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  1. America, Are You Still Sitting on Your Gas?
  2. The Marxist roots of the global warming scare
  3. Then there is the granddaddy of them all: the oil shale in Green River Formation
  4. Police Investigate Woman With Five Dead Husbands. Bad luck or black widow?
  5. Haditha charges dropped against LT. Col Chessani
  6. Obama: Bin Laden still free because of GOP tactics
  7. AlBore...Energy Hog!!!
  8. Why some rednecks shouldn't have guns
  9. Update: Hikers Found
  10. Biggest hypocrite in Florida. Two days ago he was against drilling ...
  11. Once again Celtics take it !Teach Los Angeles Lakers how to Play Basketball !
  12. Murtha Lied; Marines Were Tried (And Acquitted),Murtha is A total waste of air !
  13. Why I'm Voting Democrat
  14. Future of the Euro?
  15. Europe orders global abolition of death penalty
  16. Darrell Issa politicizes Russert’s death.
  17. Gore's Energy Use Up 10%.
  18. Tim Russert (1950-2008)
  19. Afghan, NATO Troops Kill 23 Taliban Near Kandahar
  20. I call on Congress to permit drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.
  21. Power Poll: Should the Government Open up Offshore Drilling? (Take this Poll)
  22. 'Sophisticated' Pickup Rigged To Steal Fuel
  23. Speeders to pay extra for police fuel
  24. George Carlin And Sports
  25. Sixth Foot Washes Up In Canada. This Is A Completely Different, New Foot.
  26. Anti-Statists
  27. McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors
  28. US stocks fall as oil prices surge
  29. "Families across the country are looking to Washington for a response," Bush said.
  30. Haditha Prosecution Results So Far...
  31. Urgent: House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries
  32. Canada's Thought Police
  33. Berkley TreeHumpers out,Chamber pots overflow, Berkley Calif .what a Stinkey Place !
  34. Nursing Home 5-Star Rank Proposed
  35. They can no longer be associated with liberals who tolerate homosexual clergy.
  36. Most Americans support more U.S. oil drilling
  37. Drill Now?? Yes/No
  38. Pelosi's Bay Area Maoist answer to the Presidents call to 'Drill the damn Oil!"
  39. AP sets up pay to copy rates for bloggers and boards citing its stories.
  40. Court overturns father's grounding of 12-year-old
  41. They Should Lock This Thief Up Forever Along With His Partner In Crime !
  42. France to ban illegal downloaders from using the internet under three-strikes rule
  43. Justice Kennedy: American Idle
  44. Obama, Don't Drill Decrats To America: Don't Drive. Shut Up, Sweat In Your Dark House
  45. Let's Go RINO Hunting: Part I
  46. "Increase in the annual energy of earthquakes is a symptom of planetary overheating.
  47. Warning From The Middle East
  48. New Supreme Court rulings today
  49. Heading back to Iraq & wanted to give you all my thanks!
  50. Continuing Bush's tax cuts
  51. Chavez threatens Europe over immigration
  52. Death 2... Faith Healing 0
  53. ROFLMAO!!! Al Franken unconsciously admits there's no quagmire in Iraq
  54. Sex and Marriage in San Francisco
  55. U.S. says exercise by Israel seemed directed at Iran
  56. Can you cost people money by clicking their Google ads?
  57. An ideal politician
  58. Hollywood's 6 Favorite Offensive Stereotypes
  59. How someone could do this to another human being let alone a child..
  60. Russia's Lavrov warns against attack on Iran
  61. Christianity debate
  62. The Big list of things caused by global warming by algore!
  63. Since there ain't no damn gun forum....
  64. John McCain's proposal to allow offshore drilling ''makes absolutely no sense at all'
  65. Irish premier sorry for treaty 'no' vote,now just go ahead an ignore the vote....
  66. Switch-hurler, developed by dad, plays cat-and-mouse with switch-hitter
  67. What Do The Democrats Take Us For?Do they think the American people are fools?
  68. Travelers Shift to Rail as Cost of Fuel Rises
  69. Report: Ohio teacher burned cross on kids' arms
  70. COLUMBIA, SC:James Earl Reed executed !
  71. FDA Requests Seizure of Animal Food Products at PETCO Distribution Center
  72. Now This Is A Great Idea: HIV 'is a gay disease' ,Treat gay sex like smoking
  73. The Hippie Chic Trench Hobo Mother Lode at Stonehenge Sunrise !
  74. Jesus was a jew, and the Muslims don't like it
  75. I remember the good ol days
  76. "He's drumming up business for his Clenical Internet Adiction Studies !"
