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  1. Texting Trannie Causes Trains Crash in Boston; Nearly 50 hurt
  2. Cry Me A River: The Harvard disadvantage
  3. Failed Liberal Newspapers Earn Boot, Not Bailout
  4. Talking Points by Thomas Sowell
  5. Socialism and Secularism Suck Vitality Out of Society
  6. Seven Issues Where the GOP Should Adopt the "Party of No" Label
  7. Obama wants to close 5,000 failing schools
  8. Gay Marriage Is Out. New Hotness: Triads.
  9. Swiss Spider Smuggler Seized By Suspicious State Security Staff .
  10. "The American Psychological Assn.:There is No 'Gay' Gene,It's A Choice Folks !"
  11. U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the J
  12. Despite Stimulus Funds, States to Cut More Jobs
  13. Will Obama Tax Your Health Benefits?
  14. Race Talk
  15. Coulter--Libs or Conservatives more Sexy?
  16. What is this???
  17. BBC appoints Muslim to oversee religious content
  18. The Mighty American Oak, Pruned by an ACORN?
  19. "Old 'Snake Head' Carville 'Hisses' ."
  20. Is California sinking?
  21. REL: The New Covenant.
  22. McAuliffe's Mischief
  23. Miss California to host Fox & Friends!
  24. Bodies of 4 Americans Found Strangled, Stabbed in Tijuana
  25. Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
  26. What if some one is trying to manipulate the history of your nation?
  27. Breaking: Laurel (MD) HS on Lockdown due to Hostage Situation
  28. So you think homosexuality is perfectly normal and acceptable?
  29. L.A. Unified pays teachers not to teach
  30. More Americans pro-life than pro-choice
  31. Dead People Get Stimulus checks.
  32. Newsweek dramatic overhaul!
  33. Kalifornia is for sale!!!
  34. "0"bama speech at ASU
  35. "All Of This Will End In Obama's 'Third World America' !"
  36. Obama Budget: A Visual Presentation
  37. Full list of GM Dealerships Closing.
  38. Here's how Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear program
  39. Police: Teen Had Sex With Girl's Body (Colorado)
  40. Europe in deepest recession since War as Germany suffers
  41. Michelle Obama no 'beauty' but 'bright': Iman
  42. Biden: My Secret Bunker is Under the Old Naval Observatory
  43. Atheists: No God, no reason, just whining
  44. What OJ Simpson and George Costanza Could Teach Nancy Pelosi
  45. Be a Murtha Not a Flake?
  46. "The Great Depression Of 2009 Presented By Our Progressive Congress !"
  47. "Bishop D’Arcy speaks to the Notre Dame pro-life undergraduates."
  48. Breaking News!!!!
  49. Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich
  50. Labeling or Libeling Obama
  51. Why Liberals Never Lie
  52. OK, athiests, explain this!
  53. Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables
  54. Lars von Trier film "Antichrist" shocks Cannes
  55. Israeli AF to begin comprehensive (4 day) drill in all its bases (Bibi's back-up plan
  56. "A Chinese Sex Theme Park With Giant Genitalia ."
  57. 42% Favor Free Health Care For All Americans Unless Their Own Coverage Has To Change
  58. Imam Arrested for Sexual Battery of 13yo Boy in Mosque
  59. "Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, Our Life, Our Sweetness and our Hope".
  60. "Police Stations all over the Uk replace Union Jack with gay Flag"
  61. This Month's FairTax Thread
  62. Obama plans new fuel limit by 2016
  63. Obama says he wants progress with Iran by year's end
  64. S.F. is taxing butts now
  65. What's Wrong With This Picture?
  66. Kennedy's cancer in remission
  67. Letter from a Dodge dealer
  68. The Flat Tax vs. the Fair Tax
  69. CAFE Obama
  70. Will there be a new Gas Tax?
  71. ‘Climate Change’ Is the Terrorist the U.S. Should Be Fighting, Muslim Leader Says
  72. Empathy Versus Law
  73. If this were the Old Testament, Harry Potter would be executed
  74. Kris Allen wins American Idol.
  75. New Zealand, Interpol On the Hunt For 'Accidental Millionaires'
  76. Obama May Grab for Guns
  77. Female guards OKd to strip-search male inmates
  78. cnn poll
  79. Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan
  80. Paying With Our Sins: Legalize It.
  81. Police: Shoplifting aunt used baby as weapon (Threw 2mo-old baby at security guard !)
  82. "States Most Likely and Least Likely to Use Motorists as a Source of Revenue."
  83. " A Choice Between Cutting your Throat with a Chainsaw or a Rusty Hand Saw ."
  84. The paradise of the world = The worst violator of human rights
  85. Gay U.S. Diplomats to Get Equal Benefits
  86. Satan Worship in America
  87. " A Poll Conducted for the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University!"
  88. Think US Debt Collectors Are Bad?
  89. "California Will Be In Full Gay Revolt If This Marrage Ban isn't OverTurned !"
