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  1. Bernard Madoff hires help to survive hard time
  2. Honduran Chancellor: Obama is a little black man who knows nothing
  3. An Enlisted Man's Point of View
  4. Magical Thinking in California
  5. I'm really not happy with McDonalds!!
  6. Disney World monorail crash kills driver
  7. Shinto Shrine: Rope Symbolizes Marriage
  8. Chip Reid and Helen Thomas Own BO's Press Secretary
  9. 8th Grade Final Exam (1895)
  10. Attorney General To Classify Pro-life, Pro-gun Americans As Terrorists
  11. Reagan vs Obama
  12. How'd you celebrate Independence Day?
  13. Repubs vs. Dems ...tax cuts.
  14. Program Pays Girls To Not Get Pregnant
  15. Massive *Anti-CNN*/Anti-Chavez Demonstrations Erupt in Honduras
  16. Palin and Her Enemies
  17. Putting Liberals on the Couch
  18. Liberal Lawmakers Love Their Sex Freaks
  19. Blast into Space, Spectacular Fall to Earth
  20. Top 10: Horniest Countries
  21. Recession Special: Wine Cheaper Than Water!
  22. Apollo Gadgets: Can you guess what they were for? VIDEOS
  23. Teacher Sends Feces Home in Student's Backpack, School Not Amused
  24. Let's cap and trade oxygen!
  25. Ryanair to make passengers stand
  26. Social Security Numbers Can Be Guessed
  27. Kiwis Remind Us To Drive Safely With Bleeding Billboard
  28. Republicans vs. the US Constitution
  29. When comic book heroes and villains get old: Superheroes Decadence
  30. Top 26 Vampire Movies
  31. Retarded Obama Administration Mocked by Drudge
  32. How's the stimulus working for you so far?
  33. Five Reasons “Cash for Clunkers” is a Joke
  34. Judge rules Ward Churchill will not get job back
  35. Some Works Of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  36. Do No Harm
  37. What state do you live in?
  38. 'If you choose to live in this country, you live by its rules',
  39. Former Figure Skating Champ Nicole Bobek Charged in Meth Bust
  40. Play Lone Ranger With Plant-Fueled Horse (Tonto Not Included)
  41. The Devil arrested for messing with man's world vision, cops say
  42. 14 Mens Fashion and Style Icons
  43. Forbidden love...(picture)
  44. The Greens in brown shirts are coming, England is finished. EMIGRATE WHILE YOU CAN
  45. Air Force Denies Request for Flyover at Christian Festival
  46. Amsterdam considering bank help for prostitutes
  47. Gun rights and states rights
  48. Sarah Agonistes
  49. Campaign to Legalize Pot Hits Airwaves
  50. Study: Travel Nearly Triples Risk of Deadly Blood Clots
  51. 'Harry Potter' Star Could Face 14 Years for Growing Marijuana Farm
  52. Factory Worker Dies After Falling Into Vat of Chocolate
  53. The moment suicidal man tried to hurl his daughter, two, out of eighth-floor window
  54. Justice Yemen-style (Pictures)
  55. Australian Navy faces male sex competition scandal
  56. The Video That Could Kill ObamaCare.
  57. Obama's Katrina
  58. National Park Service includes gays and lesbians in civil rights trail plans
  59. Letter to America
  60. Immorality
  61. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) Resolution to Honor Michael Jackson...
  62. Snopes Exposed
  63. Al-Qaeda in gay rape horror
  64. Wow, was i mad..(family story)..
  65. 9/11, the Satanica version.
  66. Episcopal Bishop calls individual salvation 'heresy,' 'idolatry'
  67. Smugglers turn to affluent women as drug ‘mulas’
  68. Forgetting Sarah Palin
  69. Man pulls out 13 of his own teeth with pliers
  70. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
  71. Please help me figure something out...
  72. US, German Intel: Al Qaeda Plots Multiple Attacks on US/ Israel-Bound Airliners
  73. Is the state guilty of child kidnap?
  74. Are you listening, President Hussein?
  75. Hide and Seek gone wrong
  76. UK: National Trust urges city dwellers to grow vegetables on window sills
  77. Superman, Batman & others joining forces with Arab Superheros.
  78. Careful Barack!
  79. Clinton left behind?
  80. polygraphs for CIA-briefed lawmakers
  81. "Whats going on With All of These Late Night House Breaks ?"