  77. Why Do We Call Them 'Democrats'?
  78. Ten (10) years to benefit from new drilling? More like Four Years (4) at most [ vide
  79. Anybody ever read Nostradamus?
  80. America's native criminal class,The Congress
  81. Army ‘vacuum’ missile hits Taliban [UK Army]
  82. FOX News Poll: Americans 'Energized' for Action (76% want drilling now)
  83. Everything seemingly is spinning out of control
  84. Navy christens newest attack submarine in Conn.
  85. Poll: most Britons doubt cause of climate change
  86. Iraq to award oil contracts to foreign firms (Gratitude? What is that . )
  87. In action: a skyscraper’s amazing 728-ton stabilising ball
  88. China securing access to Middle East oil
  89. More Members of Congress have had their computers infiltrated by hackers within China
  90. Move_On demands a filibuster,This is a peek at the Obama Presidency !
  91. I had fun this weekend [Where's the gun forum?]
  92. Obama inspires Milan styles,"first" for Barack Obama comes off the Milan runway.
  93. The Army and Air Force discharged a disproportionate number of women in 2007
  94. Kim Jong Il Throws his Support Behind Obama; Joins Castro, Qaddifi and Hamas
  95. Just ran across this: Is this drag performer racist?
  96. Put oil firm chiefs on trial, for actively spreading doubt about global warming .
  97. Nasa Scientist: Put Oil Chiefs On Trial For Spreading Doubt About Global Warming...
  98. Edgy comic George Carlin dies at 71
  99. Obama: Guilty By Association
  100. Hell, No, Baby Alex Won't Go
  101. Hizballah in Venezuela: Will the U.S. move? "We will have to 'Visit Hugo 'eventually
  102. Boumediene: A Supremely Problematic Court Decision (new column by Fred Thompson)
  103. Three more Supreme Court opinions
  104. Scots Ban Father's Day Cards In Schools To Cheer Up Lesbians, Single Mothers
  105. One Election Outcome Certain: A Lefty Will Win White House ...But it won't be Obama !
  106. Heavyweight physics professor weighs into climate/energy scrap
  107. UPDATE: Order restored on Vliet St.
  108. For those who were homeschooled or are homeschooling their children
  109. Drilling
  110. Israel 'Will Attack Iran' Before New US President Sworn In, John Bolton Predicts
  111. RIP George Carlin
  112. "Why Gentile Americans Back the Jewish State".
  113. The price of retail gasoline could fall by half, to around $2 a gallon, within 30 day
  114. Journalist Accused Of Committing The Murders He Covered Commits Suicide
  115. Bakken Well Getting Noticed, as much as 4.3 billion barrels of oil
  116. If you could have one Dream Car what would you choose?
  117. Woman has sex with student, 15, plus 7 friends
  118. Police: Man Charged In Death Of Grandson Left Inside Hot Car
  119. This lady is a lock for mother of the year
  120. “Those who cannot learn from history are destined to repeat it.”
  121. Time to grow up and put your guns away
  122. The Oil Follies
  123. Anti-Spanking Laws does Harm, deterred parents from disciplining their children
  124. Heinz pulls mayonnaise ad over gay kiss, 200 complained that it was offensive.
  125. "Weird Suicide Ends Sarkozy departure Ceremony"
  126. (SAFER) Pot Group Wants to Fly High in the Denver Skys !
  127. Amanda Knox is suspected of involvement in the Meredith Kercher killing
  128. iPod Wearing Trespasser Loses legs, Sues.