  90. Silver Comet killer sentenced to death
  91. The Chapel of the Four Chaplains....
  92. Arnies mad!
  93. The Greatest Battles of WW2 .Pacific Theatre
  94. Tha National Debt Road trip
  95. WHO urges hospitals to join climate change battle
  96. Astronauts Enjoy First Taste of Recycled Urine & Sweat
  97. My Son The Socialist – Confronts Reality
  98. "Jump You Coward Jump,Passer-by Pushes Suicide Jumper in South China "
  99. "Critter Ridder Charged,Tree Rat Found 'Cooked to Death ."
  100. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
  101. "I Can't Stand Atheists Because They're Such Crashing Bores."
  102. "More Obama:The Polish Patriot Missile battery's Will Be Without Warheads ."
  103. In Islam, Drinking ANY Alcohol Deserves 80 Lashes...But 102 TONS of Opium & Heroin?
  104. Personal Memorial Day Message
  105. "Just over half of Israelis back an immediate attack on Iran !"
  106. Porn Star Blows World Record Attempt!
  107. Portable toilet warning just another way to avoid frivolous lawsuits
  108. Interactive search of the Vietnam Wall Memorial
  109. "The RINO'S Are in Full Stamped Away From The Party !"
  110. "The American Press Mainstream Treachery."
  111. When Obama F*cks up...
  112. "The Liberal Mind Is A Thing To Behold,California The Soon To Be Empty State !"
  113. "This Has Been In The Mojave Desert since 1934 and now they want it removed !"
  114. "The Iranian Fleet Goes On Patrol,This Ought To Be Fun !"
  115. "You Can Have THe Biggest Boobs In Prague if You Work Here ."
  116. Tampa woman stops armed carjacker with her own gun
  117. Obama's Itinerary for Memorial Day 2009
  118. This cartoon is nearly 50 years old...
  119. "gitmo? No, Kill Thugs On Spot."
  120. "Israel Practice for 'Air Raids,'Expects to be attacked by Iran And Hamas !"
  121. The new Star Trek..............is the old Star Wars
  122. "Jehovah Witnesses Gather at West Palms "Leaky Teepee' For End Of The World !"
  123. California: The Ungovernable State
  124. Nuke just has to explode in space to destroy a country
  125. Chrysler dealers who didn't support Obama forced to close
  126. "Those Brits sure need to see their Dentists more often !"
  127. "You Honkies Made My Butt Bigger !"
  128. Home: No place for Bible study
  129. Can Bacon in a Can Do This?
  130. Obama Adviser Wants to Replace All Legal ‘Marriages’ with ‘Civil Licenses'
  131. Harold Koh Is Too Dangerous for America
  132. Sotomayor: "Empathy" in Action
  133. Obama and the 'South Park' Gnomes
  134. Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage
  135. Our Confused Age By Thomas Sowell
  136. " A Masked Nan with a Gun and Blue Surgical Gloves Terrorized Residents "
  137. Fairfax High elects gay student prom queen, prompting discussion about gender roles
  138. Salaries over $100k for San Francisco City and County Gov't
  139. Hate Crimes
  140. Siberian child 'raised by dogs'
  141. Invade North Korea?
  142. White-Paint Proposal Puzzles Climate-Change Experts
  143. It's time to nationalize grocery stores
  144. Green Turbine Drive Neighbors Mad
  145. I Feel Your Pain. Not Theirs. Yours
  146. Kicking & Screaming: Journo Dragged From Near AF1
  147. Robert Gibbs gets a lot of laughs in his briefings
  148. More on the Bible Study Group that is Threatened With Legal Action
  149. Scalia quote. Judges make law.
  150. SA Strike: 'Bus Drivers Earn More Than Doctors'
  151. interrogator says torture cost lives.
  152. Disabled Vietnam Vet Told to Remove Marine Bumper Stickers Or Have Car Towed
  153. Why didn't Bush attack Al'Qaeda after taking office ?
  154. "They were threats on my life," Bass-LeSure said."
  155. American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper
  156. Was Obama handed a giant financial crisis ?
  157. The most successful interrogation in WOT
  158. Obama buys burgers and finds intelligence agency
  159. Saudi Arabia Beheads, Crucifies Child Molester/Murderer
  160. Bush leaves house, look what happened.
  161. A vast majority of Americans,....
  162. Fallen soldier’s pooch gets a ticket out of Iraq
  163. US lab debuts super laser
  164. Freedom of Information Act Makes Drivers Licenses Public
  165. "The Israeli Third Column Is Hard At Work in Iran !"
  166. "Mega-egos , We Know Them from the Media and from Our Surroundings."
  167. Last Titanic Survivor Dies
  168. American capitalism gone with a whimper
  169. WWJT: Who Would Jesus Torture?
  170. I can agree with this view of the murder of Dr. Tiller
  171. "Carbon Dioxide is Not a Pollutant. On The Contrary ."
  172. Report: North Korean Embassies Informed of Kim Jong Il's Sucessor
  173. Mainline Churches Take To Rebranding.
  174. Book debates: Any takers?
  175. "General Motors: An Autopsy,The Real Reason for the Car Giant's Demise."
  176. Be friendly, you never know who you're sitting next to...
  177. Hummer To Be Sold To Chinese Industrial Company
  178. " A Simultaneous War Against Hamas,Hizb'allah,Syria,Iran,Palestinian Arabs !"
  179. What is evil?
  180. Mexicans Returning to Mexico Outnumber Those Leaving Country
  181. Chicago Law Banning Handguns in City Upheld by Court
  182. Mob beats 'person of interest' in Philadelphia child rape
  183. "Microsoft To Obama,Raise Our Taxes and We Go Overseas !"
  184. DUmmie at Cheetah Strip Bar?
  185. "How In Hell Can You Take "Castrate All White Males" Out Of Context ?"
  186. "Will Ultra Liberal U.S. Jews Stand With Israel - Or Obama? "
  187. "This Old Broad Is Absolutely Mindless :Behar: Baptism = Waterboarding"
  188. Texan Cop Tasers Great-Grandmother
  189. School Reforms on the Brink, The empire strikes back in Milwaukee and NYC.
  190. China Marks 20th Anniversary of Tiananamen
  191. The Air France plane: debris scattered over 55 miles, plane "separated" in midair
  192. Is It Going to Be Race and Resentment — All the Time? [Victor Davis Hanson]
  193. Vote For Your book!
  194. What Do Women Want? And When Will We Shut About It?
  195. Students Rebel at Graduation Against the ACLU's Bullying Tactics
  196. Obama's Speech Even Broadcast on Hezbollah & Iranian TV
  197. Jesus and His Siblings
  198. Interesting
  199. Fmr Countrywide CEO Charged With Fraud, Insider Trading
  200. Third Cabinet Member Resigns, Brown Pressured to Resign
  201. Great video by Andrew Klaven!
  202. 15 Tsars and counting
  203. " If You Are Disgusted By Male On Male Sex Then You Must Be Conservative !"
  204. "Sotomayor Found New Friends in a Woman Only Elite Group."
  205. One In Seven Scientists Fake Data (Lowball Figure).
  206. 'Manmade' Uranium Found By UN Nuclear Watchdog in Syria
  207. Can Connecticut Forceably Order the Church to Reorganize? Is The Church a "Lobbyist".
  208. NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming
  209. Horrors of war vivid for D-Day heroes
  210. "back In The Days When America Had A Real Potus ."
  211. World War One Vet Celebrates 113th Birthday
  212. Anti-abortion group stalked Dr Tiller and aided and abbetted his murder
  213. D-Day Remembrance
  214. Students, Legal Groups Stand Against Anti-Religious Court Order
  215. Lebanon Elections: Pro-West Bloc Defeats Syria,Iran-Backed Hezbolla Bloc
  216. Obama and ACORN Officials Set Sights on Gunowners
  217. NOLA Mayor Nagin Quarantined in China
  218. Ugly chick stares down pretty chick
  219. Animal Farm or 1984: The Showdown.
  220. Why White Men Get Paid More. (They Deserve It?)
  221. Court rejects challenge to 'don't ask, don't tell'
  222. Tickle Me Obama: Lessons from Sesame Street
  223. Fox News Watchers = Haters!
  224. Is There a Gay Couple in That Insurance Ad?
  225. "Coming Soon To An American Computer Near You !"
  226. "Gays In Space :Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month !"
  227. South Korea, We're Ready to Launch!
  228. Gag Order Issued in Army Recruiter Shooting Case
  229. Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush
  230. The Cow Fart Tax
  231. "Man In Ladies' Swimsuit StruttIing His Stuff."
  232. Egypt: Copts Urge Obama Not to Forget About Christian
  233. "Homosexuality is Beginning to Sound like an Infectious Disease !"
  234. A book I will buy, check it out.
  235. Should I feel bad about the GI Bill?
  236. "Will India Become The Next Tibet ?"
  237. IDF Developing Battlefield Robot Snake
  238. "US firm May Cancel 10 Airbus A380 SuperJumbo @ 4.2 billion Dollars!"
  239. The Philadelphia Abortion Giveaway
  240. Father: Ahmed ‘not guilty of any crimes in the eyes of Allah’
  241. Breaking News: Terror Names Linked To Doomed Flight AF 447
  242. Former Tiller Employee Now Pro-Life
  243. Great Grandmother Gets Tasered
  244. The enormous deficits, are ALL BUSH's FAULT!!
  245. Lawyers plan class-action to reclaim "$100M+" RIAA "stole"
  246. IAEA: Accelerated Iranian, Syrian enrichment out of control
  247. She even does the wrist flick.....
  248. Periodic table gets a new element
  249. Fender-benders in micro cars can be costly
  250. Obama's healthcare town hall