead
  26. Mystery author Donald E. Westlake dies at 75
  27. Back to School!
  28. Official: Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor
  29. Contraceptive pill is polluting environment
  30. Last lotto ticket wins $10M for widow
  31. Spooky Sunday
  32. Super Awesome Cool!
  33. Has anyone tried Sham Wow?
  34. 10 more miles down
  35. I got a new laptop
  36. Where Is The Day Thread?
  37. Bust Biz Sags On Drooping DOW.
  38. 4 Year Old Uses Shotgun To Get The Drop On Babysitter - Not Florida!
  39. Juicing: Star Reveals Secret Pain Of "Breast-Chesticles".
  40. Most Useless Fruit (Nonhuman). Poll.
  41. Icy Tuesday.
  42. Happy Birthday Medic92!
  43. A Must Read....pit Bulls
  44. Skier Loses Pants, Dignity On Vail Lift.
  45. POT's gonna save the economy! Are they serious?
  46. Dead Baby Thrown In N.J. Hospital Garbage,Search Of Dumps In N.J., Penn.
  47. Australian woman accused of torching husband's genitals, charged with murder
  48. British tourist plunges 200ft to his death after slipping from paragliding harness
  49. Who knew Sarasota was so spiritual...
  50. What song did you walk down the aisle to?
  51. FactoryBalls - flash game
  52. Chad Vader Season Two
  53. Windy Wednesday.
  54. Doctors get to bottom of hairspray x-ray
  55. Husband in divorce case wants his/wife's kidney back--or $1.5M
  56. motivational posters
  57. Chilly Thursday
  58. The Physics Behind the Insanely Dangerous Japanese Water Jetpack
  59. His penis belongs to me, says wife
  60. Second Hoarder Dies From Crap Overdose.
  61. 2009: The End Of Trendy Sex.
  62. Couch Potatos Rejoice!
  63. Quite possibly the coolest geek birthday accessory EVAH!!!111
  64. Sprint's Samsung Instinct: At Last, a Decent iPhone Competitor
  65. "There's a Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On !"
  66. Frantic Friday Thread
  67. Stargate Atlantis Series Finale Tonight
  68. The movie Doubt
  69. Death Row Inmate Eyes..........Well, No, He Doesn't.
  70. Global Warming Horror Flick Put on Ice
  71. Late Friday nite Jukebox!
  72. Fastest South Pole Trek on a Steady Diet of Deep-Fried Bacon and Butter.
  73. 24!!!!!!!!!
  74. Monday Issue?
  75. Giant panda in China bites third victim...
  76. It's Saturday...
  77. Cute things........
  78. Yum, squirrel flavored chips
  79. I've become a full-fledged elitist!
  80. Trainwreck
  81. Nursing Home Bonus!
  82. for your viewing pleasure
  83. Snowy Sunday
  84. Pic thread!!!
  85. Simple Snacks
  86. Anybody ever catch a weasel?
  87. An Ukrainian Bride being married in London needs a decent" local guest list .
  88. Happy B-Day Lars1701a
  89. New Computer
  90. Piercing Fans Out of Luck In Slovenia.
  91. Damn squirrel...
  92. 'UFO' wind turbine crash site sealed off
  93. What's for Dinner?
  94. Blue Angles
  95. Everyone else has had more sex than me
  96. Jukebox
  97. Basic Tuesday
  98. Jailbird Hubby Dumps 'Rehab' Singer.
  99. Dad Sells Daughter for Beer, Meat. Not Florida!
  100. Would you pay $3.7 million to bang this?
  101. Japanese staff turned on the robbers, stabbing one to death
  102. Things You Shouldn't Have To Tell People.
  103. Weasel Wednesday.
  104. Brit Kennel Club Revamps Dog Standards.
  105. Diapers for birds (End Times alert)
  106. Top 10 Most Brutal Knockouts Ever
  107. Harry Potter - Puffer and Pufter!!
  108. Floridians Flee Feces Flinging Foe..
  109. Man Accidentally Shoots Toilet After Gun in His Pants Goes Off
  110. I found a new show :)
  111. We are officially in scary cold conditions here...
  112. AH florida . . . . .
  113. No Thaw Thursday
  114. Happy B-Day BSR!
  115. Psychiatrist knits anatomically correct woolly brain
  116. Peru Upholds Groundbreaking Human Rights Ruling: Your Right To Work Drunk!
  117. How much snow did you get? Pic
  118. World's Worst Excerpt -- The Least Healthy Diet: Breatharianism
  119. Justified? VOTE!!
  120. Bamboo laptop
  121. Lost, Season 5 countdown...
  122. We Spoke Too Soon: Amy Reverts To Type.
  123. Leviticus International says straights can be "born again gay"
  124. How Did You Find CU?
  125. Bakery's creation a hit among customers
  126. Friday at Last: a Day Thread
  127. Artist Andrew Wyeth dies at age 91
  128. World's oldest LOLcat discovered
  129. Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica: Who would win?
  130. Invisible Surgery: Appendix Removed Through Patient's Vagina
  131. Florida Strikes Again!!
  132. CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Poor guy!
  133. Dangers of Big City Shopping
  134. Florida teen jailed for hitting mom with taco
  135. GO GRANNY! 70-Year-Old Woman Confronts Intruder
  136. Jukebox Baby!!! Rock and Roll Heaven...
  137. Friday night question...
  138. Where has Library Lady been?
  139. Saturday Shiver
  140. Guys, do you garden?
  141. Where are You Young Hans Brinker ?
  142. VIDEO: US A320 river crash captured by Coast Guard camera
  143. Elderly Florida Woman Goes to Hair Appointment After Crash
  144. Anybody tried Oovoo?
  145. Saturday Night Jukebox: I like to Rock
  146. Florida man makes a SPLASH with robery attempt
  147. Remembering Robert E. Lee's 202nd Birthday
  148. Late Dinner anyone???
  149. (Un)Scrupulous Sunday
  150. Just for laughs
  151. Poor Tina Fey -- She Was Criticized! (And She Didn't Like It!)
  152. It's A GIRL!!
  153. DEATH STAR work station - for the tech minded Sith Lord. . . .
  154. Happy Birthday biccat!
  155. Experts hope sanitation supply meets demand .
  156. 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. How to cuss in over 180 different languages /dialects
  158. Beau battered by bagel bearing babe
  159. Inauguration Tuesday!!!
  160. The man who invented the doner kebab has died
  161. Happy Birthday marinejcksn!
  162. Eco-Nazis Use AA Model To Promote Agenda.
  163. Hated Foods And The Brits Who Eat Them.
  164. The best inauguration live blog......
  165. Man Earns 27 Degrees. Majoring In Basement, Cheetos.
  166. My God at the Obama merchandise!!!!
  167. Gore ice sculpture unveiled in Fairbanks
  168. Hack your brain
  169. Make a guess
  170. New BulletFlight program could be a 'killer' app for Apple
  171. Best thing I seen on TV all day
  172. Whiny Wednesday.
  173. 5 Years From Now
  174. Dad Chains Fat Daughter To Bed.
  175. Hey people
  176. Today in History1977-
  177. Teach the pleasure of gay sex to children as young as five, say researchers
  178. Open Range
  179. Mexico Police Chief's Head Found in Ice Box
  180. Jacques Chirac hospitalised after mauling by clinically depressed poodle
  181. Thursday's Thermometer
  182. Today in History
  183. Thousands scammed by 'magic cheese' con
  184. Best Picture Nominees.
  185. First Lady Fashion Quiz
  186. Rats Could Not Live in His Apartment With His New Baby.
  187. Alleged kitten piercers charged (Goth kittens for sale)
  188. Miss World finalist has hands and feet amputated after being hit by infection
  189. Labradors fetch top dog honor
  190. Scientists learn secrets of spitting cobras
  191. What's Your Word? (stupid quiz)
  192. Friday Thread:
  193. "British Guardsman Loses It and Kicks Colombian Tourists Ass !"
  194. Acupuncture Pretty Much Fake.
  195. Celebutard Retracts "Un-American" Remark.
  196. Jukebox: Just an Old Fashioned Love Song...
  197. Best Home Exercise Equipment/Worst Home Exercise Equipment
  198. Old School: God On Pancake. New School: Dead Dog On Grill .
  199. Man Sexually Assaults Raggedy Ann Doll.
  200. Saturday Spirits
  201. Jukebox: Greatest Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Songs of All Time....
  202. Ginger or Mary Ann???
  203. Study: Rich Men Give Women More Orgasms
  204. "First they Came For The Fat Dogs and Nobody Complained !"
  205. 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions
  206. 15 Most Unfortunate Town Names
  207. Holy Hot!! Wow!
  208. (Another) snowy sunday
  209. Greyhound uses Wii-Fit to train
  210. 24!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Kids' rooms
  212. Gran Torino
  213. "Aw Jeez" Model Dead At 91. Aw Jeez.....
  214. Something's wrong with my TV.
  215. Pet Pic Thread.
  216. The Real Reason Gitmo Was Closed
  217. Whisky Saves Another Life.
  218. Raccoon Destroys Manhood in Bid To Escape Rape.
  219. Redheads Are Aliens and Other Things You Didn’t Know About the Human Hair
  220. Florida firefighter who took severed foot charged with theft
  221. Jetpacks and invisibility cloak on list of inventions for 2039
  222. Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?
  223. Monday Monday Jukebox
  224. Edgar Allen Poe Turns 200, Picture Challenge!
  225. The new push to ban so-called 'assault weapons'
  226. Winter Storm Tuesday!!!
  227. New Fox News Look
  228. Panicky Article About Watching The Super Bowl.
  229. When Fake Tans Go Bad.
  230. Fireproof released today on DVD.
  231. When Is Enough Too Much?
  232. Tuesday Afternoon Jukebox....
  233. Show us your state!
  234. It's Raining Birds in New Jersey
  235. Wistful Wednesday.
  236. What Are Your Local Roadside Attractions / Festivals?
  237. Advanced Yankee - Rebel Test.
  238. Zombies on the move in Texas
  239. Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboard player Billy Powell dead at 56
  240. Thursday Theories!
  241. Weird Names Linked to Criminal Activity.
  242. Sex Renders Jellyfish Immortal
  243. Snuggies Take Nation By Storm.
  244. Just for the Darth Admin - The Bacon Explosion-
  245. Valiant Toilet Honored With Moment Of Silence.
  246. Friday Football
  247. England Called and They Want Their Guns Back!!
  248. Police: Sister beats up bride at wedding reception
  249. Favorite Horror story author Joseph Sheridan,Le Fanu
  250. Clogs: Do You Wear Them And What Kinds Do You Like?