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  1. Wednesday Morning War Porn (4 stars)....
  2. Atlas Shrugs: Doctors ‘Going Galt’
  3. Can Your Pet Save You on Your Taxes?
  4. Why I Hate Obama's America
  5. The Last Straw
  6. More jail time rejected: Inmates' request to wait out tough economy iin jail..
  7. America The Beautiful
  8. Coulter's "Natural Born Losers"
  9. Unofficial Reports: Iran's Supreme Leader Dead
  10. When old people don't support you, bribe 'em!
  11. Italy: Lesbians 'Attacked' by North African Immigrants
  12. Now Muslims Demand: Give Us Full Sharia Law
  13. France: Muslim football team excluded after spat with 'gay' team
  14. Israel May Attack Iran After December
  15. CNN Guest On Rush Limbaugh: "This Is A High-Tech Lynching" (Video)
  16. Arizona boy, 8, has 'sex change'
  17. Should Rush Limbaugh have been dropped from group trying to buy the Rams?
  18. Ginsburg passes out from taking downers on airplane
  19. How do i respond to this
  20. Media to promote Obama's "service" agenda
  21. Giant Snakes Threaten U.S.
  22. "Italian Couple Booked On a Three-Day Gay Cruise Sues Agency !"
  23. Fourth-Grader To Obama: Why Does Everyone Hate You?
  24. The Death Of Free Speech At Harvard "Yard !"
  25. 'Balloon Boy' found alive, was never inside inside balloon
  26. Insurance Agencies Dropping Policies of Chinese Drywall Homes
  27. Florida EPA Suggests Ban of Plastic and Paper Bags
  28. Cash for Oldsters: A $250 bribe to help the ObamaCare medicine go down
  29. Brilliant Physicists, the Failure of the Super Collider Ordained by God.
  30. When Will a National Voter Fraud Investigation of ACORN Begin?
  31. Insane Japanese game shows: It’s Come to This .
  32. "10 Dead Of H1N1,81 Kids Dead; if Bush Were Prez This'd be Front Page!"
  33. "Balloon Boy" Sick on Today Show after Dad Says Boy Confused"
  34. Bedouin Sheikh: My People are of Jewish Descent
  35. Scientists create 'sexual tsunami'
  36. Neighbors Thought Dead Man's Body Was Part of Halloween Display
  37. I went to grade-school with the lead singer.. What do you think?
  38. Internet Eyes to Pay Australians for Spying on UK Shoplifters
  39. Hampton's First Non-Black Homecoming Queen Causes Stir
  40. World's gone MAD! Huge Obama Protest in SAN Fran!
  41. Holy Cow!! ! Look at Rio!!!!
  42. German Chancellor Merkel and Ministers Get Special H1N1 Vaccine
  43. Monday Night War Porn....
  44. 13 Pants-Peeing Haunted Houses
  45. U.S. attorneys told to go after pot traffickers, not patients
  46. Free golf carts available from federal stimulus program
  47. Holy See Welcomes Anglican Christians into Catholic Church
  48. Michael Jackson said he channeled God
  49. Holy Protesters Force Cancellation of Catholic Wedding
  50. Engine problems cripple Collins-class submarines
  51. Dangerous cat spotted in bedroom
  52. Woman Dubbed 'Not Bright' Enough to Marry.
  53. Erotic farm girls calendar aims to make agriculture alluring
  54. Farrakhan suspicious of H1N1 vaccine
  55. Vote for Sarah Palin in Poll
  56. EPA: Urinal Must Flush Using a Half Gallon of Water or Less.
  57. Rush should make CNN an offer it can't refuse
  58. New Internet Game Has UK Residents Spy On Each other for Cash
  59. 980 lb Brit To Have Risky Weight Loss Surgery.
  60. REL- Sin, Redemption, and Justification: Christian Views Vary.
  61. Breast cancer sufferers will be denied life-extending drug (UK)
  62. Cheating wife Caught After Leaving Family Dog Outside Bar
  63. Panama Hit By 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake
  64. Top 10 Reasons Why President Got The Nobel
  65. "Singing While Stocking Shelves Without A License Not Allowed ."
