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  1. SEIU moving in...
  2. New Astrophysical Discoveries Leave Little to No room for Atheism, Expert Says
  3. What should be our next big goal for the United States?
  4. Few questions about Reagan
  5. Remembering Samantha Smith
  6. St. Thomas Aquinas,Why Believe in God?
  7. Over 2 million have watched this, have you?
  8. Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier, Text Suggests
  9. Do You Feel “Special?"
  10. "Mobs Lynching Looters In Haiti ."
  11. Raw Video: Police Fire on Looters in Haiti
  12. Journalism: The Most Trusted Scam In America
  13. Pentagon: 3 Americans hurt in "Mass Casualty Event" in Port-au-Prince
  14. The 'Real Unemployment' Needs Real Solutions
  15. U.N. Seeks Correction Officers to Capture Prisoners in Haiti
  16. Stealth Propaganda
  17. Impressions of RFK on MLK's death
  18. Just who is Scott Brown.....
  19. "Today is the 203rd birthday of Robert E. Lee"
  20. 'No place for burqa' in Denmark, says Prime Minister
  21. "Pentagon Refusing Israeli F-35 'Demands',DEMANDS ?"
  22. "The Russian FSB Contemplates Procuring Israeli UAV’s"
  23. TSA nominee withdraws name
  24. Want Your Competition Out Of The Way? Burn Then Down
  25. Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker faces hate speech trial
  26. [Video Report] Survivors continue to be found alive amid Haitian rubble
  27. "Kids Science Project Confuses Idiot Vice principal and Causes Evacuation"
  28. U.S. Air Force drops 55,000 pounds of food, water into Haiti
  29. Barack Obama - The First Year.
  30. SEAT HIM NOW! - Please Read
  31. "Saudi 13-year-old Teen Sentenced to 90 Lashes for Cell Phone in School"
  32. Megyn Kelly Fox Update
  33. ‘White House’s Google’
  34. Haiti in dispair, Donate now
  35. That Old Obama Magic Is Back
  36. Come on Mr. Feebmaster!
  37. "Saudis to Save Noble Wild Camels From Those Evil Australian Camel Killers "
  38. "British Muslim Police Say Islam Not to Blame for Terror Attacks"
  39. For Those Who Keep Making "The Last 8 Years" Argument
  40. And So It Begins: The Brown Daughters' Are In For It
  41. The day I decided to stop being gay
  42. Brock Lesnar on Health Care Reform
  43. Air America Ceases Live Programming Today.
  44. Haiti earthquake: Thai elephants help relief effort (Video)
  45. Fox on Sex: Revenge Sex - Should You Have It?
  46. "'Gays' Seek $1M to Recruit Queer Private-School Teachers."
  47. Should we stop them at the dinner roll?
  48. Senior Health Care Solution
  49. Federal Government Responds to Montana Firearms Freedom Act
  50. Tax on a Tax?
  51. Good God... The Automatic Shotgun!!!!
  52. 'Cruel' U.K. Mom Jailed for Elaborately Faking Son's Illness
  53. "Mother Sues Schools Over 6 Year Old Child's Gynecological Exam"
  54. News Meat
  55. "Military Spy CCTV Drones Track UK Speeders ."
  56. Funny Gun Pron.
  57. 20/20 Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics
  58. Glenn Beck -The Revolutionary Holocaust
  59. "Has a sitting president ever apologized for anything?"
  60. Can We Please Stop Labeling Liberals "Elite"?
  61. "FOX: Plane With 85 Passengers Crashes Into Mediterranean Sea,No story-yet "
  62. "Free Bacon:Great Smoky Mountains National Park Battling Infestation of Hogs"
  63. American History and Wars
  64. Health Care "Crisis" solved in two paragraphs.
  65. Nancy Kerrigan’s father dies, brother charged with assault
  66. Man biologically capable of running at 40mph
  67. "Iranian Official Uses the 'N' Bomb on O'Bummer !"