  82. Blame Obama!
  83. What if Palin Were President?
  84. Obama just being Obama.. Classless Muslim...
  85. Horror as taxi driver decapitates himself outside cafe
  86. Church sign blasts Islam
  87. China: Caption This Photo
  88. What’s So Funny About Armed Revolution?
  89. Play The Card Check Game.
  90. Hello boys
  91. Humorous & Unclear Toilet Signs
  92. F-18 drops bomb, hits A4 chase plane.watch!
  93. Constructing A Super Hornet: "A time lapse of the construction of a Super Hornet"
  94. Gay Marriage Advocates ANGERD over 'Homophobic' Divorce
  95. Homeowners stunned as 'Blunket Bobbies' climb through unlocked windows...
  96. Scariest video ever. A U.S. mayor paying people to rat out their neighbor's guns
  97. Teen Girl Falls In Open Manhole While Texting
  98. Oklahoman visitors die in Ontario twister
  99. I get slammed as a leftists for opposing a WND story! lol
  100. "There's gonna be a revolution-Patrick Henry style, in America.."
  101. Goose gets a bionic leg in world-first operation
  102. 9 Humorous Headstones
  103. Log Cabin Republicans Mock Military, Corrupt Children at Chicago ‘Gay Pride’ Parade
  104. BRADENTON, Fl:Family dog attacks, chases off Bradenton home invader
  105. Woman Professor Arrested for Child Endangerment? Blame Palin, Says NYT Columnist
  106. Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US
  107. Massive Irony Warning
  108. John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar: Forced abortions and mass sterilization need
  109. Fast-growing kelp invades San Francisco Bay
  110. Monty Python film voted most controversial film of all time
  111. Most U.S. Christians Don't Believe Satan, Holy Spirit Exist
  112. Lebanese shepherds outraged by Israeli cow incursions-
  113. UK: Pupils should have an 'orgasm a day' to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke
  114. Kiwi opens brothel to fund campaign
  115. The Obama Administration is a 'Seinfeld' Episode
  116. A Kansans' take on the bailouts
  117. The End of Obamania
  118. Gay Couple detained after kissing-taunting the Mormon Church
  119. And I Blame These People For Everything Wrong In The U.S. watch!
  120. Now that's what I call a fly-past: US Navy F18 streaks past apartment block
  121. Health care reform
  122. Boxer and the climate change bill!
  123. MSNBC's Matthews Gets "Thrill" Over Sotomayor Hearing
  124. Police: Mom Leaves Kids Alone in Maggot-Filled Home
  125. Gun Sales On The Rise As NRA Warns Members Of Days To Come
  126. Iranian Ayatollah Issues Fatwa against current Iranian government
  127. AP can sue when competitors copy time-sensitive stories
  128. 'Jane Roe' Arrested at Supreme Court Hearing
  129. And now for some weird crap !
  130. TOTUS commits suicide...
  131. Fraudsters will target stimulus funds...
  132. Odd News Same-sex penguin couple split
  133. Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies
  134. Half a million African slaves are at the heart of Mauritania's presidential election
  135. 72 Year Old Attempts IVF For Seventh Time.
  136. The Sin Map
  137. Soldier's deployment orders revoked after challenging Obama's legitimacy!!!
  138. Poor in Colorado may get free phones
  139. Homosexclamation! Christian student fights prof, wins big
  140. China Stops Clinic Treating Internet Addiction With Electroshock
  141. Democrats Health Care Plan Explained: Easy to Read Graphic
  142. Sarah Palin: The 'Cap And Tax' Dead End (Washington Post op-ed)
  143. EPA cover-up
  144. Nearly all my professors are Democrats. Isn't that a problem?
  145. Jane Fonda shows rebellious streak at 71
  146. It takes a gun to stop a gunman
  147. Report: Stokes County NAACP President Arrested on Sex Charges
  148. BREAKING: Massive Fire in Hazel Park (A bridge collapsed over the I-75 in Hazel Park
  149. Monkey Moves Robot Using Mind Control
  150. Health Care Bill Denies Private Insurance Changes.
  151. Home foreclosures go up, and up, and up...
  152. Dem Health Rx A Poi$on Pill In Ny Terrifying 57% Tax Looms For Biggest Earners
  153. Dems to GOP Nominee: Will the Defendant Please Rise?
  154. Mandatory Shots?
  155. louisiana; dash cam shows police choke man to death for drugs in his mouth .