  129. "Israel must have Said It's going to trash Iran,USJCS to Israel Twice in 6 months !"
  130. Poll: 77% of Israeli Arabs would rather live in Israel than any country in the world
  131. "It Looks LIke Kennedy And Crazy Uncle Wally Lose !"
  132. "The way things used to be in America by Col. Robert Green Ingersoll "
  133. Senate Democrats to Block Deals for Iraqi Oil (Democrats for high oil and gas prices!
  134. Obama and the “Nightmare Scenarios”
  135. "Bush should invite the Chinese to drill for oil in San Francisco Harbor !"
  136. Name That Party: Mass. Rep. to 'Rip Apart' 6-Year-Old Victims on the Stand
  137. Four new Supreme Court Cases
  138. Rove: Obama's the Guy at the Country Club.......
  139. Prostitution Bust 21 Kids Rescued in Raid .
  140. Governor Palin letter to Dirty little Harry Reid 'Just Drill, Baby' -
  141. Homeless man gets nearly 5 years for Bush threats
  142. Audit questions oversight of aid to Pakistan
  143. Europe-Loving Justice Kennedy:Hero of Terrorists, Child Rapists
  144. To: All Employees of Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc.Re: Reduction in Workforce Plans
  145. ACLU tries to halt mealtime prayer at Naval Academy
  146. Supreme Court Gun Ban Ruling Expected Tomorrow (In the Morning!)
  147. Settlement in NY lawsuit over NBC's 'Predator'
  148. NYC: Many 9/11 Injury Plaintiffs Not Seriously Ill
  149. Rant. Ask for it. Get it. Then say it's racist.
  150. Mayor Daley calls Supreme Court's gun-ban reversal 'a very frightening decision'
  151. The Imitators
  152. San Fransisco Nuttiness
  153. “Does this lead to everyone having a gun in our society?”
  154. More European Companies Expected to Buy U.S. Defense Contractors
  155. US removes its nuclear arms from Britain
  156. Will Kofi testify?
  157. What the Heck Is up!!!
  158. Environmental groups who support Democrats oppose opening more land for drilling.
  159. Study finds Arctic seabed afire with lava-spewing (and "huge volumes of CO2")
  160. Bicyclist going 45 mph hits bear in Boulder County
  161. New 2nd Amendment ruling and the ACLU
  162. One Africans not so cheery outlook on the continent.
  163. Crying 'racism' - last resort of a chancer
  164. The Republic of Kennedy,One nation ,under Justice Kennedy with Liberty and Judgement
  165. Air Force Colonel Discharged, faced 140 years in prison !
  166. Canadian Health Care We So Envy Lies In Ruins, Its Architect Admits
  167. Guns and Bitter,the illogical nature of liberalism
  168. Comic faces human rights hearing in B.C. after lesbian jokes
  169. Missile defense success:
  170. Cheer up. We're winning this War on Terror
  171. I guess the religious right can't be blamed for the country's woes after all
  172. A New Way To Thank A Soldier!
  173. John McCain blasts Jimmy Carter as 'lousy president'
  174. Biblical Text-Writing May Have Poisoned Danish Monks .
  175. Red Skeleton examines the Pledge of Allegiance...
  176. America's Universities Are Living a Diversity Lie
  177. Virginia judge says church secession law is constitutional
  178. Cop charged for body-slamming an unarmed woman and broke her jaw!
  179. Calif. man gets prison for burning Burning Man
  180. 4-Day, 10 Hour Work Week ( Utah & Arkansas employees? Big Gubmint closed on Fridays)