  68. Brigitte Gabriel: Hate preaching in mosques
  69. 5 Things Americans Need To Understand About How Government Really Works
  70. China: SLBM Test Launch Failed (fell back to sub and almost sank it)
  71. "No 'Reliable' Workers Because it Discriminates Against 'Unreliable' Applicants"
  72. Have the British police lost their fucking minds?
  73. Predictions for the State of the Union Address...
  74. Obama in Free Fall
  75. MRC-TV: Bozell on Newspapers' Sloppy Handling of 'Ellie Light' Letters
  76. Indonesia may tear down statue of Obama
  77. Axelrod says that people won't know what's in the health care bill until it's signed.
  78. Econstories.tv
  79. Media Matters Is Vewy, Vewy Angwy About Beck Documentary
  80. Climate Greenshirts: The Rise of Eco-Fascism
  81. The U.K. Rests On A Pile of 'Nitroglycerine'
  82. Guessing What President Obama Might Say in His State of the Union
  83. "Chicago Northwestern U Law School Lockdown, Man With a Gun..."
  84. " The Reporters I met Were,With Very Few Exceptions,Pig Ignorant."
  85. Government defeated three times over church gay plan
  86. Smoking Gun; Nancy Grace Camera Shy?
  87. Shoeless running may spare feet
  88. Texas governor: Link diplomas and driver's licenses
  89. Writer J.D. Salinger dies
  90. Impeach & Extradite Obama for Crimes against Humanity?
  91. 'Sex Predator' Law Reexamined.
  92. Married Biological Parents Best For Kids.
  93. My politicians are more corrupt than yours!!
  94. Today's Big Story.....
  95. "West Coast Queers Pick On Old Straight Guy For Voting for Prop. 8 ."
  96. "Hornet v. MiG-29 Fulcrum."
  97. Libertarians respond to State of the Union address
  98. The Conservative Case Against Amnesty, and other issues
  99. "A Queens Teacher Stays Although Deemed Too Dangerous to be Near Kids"
  100. "Ballistic Missiles of the World,Who Has What?"
  101. Mystery Question Of Life: Why Are Most Blacks Raging Marxists
  102. Caption This Store Window in Queens, NY
  103. US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles
  104. "Roman Army Knife Beat The Swiss By Eighteen Hundred Years !"
  105. Minnesota's No-Spin Zone
  106. Obama abandons the man to moon bid
  107. What is with this man??!!! Why the hell would he bow to the Tampa Mayor??
  108. "Keystone Kops:K-9 Bites Cop,Cop Shoots K-9,Handler Attacks Cop!"
  109. "Five in Serious Condition After Brevard County Home Shootout !"
  110. American teen girls feel pressure to be thin
  111. Captain Phil Harris 'Deadliest Catch' suffers stroke
  112. "Florida Doesn't Want Illegal Haitians Granted Legal Status."
  113. "Is America Getting Weary of Keith Olbermann?
  114. Everyone Against Abortion Please Raise Your Hand
  115. Earth religions get worship area at AF Academy
  116. Vanity Fair's "New Hollywood"Issue Completely Lacks Diversity
  117. Hospital: 'Thank You Massachusetts!'
  118. "Red Chinese Sub Snooping Around Formosan Navy Base !"
  119. "Disabled Vet Suffers Gay Rape; Military Men are Victims of Sexual Assault "
  121. Every Teacher's Nightmare
  122. These people are buying us up??//
  123. "It is Now Over a Year Since The Best President of This Century Has Left His Office"
  124. ICE Official: Work-Site Arrests of Illegal Aliens ‘Down From Previous Years’
  125. Justice Thomas Speaks out on Campaign Finance Ruling
  126. Pig lungs in human transplants move step closer
  127. Another Example of Public School Stupidity
  128. NBC Cafeteria Celebrates Black History Month With Fried Chicken Special
  129. " Romania 'to Host New Mini_Missile Shield'."