  66. Obama's achievement checklist
  67. Israeli firearms manufacturer opening plant in Rapid City
  68. Penn Jillette Muses On Tommy Smothers' Hatred Of Beck
  69. Man pleads guilty to DWI in La-Z-Boy.Photo
  70. 'Star Trek XII' In 2012
  71. Hugo Chavez Tells Venezuelans Not to Sing in the Shower
  72. Did Flu Shot Cause Cheerleader's Rare Nerve Damage?
  73. Australia: Islamic cleric harasses families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan with...
  74. Bulgarian Orthodox Leader Affirms Desire for Unity
  75. Eat a Dog, Save the Earth
  76. Healthcare mandate and moron congressional staffers
  77. Liberty Movement vs The Establishment
  78. Wards of the State
  79. British backpackers 'spreading sexually transmitted diseases across Australia'
  80. Friday Night War Porn....
  81. British Muslims Seek The Conversion Of The Royal Family To Islam
  82. Japan Man Accidentally Given Artificial Rectum
  83. Saudi female journalist gets 60 lashes for TV show ("Bold Red Line")
  84. Armed Officers With H&K MP5's Placed on Routine Foot Patrol
  85. Seven Whopper Patties for Windows 7
  86. CNN Reports on Website Designed to Assess if You Have Swine Flu
  87. Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English
  88. United Nations Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in the United States
  89. Constant Surveillance Rankles Britons
  90. Labour Let In Migrants 'To Engineer Multicultural UK'
  91. Senior Anglican bishop reveals he is ready to convert to Roman Catholicism
  92. Comedian Brags of Snorting Cocaine Yards From President
  93. UN: International Law has ''Absolute Authority''
  94. Anybody believe the Webbot predictions for Oct. 25th?
  95. DUI checkpoints revisited
  96. UK: Islamists who want to destroy the state get £100,000 funding
  97. Hennepin County Seeks Stimulus to Fight Fat (porkulus for welfare fatties)
  98. Dhimmitude UK
  99. Dhimmitude on stilts: UK training Libyan troops
  100. Sub order: Israel to ask for German cash
  101. National Emergency Over Swine Flu Pandemic, But Why?Mike Adams.
  102. Sunday Night Gun Porn....
  103. The Best Google Logo Ever
  104. It's Official: The ATF and the FBI Don't Get Along
  105. Palin's Shadow Book
  106. What have republicans done for this country?
  107. Museum wants Obama's Peace Prize money
  108. CNN anchors aren’t that smart...
  109. 6 People Alarmed By School Sports Logo.
  110. "Damn it feels good to be a victim"
  111. People with $$ flee NY
  112. Orwell Rolls in his Grave
  113. …………….———–……………….———–
  114. Alarming weight gain seen in kids on psych drugs
  115. It's good to watch this one again every so often..
  116. Betrayed, Marc Rubin Destorys His Obama Masterpiece
  117. Cancers Can Vanish Without Treatment, but How?
  118. Free Cell Phones---Courtesy of Obama
  119. What's up with this guy?
  120. Skincare Company Now Using Aborted Fetal Tissue in Anti-Aging Cream
  121. Finally - the media wakes up - Uncontrolled Muslim influx a threat
  122. Woman Killed by Coyotes!
  123. Chavez: Sean Penn may make film in Venezuela
  124. Isamist group march for 'full sharia law in Britain
  125. Radical Leader Told Followers Government was the Enemy
  126. ‘Jobs Created or Saved’ Is White House Fantasy
  127. Patriotic Gore
  128. Uproar As Fanatics Go On March For Sharia Law In Uk
  129. Melanie Phillips: The Neatherworld of Britain's busted political class
  130. North Carolina Church to Hold Book Burning
  131. All serial killers are middle class white guys........
  132. Morality is the new enemy....
  133. Planet Earth
  134. Russia 'simulates' nuclear attack on Poland
  135. Change is hard
  136. Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart
  137. Muslim Mafia In America
  138. Ukrainian Hemorrhagic Influenza
  139. H1N1 Vaccine Package Insert
  140. Time to DUMP the RINOs
  141. Obama weather
  142. GM got billions while Ford made a billion
  143. Big Brother - Obama style
  144. Reasons for getting rid of Background Checks
  145. Homosexuals are once again shown that American doesn't accept gay marriage.
  146. Stimulus at work.
  147. Boris Johnson: London mayor comes to rescue of woman being attacked
  148. Barbara Boxer "All By Myself"
  149. Skewed Priorities of the 0
  150. Run Off for Houston Mayor
  151. You Poll: Should Congress Be Required To Enroll In Public Option?
  152. Atheist Blames Mother Theresa for Misery.
  153. Glenn Beck hospitalized.
  154. The new mascot of the Democrat party
  155. Italy - Vatican in uproar over court crucifix ruling
  156. Russian plans to build NUCLEAR space rocket?
  157. NSW town in 'world-first' ban on bottled water
  158. Antiwar demonstrators cut fence at sub base
  159. Great Cartoon
  160. Some Swine Flu Info - Videos
  161. PBS Apologizes for Sesame Street Skit
  162. Amazon Tribe Hit by Swine Flu
  163. You just can't make this stuff up...
  164. BOHICA? Saudis again
  165. The Swine Flu Vaccine Screw-Up
  166. I'm ticked off ...
  167. Kipling had it right.
  168. More ‘Work’ for the President
  169. The "non-news" network.
  170. PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail
  171. 'Islam not responsible' for Fort Hood massacre: US imam
  172. Muslim first ... American Second
  173. Fort Hood suspect's religion was an issue, family says
  174. Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD) "Swine Flu a BioWeapon"
  175. Baguette-toting bird stalls atom smasher
  176. Would CNN Allow Dobbs to Attack Blacks?
  177. Report: 237 millionaires in Congress
  178. Fort Hood shooting: inside story of how massacre on military base happened
  179. Hezbollah against Diary of Ann Frank in Farsi and Arabic
  180. Not Yours to Give
  181. Fort Hood Shooter Tried to Contact Al Qaeda
  182. Pro-Life Doc Investigated As Feds Blow Thousands.
  183. The Business Card of the Fort Hood Terrorist
  184. DC sniper..
  185. The fucker is awake...
  186. I say kill the baby and the parents too!
  187. Barack Obama would have to sign death warrant
  188. Pfizer abandons site of infamous Kelo eminent domain taking
  189. Random Thoughts
  190. Iran ready to return to Sharia Law
  191. Must see video
  192. Not enough about him? Barack Obama skips Berlin Wall ceremonies
  193. Is this piece of crap hussein obama even worse than you could have imagined?
  194. Man charged with statutory rape in ‘marriage’ to 14-year-old girl
  195. Who Wears it Better?
  196. Hasan on Islam
  197. FBI - 10% of US Mosques Preach Jihad
  198. Casualties of Diversity?
  199. This should make your blood run cold
  200. Monica Crowley
  201. I told my daughter about the Health Care Reform Bill....
  202. Chicago Mayor Daley Blames Fort Hood On America’s Love Of Guns!
  203. Blatant Bias With Obama & Media
  204. Obama's Cairo Speech Propaganda
  205. A Minority View: Constitutional Contempt
  206. Five Family Members Charged in Missouri Child Sex Case
  207. I Need Someone To Explain Something To Me
  208. CAIR Speaker to Muslims - Okay to attack Fort Bragg
  209. Black Professor Acts Stupidly-Punches White Woman in the Face
  210. Brooklyn teens shot over $0.40 chicken wings...
  211. Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN (For Fox?)
  212. One strong woman.. and one of the saddest things I've seen..
  213. The Nuge!
  214. Kansas City - 14 Year Old Muslim girl 'wed'
  215. Muslim Man at Shopping Mall Robs and Threatens Christians
  216. AZ supermarket pussies to go on strike tomorrow
  217. Islam Hijacked by Extemists?
  218. Muslim Suffers Bruised Ego in Fort Hood Tragedy
  219. Parents say son was tormented for eating salami sandwich during Ramadan
  220. What is Terrorism
  221. College Students Flunk Basic Algebra.
  222. Great Videos. Soldiers reuniting with their Dogs.
  223. Dog back after a year MIA in Afghanistan
  224. I told my daughter about Obama Care...
  225. American Airdrop in Afghanistan Turns Deadly
  226. Allegiance to Sharia Law or to the USA??
  227. Pakistani Poetry
  228. Cancer: Cheap Drugs Ignored, Bad Diet Advice Taken.
  229. Flashback Hypocrisy
  230. Since we don't have a History themed forum . . . .
  231. Socialist government starts campaign to help children discover 'self-pleasure'
  232. Men Are Far More Likely to Abandon a Seriously Ill Spouse
  233. HBO - "by the people"
  234. An important update on the Kentucky census worker case: Insurance scheme probed
  235. Nasa blast finds enough water for man on Moon to have bath
  236. Woman Wanted A Caucasian Driver -(Didn't Want Man in "Turban" Driving Her Child)
  237. Oba-Mao" T-Shirts
  238. Eco Terrorist Watson at it again
  239. Arrest at Walmart leads to charges of racism
  240. Girl, 5, sold into prostitution by her own mother hunted by U.S. police
  241. The Intolerance of Those Who Demand Tolerance
  242. Loseweek Admits 74 Percent of Gore Letters Are Critical, But Fails to Publish Any
  243. Muslim Mickey Mouse Praises Fort Hood Killings
  244. Breast exam guidelines now call for less testing
  245. The Real Gitmo
  246. Officials: Major Hasan Sought 'War Crimes' Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers
  247. Bowing to "World Opinion"
  248. Five Terrible Cruelties of Liberalism
  249. Best Movie Line Pertaining To Radical Islam
  250. Chris Matthews is Insane