  156. Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’
  157. Susan Roesgen Out at CNN,Reporter Slams FOX at Chicago "Tea-Party"
  158. New White House spin: Stimulus not designed to … stimulate
  159. Humor in the Workplace
  160. I'm Mad as Hell
  161. Captured On Camera: Suicide Bomber Blew Himself Up In Indonesian Hotel
  162. Senate passes thought crime bill. >:(
  163. Islamic Supremacist Group Holds First U.S. Conference
  164. 'Healthcare reform' kills seniors to pay for illegal aliens, uninsured
  165. Eagle Scout Lost on Mountain Fined $25,000 for Rescue
  166. Ex-Marine fends off lion with chainsaw
  167. Buy a Truck, Get a Gun (CNN elitist anchorette vs. rural Missouri car dealer)
  168. Attack On Iran To Include Ground Forces
  169. Governments will soon have, track citizens anywhere in the world in real time
  170. Police tear-gas Iran protesters during prayer
  171. Three missing after 2 homes plunge over cliff,Amazing pictures
  172. House Democrat: US Lawmakers Should Also Pay Health Surtax
  173. Video of US prisoner held by Taliban
  174. 'I wed Iranian girls before execution'
  175. Is ATF using 'heavy-handed tactics' on border state gun owners?
  176. Orthodox Jewish Couple Sues Over Motion-Sensing Light
  177. Is it possible to be Pro-Life AND Pro Choice?
  178. Sorry, just couldn't pass this one up...
  179. Letters from Gettysburg
  180. Celebrities hit by 'Madoff' style Ponzi sting
  181. Documents from Gettysburg
  182. Store video catches cop bullying woman
  183. Larry Summers cites Google search as progress
  184. Joe Biden KILLS employment
  185. Whoopi Goldberg Entertains Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories
  186. Boy to hit the 555-pound mark by age 14.
  187. Obama Gaffe: Health Care Reform Would Bring "Inefficiencies" To System
  188. Walter Cronkite Without Tears
  189. NORTH CHARELSTON SC - information needed
  190. A glimpse of what could happen to us.
  191. Who, exactly, is clamoring for Gov. healthcare?
  192. Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals
  193. Medical Care Confusion
  194. Americans Are Beginning to Understand the Left
  195. Greenbacks and Ham, by Dr. Sluice
  196. Porker Surgeon General Draws Fire.
  197. When You Lie Down with Pythons
  198. Swine flu may force Muslims to abandon Haj pilgrimage to Mecca
  199. Violence Explodes in Iran; Video Shows Shooting of Protestors
  200. Obama popularity lower than Bush's at six-month mark: poll
  201. Let them eat painkillers...
  202. Hard Times at Harvard (Lunatic Liberal World's financial collapse)
  203. The Creation According to Atheists
  204. Palin to feds: Alaska is sovereign state
  205. Leading African American scholar arrested; demands apology
  206. US airline apologises for frisking Abdul Kalam (former Indian president)
  207. The 0 is on tv for heath care reform.
  208. Bin Laden Son Reported Killed In Pakistan
  209. Now you can have your children baptised when you marry, says Church of England
  210. ....cheating wife faces honour killing - acid poured down lover's throat
  211. Take Two Aspirin and Call Me When Your Cancer is Stage 4
  212. Woman calls police claiming harassment about having sex with teen
  213. New York Times Fact Checks Obama - I know - hard to believe . . . .
  214. The "Public Plan" Exists and It Doesn't Work
  215. Should Satanica be banned?
  216. Hey, Satanica-here's some Obama numbers for you...
  217. A Tale of Two Constitutions?
  218. Reid Postpones Health Care Vote Until After August Recess, House Mulls Timetable
  219. "Racist" Cop Gave Kiss of Life To Dying Black Man
  220. The DOW tops 9000
  221. Police: Fla. woman practiced dentistry in garage
  222. Docs Demand Apology From Obama.
  223. House sales up, 3rd month in a row.
  224. More Disturbing news about Obamacare
  225. Blue state at its best
  226. I guess the bloom is off the Rose
  227. Rush on Greta
  228. Hospital exports crimigrant back to his country of origin...
  229. Obama as a witch doctor
  230. Satanica explains the Healthcare basics.
  231. 'House Negro' Comment Insults Firefighter.
  232. Cold Shoulder to Climate 'Urgency'
  233. How Obama Stumbled on Health Care
  234. Furries In Commercials
  235. Shame on Professor Gates
  236. Just as Intended
  237. Sound familiar?
  238. Rhetoric vs. Reality...
  239. No charge, but Gates case seethes
  240. "Victory Not Necessarily our Goal in Afghanistan" -Obama
  241. Rush on Greta at 8pm cst
  242. My Thoughts – The ‘Gates” Affair
  243. Arizona, Texas: now this Palin to feds: Alaska is sovereign state
  244. Please, just bend over...
  245. Nasa finds monster black hole sucking up gas, dust and stars at centre of galaxy
  246. Obamacare Fact Check
  247. BTW, Congratulations America!
  248. CU vs DU
  249. Time Mag: Jon Stewart Most Trusted Newsman in America
  250. Pain Ray!!! Woot!!!