  130. "Dubai:We Will Issue a Warrant to Arrest Netanyahu if Mossad Killed Hamas Man."
  131. Jews With Six Arms
  132. Gay Rights: Don't Ask, Don't Think
  133. Urban Farmers Fight Nationwide to Sow Green Biz
  134. You do the math.
  135. How well can you explain the "other side's" point of view?
  136. Why are liberals so condescending?
  137. "China Warns North Korea of A Potential For Widespread Rebellion"
  138. "Cop Buys Food for Man Caught Stealing,"Welcome To Hard Times,.... America !"
  139. Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan
  140. "The Wrong Way !"
  141. To Those of Us Born Between 1925-1970
  142. "Maher on Liberal Dims:They Couldn’t Sell a Cubscout to a Pedophile.
  143. Australian Pause Today to Remember the Horror of Black Saturday
  144. Iran Has Nuclear Warhead, Says Soviet Physicist
  145. Military increases availability of morning after pill.
  146. "Conservative Publisher Andrew Breitbart Tells News Media That They Suck !"
  147. Oran Canfield: My Childhood in Freefall,"AKA:My Childhood In Hell !"
  148. "ROPMA:Turkish Girl,16, Buried Alive Under A Chicken Coop for Talking to Boys"
  149. "Two Street Preachers Shot to Death in Boynton Beach Florida"
  150. Youtube Adblitz's
  151. One gorgeous black woman (Black Cat?), I mean.. er.. The Tea Party Lives!!!!!
  152. US soldier gives four-year-old daughter 'waterboarding' over alphabet
  153. In Age of Friending, Consumers Trust Their Friends Less
  154. Planned Parenthood Pushes Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10
  155. "BUMP+ A New Fictional Reality Show,.."Should This Woman Abort? You Decide"
  156. Pastor comments on his 'hate crimes' lawsuit
  157. Earthquake Triangle of Life
  158. Obama worker's dying wish
  159. Immigrants Claim Wal-Mart Fired Them to Provide Jobs for Local Residents
  160. Roadside Memorials and Atheists.
  161. Why Are Those Super Bowl Ad Execs So Mad at Women?
  162. "The Latest from Iran,48 Hours to Go"
  163. Chinese Leaders Threaten To Sell US Debt As Punishment For Taiwanese Arms Sale
  164. IRAN Will Announce Nuke
  165. Anglican Church in North America ‘should be in communion with C of E
  166. We Are Living in Broken Britain -And Almost Half of Us Want to Emigrate,Says Poll
  167. "Holiness of Jerusalem to Islam has always been politically motivated"
  168. Street Legal Sleds!!
  169. Police Identify 11 Students Arrested at UCI (Religion Of Peace)
  170. 'Deadliest Catch' captain Phil Harris dies at age 53
  171. Digital doomsday: the end of knowledge
  172. Obama courts ecological disaster
  173. The TEA Party is Over!
  174. Firearms Freedom Act passes Utah House, returns to Senate
  175. "French Homosexuals St. Valentine’s day “kiss-in” at Notre Dame Cathedral"
  176. Obama's Owned -- You Can Bank On It
  177. Chilling aerial photos of 9/11 attack released
  178. Drugs
  179. Conditions on voting?
  180. ''Prop 8: The Musical"
  181. "Tax Them Mackerel Snappers:Liberal Greed for Tax Money Gone Insane"
  182. Poll Du Jour
  183. "Former UN Chief Weapons Inspector is Charged as a Potential Child Molester"