  181. Israel capable of attacking Iran nuclear facilites: ex-general,We could do it today!
  182. US drilling continues to increase,climbing to 1,913 rotary rigs working this week !
  183. Boy decapitated by roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia
  184. Trying to Put Lipstick on a Pig (Planned Parenthood)
  185. The Supreme Court may have struck down the District's 32-year-old ban on handguns !
  186. 17 injured by live amo at open day
  187. LZR speedo.. technological doping?
  188. Medical helicopters collide, killing at least 7
  189. Aussies called the F-18 a piece of shit.
  190. OPEC Leader Khelil Says Dollar Will Drive Oil to $170
  191. Sniffer Dogs Offend Muslims
  192. Swedish School Confiscates Boy's Party Invitations
  193. Shannon, Where were you last night?
  194. Amid policy disputes, Qaeda grows in Pakistan
  195. BP Chief Blames Politics for an Inadequate Supply and Soaring Oil Prices
  196. Obama's Southern Strategy takes a hit
  197. X-Rays From Invisible Jewish SpaceShip Target Ahmadinejad !
  198. This flag was carried by the regiment whose major shot Stonewall Jackson.
  199. US 'won't allow' Iran to shut key Gulf oil route," They will not be allowed to close
  200. Wild horse euthanasia considered
  201. "Obama's Ass_Wipe Wesley Clark Insults a Silver Star awarded American Hero!"
  202. Interesting Nick Cohen article
  203. Pack of cigarettes ignites 200-person ruckus at Fort Myers gas station
  204. Law Expanding GA Gun Rights Goes Into Effect July 1st
  205. Gator Blood Destroys Deadly Superbugs, HIV Virus that Causes AIDS.
  206. Manslaughter case against Marine sniper under way [Sgt John Winnick]
  207. Ex-intelligence official: World expects Israel to bomb Iran
  208. Disney thumbs nose at Florida's new gun law
  209. It's Perilous To Call The Top In A Booming Market.
  210. Rene Marie was introduced to sing the national anthem. But that's not what she sang.
  211. 'Mexicans In Florida Behead Little Girl Who Resisted Being Raped' (Where's the media
  212. Don't let people vote Lawyers try to cut California marriage amendment from ballot
  213. UN Proposes Even More Government Intervention
  214. Ad Featuring Popular Police Pup Sparks Anger in Scottish Muslim Communities
  215. Number of abortions rising in Middle East,
  216. Congrats to Rush
  217. Fears, Again, of Oil Supplies at Risk
  218. Oil prices rise to record highs above $144
  219. Jackass Journalist Too Ashamed To Celebrate The 4th...
  220. Milwaukee Moonbats Don't Like The Army...
  221. Why doesn't the US enact these laws?
  222. The FBI has no appreciation of Constitutional rights
  223. No Notice of the Colombian Hostage Rescue??
  224. Old Hippie ’60s Liberal Professors Begin to Fade as they Retire !
  225. What powers a solar-powered snail, kids A,B,C or D ?
  226. McCain denies roughing up Sandinista
  227. 'She Deceived us,' Mayor says of jazz singer, black anthem
  228. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh: "Global Warming As Mass Neurosis."
  229. Man held 3 times ,"You have to admire his singularity of purpose !"
  230. Where's Black Jack Pershing when you need him ?
  231. Former Marine's Actions Called Into Question by Thief's Grandparents .
  232. Bush argued that the Democratic Congress has “refused to budge” on these issues.
  233. My Presidential Platform
  234. 'Black National Anthem' brings City Council president hate mail
  235. In Congress, July 4, 1776
  236. Energy Myths Of Liberal/Democrat Congress
  237. George Washington gave his army a double allowance of rum and fired artillery salute
  238. An Army of One,Why Wes Clark’s coworkers hated him.
  239. Question for CU: Who (really) is George Soros?
  240. "And so it Goes in that Secular Paradise of Tolerance and Good Will !"
  241. "Wesley Clark : "Have you no sense of decency?"
  242. General Motors swaps Hummers for mini-cars as fuel prices soar in the US
  243. "How come the French Can Build What We Are Not Allowed ?"
  244. Video: Code Pink Stalker Rushing Stage at President Bush Speech at Monticello
  245. Nuclear Power in France Vs Nuclear Power in American ?
  246. America Needs France’s Atomic Anne
  247. Waiting for GoBus
  248. FBI probe latest setback for beleaguered Detroit
  249. Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis
  250. This 4th from a Vets family