  184. The Missouri House ok's Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients...YAY!!!
  185. The Origins of Political Correctness
  186. Japan Says Whalers Injured in Skirmish With Activists (Update1)
  187. Girl, 6, Handcuffed, Committed Because Of Classroom Behavior
  188. Feds push for tracking cell phones
  189. A Rosie O'Donnell Indoctrination
  190. U.S. successfully tests airborne laser on missile
  191. Behind The Wall: What Happens When $$ Comes Before Safety And Security In Prison
  192. "Superior Swedish Sub Sinks American Nuclear Subs & USS Reagan (Video)"
  193. @Obama nds nu Twitter guy/gal 2 pretend they Pres
  194. Language leaves justice tongue-tied
  195. Police: 2 Students Admit To Killing Teen
  196. Sandbagging of a Foxnews.com poll by the left.
  197. The Untold History of Nullification: Resisting Slavery
  198. Liberal Protesters At Olympics
  199. "China's Peeved At America And Wants Their Pandas Back."
  200. UN panel will give $126b for climate
  201. Central Falls Rhode Island Fires Every High School Teacher
  202. "U.S. Has the Best Health Care in World"
  203. "Thrifty Germans Vote To Kick Bankrupt Greece Out Of The European Union !"
  204. "Oldest US Death Row Inmate Dead At 94 in Arizona."
  205. Was war worth it?
  206. Alleged Ala. killer was suspect in attempted bombing of Harvard professor
  207. Sea Shepherd skipper boards whaling vessel
  208. "Virginia is Battling Carrier Move to Mayport, Fla.It's All About The Money !"
  209. "Harvard Professors Bomb Attempt(Amy Bishop)"
  210. Wigger Please!
  211. Soda: The New Tobacco.
  212. The Surge: The Untold Story
  213. Scientists discover the secret of ageing
  214. Playing Freedom Cheap
  215. FOX NEWS Reviews "The Coming Insurrection"
  216. REPORT: Alabama shooter is 'far-left political extremist who was 'obsessed' w/Obama
  217. Christopher Hitchens gets what many liberal Christians don't
  218. Grossman Execution Set for Tonight in Wildlife Officer's Slaying
  219. Cat Meat Menu Unleashes Italian Outrage
  220. Beck Bashes NY Times Over Implying Tea Party People Are Violent (video)
  221. "Oregon AAG Susan Gerber accused of Strangling/Punching Her Wife Janice Dulle."
  222. Killing Republicans Is OK for the Left?
  223. "Israel Presses U.S. for 75 F-35 Deal"
  224. "Japanese Capture Idiot Environmental Pirate Illegally Boarding their Vessel ! "
  225. A Census Worker Showed Up
  226. Ear Spork Alert!!
  227. The Quantum Enigma of Consciousness and the Identity of the Designer
  228. Hot Air has been acquired by Salem Communications
  229. "Muslim University Professor Caught in Sex Act With Rickshaw-Puller!"
  230. Providers May Be Forced To Help Cops Track Phones
  231. "Shaurya India's SLBM Has China Nervous !"
  232. "Florida Man And His Dog Follows and Punches Bank Robber and Returned The Money."
  233. "Miss Me Yet?" Bush Merchandise a Hit Online
  234. Fake Mourner Stole 1200 Pairs of Shoes
  235. "Russian F-22 Raptor Killer is a"Game Changer",The End of US Air Supremacy?"
  236. Asprin May Slash Breast Cancer Death Rate.
  237. Brits battle the Taliban near Marja (amazing video)
  238. What Do Women Want? Home, Family.
  239. Keeping Science and Politics Seperate
  240. "Now The 'News Rags' Want A Bail Out .Die By Your Deeds News Rats !"
  241. This Is How It Begins (Wanton Violence)
  242. Plane Crash Suspect's Online Diatribe
  243. Marco Rubio is DA MAN!!
  244. Bob Beckel has a brother!!
  245. Rel: What do you believe?
  246. Is There a Place for Gay People in Conservatism and Conservative Politics?
  247. Right Wing Extremists: February 17, 2010
  248. How do you bring down a communist paradise?
  249. "Number of Young Sexually Abused Male Students Rising."
  250. Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure